Accidentally In Love – part 6

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to joyfuljoyce. This is a continuation to Accidentally In Love- part 5.





“Maya” He said softly…

Richard wiped her tears with his thumb and gently caressed her smooth face, then gently down her neck. He moved his other hand to her back. His eyes are still locked up to hers and then slowly travelled to her lips… He gulped, and then looks back at her eyes as if asking for a permission…then Maya closed her eyes… Slowly, he leans forward to kiss her cheeks, and then finally claim her lips…



Richard leaned down and kissed her lips gently as he was slowly removing his tux and groping for the zipper on Maya’s gown at the back, when he felt it already loose, he tried to pull it down until the gown fell on the floor, leaving Maya with only a strapless bra and a black laced panty as her only cover. Maya felt the burning sensation as Richard trailed kisses from her mouth to the corners of it down to her neck. Then he carried her and gently laid her in bed, he positioned himself on top of her, then again kissed her neck. Richard managed to unbutton his white long-sleeved Polo and pulls down the zipper of his pants to remove it. Maya’s hand was now on his chest the other one clasped on his strong bicep. While Richard’ hands began to unhook her bra and gently caressed her breast, he moved his hands below to remove her panty and pulled off his brief. Maya struggled to catch her breath every time he makes a move whether through his hands, his lips or to the entirety of his body.  He now holds her against his hips while he continued to kiss her intensely, he whispered her name gruffly to her ears indicating that he’s going for it as urgency was taking control over him and there would be no turning back. Maya was also feeling the need for it so instinctively she spread her legs apart and with that signal Richard entered her gently at first until he pinched her deeply and ripped through her, he was now inside her, he groaned as he felt it so tight then began with the rhythm of in and out until they reached its climax so he slowed down the pace until he withdrew. Maya cried out in a combined pain and pleasure. Richard rolled over to her side as they were catching up for their breath until slumber gradually stole upon them.

Everything started from that gentle kiss, until they end up sharing the bed together.


Richard’s sleep was disturbed by the sunbeams glowing through the window as morning came and shone upon directly on his face that made his eyes quite ache with its brightness, he shifted to the other side and groped for the person next to him, when he felt it empty he opened his eyes promptly, and surveyed the place as to where she could be. He called out her name…


He heard nothing. Having only the comforter as his cover, he gets up to wear his clothes  as well as his glasses that were already piled up in the bedside table, he was sure that it was scattered all over the floor last night,  he knew it was Maya who arranged it.  He puts on his brief and pants, and wears his white long-sleeved polo and went to the comfort room, thinking that Maya might be inside he knocks and slightly opened the door… “Maya?” are you there?” but there was no answer…

“Where is she?” He asked himself as he observed the room and felt there was something strange about it, it took him a while before an idea hit him, quickly he opened  Maya’s cabinet and there… He was right, it was empty. He snatched his phone and dialled her number only to find out that it was inside the drawer. She might have intentionally left it, he thought.


“Damn it!” he blurted out  in frustration, how could he not noticed her leaving,  he  puts on his shoes, grabbed his coat and went out frustrated while buttoning his polo.


Maya was inside the bus bound for San Nicolas… a lot of things kept bothering her. There was her father, that marriage thing, and then Richard…


The mere thought of his name throws some indefinable feelings inside her.  As she gazed outside the glass window Images of Richard keeps flashing on her mind…

Earlier that night, Maya woke up not even having a good sleep because she was so bothered about his father’s condition. She couldn’t forgive herself if anything bad would happen to him; she was guilty, and worried that’s why she needed to go back to San Nicolas the soonest way possible.

While thinking about her father, she turned to look at the person whose right hand was rested on her waist. Yes, he was there beside her, sleeping soundly. She stared at him for a minute, and was aware to his ever striking features. She touched his face gently and could not believe how easy it was for her to surrender herself to him. She realized how vulnerable she was that night, with all the emotions running through her, she thought she needed someone to comfort her, and there  was Richard, he was there providing her the comfort she needed, only that it was…”a different comfort” she thought. But nonetheless, she was thankful for him his presence made her feelings lighter for a bleak period of jumbled emotions. Her heart filled with joy as she recalls how gentle he was to her, how he made her explore and feel the wonders of it all.  She never felt any remorse, in her 25 years of life she vowed to surrender herself to the one whom she will love for the rest of her life, no other than his future husband. But with everything that happened between them, now she couldn’t really tell, things were not easy as it seems that was among her many realizations, everything just happens, whether she likes it or not she will have to face the consequences. As to what kind of consequence, she doesn’t really know. All she knew was that if there is anyone who is worthy of taking a risk with, it would be worthy taking it with him…with Richard, and she was glad it was Richard, the very first person to capture her sleeping heart.

If there was any indication about their true feelings for each other, it was that night. It might be too early to tell but she felt it, even before; how thoughtful he was, the way he cared, his gentle touches and many others that she attempted to ignore but everything made sense to her now.


She got up, took a shower then arranged their scattered clothes on the floor and silently packed up her things.

It was nearly 3am, she needs to prepare herself as she already made a firm decision of returning back to San Nicolas for her father. She wanted to wake Richard to inform him, but decided not to; she felt there was no need for that as she doesn’t want him to be bothered about her own predicament, after all he doesn’t know anything about her, not yet.

“Richard, iwan na muna kita ha, may sakit kasi si Papa at kailangan nya ako ngayon, marami din akong dapat ayusin doon pero pangako, babalik ako sa’yo Richard…at mag papakilala ako sayo ng buong-buo…pangako. Kaya hintayin mo ako ha..” She smiled and kissed him on his cheek.


She arrived in their house in San Nicolas and was welcomed by their maids; they led her to her sleeping father. She later knew from them that his father was experiencing chest pains after she left; her father thought that she was only in San Nicolas with her friends, and was expecting that she would return back soon.  But when he contacted her friends, especially Emman (her best friend) and heard that none of them were contacted by Maya that was the time he hired a private investigator to search for the entire San Nicolas and other places she might have gone to. His worry over her aggravated his current stage to a point where he almost rushed to the hospital. Good thing the physician was quick to visit and aid him with the help of their maid’s allied powers. This made her thankful for having such good and trusted households.


She took care of her father, assisting him on his medication and with the instructions given to her by the physician she had managed to help her father gradually recover. And as for her father, seeing Maya was more than enough, than taking his medicines. He wasn’t mad at her unica hija, he was just thankful that finally she came back.

In Mr. Arturo’s room…

“Anak, I already talked to the legal department to make you the signatory instead of me for the contract signing. I may not able to attend the event, but James will be there, so you don’t need to worry, I already instructed James and he will guide you all the way Maya.”

“Po? Naku Pa, hindi po pwede, kasi po… she paused trying to find a convincing reason to get away from her father’s idea…But her father interjected…

“Maya, is it about James?…Anak subukan mong kilalanin muna si James, I’m sure magkaka sundo kayo, isa pa, I want James to train you, to help handle our business..”

“Papa…hindi naman po dahil kay James eh,  wala lang po talaga akong interest sa mga ganyan”.

“Maya, mag reretiro na ako, at kayong dalawa din naman ni James ang mag mamana ng lahat ng ito…sya nga pala I invited him for a dinner tomorrow para ma pag usapan natin ito ng masinsinan.”

Although her father was quite okay now, he was not yet allowed to go back to work because it would entail movements that could lead to fatigue and stress. So he pleaded that Maya should take over his place temporarily. With no excuse, Maya has no choice but to enter into it, her father’s health was above all the most important thing, even if it means being closer to James Ventura.

Maya thought this was not the right time to argue with her father, he was still in the state of recovery, and if she was to squabble with him, she was sure it could mean unpleasant things to happen. For the mean time she will do what her father wanted it’s also one way of making up to him for all the worries he suffered because of her, but still on a firm decision of not marrying James.


Maya and James were acquainted with each by Mr. Arturo, during the dinner he asked James to train Maya and help her understand about the company’s operations.  Maya thought she would completely feel uneasiness towards James, but she never expected James could be all that funny and entertaining.

For quite a while they’ve been accustomed to being together  at the office as they were tasked to organize the contract signing, she wasn’t that distant to James anymore unlike before because James always find ways to make her feel comfortable, like throwing jokes on her and teasing her and they would end up laughing together that made everyone in the building assume that there is something between the two since both were single, and both were successors to their parents positions plus  they both looked good together … Employees often approached them to say that they are “bagay na bagay” But Maya lay emphasis on their friendship.

True, James is handsome, as she observed women employees kept on glancing and giggling at him whenever he pass by them. He almost had the same built like that of Richard, a bit taller, but for her, Richard was the most gwapo of all, “of course” she thought.


One night, when she was assisting her father to bed…

“Maya, tinawagan nga pala ako ng legal department regarding the contract signing with the LGC, they had arranged and fixed the date and it’s going to be this Saturday. The LGC approved of the changes in the signatories but they requested to have a formal meeting first with our legal team.”

“Can you believe that Maya? We have worked hard for this one, and finally, we will be able to make a joint venture with them… It’s a milestone for the company, this is one big opportunity na makilala ang kompanya natin hindi lang dito sa San Nicolas. And I’m glad they were too considerate to us.”

The mere mention of the company’s name sends nervousness and excitement inside her, of course it’s been almost a week since they had shared that night, the most unforgettable night of her life, and she misses him terribly, she wanted to see him and talk to him, if only she had brought her phone with her. But she was looking forward to the contract signing, and that would be the perfect timing to introduce herself to him completely as she promised. By that time she will take also the chance to talk to him.


It was almost a week when Ryan observed that Richard was lately being grumpy.  He knew that the reason behind it was Maya, because whenever he’d asked about her, he simply avoids the question and changed the topic. He couldn’t bear seeing his best friend being like that. So he offered Richard to help him find out about Maya but Richard waved the idea off.  Saying he doesn’t care about her.


Ryan passed by the mansion to update Richard about the contract signing. But other than that, he also wanted to inform Richard about what he had found out. He saw him at his office busying himself with his laptop; he announced his presence by making a soft knock, he entered and sat down the chair near in front of his table.

“Brod, kumusta? Mukhang busy tayo ngayon ah, sya nga pala”  he handed him the details about the contract signing..

“Ahm Brod, kaya din ako pumunta dito to inform you about Maya” He said subtly cautious that Richard might turn into his bad mood after mentioning her name.

Richard paused for a while upon hearing her name and then continued with his typing but Ryan has a sure foreboding that he was vainly trying to ignore it.

“I’m busy Ryan, and I’m not really interested” he said it like it wasn’t at all important to even lend his ears on.

“Really?”  Ryan asked Richard not so convince with the way he talked…

“Yes!” He said with a rigid tone and a deadpan expression though inside him, he was dying to know everything about her. He hoped that Ryan would continue to feed him the information despite him saying that he was uninterested…

Ryan could only laugh at his friend, he wasn’t that convinced at all, he knew him too well.

“Brod, bakit ba ang init ng ulo mo kapag si Maya na ang pinag uusapan? Ano ba ang ginawa nya at ganyan ka kagalit sa kanya, tuloy nag mumukha kang teenager, hindi na bagay sayo brod” he continued laughing at him. But he stopped when he saw Richard’s serious expression.

Richard closed his laptop and sprawled his back on the chair, he then released a deep sigh and uttered these distressing words he’s been trying to snub for how many days now, but no such luck.

“She doesn’t like me” He said with a sour expression.

Ryan knitted his brows in disagreement…

“You are making a disputable presumption Brod, Why? Did she tell you that? Hindi na man siguro diba?  Imbes na mag muk-muk ka dyan,  bakit di mo sya tanungin?  mahirap yang nag a-assume ka brod”

Richard shook his head and said: “What for? It’s obvious. She doesn’t have to tell me, I can feel it and how am I supposed to talk to her she left without even saying anything, now that explains it… She doesn’t like me…So, kung ayaw nya sa’kin… well, ayaw ko din sa kanya… besides, marami na mang iba dyan…”

“Whoa…and now you are sour graping…tsk..tsk..tsk, So yun pala yung dahilan kung bakit galit-galitan ka” Ryan said in a sprightly way shaking his head at his best friend amazed at his reaction. He didn’t know he would act like a teenager, all because of Maya.

“Kaya nga nandito ako diba? To help you, I know you’ve been wanting to see her, and don’t tell me mali ako! I know you too well Brod… para saan pa at naging best friend mo ako”

Richard straightened up from his slouched position and asked Ryan curiously…

“You know where she is?”

“Yes… and magugulat ka!” He halt briefly trying to tease Richard, now that he was curious, obviously waiting for him to continue. Ryan was preventing himself to laugh at his friend now that excitement was slowly showing on his face.

“C’mon Ryan! You know I’m not in for a joke!” He said petulantly and was about to walk out, he thought that Ryan was just making fun of him like he always do. But Ryan stopped him…

“Okay…Okay…Sasabihin ko na, eto na man di na mabiro!…But seriously brod, as you know I went to San Nicolas yesterday for a meeting with the DRVF’s legal team.

“And you know what? I saw your Maya along with James Ventura..ang guess what brod, I just discovered, anak pala sya ni Mr. Arturo dela Rosa, Can you believe that? I really thought mag ka apilyedo lang sila, yun pala anak nga talaga nya si Maya”

What? Si Maya? Anak ni Mr. Arturo dela Rosa?” But—she never mentioned it to me..I thought—.” He was totally surprised and could not believe what he heard from Ryan.

“I was about to tell you kahapon pa over the phone but I decided to just tell you personally. And you know what brod, eto narinig ko lang naman ha na,usap-usapan sa kanila na magpapa kasal daw sila, their parents were planning on their engagement before, pero nag layas daw itong si Maya, kasi nga raw, ayaw pa nya muna mag pakasal. But now she’s back baka matuloy na nga siguro…

well hindi na man ako chismoso,  yun ay narinig ko lang na man sa mga empleyado nila” he shrugged his shoulders…

Indeed there had been some talks about James and Maya getting married mainly because they’re always seen together as they were busy preparing for the contract signing. Their employees were very interested to know about what’s really the score between them. As their loyal employees they wanted their future bosses to end up together, they feel “kilig” whenever they see them. Among the employees were Emman, who happened to be Maya’s best friend since they went to the same school during their elementary years, together with Wilson and Kate. They were already called the “TEAM JAMES’ ” Club as they playfully say, led by Emman. And these buzzes did not escape Ryan’s attentive ears. Of course he also wanted to know about Maya, for she was his best friend’s love interest. He wasn’t just sure if this info’s would mollify him or would add up to his already agitated state. But anyhow he needs to inform his best friend about it, especially when it comes to Maya.

Ryan noticed him quiet the whole time he was talking, and so, to please him, he added…

“But you don’t have to worry brod, nothing was concluded yet. Everything is just hearsay Kaya…” Ryan snapped his fingers and said… “May pag asa pa tayo brod”

Richard was totally at lost for words; his mind was still in the process of digesting everything he heard from Ryan… How could she hide those things from him? He thought.  At first he was worried about her, those worries made him some sleepless nights and grumpy days, for almost a week he had a great deal of work to do, he had to get himself busy just to get Maya out of his mind. But with all the revelations about her now made those thoughts turned him hot with dismay. And so he was convinced that he didn’t know Maya that well.


Ryan observed Richard, being silent after informing him about her and sensed that it didn’t help him resolve his issue about Maya.

“Brod? I think you don’t have to worry, mukha na mang mas lamang ka dun kay James eh…”

“Ryan, I think I— need to rest… May sasabihin ka pa ba?” Richard said it coldly …

Ryan shook his head in response.

“Then, I’ll take a rest now..”  he stood up, patted Ryan and left him in the office.



Richard retired to bed in a most maudlin state, it is to be hinted that he’s been wanting an affection from Someone. He’d been longing for it ever since, and he thought it to be Maya, when she came into his life, he felt his life took a new meaning. But he didn’t know it would be this painful, hearing about her marrying another guy. But he was hopeful that he would see just a tiny glimpse of hope, and if there should be any, then he will take the chance to fight for it! Now, he couldn’t wait to see her and talk to her at once.


The Event they were looking forward to have finally arrived: the contract signing.  Emman and Kate were in charged to accommodate the guests. As Maya felt nervous all of a sudden knowing this was also the first time attending their company’s major project. To be part of this whole undertaking is somewhat a pressure, add to that was the anxiousness of meeting Richard, she apprehended he had known that she will took part of the signing. The dilemma now with Maya was that how is she going to face Richard as the real Maya and not the janitress he thought she was.

James observed Maya and felt she was a bit tensed so he approached her and help her relax by teaching her the proper breathing exercise he knew. He put both of his hands to each side of her shoulder.

“Maya, alam kong kinakabahan ka, kaya eto ang gagawin mo…Inhale… Hold it still…and then exhale with a puff”… Maya emulated the breathing exercise twice until she felt a bit relaxed.

“Oh, ano okay ka na?” James asked… Maya replied yes through a nod.

“Uhm, James? magka kilala ba kayo ni Richard?”

“Well, ilang beses na din kaming naka pag-usap regarding this deal…aside from that we are a total stranger, but I’ve known him to be a nice guy naman, I think…Why’d you ask?”

“Ah, wala naman…”

“Wait Maya, parang alam ko na kung bakit kinakabahan ka…dahil ba kay Mr. Lim”

“Ha, hindi ah…oo kinakabahan ako pero di dahil sa kanya noh, dahil… syempre, first time ko maging parte ng ganitong event…hindi pa ako sanay sa mga ganito, alam mo na man yun diba?”

“Okay na Maya…Oo o hindi lang naman ang sagot eh, di mo na kailangan mag explain. But you were friends right? I remember seeing the two of you at the Gala. I just didn’t recognize you then, It just so happen that I have to leave so soon that night that’s why I haven’t able to talk to you… The whole time kasama pala ni Richard ang bride to be ko, kung alam ko lang noon na ikaw si Maya malamang inagaw kita sa kanya … Pero ngayon, sabi nga ni Emman kasama ko ang bride to be ko” James said it in a playful way, although there was a tinge of truth behind it. But he knew there was something between them, he often thought that night in the Gala that Richard and Maya were lovers at least that was everyone thought.

“Ikaw talaga James puro ka biro, tuloy nahahawa na sayo si Emman” Maya slapped his shoulder and chuckled…

“See…your laughing so that means relax ka na,tawa lang pala ang katapat mo eh, and if may konting kaba pa..Then do it again, inhale…exhale… poof..”

“James talaga, kung ano ano ang tinuturo mo sa’kin…pero in fairness ha… Effective talaga sya” and they both chuckled.




Richard had arrived together with his team Ryan, Liza, and five other staffs. The moment he entered the designated room, his eyes began searching for Maya and he found her immediately with James Ventura, both were apparently enjoying each other’s company.

The very sight of the two hit heavy on him that he wanted to grab Maya away from him, but then he remembered he was upset at her for not telling him about her true self. And what’s more upsetting was the fact that he doesn’t have any right to take her away from him as much as he badly wanted to. All he can do is observe them, until James glanced at his way and waved at him. Maya followed James’ gaze and saw him looking as he always does, superiorly handsome in all respects to everyone around him, instantly her heartbeat began raising fast that she looped her hand to James’ shoulder and squeezed it in apprehension. James held her hand and felt it cold he knew so he whispered her to relax. They walked closer to Richard so they can greet him.

“Mr. Lim welcome to San Nicolas and welcome to DRV Foods Corporation, such an honor to have you with us today” he extended his hand to Richard for a hand shake.

Richard nodded and shook his hand back, and then he moved his gaze to Maya. His eyes were fixed on her that made her nervous even more. The way he looked at her felt like she’s going to melt any minute. Good thing Ryan emerged from behind Richard thus breaking the silence and greeted Maya and James. And since everyone had arrived, James proposed that they be seated in front of a long rectangular shaped table as at any minute now they will be doing the contract signing. Richard stood up and went to the side to make his speech following the introduction from James.

After the speech the parties were now seated, the LGC team to the left, and DRVF to the right. Maya was in between James and Richard at the middle part of the table, and even if they were seated next to each other, no words exchanges were made by the two.

Ryan who was seated before Richard felt the tension, it was obvious to him that they were getting rid of the other until the whole signing was finished. Everyone shook hands except for Richard and Maya who moved away from each other. But Ryan kept his eyes on them.  After that, they were escorted to each shuttle service to visit the location for the future construction of the Resort.

Richard’s team on one vehicle, with a separate car for Richard and Ryan while James and Maya on the other, they made a convoy on the way to the location.


They were under a large Canopy, James did all the talking, discussing about these and that about the project. Maya silently excused herself.

She decided to just go back to the car, she no longer liked the idea that Richard was totally ignoring her the whole time. So it was best not to see him. “total kaya na naman yan ni James” she thought.

“Akala ko pa na man matutuwa sya pag nagkita kami” She uttered with a frown on her face.

Richard noticed her walking away, his eyes followed her. Unknown to Richard, Ryan was observing them the whole time, he followed Richard’s gaze, so he nudged him and said:

“Ano brod, mag iiwasan na lang ba kayo buong araw? Wala ka bang planong kausapin sya?  Sundan mo na brod, kami na bahala dito…”

Richard contemplated for a bit and made a decision to follow his friend’s advice so he excused himself as well.  With his long strides he was able keep up with Maya’s slow pace thus hearing what she had uttered next.

Maya kept walking and decided to stop by a tree, she thought she needed some shades instead of getting inside a car and continued with her chatter…

“Wala lang mang Hi or Hello Maya… Or I missed you Maya… naka kainis talaga! Hmmp!” until she heard someone clearing his throat that she couldn’t forbear glancing at her back. Her eyes grew wider seeing the very person she’s been referring to.

He walked towards her with an unreadable expression and a fell rigidity of figure that made him look intimidating.

“Ri-Richard” She muttered…

He came closer even more that made Maya stepped backward. He remained silent and just stared straight at her. For Richard, seeing Maya that close had such an effect over him that he began to feel the words he had been struggling to air out. How he missed her terribly, how he wanted to kiss her again and hug her and to never let her go but whenever he thinks about it, the picture always arises in his mind of that morning. How upsetting it was for him to be left out by Maya, how he felt rejected once again by her.

“So, Maya dela Rosa…how have you been? Let’s see, from a Janitress, to an heiress, to a business partner and what’s next? Perhaps you might want to share your other surprises. Baka bukas iba na man ang malaman ko tungkol sayo. He said it sarcastically.

“Richard…” she muttered she knew she was guilty of it.

“You could have just told me, ano bang mahirap dun Maya?  Or ugali mo lang talagang mag sinungaling at umalis ng hindi nag papaalam.

Maya shook her head in disagreement and was about to defend herself but Richard continued with his talking.

“Janitress pala ha, High school graduate, nag hihirap? Ano pa?  Did you enjoy fooling me around? All these time Maya pina pa ikot mo lang ako!”

Richard, hindi yun ganun—

“Then what? tell me alin doon ang totoo Maya, because honestly…I don’t believe you anymore!”


“Richard, balak ko naman talagang kausapin ka at sabihin sayo yung totoo… Kaya lang kina ilangan ko munang umuwi para kay Papa”

She wanted to explain further but he felt he wasn’t interested at all as he looked the other way and turned his back on her.

She heaved a sighed as this conversation seemed hopeless.

“ Richard, siguro hindi ito ang tamang lugar para mag usap tayo.  We are in the middle of business, at may kanya-kanya tayong bisita, siguro sa ibang pagkakataon na lang.” She said it in her timid hope.

Richard faced her, looked at her for a while and walked away from her heading its way back to the canopy. Maya could only look at him as he walked away and tears now were threatening to come out, she thought she needed some hideout and after vainly trying to restrain it she began to release it inside the car. She sat and waited for them to be finished and when she lifts her eyes to the window she saw everybody going towards their respective shuttle, an indication that they were already finished.

James got in the car and asked her why she hadn’t gone back. She just replied by saying that she was not feeling good. He asked her again if she can manage to go for the lunch with the LGC team later but she declined due to the same reason.  She requested if she could just go home and rest, James said its okay…


Maya was sitting in their sofa leaning her head to it, when her father approached her. She immediately stood up to kiss him and sat again, this time she was joined by her father.

“Anak maaga ka, kumusta na man yung signing, mukhang na pagod ka ata?”

“Okay na man po Papa, kung tutuusin pirma ko lang na man ang kailangan doon, Kaya na man yun lahat ni James eh”

“Hija, mas mabuti kung sasama ka parati kay James, nangg sa ganun ay matuturuan ka nya at dapat masanay ka na para pag kinasal na kayo mas magiging madali na lang ang mga usapin sa negosyo para sa inyo”

“Papa, ayan na naman kayo eh..”

“Maya… anak, you see, Matanda na ang Papa mo kaya kailangan mo nang mag pakasal, gusto kong may mag alaga sayo, para mapanatag na din ang kalooban ko…at sa ganun maabutan ko pa ang magiging apo ko.”


“Papa talaga oh, wag nyo pong sasabihin yan, bata pa naman po kayo eh, pinapatanda nyo lang yung sarili ninyo…”


“I’m serious anak…James is a nice guy, and I’d still want him for you, malaki ang tiwala ko sa kanya, at alam kong aalagaan ka nya”


“Pero pa kaibigan lang ang tingin ko sa kanya at isa pa kawawa lang sya pag ako ang papakasalan nya…”


“Anak, making ka…maswerte ang magiging asawa mo, dahil alam kong napaka buti mong tao, kahit na minsan matigas ang ulo mo, alam kong mabuti ang kalooban mo.”


“Sinasabi nyo lang yan dahil anak nyo ako eh, Kayo talaga Papa, ang hilig-hilig mag emote…” She hugged her father and it was a much needed comfort after having an encounter with Richard earlier.


It was late afternoon and Maya in her room was sitting in her bed thinking about Richard, she still could not overcome her worries about him. Was she really that bad for not disclosing her true identity to him, for leaving him without notice?

“Sandali, bakit na man sya magagalit ng ganun,  parang sobrang laki na man ng kasalanan ko, Kung sinabi mo lang kasi yung totoo di sana kayo mag e-LQ… Bakit LQ? Hindi na man kami lovers,  hindi ko naman sya boyfriend ah, Pwera na lang kung…may gusto din sya sa’kin…hep hep Maya, ayan ka na naman eh…sabing wag mag aasume eh, yan tuloy napapala mo!”

She was interrupted by a soft knock, it was their maid telling her that she had a visitor. Actually she doesn’t feel like going downstairs, but since she expected it to be James, she went down instead only to find a familiar man of portentous appearance standing by their door.

“Richard? A-anong ginagawa mo dito?”

“Why? Were you expecting somebody else, perhaps James? He told me masama daw pakiramdam mo. But it seems your okay na man…well, I want to talk to you before I go back to Manila early tomorrow”

Maya was so surprised to his visit that she didn’t know how to respond.

“What? Are you just going to look at me? We need to talk now Maya!“  He issued that mandate as if he was in his territory but Maya was somehow used to his mood swings, which made him that  less formidable to her.

“Sige, makikipag usap  ako sayo, pero Richard, nakiki usap ako, kung pwede wag natin daanin sa init ng ulo. ”

“So, you are marrying James, is that true?

Maya again was surprised at his sudden abruptness and to seemingly asked questions that was going too far.

“Sandali nga Richard, bakit na man nasama si James sa usapan pwede bang wag mo syang idamay sa init ng ulo mo.”


“I was just asking Maya, I’m not talking ill against him!  Ganun ba sya ka importante sayo at masyado kang sensitive when it comes to him?”

Maya’s patience was getting thinner now that he kept on asserting about her relationship with James. So to release his tantrums she thought why not just ride at his allegations.

“Bakit? Ano na man sayo kung ikakasal nga ako sa kanya, kailangan ko pa bang mag paalam sayo, hindi na man kita tatay ah, at lalong  hindi kita boyfriend!”

He thought no words she could have uttered would have affected him that much, and then as she blurted out those words, he felt his heart was crumpled a million times but he knows he had to remain stiff.

“So It’s true then…Great! Well I wouldn’t be surprised anymore. “

“Pwede ba Richard, akala ko ba gusto mong mag usap tayo!”

We are talking…

Oo, nag uusap nga tayo, pero hindi naman yan ang issue…

That’s part of the issue Maya! Pagkatapos ng mga nagyari satin, basta-basta ka na lang aalis?  You left me hanging, how am I supposed to feel?  You think okay lang yun?  I thought you were different pero  gaya ka rin ng iba…Pinatunayan mo lang that you’re just one immature runaway brat na mag so-swoon kaagad sa kahit na sinong lalaking lalapit sa kanya…

Nauna na ako saýo bago pa man yang James na yan! And you know that!


Maya understood what he was pointing and she can’t help but feel insulted. She had a momentary intention of slapping him, but she managed to maintain her composure and it passed with the action of clenching her fist.


“Richard, nandito ka sa pamamahay namin, and the least thing you could do is respect me!  kung yan ang tingin mo sa’kin, pwes wala akong magagawa. Wala akong dapat ipaliwanag at patunayan sayo. Kung hindi mo kayang maki pag usap ng matino, pwede ba wag na tayong mag usap… Makaka-alis ka na!”


She was about to walk out, when Richard grabbed her arm. They stared at each other and remained silent but were interrupted when they heard Mr. Arturo walking down the stairs.


“Maya, May bisita ka raw?” He went near them and asked Maya about her visitor unaware of the tension that builds up between the two.


“Papa, dapat nag papahinga na po kayo…ahm, aalis na rin na man po sya Papa…hindi ba?” Maya looked up to Richard hoping that he will support her with her excuse, but instead of affirming, Richard extended his other hand to Mr. Arturo…


“Good evening Sir, I’m Richard”  Mr. Arturo received his handshake.


“So, Richard what brings you here?” Then he noticed Richard was holding Maya’s hand, with Maya completely forgetting about it. Her mind was busy thinking of another excuse so he could send Richard out.


“Ahm…Sir, Maya and I were just talking about…US” Richard couldn’t think of any other reason.


“About what?” Asked again by Mr. Arturo.


“About us Sir, well I heard Maya is going to marry James Ventura…Well, uhm siguro kailangan nyo ng malaman ang tungkol sa amin Sir.”


Maya was totally surprised by Richard that she towed his sleeve in confusion and throwing him a questioning look. But Richard made such motions to her not to ask questions. And so he continued…


“… I’m sorry Sir, pero hindi pwedeng makasal si Maya sa iba!” he said quite abruptly while holding Maya’s hand…that startled both Maya and her father.

“What? And why not?” Maya’s father throws him a questioning look.

Richard gazed at Maya, then to her father… “Dahil may nangyari sa amin!”

Maya was flabbergasted! So she immediately interfered…

“Naku Papa, kasi ano..ahm..ahh…” she stammered worse than before in explaining, she was not aware that Richard would say that. If she could only take the liberty of hitting Richard at the head, she would definitely do it just to shut him off and never to talk again.

“Maya, iwan mo muna kami, I need to talk to this guy!” Mr. Arturo requested.

Maya took her hand forcefully from Richard and was about to argue but her father made a gesture that she should leave them. She knew she wasn’t going to win with him, she looked at Richard furiously before leaving.

Mr. Arturo motioned Richard to follow him and they went inside Mr. Arturo’s office.


He sat down on his chair and Richard was standing in front of his table.

“Ang lakas ng loob mong sabihin yun sa’kin ng harapan!”  It was the first time for Mr. Arturo to see him so he didn’t know him to be the president and CEO of the LGC.


“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful.” He said contritely and bent down his head to show respect.


“Walang nai kukwento si Maya sa akin tungkol sayo, May relasyon ba kayo ng anak ko?”


Richard shook his head…


“wala kayong relasyon, kung ganun bakit mo yun nasabi?”


“I know I don’t have the right Sir, but…gusto ko pong malaman nyo na… Mahal ko po si Maya and I want to marry her…” He laid himself out to be polite to him afterall he was Maya’s father.


“Marry her? But you said wala kayong relasyon… kalian pa kayo nag ka kilala ni Maya?”


“When she was in Manila, she used to work for me and we became friends during her stay there Sir…”


“So, how can you be so sure?  When you just met her for a short while?  Mr. Richard, I don’t know what happened between you and Maya in Manila, pero Maya is my daughter, and I want the best for her that’s why I insist her upon marrying James because I have known James already. And if there is any person who can take care of my daughter that will be James Ventura…”


“Sir, I know I cannot justify my reason of marrying your daughter, I cannot prevent you to doubt my feelings for her, all I know is, Maya is an amazing woman, from the moment I met her, I intend to keep her and no one has ever swept me away like this except Maya…. So if you give me a chance Sir. I’m willing to do anything for your daughter, I can be the best for her.”

Mr. Arturo after hearing that, didn’t ask anymore, he have seen himself in Richard back when he was courting Maya’s mother, he felt he was sincere so he decided that he had heard enough…

“Richard, this talk is over… for now! If there is one person who can decide about this matter, then I believe you have to ask Maya, it’s for her to decide”

“Sir? you mean —“

“Mr. Richard, you can go and talk to her…But we still have a lot of things to talk about, meanwhile I will let you talk to her”

His heart fluttered with joy with the positive response from Mr. Arturo he considered it a miracle that he didn’t shake him. Well, he didn’t expect that he wasn’t that firm.

“Nice one Richard, this could be the hope you were looking for!” he thought…


The moment he’s out of the office, Maya with no warning pulled him and dragged him out to their garden…

“Wait Maya, hindi mo naman ako kailangan kaladkarin eh, ”

“Mr. Lim! Ano sa tingin mo ang ginagawa mo ha? Gusto mo atang atakihin ang Papa ko. Alam mo bang kagagaling lang nya sa sakit tapos bibiglain mo ng ganun? Paano kong may mangyari sa kanya ha, —“ she stopped when he she noticed the sudden change of his mood, he was smiling displaying his dimples making his chinito eyes a bit more chinky.

Richard released a small sigh, and he held Maya standing before him…He looked steadily into her eyes and said…

Marry me Maya!”





To all my readers, sorry to keep you wait that long, I was just so busy with work. But I hope naka bawi ako kahit papaano. I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter, this is by far the longest chapter I have written… Thank you and Godbless us all J







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