Letters (8): To Ate Maya with Love

A/N: Good day, everyone!  Thank you taking time to read Letters (7): From Liza with Love and A Monthsary to Remember!

Here’s letter #8!  

It’s a letter from Nikki for her Ate Maya! This letter was inspired by the slumber party episode of BCWMH last July 16 & 17 where Nikki bonds (!!!) with Maya and Eman and where she finally reveals she has a crush on Nicolo. 

This same letter was also inspired by the BCWMH episodes for July 18 and 19, the arrival of Nikki’s grandparents. Nikki overhears Manang Fe and DorBel talking and she finds out that her grandparents are here to check out Maya! Looks like Nikki is worried about how her Lola will be like once she comes face to face with Maya!

Allow me to let you in on Nikki’s thoughts once again! Happy reading!

Author: iamgarie



By iamgarie

Dearest Ate Maya,

It’s getting late. Everyone is asleep na, I think. I’m not sleepy yet, eh. I’m still here in the kitchen baking cookies for Aira. (Thanks for your advice, Ate Maya! I’ll really try to make friends with Aira na.) Dad isn’t back from taking you and Eman to your condo. The house is so quiet now, a stark contrast to last night’s noise, merriment, shrieks and laughter. I can really get used to that noise, Ate Maya! It’s music to my ears! What Abby said kanina when you left is oh so true! It’s fun pala to have a big family! Kuya and I totally agree with her. Even si Manang Fe kaya. She said natutuwa siya kasi now lang ulit umingay yung house like that!

You’re truly the sweetest ever, Ate Maya! Thank you so much for spending this weekend with us, most especially with me! I am so so sorry for cutting short your date with Dad last night. Parang special pa naman yata yung date ninyo ni Dad. What’s the occasion ba, Ate Maya? You were looking extra beautiful kasi, eh. What were you and Dad planning to watch ba? Docu movie din ba gusto niya i-watch with you? (Haha! Si Daddy talaga! Sometimes he can be so corny like his jokes. Oh, crap! Please don’t tell Dad I said that ha!) Or were you able to convince him to watch romcom? Knowing you, I’m sure you did! I’m feeling so G-R-R-R with myself na! I’m so sorry talaga, Ate Maya, for spoiling whatever plans you and Dad had last night, ha, just because Stacey and Megan weren’t able to come to my slumber party and I have a swollen foot pa!

Ate Maya, I still haven’t gotten over all the stories and secrets we shared during our slumber party! I had the best time ever! Roomie Emie was also a joy to be with pala. Oh my gee! He’s so funny kaya. Siguro you always have so much fun in your condo. I really had such a great time kaya with you and Emie! Our slumber party was really a blast! For sure, it was definitely much better than Kuya’s boys’ night out with Nicolo and Louie! All they did kaya was eat and eat and make takot and asar one another. That’s like so nakakainis, diba?

Can we schedule another slumber party in your place naman next time? I would really love to see Emie’s pride and joy– his pink colored walls! Diba Abby’s been to your condo na? Pwede me rin next time? You make me and Abby paalam kay Dad, ha! I really enjoyed spending time with you kasi, Ate Maya! I enjoyed our girl talk talaga! And I am really hoping we’ll have more of those talks in the future! You always give me very sensible advices kasi! You’re really so magaling, Ate Maya! Even before pa naman, after every talk we have (and we’ve had a lot to talk about na, diba?), I always feel much better talaga!

In our next slumber party there’s so much I want to ask you naman. About you and Dad and your love story. Dad was so sungit like me when you met. He was so super harsh with you from the start. Diba he even scolded you all the time? Why did you even fall for Dad when you had a suitor like Simon who was so kind and so super nice to you… Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I can understand why Dad fell for you big time! Even if you were so kulit and he was so inis with you for always smiling and being so positive about everything, you have always been really nice, loving and kind kasi. You’re easy to love, Ate Maya, but Dad was a difficult, angry man when you met him, eh. That’s why I’m really so confused.(Don’t get me wrong! Dad has always been really sweet and oh so loving to me and Abby and Kuya naman. He became so sungit and so difficult to understand lang after Mom died.) Why did you even fall in love with him when he was so sungit in a major way kaya? Oh no! Is falling in love really this confusing? What is love, Ate Maya? I look at you and Dad now, and I can see love reflected in your eyes. I can also sense how happy you both are because of the love you have for each other. Get ready na, Ate Maya! I have so many questions for you. I really want to know everything! Parang your love story is so exciting kasi, eh! I can’t wait til our next slumber party!

Wait, I think I get it, somehow. You and Dad became really, really good friends first before love happened, before you guys fell in love… Oh well, I’m excited to hear your love story na. If you’re not so busy, can we schedule a slumber party again for next week? Please?!?

Pero, how long have you had a crush on SC na ba? Did SC ever find out you had a crush on him before he made you ligaw? I can’t even imagine how I would be if Mallows ever found out I have a crush on him! That’s going to be so dyahe in a super major way! So, make kwento to me na, Ate Maya! I pinky swear I won’t tell anyone. Promise! I don’t want to turn into an ugly, yucky pink frog kaya…

Oh my super gee, Ate Maya! All this talk about you and Dad, remind me of how sungit I was with Nicolo before and how he kept making me asar and making me kulit even if I was the meanest of the mean! Now, we’ve become good friends na even if he still makes me asar sometimes, and I have a crush on him pa… Oh no!

Thank you for helping me figure out what I’m feeling for Nicolo ha. You know what? I have always taken pride in the fact that I have such impeccable taste in almost everything, Ate Maya! That’s why I’m so inis with myself talaga! I still can’t believe I have a crush on that basag ulo freak! He’s really so jologs kaya! That’s like eew! I can’t believe I even laughed at his ULAN joke kay Manang Fe kanina. Ate Maya, was I the only one laughing talaga when Nicolo delivered his joke? Oh no! You think someone noticed that I like him? Naku, that’s going to be so dyahe kaya! You think Dad sensed something? I hope Dad is as dense lang as Kuya! Haha!

As much as I’m inis with Nicolo, he’s really so cute and sweet, eh! He was so sweet kanina when we were all making paulan! He even offered to help me cover my swollen foot with plastic! And then now, I even have a code name for him pa? That’s so not me na! Ate Maya, why is Mallows like that with me? Why can he be extra sweet sometimes when he’s not making me asar? You think what Emie said is true? That Aira got jealous and felt threatened because she herself felt may something si Mallows for me. Oh my super gee! Erase, erase, erase! I don’t even want to think about that muna… Besides I really want to make good on that promise I made with Dad! I want to make that same promise to you, too! I won’t have a boyfriend until I’m in college!

Pero you know what? I just remembered something Mallows told me during Kuya’s prom! He said that if Kuya weren’t his bestfriend or I’m not way too young, he will make me ligaw daw! You think he’s serious about that? Or did he simply feel pity for me kasi I said I don’t think I’ll ever have a boyfriend cos I’m not nice like Ate Joey! Ate Maya, what’s wrong with me na? I can’t sleep! (Dad is back na kanina pa and I’m done baking cookies na! But I’m still oh so wide awake pa!)

Ate Maya, I know you’ve shared the most memories with Abby na and I’m not inggit at all! I have always been so thankful to you kaya! You’re Abby’s very own miracle worker. Without you, I don’t think Abby would have recovered her voice soon enough! You are good for her. You have always been so patient, so loving and so kind to her. And I know how much you and Abby really love each other. I also know that despite your best efforts to reach out to me, it took me a while to learn to accept you and to get close to you. Si Dad din naman, diba? Haha! Pero Ate Maya, thank you talaga for coming into our lives and for loving all of us! You’re one of the best things to ever happen to us after Mom left. Don’t think I didn’t notice, but I have always felt that your presence in our lives allowed us all to relearn to speak our minds, to smile, to laugh, to sing, to love, and to be happy all over again. You changed us all in a good way, I guess. Even if Abby was your only responsibility, you still treated all of us as family! And you always made time to listen and talk to me and Kuya rin even before pa. I wanna say it na talaga! I love you so much, Ate Maya! I really, really do.

I can still vividly recall that first time we met. You were smiling like crazy as you introduced yourself to me. I hardly took notice of you. I was so masungit then, diba? Even Abby, I think, was somehow afraid of me. Like me, Dad was super sungit, too! He hardly ever smiled nor spent time with us. He was always so busy with work. He was so lonely then cos I think he has not really accepted the fact that Mom’s gone na. He only joined us for dinner on very rare occasions. Tapos he and Kuya were fighting all the time pa. I guess we were all terribly missing Mom and we were all dealing with the pain separately because we never really talked about how we felt after she was gone. Even if I was so afraid of Dad back then, I didn’t want to give up on our family, so I tried to be what Mom was to all of us– the glue that kept us together. But it was so hard pala, Ate Maya! Thank God, you came! After you came, things started to change na for the better.

Ate Maya, I know I have been really so immature and so harsh with you after I found out that you were Dad’s girlfriend. I only worried about what other people would think. I did not even think how sad I made Dad feel because of everything I did. After Dad said that he was so disappointed with me after I shared what would’ve been his very happy news with Lola, I felt my world crumble. So I went to see Mom. Talking to Mom made me realize I disappointed her, too! (Tita Rafi is right! Dad and Mom didn’t raise me to look down on people!) It was then that I realized I was wrong. Why should I even bother about what other people would think when it would only lead me to disappointing Dad and Mom, the two people I love most in the world? And guess what I realized just now? I don’t ever want to disappoint you, too, Ate Maya! You are important to me now!

I was so mean to you, Ate Maya! I was s G-R-R-R!!! Why didn’t you even get angry with me then? You have a right to get so angry after everything I did to you. I am so so sorry for all the mean things I did and said to you ha. You didn’t deserve any of that at all! You are so super nice talaga! Dad is so lucky and blessed to have you!

Like I told you before, I love Mom, but I don’t miss her na. I don’t want her to be sad kasi and worry about us pa. Mom must be smiling in heaven now as she sees how me, Dad, Kuya and Abby have all recovered from her loss and are really okay na! Mom is so nice and kind and loving, too! I’m sure she’s very happy now cos you came to save us from our misery.

You are truly heaven-sent, Ate Maya! I hoped and prayed really hard then that Dad will find himself a nice woman who will always make him happy and make him whole again after being so broken and after feeling so alone when Mom left. I fervently prayed that he find someone who will not only love him, but love us, too. Ate Maya, you are God’s wonderful answer to that prayer! You are indeed the best thing that could happen to us after Mom left! Thank you for loving us all oh so much!

Oh my gee! Look at the time! It’s close to midnight na! I really have to get some sleep na, so I can get up early for school tomorrow… I’ll get back to you after school na lang tomorrow!

Nighty-night, Ate Maya! Sweet SC dreams to you! 


It’s Monday night na. I’ve had a really long day, Ate Maya! We are so happy that Lolo and Lola are finally here. We haven’t spent time with them in a long time na kasi. I wonder what Dad has planned for all of us while Lolo and Lola are here. Does he have plans na ba? Maybe Dad can take us to Clark so we can finally see the hangar and then spend the weekend there having so much fun! Besides, Dad’s birthday is coming up soon. It would be so much fun if we could celebrate his birthday in Clark. Roommates tayo nina Abby, Ate Maya ha… I’m excited na.

Haha! Guess what? Daddy had a hard time waking up Kuya, me and Abby this morning. We probably got so tired from our fun-filled weekend together kasi. Kaya lang when he made takot na we will no longer be allowed to have slumber parties nor play in the rain, we all made bangon na. Haha! We can never win against Dad! He’s really so magaling!

Ate Maya, I know you might be worried about why Lolo and Lola are here. Don’t worry na. Lolo and Lola are really nice, decent and loving people. They’re really sweet and all. Baka you’re thinking Lola is here because of what I said to her against you over the phone before. You don’t have to worry na, Ate Maya. I went to Lola’s room kanina and told her that I’m taking back everything that I said na before. I have also given Lola a head’s up, too! I already told Lola what I think: that truthfully, you’re like the best for Dad kaya!  No worries, Ate Maya! We’re all rooting for you!

I am excited na to have dinner with you and everyone else tomorrow! Don’t stress yourself out worrying about what Lolo and Lola will think ha. You have all of us as back-up naman, eh! And for sure, Dad will hold your hand and make you akbay the whole time! Hihi!

Isn’t it funny, Ate Maya? The first time we met, I clearly remember telling you, “Welcome to the family!” And I did not even mean it then.

Here we are a year later and I want to say it again and really, really mean it this time… WELCOME TO THE FAMILY, Ate Maya!  I can no longer wait to have you live with us permanently in the mansion! I can already imagine such a happy, exciting, and adventure-filled future with you and Dad and the little brothers and sisters you will give us all someday! Abby is right. It’s fun to have a big family pala. We all felt that over the weekend. We are so ready for you, Ate Maya! I can even picture myself calling you Mama, too, someday if you will allow me to. We love you so much, Ate Maya! Everyone loves you! I am so certain Lolo and Lola will surely fall in love with you, too!

I can no longer imagine Dad marrying anyone else but you, Ate Maya! You may never have said you love us, but we have always felt your love for us for the longest time! Thank you for loving not just Dad, but me, Kuya and Abby, as well. We are so lucky and blessed to have you in our lives, Ate Maya! You are really the best for Dad! You are truly perfect for each other!

See you for dinner tomorrow!

I’ll ask Kuya Joma to go to the condo and hand this letter to you tomorrow after he takes all of us to school! I want you to read it kasi before we all meet for dinner! Smile, Ate Maya! Everything will be alright!

Nighty-night again! And sweet SC dreams! 

With so much love,
Nikki ❤

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