The Woman Who Tamed The Tiger- part 12

Note: This is a continuation to The Woman Who Tamed the Tiger – part  11.

Author: blossom

Author’s Note:  It’s been a month since part 11. I’ve been busy and all, with my studies and organization but thankfully, with all your whole-hearted support, I now present to you the 12th chapter of TWWTTT… and perhaps the  last one before the epilogue. I kind of had a lull before the storm of my majors, so I had time to finish this. Medyo natagalan I know, but bear with me please.

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Last Chapter:


“Ames, shhh, tahan na. Namumula na yung ilong mo…”

“Art, Mom loves Dad so much! Pero look at what’s happening now! Pareho lang nilang sinasaktan ang sarili nila… If only Dad reads these letters… He would have understood why Mom kept us a secret from him.”

“Ames… halika, may pupuntahan tayo.”

“Ha? Saan?”

“The Charles Hotel.”

“Anong gagawin natin dun?”

“We have letters to deliver, basta, let’s go.”


The Woman Who Tamed the Tiger

Part 12: At the Eye of the Storm

Somewhere in London

“Have you read the article? The one with the Tiger of Asia?”

“You mean that AP news?”

“Yes! I can’t believe he had twin children! And take note they’re both geniuses!”

“Wow! So, who’s the mother then?”

“An FA in Time Airways. What was her name again? Mari? Mara? Oh, I know it! Maya!”

“Oh, wow. But how come we never heard of her? I mean the famous Richard Lim is linked to various women right? It’s quite unbelievable that this went unnoticed by the media.”

“That’s what I thought too! Those sharks won’t let such a big news slip in their eyes! I bet they’re clamouring now on claiming or more like demanding an exclusive interview with him.”

“I know. Hmm, I’m more worried about this Maya; I bet she’s going to be thrown in the limelight out of nowhere.”

“They’re going to eat her alive!”

“I pray for her safety and sanity…”



The Charles Hotel, Cambridge, London

Julie Evans is a woman in her forties, opting to stay single and practically dedicated herself in her job as the hotel secretary of The Charles Hotel. For two decades, she has been stationed in the same position, witnessing the plethora of various guests from all over the world come and by at their hotel. She has rubbed elbows with some of the famous celebrities, businessmen and even some royalties and foreign dignitaries; overcoming different scenarios that tested her patience and experience and helped her in forming her present calm disposition. She prided herself in maintaining her grace and posture despite any surprises springing up every now and then… It was part of her job, she surmised. Therefore, it didn’t come as a surprise to her, when two adorable kids approached her desk one Saturday morning.

“What can I do for you dears?”

“Good morning ma’am. Is there a guest named Richard Lim residing here?”

“I’m sorry but we don’t disclose information about our guests.”

“Can you please just check if he’s rooming here? Please?” *puppy dog eyes*

Damn, she was a sucker for those adorable eyes.

*sigh* “Fine, a moment please. Yes, there is a Richard Lim in our guest list.”

“Great. Then, please give this to him. Thanks ma’am!”

“Wait kids! I have to get your names!”

Seeing that it just contains some bunch of letters, nothing harmful, Julie shrugged and waited for Mr. Lim to arrive and pass the box.


“Mr. Lim, there’s a delivery for you.”

“From who?”

“From Prinsesa Maya.”


“Here. Two kids dropped this off a while ago.”

“Kids? Are they twins? A boy and a girl?”

“Twins? Hmm, they don’t look alike that much. Although the boy looks eerily similar to you…”

“Anyway, thank you for this Ms. Evans.”

“Certainly sir.”

Charlotte stared as Mr. Lim gripped the box tightly before briskly walking to the nearest elevator. An incredibly curious expression crossed his face before tightening into a frown. She shrugged and absent-mindedly checked the Business Today. Perhaps there’s something new currently that’ll entertain her. Her eyes grew wide as she saw today’s headline.

“Oh my! This is quite s new indeed.”


Room 517, The Charles Hotel, Cambridge, London

With an audible click, Richard closed his door and dumped his things at the floor. He sat down at the sofa and placed the big white box at the table. Debating whether to open it or not, Richard the conscience emerged immediately and urged Richard to open it. This box may contain the answers he’s looking for.

Letters.  Hundreds of little white envelopes are inside the box. Varying with size and thickness, Richard rifled through the sea of letters and saw some little knick knacks such as ribbons, socks, shoes, coins, medals, drawings and was that a tooth? Finding a blue envelope in the mix, Richard grabbed it.

“Read me first.”


We know how much it hurts having someone you really love hide things from you… lalong lalo na if it’s a matter such as our case. Nagalit din kami kay Mama for hiding this from us… pati na rin sayo kasi akala naming hindi mo kami mahal at iniwan mo kaming tatlo nila Mama. Pero after ng tampo, nangingibabaw pa rin yung pagmamahal naming kay Mama at sayo, kaya we concentrated on the fact that we finally found you. We found the courage to forgive Mama for keeping you from us. Sana, through these letters, malaman mo kung gaano ka kamahal ni Mama, at mahanap mo ang courage to forgive her.

We love you Dad.

P.S. We thought you should have these. Nakalabel na sila according to date.  These are rightfully yours. Hope you’ll read through them all.

Art and Amy

With trembling fingers, Richard gulped and opened the first letter.

Dear Richard,

May nagbigay sa akin ng book, “Love and Misadventure” by Lang Leav. Nakakatawa nga lang na imbis na mahikayat akong mag fall in love, na sabi nga ni Charlotte, yung co-FA ko, lalo pa akong nadepress. Ang hirap Richard… malayo kila Nanay, sa mga bata, kila Manang Fe… sayo.

Tinawagan pa lang kita sa Skype kanina pero miss na kita. Yung ngiti mo, yung usapan natin sa veranda, yung pagtimpla ko ng kape. I miss you so much Richard. I Love You. Hindi ko lubos maisip kung paano ko nakayang hindi umiyak sa harap mo kanina, noong marinig ko yung boses mo, gustong-gusto ko nang sabihin sayo.

Buntis ako Richard. At ikaw ang ama.

Hindi ko alam kung paano ko sasabihin sa yo ang pitong words na yun. Hindi ko masabi sayo ng harapan, kaya sinusulat ko na lang. Pero alam kong hindi mo matatanggap ang sulat na ito. Never. Ayokong sirain ang pamilya niyo. Hindi ko kayang maging rason kung bakit magagalit sa iyo ang mga bata. Mas gugustuhin ko pang ako na lang ang lumabas na masama sa kanila at sa yo. Ganoon ko pinapakita ang pagmamahal ko. Kahit hindi ko man masabi sa yo, dadaanin ko na lang sa mga sulat ko ang lahat…

Sana pag nalaman mo ang totoo, mahanap mo sa sarili mo ang pagkakataon para mapatawad mo ako… At ang magiging anak natin. Wala silang kasalanan. Kung magagalit ka man sa akin, sa akin na lang, wag sana silang madamay. I love you Richard…

P.S. Ito ang favorite part ko sa book. Talagang nakarelate ako. As usual, bumaha na naman ako ng luha. 😀


Maya de la Rosa


Eyes watering, Richard pinched the bridge of his nose and removed his glasses. Reading through this single letter brought wave of emotion and nostalgia in his system. What more if he read through all these letters? Glancing at the grandfather clock across him, it was 7:00 pm, he had a contract signing at 10 am tomorrow, and he had plenty of time to finish through all these. With a determined expression, Richard opened the next letter.     


To the best tutor in the world,

Grabe, nakakapagod palang maglipat ng gamit! Naalala ko tuloy nung lumipat din tayo ng tinitirhan after nanakawan yung una niyong bahay. Noon, hindi ko pa masyadong ininda yung pagod dahil naka adrenaline rush ako, si Manang Fe may sakit pagkatapos wala si Doris. And syempre you said that you’ll count on me, kapit-bisig tayong dalawa sa paglilipat. Kung alam mo lang Ser Chief kung paano ako kinilig ng husto nung sinabi mo yun. Muntik ko na ngang iuwi yung pillow na bigay mo sa akin nung nakatulog ako sa room nila Abby, kaya lang nahiya ako dun sa hotel management. Haha.

Nakilala ko yung bago kong ma co- FAs. Mukhang mababait naman sila, tsaka napakamatulungin. Medyo nakakapagod din ang sched ko, international flight agad. Dito pala, ang accelerated training and ibig sabihin nun, hands-on experience agad. Akala ko tatapusin muna namin yung mga modules sa handbook pero mukhang application agad and experience dito. Buti naman hindi ako napahiya, syempre magaling yung tutor ko eh. 😀

Magdidinner yung buong bagong recruits mamaya, kaya kailangan ko nang maghanda. Kukwento ko lahat ng mangyayari bukas. See you Richard! I love you! :*


Maya de la Rosa


The best tutor in the world. The best boss, daddy, friend and hopefully lover. Only Maya de la Rosa gave him these titles and nothing can ever change the fondness that builds up in his heart as he hears her say those things to him. A warm feeling envelopes his heart and he can’t help but a few droplets of tears stain the letter.

 Ricky (gaya-gaya lang kay Donya Esmeralda),

Hello mahal! Sobrang nag-enjoy ako kagabi! Ang daming pagkain tsaka yung mga co-FA’s ko, si Shelly, isang German, si Edmund, taga-rito, and Charlotte, isang Italian, ang kukulit nila! Nakakatuwa silang kakwentuhan lalo na si Edmund. Parang nakikita ko nga si Emman sa kanya, if you know what I mean. 😉

Anyway, ayun, ang daming guests, mga VIP ng TA, pati na rin ibang major stockholders dumalo. Ang saya ng party, may sayawan, kwentuhan, pagkain at may mga cocktails pero hindi ako masyadong uminom. Haha. Ayoko nang maulit yung nangyari sa akin dati. Lalong lao na wala ka naman dito para magbuhat sa akin.

Kumusta na yung mga bata? Si Luke ba nakapag adjust na sa college? Si Nikki, kumusta na yung West Teatro niya? Si Abby ba may bago nang friends? Ikumusta mo na lang ako kila Manang Fe ha?

Ikaw din, wag kang magpapalipas ng gutom. Matulog ka ng maayos and  alagaan mo yung sarili mo ok?


Maya de la Rosa


This woman, wherever she is, she keeps on worrying about us. Siya na nga itong nag-iisa sa malayong lugar, siya pa itong nag-aalala sa  kanila. She loves us so much. So damn much… You’re such a blind fool Richard!’  Hands shaking, he opened the next letter.


Ser Chief!

First international flight ko ngayon. Merton to San Francisco tapos San Francisco to Korea flight. Excited na ako Ser Chief! Syempre, hindi pa rin mawawala yung pagbili ko ng pasalubong sa lahat ng mapupuntahan ko. Sana itinago mo pa rin yung mga binigay ko sayo, kasi remembrance! Nakausap pa lang kita nung isang gabi pero miss na miss pa rin kita. I love you Ser Chief ko.

Magpapacheck- up na pala ako next week, pagkauwi ko ng flight galing Korea. Hindi ko alam kung pwede pa ako bumiyahe ng buntis kaya itatanong ko muna sa OB ko. Pero sayang naman kung hindi pwede, tsaka hindi ko alam kung saan ako kukuha ng pera… Ay, erase erase! Dapat laging good vibes at mabablock ang swerte. Osya, bye Richard!


Maya de la Rosa


Ser Chief… she’s the only woman who is allowed to call him that, and he’s keeping it that way. Geez, after all these years, this woman is the same person who has his heart.


Mr. Lim,

Kakauwi ko lang galing ng Korea. Nakakapagod pero ang saya! Ang dami kong nakilalang foreigners. Hindi naman sila ganun kaiba sa mga pasahero natin sa Pinas pero iba pa rin yung pakikitungo nila. May mabait, masungit, isnabero, demanding pero okay naman. Expected na yun diba?

May mga pasalubong ako sa mga bata. Sana magustuhan nila. Magpapahinga na muna ako. Grabe, super pagod! Appointment ko na pala sa OB ko bukas kaya pahinga na ako. Love you!


Maya de la Rosa


Her first OB appointment… He hoped he was there to accompany her. The nerve-wracking wait, the long lines, the doctor’s usual reminder… Maya, she was alone, in a strange foreign land, with no one to help her. ‘You screwed up big time Richard!’


Hi Daddy Pogi!

Sinamahan ako ni Ed and Shelly sa check-up ko. Ang bait talaga ng mga tao dito, kahit di nila ako lubos na kilala, grabe and malasakit nila sa akin. Excited na ako! Excited ka na ba? Hahaha. Well, sabi ng doctor, mukhang okay lang naman yung pagbubuntis ko. Okay lang akong magtrabaho until my 7th month pero di muna daw ako pwedeng lumipad. Nag-alala nga lang ako kasi kabagu-bago ko pa lang tapos magpapadestino na ako agad sa main office pero inassure naman ako nila Ed na okay lang yun kasi may mga ganitong kasong nangyari na sa TA. Pinayagan naman daw sila, kaya susubukan kong itanong sa supervisor namin kung pwede akong magparelocate.

Anyway, ano kayang bibilhin kong mga damit? Pink o blue? Hala, di ko pa nga alam kung ano yung gender niya tapos bibili na ako ng mga gamit niya. Sobrang saya ko Richard, magkakababy na tayo! Naalala ko nung nagbubuntis pa si Kute kay Cho. Araw-araw naming sinusubaybayan yung pagdating niya. Maging babae man siya o lalaki, okay lang, kasi mamahalin ko siya ng sobra. Kasi anak natin siya. At ikaw ang ama niya… Sana nga lang kasama kita ngayon. I miss you Richard.


Maya de la Rosa


Maya….Maya…. I miss you so much… I love you…. I’m sorry.

Babe 😀

Hehe, nagpromise ako na yun ang tawag ko sa first boyfriend ko. Well, technically hindi naman naging tayo pero you get the idea.

Anyway, ugh, naeexperience ko na yung ayaw na ayaw ni Kute nung nagbubuntis siya. Morning sickness. Nakakinis nga lang na araw-araw akong magigising na nilalabas ko ang lahat ng dinner ko. Nag-invest na nga ako sa stock ko ng mouthwash. 😀

Malapit na pala yung birthday ni Luke no? Gusto ko sanang ipadala yung regalo niya kaya lang nanghinayang ako. Gusto ibibigay ko to sa kanya ng personal. Alam kong malabong mangyari yun pero umaasa pa rin ako na kapag napatawad mo na ko, maiibibigay ko lahat yung mga naipon kong pasalubong tsaka birthday gifts sa kanila.

I have to go, may trabaho pa ako. Siya nga pala, pumayag yung supervisor namin na maging private secretary muna ako sa TA. Darating yung boss ko ngayon, yung manager ng TA London Branch. Syempre dapat maganda ang first impression ko. Bye!

Truly yours,

Maya de la Rosa

The clock read 10:45 pm but Richard paid no heed to it and continued reading…

Daddy Sungit! (Peace!)

Nagsisimula na akong magcraving. Haha. Kagabi, naglilihi ako sa manggang hilaw tsaka bagoong. Si Shelly, yung co-FA ko, sinamahan ako sa apartment ko habang buntis ako, para daw may kasama ako. Sinabi ko sa kanyang gusto ko ng manga tsaka bagoong pero hindi naman niya alam kung saan siya hahanap nun. Tinawagan niya pa lahat ng co-FAs namin pati yung Boss namin! Nakakahiya!

Ah, oo nga pala, yung bago kong boss sa main office si Captain Gerard Montgomery. Platinum blonde, green eyes, 6 footer, gentleman, mayaman, obviously crush ng bayan si Mr. Montgomery sa office. (Syempre except ako. Ui, nagseselos si Mamang singkit!) Hahaha. Back on topic, ayun tinawagan ni Shelly si Mr. Montgomery tapos alam daw si Sir na Filipino store na nagbebenta nun sa Metro. Nagulat na lang ako nang biglang may kumatok sa pinto namin ng 11 pm. Nandun si Mr. Montgomery na may dalang isang plastic ng hilaw na manga tsaka bagoong.

Kahit hiyang-hiya ako, nag-thank you ako kay Sir at pinagsaluhan namin yung dala niyang mga mangga. Kinabukasan, nagdala ako ng spaghetti sa office bilang thank-you kay Sir. First time daw niyang nakatikim ng Filipino-style spaghetti at gustong-gusto niya yun. Nakakatuwa siya, parang batang kumain. Madumi tsaka makalat! Haha.

Oi, alam kong nagti-tiger mode ka na. Wag ka nang magdeny. Kilala kita. Basta ikaw lang ang mahal ko okay? Nagpapasalamat lang ako kay Mr. Montgomery kaya ko siya pinagluto. Wag ka nang magseselos ha? I love you.


Maya de la Rosa


So this is the arrival of that long-legged blonde white guy huh? Even if Maya assured him that he did it for the sake of thanking him, it doesn’t make it any less painful that some other guy was there for her to buy all the things she wanted in her pregnancy. That was supposed to be his job, as the father of the babies she was carrying. Their babies. Stupid fate. Stupid distance. Stupid Captain Gerard Montgomery.

At least, hindi sila pinaglihi sa Mamang Hilaw na yun.

Mamang Singkit,

Ang laki nang tiyan ko! Hahaha. 5 months! Sabi ng OB, next week daw pwede na akong magpa-ultrasound. Malalaman na natin kung ano ang gender ng baby natin! Super excited na ako. Bumili na ako ng ibang gamit ng baby, neutral colors ang binili ko para sigurado. Hmmm, nagiisip na rin ako ng mga baby names… Pag girl gusto ko Amy… pag boy gusto naman Art… Niregaluhan nga ako ni Charlotte ng baby names book. Nakakatuwa yung mga nasa libro, ang daming pagpipilian! Hindi nga ako makatulog sa sobrang excitement ko.

Hindi ko na din alam kung ano pang excuse ang sasabihin ko sayo kung bakit hindi na tayo nakakapag-Skype. Sorry, Richard. Sorry at hindi ko masabi sa inyo ang lahat hanggang ngayon… pati sila Nanay pinaglilihiman ko nanaman. Kapag nalaman mo na yung totoo, sana wag kang magagalit kina Kute, kasi pati sila walang alam sa mga nangyayari. Ayokong mag-alala sila kaya tinago ko. Sorry talaga Richard. Sana mapatawad mo ako, pagdating ng panahon.


Maya de la Rosa


I’m sorry too Maya… I’m sorry for letting you carry the entire burden…

Daddy Bango!

I have a surprise! Galing ako sa OB and nakita ko na ang ultrasound ko.

Guess what?

We have twins! A girl and a boy!

Sa sobrang tuwa at pagkagulat ko, biglang akong napaupo tapos gumalaw  sila! Lumuluha ako habang pinapanood ko silang gumagalaw sa tiyan ko. Nakakaoverwhelm ang pakiramdam. Ito na ang isa sa mga pinakamasayang naexperience ko.

Oops, kailangan ko nang umalis. Kinakaladkad na ako ni Shelly at Ed para magshopping ng extra baby supplies. Hindi ko naman alam na kambal pala sila kaya kailangan kong dagdagan yung mga binili ko. Pinapaayos ko na rin yung nursery, kaya dapat handa na yung lahat bago dumating ang mga baby natin. Bye mahal!

P.S. May picture akong isinama dito. Yan ang mga babies natin at 20 weeks! 😀


Maya de la Rosa


My babies… Art and Amy… They look so tiny… My dears, how are you in there? Are you cold? Daddy’s here for you. Richard’s fingers trembled and tears can’t stop flowing in his eyes as he kissed the picture so many times, as if trying to convey his feelings to the inanimate picture.


Christmas season na. Malamig ang panahon. First time kong makaexperience ng snow pero hindi ko siya gaanong maappreciate dahil namamanas na yung mga paa ko sa lamig. Malapit na ang due date ko, sa January 10 na… Nagfile na ako ng maternity leave two months ago, di ko na kayang magtrabaho sa ganitong kalagayan. Buti na lang talaga at patuloy pa din ang pagsweldo ko kahit nakaleave ako, tsaka tinutulungan ako ng mga co-FAs ko, lalo na si Gerry. Ah, si Captain Gerard yun. Pero during ng pregnancy ko, naging close friends na kami, kaya Gerry na lang daw. (Oh, nakakunot nanaman ang noo mo, sige ka, tatanda ka lalo. Kalma na.)

Kumusta na nga pala ang Pasko diyan? May party ba kayo? Dapat meron, tapos may exchange gifts. I’m sure tinuloy ni Niks yung suggestion ko na bigyan niyo ng gifts ang isa’t-isa sa bahay. Sigurado akong masaya yun. Wag kang KJ ha? Payagan mo yung mga batang magsaya. Tapos kung pwede magbakasyon kayo sa San Nicholas. Ikumusta mo ako kila Nanay ha? Ang tagal ko na silang hindi nakikita. Pakiss at pahug na lang sa kanila. Hindi pa rin sapat yung nag-uusap kami sa phone. Lalo lang akong nalulungkot habang naririnig ko yung boses nila… Tsaka lalo akong naguguilty kasi hindi ko parin masabi yung totoo sa kanila.

I’m sorry Richard. Sorry. Ay, tama na yung drama. Dapat masaya dahil Pasko. Wag niyong kakalimutang magsimbang gabi! Ikiss mo na lang ako sa mga bata.

Merry Christmas Richard. I love you.


Maya de la Rosa

I love you Maya…. I love you…. I love you… I’m sorry….

Ser Chief ko!

Happy New Year! 2014 na! So dapat bawasan ang pagiging bugnutin okay? Wag ding masyadong KJ. Ilang days na lang at manganganak na ako. I’m so excited! Nakaready na yung nursery and okay na rin yung mga damit ng bata. Medyo napapadalas yung pagwrewrestling nila sa tiyan ko. Haha. Hindi na ako makapaghintay na makita sila. Nakapagdecide na pala ako sa pangalan nila. Na –hook ako sa pagbabasa ng Greek mythology, at natipuhan ko yung pangalang Artemis at Apollo, the legendary twins.

Instead nga lang na Artemis ang ipapangalan ko sa baby girl natin, Artemis ang itatawag ko sa baby boy natin tapos magiging Apollo si baby girl natin. Si Artemis na poprotektahan ang damdamin ng mga babae at si Apollo natin ang magiging goddess of truth and healing. Gusto ko ding magsama ng Italian sa second name nila so ‘Cielo’ which means the ‘sky’ for our baby boy and ‘Amore’ meaning ‘love’ for our baby girl. Maganda ba yung napili ko? Sana magustuhan mo din.

Artemis Cielo dela Rosa Lim and Apollo Amore dela Rosa Lim. Ang gandang pakinggan no? Haha. Nakapagdecide din pala ako na ilalagay ko ang pangalan mo sa Father ng birth certificate nila. Kahit legally, dela Rosa sila, pero nakasulat pa rin doon na anak mo sila, at kapatid sila nila Luke, Nikki and Abby. Alam kong kapag hindi tayo nagkaayos, napakadali mong makukuha ang mga bata sa poder ko dahil sa gagawin ko pero hindi ko kayang ipagkait sa kanila ang katotohanan na may ama sila at mga kapatid. Ito lang ang magagawa ko para makabawi sa mga paglilihim na ginawa ko.

Ricard, I- Shit! Ang sakit! Shoot! My water broke! Manganganak na ako! Bye Richard. Ipagdasal mong okay tong mga anak natin dahil ahead ako ng ilang days sa due date.




Maya… You did that for me? Shit, and I even said those hateful words to you. Damn it! Maya…. Artemis…. Apollo, patawarin niyo si Daddy. Napakasama niya kay Mommy…

Mr. Richard Lim,

I now present to you your wonderful babies, Artemis Cielo and Apollo Amore!

Sa awa naman ng Diyos, kahit napaaga ang paglabas ng mga bata, okay naman sila, malusog at walang complications. Ang tagal ko sa delivery room, pero ang importante okay ang mga baby natin. Ang cute cute nila! Pati yung mga nurses dito lagi silang pinagkakaguluhan, lalo na si Artemis. Naku, ang bata bata pa lang habulin ng babae itong baby boy mo. Haha. May pinagmanahan kasi. 😉

I’m staying at the hospital until the weekend. Oobserbahan muna daw ang kambal kung wala talagang complications and to perform the basic tests such as newborn screening etc. Sorry kung hindi ko nasagot ang tawag mo kagabi. You know why (or not). Basta wag ka nang magtatampo okay? Love you!

P.S. Meet Artemis and Apollo.  Si Arty yung nasa left and si Amy yung nasa right. 😀


Maya de la Rosa

Looking at the picture, he smiled at his little angels. They are so adorable! As he opened the succeeding letters detailing their first word, first step, first birthday, first toy, first trip to the dentist,  first friend, first school day, first artwork, first medal, first book, first recital for Amy, first LAS uniform for Arty, first school play, first school festival, first school trip, and every first in their lives, Richard did only a sane man would in his situation.

He cried… and cried.

He cried for Maya… for leaving her alone for the past five years, raising twins…. He cried for Artemis and Amy for growing up for the last five years without a father figure… He cried for his children, Luke, Nikki and Abby for missing their twin sibling’s growth for all these years and finally, for himself who was kept in the dark about his twins, the one who was closest to Maya but the last person to know how she endured the pain of being alone after all these years…Him who accused the woman of adultery, ridiculed her, trampled on her integrity and dignity.,. Him who after all he has done to hurt her, still has the gall to love that wonderful woman who brought his heart with her in London.

Foolish man.


Lim Residence, Manila, Philippines

“Niks, tumawag si Dad kanina. Umuwi daw tayo ng maaga today, Skype daw tayo. He’s going to say something important daw.”

“Huh? Okay. When is he coming home ba? I thought sandali lang siya there?”

“Oo nga. He said that he’ll stay there for maximum of three days. Pero one week na. I heard nagkaroon daw ng discrepancy sa budget proposal nila eh.”

“Oh. I hope everything’s okay in their side.”

“Sabi naman naresolve na yun. They just have to meet with the client have the contract signing.”

“That’s great! Then he’s coming home soon na.”

“Yeah, sana nga. Let’s go, malalate na tayo. Abby, let’s go!”

“Papunta na po kuya!”



“Yes Dad?”

“Are you home already?”


“Good. Switch on your Skype account and call your sisters, we have to talk.”

“Is everything okay Dad?”

“There’s a… recent discovery. Just call your sisters and we’ll talk about this together.”

“Dad, okay na, we’re here na.”

“Hello kids. How are you?”

“Okay naman Dad, just busy with the West Teatro activities.”

“I’m okay too Dad. Kuya and Ate are helping me finish my Solar System model.”

“Just had a long test in Trigonometry and aced it Dad!”

“That’s great kids. You see…

“When are you coming home po Daddy? We miss you na.”

“Soon baby. Just have to sign some minor contracts and settle some things tapos uuwi na ako baby. But I’m not the only one who’s coming home…”


“What do you mean that?”

“You see kids… I… Promise me that you won’t get angry yet. Please hear me out first before reacting okay?”

“Uhm, okay I guess?”

“Thanks Luke. Baby, Niks? Can you promise that?”

“Okay po Daddy.”

“Sure Dad.”

“Thanks guys… Well… I don’t know how to say this… I didn’t know about this until recently and I didn’t mean to hide this from you guys but I’m not yet sure and convinced so I kind of stalled and-

“Get straight to the point Dad.”

*sigh* “Okay, here goes… You have twin siblings.”

“Ah, pwedeng pakiulit po Dad? I think I just heard na we have twin siblings?”

“You heard right Niks.”

“Ate na ako?”

“Yes Abby…”

“Wha- Where- How-

“Luke, please don’t ask me how son.”

“Dad! But seriously, paano nangyari yun? Sinong- are you cheating on Mama… kay Tita Maya?!”

“No! I would never do that son. It’s… I did it with Maya.”

*gasp* “So, they’re yours and Ma’s?”


“Wow. I mean, when did this happen? I thought you haven’t seen each other since Ma left for London?”

“Remember I brought Maya to a cruise on the night before she left? Well yeah…

“Ahem. So that means Tita Maya is already pregnant when she went to London… that means…she gave birth alone? I mean she went through everything without anyone helping her?”

*sigh* “If I knew it Niks, I wouldn’t have let her go… You of all people witnessed how much I loved her.”

“Loved? Why are you talking in past tense Daddy? Hindi mo na mahal si Mommy?”

“No baby, it’s just that-

“Don’t tell me that you doubt your love for her now because Mama hid our twin siblings from you? You’re not that narrow-minded… right Dad?”

“I… I don’t know Niks what possessed me. I was so angry with her that I kinda blew up and said cruel words tp her. With all the things that happened, I was so livid and refused to listen to her explanation. The twins finally knocked the sense out of me when they sent those letters to me.”


“Apparently, since Maya arrived in London, she has written letters everyday, detailing her experiences, from her pregnancy up to the present. She has addressed all those letters to me though she hasn’t sent any of them to me.”

“Wow… Dad, you look really tired. Are your resting and eating well?”

“I’m okay son. Just busy with the things here… and with the twins and Maya too.”

“Dad… Hanggang ngayon si pa rin kayo okay ni Mama no?”

“How did you know?”

“Ganyan na ganyan ang aura mo nung nag-away kayo after ng summit and umuwi ng San Nicholas si Mama.”

“Daddy, are you angry with Mommy?”

“To be honest, at first, I was really angry with her, Abby. I- I can’t accept the fact that Maya hid something as important as this from me. Pero when I read those letters, she has cleared up things but it still hurts…”

“We know how upsetting this must be to you Dad pero we hope that you’ll be open-minded at this aspect.”

“Wait… you’re not angry?”

“Why would we be angry?”

“About the twins and Maya…”

“We know that you wouldn’t have done it with Mama if you didn’t love her. Besides, aren’t children supposed to be a testament of love between couples? We understand that much Dad.”

“When did you get so mature Niks?”

“Since I saw you and Mama skirting around each other before finally confessing… especially you acting such a torpe teenager.”


“Sorry Dad.”

“Pero Daddy, talaga pong magagalit kami if you won’t introduce to us our twin siblings AND bring back Mama here.”

“I’m working on the first one baby but the second… It’s not that easy, after what happened and what I did… I don’t think mapapatawad niya pa ako.”

“Dad, remember Mama is not that mababaw. She’s very understanding and a really good listener. I know what she did was wrong but I know she has her reasons. You would have heard her side first before getting all tiger mode right Dad?”

“Well… I sort of…

“Blew up and pinaiyak mo si Ma right?”

“Luke, di naman sa ganun son… *sigh* That’s exactly what happened son.”

“Ha, I knew it! For a man who patiently waited for five years for the return of his lady love, you’re kind of hypocrite for turning her away like that Dad.”

“I know. I was such a fool! I scolded her and insulted her without even hearing her side. I’m such a stupid man. She loves us so much but I didn’t recognize that.”

“ You know how selfless Mama is. I bet she’s thinking too much again, doubting herself and your love kaya hindi niya nasabi sayo.”

“I claimed that I love her so much but I doubted her integrity! I should have understood her and supported her! I should have been there to accompany her throughout her pregnancy!”

“Maybe that’s one of the reasons why she didn’t tell you about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“You would have dropped everything and caught the earliest flight to London just to be by her side. Eh diba you just launched a new hangar at Clark at that time? Maraming prospective clients ang dumating and you were really busy at that time. Do you think makakaya ni Mama na makitang mas lalo kang mahirapan with your work as well as this matter? Hindi di ba?”


“Let me ask just one thing Dad, do you still love Mama, disregarding her omission of your twins?”

“Of course. Even with her omission, I still love her very much. You didn’t have to ask that.”

“Then that’s what really matters.”

“What does?”

“Dad, alam mo naman yung nangyari sa amin ni Joey diba? Naging bitter ako for years dahil hindi kami nagkaroon ng proper closure. Nakausap ko lang siya three years ago and we finally settled things. Nawala na yung bitterness in me and look where we are now.  I grew and matured in our past relationship and mas naiintindihan na namin ni Joey and isa’t-isa ngayon. Sabi mo nga sa akin, I wouldn’t have matured if hindi ako masasaktan sa relationship. Walang relationship na puro masaya, we have to get hurt para mas maintinidihan natin yung sarili natin as well as yung partner natin.”

“Dad, what really matters is that you finally knew the truth and she said sorry. Now what’s left is for you to clear your misunderstanding, talk about matters and voila, kiss and make up!”

“It’s not as easy as that Niks…”

“Daddy, di ba sabi mo, mahal mo si Mommy? Then it’s solved! Bakit mo pa pahihirapan yung sarili mo if you know na even after all this time and all the things that happened, you still love her form the bottom of your heart?”

“High-five baby! Tama ka diyan!”

“See Dad? Even Abby is pointing out the glaring truth. You love her. Plain and simple. No need to complicate things.”

*sigh* “I can’t believe my kids are lecturing me and giving me love advices. Never in my life have I imagined this scenario.”

“Ikaw naman kasi Dad, pinangungunahan lagi ng galit, you don’t give chance to people to explain themselves first.”

“And pinakawalan mo na si Mama once, we won’t let you do the same mistake again.”

“I want to meet my twin siblings! Pareho po silang boy or girl? Or both?”

“A boy, si Artemis Cielo and a girl si Apollo Amore. Art is older by just a minute. Amy is your Mama’s carbon copy except she has my eyes while your brother, Art is my exact carbon copy except he has Maya’s eyes. They’re called child prodigies, 115 I.Q. levels and Amy is a music prodigy while Art is an aviation prodigy.”

“Wow! I can’t wait to meet them!”

“Me too Dad!”

“When are you coming home ba? Kasama ba si Mama and the twins?”

“I told Maya that I won’t leave London unless I have the twins with me…”

“Oh. But you said that in a nice way right? Wait… don’t tell me…

“I sort of… forced my way?”

“Dad naman! How could you do such a thing! I’m sure Mama’s so upset right now! Pati na rin yung twins!”

“Kasi naman, I was blinded with rage, hindi ko pa nababasa yung letters tapos kasama pa yung Captain Montgomery-

“Who’s that?”

“Some minor stockholder in LAS and boss ni Maya ngayon si TA. Apparently, he’s been courting Maya since she arrived there.”

“Kaya naman pala napaka tiger mode mo eh. Seloso ka talaga Dad. Nung una kay Tito James ngayon nanaman, another pilot.”

“That’s enough kuya. Basta Dad, you should begin apologizing now.”

“I know. Pero she totally hates me now and I don’t have the right to-

“Dad, wag nang matigas ang ulo! Do you want Tita Maya to end up with that Captain-what’s-his-name?”


“Then it’s settled, you’ll swallow that huge pride of yours and apologize.”


“I have a plan.”

To be continued.

So, what do you think? Tweet me @blossomdesu for your reactions! 😀 I’m afraid medyo matatagalan nanaman po ako before the next update. Super busy pa rin po sa studies eh. Pero promise, I’ll try to update as soon as may free time. 😀



“Ma? Napatawag ka? Is something wrong?”

“Tell me the truth.”


“Nagkaanak kayo ni Maya?”

“How did you know that?”

“It’s all over the news Ricky. Almost half of the globe knows about your genius twins now.”




“Ms. de la Rosa, how come no one has heard of your relationship with Mr. Lim before? Are you in a secret relationship?”


“Ms. de la Rosa, is it true that you were a former nanny of Mr. Lim’s kid and you just seduced him to get to your current position?”

“I don-

“So, who’s the better catch Ms. de la Rosa? Captain Gerard Montgomery or Engineer Richard Lim?”



“Wha- Why are you here?!”



“You’re coming with me.”


“You have no choice. Everything is settled. Your things are already packed.”

“My kids!”

“Are going with us.”

“You can’t do this to me!”

“I just did Maya. You’re all coming back with me back to the Philippines.”


“No buts Maya.”


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