Do You Believe II

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Continuation of Do You Believe I

“Hi mom!” she said in front of the screen of her laptop as she waves at the same time.

They usually have Skype every Sundays, glad that her day off was every Sunday since last couple of months, same thing with her parents, they usually go out and unwind during Sundays, well, unless there’s some urgent things to be done.

“So how’s business?” she asked, her gaze still locked on the screen.

“Well, everything was going too well, I’m missing you so much my baby girl” Teresita said as she tried to keep herself from crying.

“Don’t worry mom, will be together in a couple of months after my volunteer” she said as she tries to cheer her ‘best-actress’ mother, then she continued. “But you know mom, there’s a doctor here, he really looks familiar, I just don’t know when and where we met” she seems to be out of thought.

“You know baby girl, there’s only two reasons that will make you remember someone forever, its either he did something really good to you or the other way around” Teresita explained as she wipes her eyelids with the tissue paper beside her.

They talked for few minutes, asking how’s life, how they deal with such things but one thing really struck her, when her mother asked the question she’d been avoiding to talk about.

“Hey, baby girl, how’s your love life, huh? Your dad and I, we’re not getting any younger, we wanted to take care of our grandchild” her mother asked with a grin on her lips.

“Mom!” Maya exclaimed with annoyance in her face.

“What? I’m just asking” Teresita asked again with her eyebrow raised, then she added. “So who’s the ‘too good to be true’ guy?” she said.

Maya faked a yawn as if telling her mom that they should continue talking some other time.

“Hey, hey! I’m used to those tactics Maya Dela Rosa!” Teresita said as he points her index finger in the screen.

“I’m really sleepy mom, I was assigned in the day shift starting tomorrow, I should be sleeping by now, bye mom!” she said in finality, waved and hit the end call.


Did something really good to you or the other way around

Did something really good to you or the other way around

Those words kept on reverberating in her mind. She went in her room, pulled some of her college stuff, some pictures, test papers and school papers and magazines. She had this school magazine way back in her freshman year. She flips the pages, then in the latter part what she saw really made her jaw drop, her head pound and her heartbeat tripled.

Stolen Shots

Written in bold letters in the header, then the picture occupied almost half of the whole page. The photo was taken in the peripheral of the subjects. Her eyes grew even bigger when she saw the caption, she slapped the cover, closed the magazine and returned it in the box.

She slipped herself beneath the floral comforter that covers her single-sized bed.

Paging doctor Richard Lim please proceed to the ER

Paging doctor Richard Lim please proceed to the ER

A voice from the speaker prompted with the hurried voice.

“How long had he been exposed to fire?” he asked with the tone that requires an immediate answer.

“For about a minute or two since he was screaming” the frightened mother answer as tears kept on flowing from her eyes, seeing her son in pain gives her heart the feeling of being stabbed to death.

The kid was brave enough not to make a scene in the emergency room, he was able to control his emotions, though he is in pain. He kept on biting his lip just to keep himself from screaming, his fingers buried in the cold cloth that was laid on the leather upholstered bed. He was given pain reliever as the nurses on duty gave him first aid.

“The burn wasn’t too deep but we have to confine him so we can monitor the progress and if there will be some complications we can give the needed antidote to prevent further infections or the like” Richard explained carefully.

“Whatever it takes doctor but please make sure he won’t suffer with any noticeable scars” the old woman pleaded as she grabbed his hand and held them with her both hands.

“We’ll see what we can do” Richard assured her, his lips with palpable smirk.

“Mom” the little boy said as he carefully lifted his body to look for his mother.

“Yes baby?” there’s compassion with her voice as she rushed beside his bed.

“Can I ask if Maya can be my nurse at the mean time?” his tone was pleading with his reddish eyes.

His mother turned her gaze to the man beside her, she gave him a pleading look, waiting for his reply. By the way, the woman is just the daughter of the owner of the pharmaceutical that supplies most of the medicines and other medical needs of the hospital.

“Where’s my grandchild?” a husky and deep loud voice broke the silence in the emergency room. The nurse in-charge in the desk near the door recognized that man and assisted him right away.

“Dad” the woman said in surprised with her father’s appearance.

But the old man didn’t seem to notice her, he directed to his grandchild, his face was wrapped with sympathy, his touch was emphatic.

He cleared his throat then he spoke, “Hey buddy! What happened?” then he run his fingers through his hair and placed his palm in his grandchild’s forehead.

“I don’t know grandpa, it the fire just burst” he said, his voice was colored with regrets.

“Don’t worry bud, everything will be fine” his grandpa told him, though he wasn’t sure if everything will be really fine.

“Hey mister doctor, will I be having the same scar as those from the Nightmare at Elm Street?” his voice was hopeful, hopeful that he wouldn’t say yes, his eyes were pleading, yet angelic at the same time.

“Of course you wouldn’t” he assured him, “We’ll do everything if it doesn’t turned to be so good, we can contact doctor Bello or Calayan” he winked after his last word, then the three chuckled.

“Mom, can you tell grandpa what I requested?” he asked, his eyes were still pleading.

“Anything to make you feel better buddy” his grandpa interjected before his daughter was able to speak.

“I want nurse Maya to be the one who will assist me during my days here” he said as he turned his gaze to his grandpa from her mother then to Richard.

“I’ll see what I can do” his grandpa said then without any further ado, he turned his back from the three then headed right away to the head nurse.

Richard didn’t know that the Maya that the boy was talking about was the Dela Rosa he saw talking to the daughter of his another burnt patient and he didn’t also or he couldn’t just remember that she was also the one who bumped with him years back during his senior year in the premed school when Maya was back then a freshman student in the College of Nursing. He was back in the room provided for doctors, he made his own coffee, but he still can’t get the tasty coffee mixture that was served to him when visited Ram in the third level.

“Maya, in my office now.” The ‘terror’ head nurse commanded, Maya studied her expression hoping she could get a hint on what’s the matter, but she got none, her face was blanked, expressionless.

“Oh! Girl, I thought it was only in schools that the ‘principal’s office’ is well known” Cher joked, her new bud in her morning shift.

“Geez, it’s just my first day in my morning shift then? Principal’s office?” she put her hands together, in praying position, as if calling all the saints she knows to pray for her. She was leaving in a couple of weeks then this will be her farewell?

She headed towards the white door that swung open, when the head nurse entered the room.

The room was the same as those rooms for the resident doctors, a flower pot in the corner, a window across it the revealed the sight of the street and a desk that has the name of the head nurse engraved in a bar-like ceramic, calendar and a pen holder that stood just right next to her name.

“You can take your seat miss Dela Rosa, it’s free” she said, her voice still and her face still emotionless. Maya didn’t know how to respond, would she laugh or not, she half smiled then took the seat right next to her. Then the head nurse continued. “The reason why I called you is that, we had a burnt patient, and he happens to be our patient before, he told us that you were the one who attended to him when he was vaccinated and he was also the grandchild of the hospital’s major supplier” she paused and swallowed the lump in her throat, then she continued. “The thing is, the boy requested if you could be his nurse for the mean time, I’ve already talked to your station head and he said it was all fine, you will be working with doctor Lim, I bet you’ve met him?” she raised an eyebrow, waiting for a reply.

Maya didn’t know because there are two Lims in the hospital, for all she knows. When she noticed Maya’s reaction, she started to describe doctor Richard Lim. “He was a resident doctor and specializes in surgery, tall and lean, you would know him later when he had his rounds late after lunch” she said.

Maya just nodded, she breathe a sigh of relief because their suspicions were wrong, the ‘principal’s office’ isn’t real at all.

“Is everything all right Maya?” she asked, her voice was sympathetic. “The patient’s chart will be handed to you so you would know how to handle him and you can assist doctor Lim when he had his rounds” she explained, now Maya was all relieved when she saw a curve in the head nurse’s lips.

“So how’s the ‘principal’s office’ thingy?” Cher interrogated as soon as Maya went out of the room.

“The principal’s office ain’t real” she said with a grin on her lips.

“So what did you talk about? Is she really a terror? Does she smiles?” Cher flooded her with questions, none of them answered.

“You know what? Just do whatever you have to do, the thing isn’t that serious so you should not bother” Maya spoke as she headed towards the nurse’s station and picked up her things.

Cher rolled her eyes with Maya’s answer, then her eyebrows arched when she saw Maya packing her things, she interrogated her again.

“I thought the thing ain’t serious?” she said as she watched her packing her things.

Maya just nodded, continuing on what she was doing. Cher can’t seem to cope with what happened and what was happening, because Maya was packing her things.

“What?” Maya asked, there’s a sparkle in her eyes. “Ok, she didn’t scold nor reprimanded me, a boy from the burnt unit who happened to be my patient before was the grandchild of the major supplier of the hospital” she paused, choosing her words not to sound bossy. “He asked if I could be the one who will attend to him for the mean time” she said, and putting her tumbler in her jam-packed bag.

When she was settled in the first station, given the enough information about the boy, given some instructions about the medications he will be needing, he visited him, giving him his medicines and checked his IV and as how is he doing and how was he feeling now. They chatted for a little while, but Maya has to go to check and give some medicines to other patients.

When she left his room, about a minute or two, doctor Lim went inside the boy’s room for his last rounds for the day.

“Feeling better now?” he asked as he checked on his IV.

“Better mister doctor, I just wished you were here earlier” he said with his small voice.

“Why?” Richard asked as he writes something in his records.

“So you could meet Maya, she’s beautiful, she has an angelic voice, nice eyes and she’s really kind” those praises seemed to be enough to flatter Maya, if she was around.

“She seems to really have an impact on you, isn’t she?” he asked as he glanced at him, continuing on what he was writing, then he continued. “You’re not going home until tomorrow, by then I could have the chance to meet your ‘best nurse’ “ he joked, finally flipping the cover of his records.

“You’ll like her too, I bet” his tone was really sure, he might have build her up too much, then he added. “Sure thing you might forget your girlfriend if you happen to meet her” then he chuckled, making Richard feel a bit awkward, the memories were still fresh.

“That’s all for today kid, Ma’am, I should be going” he said to end up the conversation or else he might be out of focus if he stayed a little longer. The trauma that haunted him since that night makes him out of focus and ends up in a sulky mood. Ben’s mother walked him up to the door.

“Believe me you would” the boy shouted when he turned his back on him.

He just raised his hand as if to tell him ‘all right’, then the door swung open, then he was out of sight in an instant.

Maya kept on fishing on something inside her backpack. She started to freak out, pulled out everything from her bag, her things clattered in her desk.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Katie asked.

“I think I’ve lost my pen” Maya explained, with her shaky voice and teary eyes.

“God! Maya it was just a pen, I’ll give you one when I reached my office” doctor Perry said.

“No doc, it’s not just a pen, it has sentimental value” she protested, her voice was an octave higher.

“Ok, fine, I said nothing” doctor Perry said just to cut the conversation as he raised his hands.

“Why don’t you go back to the last room you’ve visited, you might just left it there” Katie said as she helps Maya tidy up her desk.

She took a deep breath after keeping her things, she rose and headed slowly while she thinks of the room where she last used her pen. On her way to Ben’s room, the burnt patient, down the hallway, she saw a tall, lean man with his white robe, she remembered what the station one’s head nurse have said earlier, “he was a resident doctor and specializes in surgery, tall and lean”. He was two doors away from Ben’s room, Maya was a room away.

“Doctor Lim!” a voice yelled from her behind. Lim was busy talking to one patient’s watch.

When he was about to turn around, Maya entered the door right next to her.

“Hi Ben”

“Holly-cow! Doctor Lim had just left!” Ben ‘tsk’ as a sign of regret that the two weren’t able to meet.

Maya blushed, though she doesn’t know who he was talking about. “Shh! Your mom might be awoken. I came back because I was thinking if I left my pen when I checked you” she explained, her knees were a bit shaky, as well as her voice. “Gotcha, I knew I left it here” Maya added, keeping her voice low.

“What’s with that pen that you looked so pale?” He asked as he shifted a little bit to his right to have a better look to her.

“This pen?” Maya said as she shows him the pen, “this is so special to me, it was my grandma’s gift to me when I passed the board exam.

“Ow, that seems to be really special to you” he half-smiled.

“Yes, and I think I have to go, bye” she said in finality as she turned her back to him.

“Doctor Lim will be back tomorrow, I hope you’d meet him, I think he’s nice but I bet he has a girlfriend” he giggled, his soft, melodic charming voice.

Maya looked back and gave him a wink.


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