The Player – Finale

Admin Note: This is a continuation to The Player – part 12.

Author: Ricci

Author’s Note: This is it!  This story has come to a close. Part 12 is actually the ending, but have added this “very short” Epilogue to really put a period to “The Player” love story.   

Thank you EB and readers for the warm reception. I would love to hear your thoughts on this series before I venture to another storyline. 


Epilogue – On The Table

[One year later]

Richard was on the phone when he saw Liza tap on his office door accompanied by Maya. He immediately hangs up, and stood up, surprised to see her coming to his office for he normally picks her up after office hours.

“Thanks Liza, See to it that we’re not disturb.” Richard said, as he walked towards Maya, looking at her with his mischievous smile.

When he heard the door click, he intertwined his hand to her, and kissed her on the lips to what is meant as a greeting, but took longer before they’re able to pull out from each other.

“What can I do for you, Mrs. Lim?”Richard asked, breathing heavily, totally affected by the kiss they just shared.

“I’m here to pick up my husband. Is he busy today?”

“He is very busy right now, but I’m sure he will find time just for you. What about?” Richard smiled at her, eager to know the reason for her surprise visit today.

“I’m in desperate need of attention right now. Could you possibly fill in for him?” Maya replied and winked at him meaningfully.

Richard laughed as he gazed at her provocative eyes. His eyes, then wandered admiringly down her body letting her feel the sensation of wanting emanating from his body, and said in a seductive tone, “I’m tempted… –  Ahh, Mrs. Lim, you’re a married woman, but how come you’re dallying with a player like me?”

Maya instantly sensed his body language as if it were an intangible force, powerful and magnetic.  She was breathless. After a few seconds, she gave him a naughty smile. “Hmm, as my husband is still busy at work, I think you’ll do well for my immediate needs.” She told him, then grabbed his tie, and kissed him passionately. 

Sated, and still clothed except for her missing undergarment, Maya nuzzled at Richard’s neck after their wild coupling.  She smiled at the thought that they did it on top of his office table, disregarding all his papers, files, and pens.

“Do you think we will still be like this after years of marriage?”

“Let me know when you feel the drought, so I can give you a jump start.” He replied, and buried his face on her neck, inhaling her scent as memories flashed through his mind.

After a year of marriage, he still can’t get enough of her; his passion for her intensifies each day.  Their marriage was a whirlwind that surprised the business world.  They got married after a month of engagement.  A lot of women were envious; some were brokenhearted that the ultimate player got hitched.  The men were surprised, curious as to the woman who finally caught him.

They were married in church, attended by family, friends and colleagues from the engineering industry. He was the happiest man alive when she walked down the aisle with her Nanay Teresita. He can’t contain his joy as he waits on his future wife wearing a simple cut gown walking towards him. As soon as the officiating pastor said, ‘You may kiss the bride.’ he kissed, and embraced her tightly and said solemnly on her ear, “I love you.” as if the vows that he made were not enough to express how much he loves her.

Maya interrupted his deep thoughts as she whispered in his ear the reason for her surprise visit today, “It’s positive, by the way.”

Richard smiled, and teased her. “Who’s the father?”

“Uhmm, let me see… ah, there’s this man I met more than a year ago, notoriously known for his reputation as a player.  He’s simply irresistible that I cave in to his charm the first time.  I must have love him from the start because even if our relationship was complicated, I turned a blind eye on my recklessness, and resolved to move in with him since I thought then, that’s the only thing he can offer me.”

“What an ass!  Should I kick his butt for impregnating you?”

“No need.  From what I gather, he’s already a reformed rake. I’m just not sure how it happened.”  Maya replied, amused at their conversation talking about themselves in the third person.

“Well, I have an idea of how it happened.  I think this man has no idea what hit him.  Little did he know, he was gradually falling in love, and I think you’re to blame for creeping in slowly to his heart. I think he was overwhelmed then by what he felt for you, that’s why he got scared and ran.  I’m sure he regretted letting you go that time.” 

“Ah, is that how it happened? Hmmm…”  After a while, Maya teased him, “Mr. Lim, you don’t mind if I’m carrying his brat, right?”

“Not at all. How long before it’s due?”

“In about 7 months.”


Richard slid his hand protectively over her flat abdomen, and gazed at her smiling eyes – totally besotted with his wife; his expression full of love, telling her exactly how he feels even in not so many words.

~ END ~



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