Story of Me – Part 5

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiA. This is a continuation to Story of Me – part 4.

Author: MaiA




After their quick breakfast, Maya went back to her desk and minutes later Richard came in. Everybody was surprised to see him back in his office.
As he walked through the corridors, he’s back to his usual self, serious and commanding. Maya looked down avoiding his gaze while Richard continued to walk straight to Lisa’s desk.


Lisa: “Ahhm, Good morning sir, I didn’t know that you will be back in office today. Kailan po kayo dumating?”

Richard: “Yesterday. Lisa, I need to meet with all our top executives today. I will meet them at the Board room. And please, no calls and guests. I will be busy.”

Lisa: “Ok sir. Coffee po?”

Richard: “Its ok, I had coffee with a friend.” then looked at Maya, while Maya pretended not to be listening and looked intently at her computer monitor.
Richard went to his room and closed his door.



Lisa: “Maya, you are scheduled for a meeting with Sir Richard later at 7pm. Mr. Roberto Lim will join the meeting also. Sensya na ha, medyo late lang, they requested me to schedule you last kasi.”

Maya: “Huh? Why? Di ba sabi ni Sir Richard, top executives lang? Bakit ako kasama sa meeting?

Lisa: “I don’t know the agenda, Maya.



At exactly 7pm, Maya knocked and entered the Board Room. Richard and his Dad were busy discussing some ongoing projects when she came.


Maya: “Good Evening Mr. Lim, Good evening sir Richard.”

Richard: “Good evening Ms. Dela rosa”, smiled at her.

Roberto: “Good evening din Iha, please have a seat.” then started with their discussions.

“As you know, there will be some movement in the company. Today, we have discussed with management on the new organization. I would like to offer you the position as Head of Engineering Department. “


Maya: ”Po? Eh Bakit po ako? Eh paano po si Sir Richard?” asked Maya with a surprised look on her face then turns to Richard and asked him softly “Are you leaving the company?”

Richard: “Bakit ayaw mo?” whispered back to Maya.

Roberto: “Did you say something Richard?”

Richard: “No, I mean” turns to Maya, “Bakit? Ayaw mo yung position?” (palusot) .

Maya: “Bago lang po ako sa company and there are other qualified…” Richard stopped her before she can continue.”

Richard: “Yes, you are new, and we are so impressed with your performance despite that. Ms. Dela Rosa, this was a joint decision by management, they would not have chosen you if you are not qualified.”

Roberto: “Don’t worry Iha, Richard will be with you all the way to guide you.”  He assures Maya.

Maya: “Po, I thought he’s leaving?”

Roberto: “Ayaw mo?” he whispered to himself with a half smile. (Like father like son. He he he).

“No, he’s not. He’s taking over my position as President of the Company.”  My wife and I will be in the US to manage our overseas branch.”


They discussed the future plans of the company and indeed, both were impressed to hear the ideas of Maya. They finished at exactly 9pm and were ready to leave.


Roberto: “Maya, lets keep this news confidential until we formally announce the new organization next week during our company Christmas Party.”

Maya: “Ok sir.”

Roberto: looked at Richard and Maya then said “ I trust you both. I want you to support each other. It’s ok to argue and fight over things but in the end, you should always come up with a joint decision.”

Richard and Maya said in unison “Promise” and their eyes met. Roberto smiled when he saw this “reminds me of my younger days with Esme” he thought to himself.


Maya at the lobby, while waiting for a taxi, Richard walked to her side.

Richard: “Maya, waiting for your ride?”

Maya: “No, I’m taking a taxi, wala akong dalang car, banned today eh.”

Richard: “Its past 9pm and its late. Delikado sa daan. Hatid na kita.” Then grabs Maya’s hand and guides her to the parking lot.” Left with no choice, she followed him, walked hand in hand with Richard.”

Richard: “lets eat dinner then ill drive you home. You still owe me your story di ba?

Maya: “pwede take out na lang? and next time na lang yung story ko? late na din kasi eh.”


On their way to the condo, Maya’s phone rings.

Maya: “Hello Simon? Yeah,.. ok…Ok…Ok… I’ll be there. With my special friend? … ah sure.

She sounded happy while talking to Simon.  But when she finished the call, she looked sad and was silent


Richard: “Whats it about? While focused on his driving, “Puro ok ok ok  lang narinig ko.” Tahimik pa rin si Maya, then he asks again ”Maya?” still no response. Then he looks at her “Si Simon ba yon?” then she nodded.

Richard: “So whats up?” He raised his voice this time that surprised Maya. “Bigla kang natahimik dyan? Concerned, he asked again, “May problema ba? Is there anything I can do to help?”

Maya: “Help?” her eyes brightened.

Richard: “Yes! Need help?”

Maya: took a deep breath and said “I need your help”

Richard: “what kind of help?”

Maya: “I need you to be with me when I meet my friends.”

Richard: “Kasama si Simon?”

Maya: “Teka teka, forget it,”

Richard: “I would say yes.”

Maya: “Erase erase natin yung sinabi ko?” Not listening to Richard.

Richard: “I already said yes.”

Maya: “Yes. As in yes talaga”?

Richard: “Yes, I’ll be there, and I will be your special friend?”

Maya: “Huh?”

Richard: “Di ba you told Simon that you will be there with your special friend.” He teased Maya. “Ako ba yung special friend mo?” looked at Maya and waited for her reaction.

Maya: “Ah eh, hindi.” Nalilito sa isasagot.

Richard: “So may special friend ka?”

Maya: “Oo, ay hindi, wala. Kunyari lang yung special friend.” Aligaga na naman.

Richard: “pwede naman totohanin? she heard it alright, but pretended that she didn’t. but her deep blush can not hide it.

Maya: “Here we are. Thanks for the ride.” As she stepped out of the car,

Richard: “Maya, kailan nga yung date natin?” Pahabol na tinanong ni Richard.

Maya: she looked back “Date?”

Richard: “with friends?”

Maya: “next Saturday, swimming party sa house ng friend namin.” Then she whispered closer to Richards ear ”Pero secret lang natin ha, I don’t know how to swim.” She giggled and left.



Swimming Party:

Richard was closely watching Maya as she walked gracefully at the edge of the pool.

Rafi: “Help, si Maya…” In an instant, both Richard and Simon came to her rescue, jumping from the two corners of the pool.


Richard reached out for Maya and she immediately grabbed hold of Richards arm. Simon came to their side seconds later and asked, “Maya are you ok?” Maya looked back and said “Thanks Simon”

Simon: “Sir Richard, kayo na po ang bahala kay Maya.”

Still shivering, Richard embraced Maya to calm her down…


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  1. Sorry kung sobra short. Next parts submitted already to ebu. You may also check para di mabitin. Happy reading to my new found ebu friends.

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