Meant to Be – part 9

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Fanfic_NewbieThis is a continuation to Meant to Be- part 8.

A/N:Thank you all for your kind comments and suggestions. Sorry medyo natagalan. Hope you enjoy ang medyo mahaba-habang continuation ng kwento.

Author: fanfic_newbie



Here goes….

Time went in a blur and the next thing Maya knew was she was back in the Philippines and starting her first day at the Ventura-Lim Aviation Inc. offices.

“Good morning Ms. Maya dela Rosa.” Richard was the first one to welcome her to the office. He was all smiles but did not know how to address her, Ms dela Rosa or Mrs. Lim. He opted for the safe Ms. Maya dela Rosa.

“Good morning Mr. Lim.” was Maya’s stiff reply. She was more nervous about seeing Richard than the fact that today is her first day as the Head of Accounts at the VLA Inc.

“Welcome to VLA Inc.” Richard extended his hand.

She took Richard’s hand and said “Thank you Mr. Lim. Has any of my colleagues from the US office arrived?” She wanted to jump to work right away because with work, she knows that she in control.

“No. They have yet to arrive.”

“Hmm. Ok. Just point me to the direction of my office so I can get settled in.”

“I see that you are eager to hit the ground running.” Richard sensed her uneasiness.

“Relax Maya, it is just me. You will do more than fine.” He reassured her. Richard so wanted to give her a hug and a kiss ever since she arrived but had to restrain himself.

“I am okay Richard. Medyo excited lang that Luke and I are back in Manila” palusot ni Maya.

She wanted to kick herself for not preparing for the first meeting with Richard. She sounded like a giddy girl on her first day at school and not the self-confident woman that she is. Seeing Richard in his steel-gray suit and wine-colored necktie did not help. He looked suave and sophisticated. He fits right in in the well-appointed office.

Richard wanted to take her to her office but he sensing her discomfort he called Lisa to escort her to her office.

“This is Lisa. She will be assisting both of us.”

“We will have an introductory meeting in 30 minutes at the Boeing conference room. Lisa will take you to your office.

“I will see you later, then.” Richard excused himself.

“Hello Ma’am. I am happy to finally put face to a name. I have heard so much about you from Sir Richard.” Lisa was so impressed with her new boss. “This way Ma’am.”

Lisa gave a quick tour of the VLA Inc offices, which ended at Maya’s office.

Maya let out a small gasp as she entered her office. It was spacious and arranged just the way she liked it. The furniture and decor was just screaming Maya.

“Yes, it looks wonderful.” Lisa was smiling.

Maya had a questioning look on her face.

“Sir Richard personally worked with the interior decorator.. He wanted everything to be perfect for you. And by your reaction, I can safely say “Mission Accomplished.”

Maya walked around her zen-inspired office. She ran her fingers along her deep walnut colored desk, appreciating the finish. She was in awe when she sat on her ergonomic chair and said “Thank you Lisa. That is all for now.”

“If something is off, just let me know. I will take care of it. Welcome Ma’am Maya.”

She absent-mindedly nodded in reply. She cannot get over the fact that Richard took time to make sure that her office was perfect.


“And.. the accounts team will be headed by Ms. Maya dela Rosa” the Managing Director was introducing Maya to the Ventura-Lim Aviation Inc. employees. “She graduated from the Philippine University of Sciences with a BS Degree in Engineering. She has interned at the PMRO Company while completing her degree. She worked at the JV Inc in the USA for three years during which time she received theoretical training and learned the practical skills necessary to carry out aircraft structural repairs of several wide body commercial aircrafts. And, as if that was not enough, she has started to take technical management courses.”

“She was tapped to head the accounts team because of her knowledge; experience and can do approach to everything. I have worked with her and she never ceases to amaze me. She will resolve any problem quickly and deliver results, always with a smile.”

Maya wanted to crawl under a rock as she was being introduced. She can feel Richard’s eyes boring into her.

“Stop it Dave or they will think I work miracles. Hello everyone. The truth is, the US office was having a hard time understanding my carabao English and my accent so they decided to ship me back here. Kidding aside, I am very happy to be back in the Philippines, even happier to be working in the field I love. I look forward to working with all of you.” Maya said articulately. But she looked more confident than she felt.

Everyone clapped.

Richard was so pleased to see how Maya carried herself. She was elegant, confident and collect. He smiled with pride as the office personnel looked at Maya with awe.

Pagkatapos ng meeting .. nag-uusap ang mga empleyado.

“Ang ganda niya ‘no..”

” Ang galing, at babae pa yan ha. Engineer ng eroplano”

“Balita ko may isang anak siya.”

“O sinong makakatop nitong balita ko ? … Nakinig ko na siya ay dating asawa ni Mr. Lim, pero nagkahiwalay sila..”

“Ano ? Totoo ba yan? ”

“People. People. Don’t you have better things to do like WORK?” Sinita ni Liza ang mga taong nagtsitsimisan tungkol kay Maya at Richard. Liza is ever loyal to Richard and would go to all lengths to protect him.

“Ito naman.. curious lang kami”


“Congratulations Maya..” He leaned forward to kiss her on the cheeks. He cannot contain his excitement anymore.

Maya was taken aback. She did not know how to react. It has been a long time since he kissed her.

“The introductory meeting went well, I think. I did not know you are taking management classes. That is good.”

“Well, it seems like some people have high expectations of me… I hope I will not disappoint.” She responded nervously.

“Stop it Maya, kalma lang, si Richard lang yan.” Maya said to herself.

“Any plans for tonight?” Tanong ni Richard.

“Just need to be home early for Luke. He is attending a new school and I want to chat with him about his day and what he did, people he met. Ah and you know, do homework.” She rattled on.

Richard waited for Maya to invite him to her house but she did not say anything. So he continued..

“I wanted invite you for some cocktails or an early dinner. Just a welcome dinner or cocktails.” He can still feel her uneasiness with him.

“But it seems you already have plans.” He did not push. “It is not yet time.” he said to himself.

“A yeah, maybe next time.” Nagtatalo ang isipan ni Maya invite him home or not.. hanggang sa

Richard said.. “Yes, maybe next time. Ok, I will see you later then. Please kiss Luke for me. Have a good evening.”

“Yes, I will. Good evening to you too.”

Papalayo na si Richard nang may biglang naalala si Maya..


“Yes?” Hoping siya na nagbago ang isip.

“Thank you. Thank you for the very nice office, for the good recommendation, for the opportunity to come back home and work, and for…. for” Maya’s hands were flailing… “For everything.”

Richard nodded in reply but his heart was doing somersaults.


With every project they worked on, his respect for her increased. She is more focused and driven than he imagined. He can see her brain working, mindful of every detail. There was no issue she cannot resolve. She can turn around an irate customer with her charm, wit, and positive attitude.


“Because of several issues we are facing with the Time Airways B-7700 aircraft, we will be hard-pressed to meet the schedule and the Service Level Agreement. The flu that is going around knocked down several of our lead engineers. We do not have enough hands on deck to complete the job. I am already helping out at the Clark hangar. And, unfortunately, the labor strike in Bangkok last month affected the delivery of the part we are expecting this week.”

This was the grim news Richard reported during the emergency all-hands meeting he called.

“This is a busy season for Time Airways and they are counting on us to deliver the aircraft on time. We will be paying a lot of penalties if we don’t.” Richard continued.

“Thanks to the very efficient Ms. Dela Rosa, she found an alternate vendor and we are expecting the replacement part next week.”

As usual, Maya was already on the job.

“Ok. I will handle the customer expectation. How many days extension will we need and how many additional engineers and mechanics will we need to complete the task?”

“Maya, we need to complete the aircraft overhaul in one week….” Maya and Richard started work outing a plan to solve the problem.


“Anong ginagawa mo dito?”

She showed up at the site in well-worn jeans and a white t-shirt, her hair in a pony tail. She was in the process of wearing her jumpsuit when Richard saw her.

“I thought you said we are short handed. I know my way around the B-7700.”

“How long will you be here?”

“I will be here for the duration. Don’t worry, Luke is fine. He is with his lola.”

Medyo alangan si Richard. It was the first time for him to see her around the big aircrafts that he is used to. But he needs all the help he can get.

“Hmm. Ok” He agreed hesitantly.

He assigned her to small menial jobs and always made sure someone was there to assist her.

Maya right away understood what he was doing but played along. She knew she had to earn his trust and respect first. In this crucial situation, he cannot afford a screw-up. The crew of engineers and mechanics also were a bit awkward to work with her. They are not used to seeing a woman working on aircrafts. So she was out to prove them wrong about her.

Maya completed all tasks assigned to her in no time. Nagugulat si Lino, yung mekanikong nag-aassist sa kanya. They soon became friends.

Richard saw them taking a break, laughing and doing a high five. He became irate.

“We don’t have enough time here for idle chatter here guys. Tapos na ba ang. ..”

“Tapos na Chief. Ang bilis ni Ma’am. Ang dami niyang tinurong bago sa akin. Ang galing nga Chief” Lino responded.

Nagulat din si Richard at nawala ang inis sa mukha ni Richard. Alam niya kasing time-consuming ang binigay niyang trabaho.

Richard was about to leave when Maya followed him.

“I know what you were doing Richard and it is counter productive. You have not worked with me before but I assure you, I am capable. Assign a more challenging task to me, please.”

“It is not that I don’t trust you. I am scared for your safety Maya.”

“Please” Her hands were together in front of her, pleading.. She had to change her tactic.. She knows now that he cannot deny her.

Pailing-iling si Richard. He had a hard time deciding but that pleading face in front of him just melted his heart and he finally said “Ok”.


Maya suggested to Richard to take the crew out for dinner. Her idea came because she wanted everyone to wind down after a stressful day at the hangar; develop better camaraderie and boost team spirit. It was also her way to get know the engineers and mechanics and for them to be at ease with her.

Richard welcomed the idea and announced it to the crew.

“Yehey…Chief pati toma ba kasama?” biro ng isang mekaniko

“Ang inuman pag natapos natin ang project on time. For now, focus lang tayo sa kailangan natin gawin.” Richard wanted all his crew alert and in working condition the following day kaya walang magaganap na inuman..

“Chief, seryoso yan ha? Nakarecord yan dito sa phone ko.” Richard rarely goes out with his crew in a drinking spree so they had to verify with him.

“Seryoso yan, Mang Gaby. Basta tapos ang trabaho at bayad tayo ng customer.” Richard reaffirmed his offer.

Nagpunta ang grupo sa isang restaurant malapit sa kanilang hotel..

Dahil sa sobrang pagod at gutom, walang nag-iimikan, tahimik na kumakain lahat.

“Ano ito, galit-galit lang ba talaga?” Ang patawang comment ni Maya.

“Ma’am gutom lang po talaga.” Lino answered.

“O, huminga ka naman Pards” bati ni Engineer Guitierrez.

Sa kamamadaling kumain ni Lino, nabilaukan,,

“Tubig, tubig” may sumigaw.

“Katawan kasi… “ sabi ni Cho.

Nagtawanan lahat.

After some time, when everyone got their fill.. Nagsimula ang kwentuhan.. hanggang napunta sa tanong na…

“Chief paano po kayo naging engineer?”

Nagulat si Maya nang sagutin ni Richard ang tanong, Alam niya kasing may pagka-private si Richard. Pero dahil sa tsismis, alam sa opisina ang nakaraan nila ni Richard..

“The truth is, di ko planong mag-engineering. My dad wanted me to but I wanted to take up business …engineering just happened.” Richard started to the story of how he became an engineer.

“Anong it just happened, ikwento mo kaya ng buo” Ang biro ni Maya with a knowing look.

“Ito talaga ibubuking talaga ako.” He playfully replied to Maya’s ribbing.

“Mageeneroll kasi ako noon, business management ang course, eh ang haba ng pila. Nakita ko si Maya sa pila ng engineering. Nabighani ako, you know, love at first sight ba.. Kaya ayun lumipat ako ng pila para malapitan at magpakilala sa kanya…”

Naghiyawan ang mga engineers at mekaniko..

“Wow talaga sir? ang romantic mo pala Chief” Sabat ni Lino..

“Ma’am, Maya, feeling long hair ba kayo?” Biro ng isang mekaniko kay Maya.

Nagatawanan lahat..

Richard looked at Maya as if asking if the teasing is ok. Maya nodded.

“Huy, Richard, puro ka talaga kalokohan, Ang totoo niyan.. “ Maya started to tell the story

“Ako na, ako na, baka di mo pa sabihin na na-love at first sight ka rin sa akin” Hinampas ni Maya ang braso ni Richard, si Richard naman ay umiwas habang tumatawa.

“O ito na totoo.. Business management talaga gusto ko, yung nga noong enrollment, ang haba ng pila. Nakita kong mas maikling pila sa kabilang linya kaya, lumipat ako. Pero pagdating ko sa window, nagulat na lang ako noong nasa harap na ako ng counter, ang pila pala ay for engineering, di na ako makalipat dahil ayoko nang pumila ulit. Buti na lang at pasado din ako sa engineering entrance exam”

“Ang tamad ko kasing maghintay sa pila, yon ang nakuha ko.”

“Pero it turned out well naman, di ba?” Maya asked.

“Yes, I learned to love engineering. at higit pa doon ang naging motto ko sa buhay ay “Patience is a virtue at Good things come to those who wait.” Tumingin si Richard kay Maya.

“Parang may ibang ibig sabihin ang Mama” isip ni Maya. Pero patay malisya si Maya at di niya sinalubong ang tingin ni Richard,

“Eh saan naman kayo nagkakilala ni Ma’am..”

“Magka-section kami. Tapos nagkatabi kami sa likod ng classroom. Noong minsan, nakatulog ako sa klase, buti na lang ginising ni Maya at pabulong na sinabi ang sagot nang tawagin ako sa recitation. Kundi nalagot ako kay Ms Tapia. Terror pa naman yon..”

“Eh ano naman ang motto doon Chief? Matulog na sa pansitan, huwag lang sa klase ni Ms Tapia.” Sabat ni Lino.

Hiyawan ulit ang crew at si Maya.

Si Richard naman, napangiti lang at nagpatuloy..

“Mula noon naging magkaibigan na kami. Tapos nalaman ko kaya niya pala ako gustong kaibigan dahil magaling ako sa math at sa drafting. Laging nangongopya sa akin si Maya ..” Richard looked at Maya, he knows she will react ..

“ Hoy. hoy ikaw nga ang laging nangongopya sa akin.” Maya did not disappoint

“Eh paano, papasok sa klase, walang notebook, ballpen lang. Isang araw bago mag-exam, mangongopya lang ng notes, tapos siya pa highest. Eh ako, kumpleto sa notes, 2nd highest lang.. Nakakainis” Maya was reminiscing about the past.

“Eh Ma’am, paano naman po kayo niligawan ni Chief? “

Napatingin si Richard kay Maya, di alam kung sasagutin ang tanong.

“Alam ninyo noong estudyante kami, ubod ako ng daldal at palakaibigan. Si Richard naman dahil di niya gusto ang engineering noong umpisa, laging bored sa klase. Lagi tahimik, yun pala tulog na.”

Tawanan ang lahat.

She did not want to reveal too much. She still wants the crew to respect both of them.

“Noong naging magbarkada kami, nagbago. Nagustuhan ang engineering. Lagi na kaming sabay mag-aaral, laging nag-tuturuan sa homework. Laging nag-uusap tungkol sa kung ano-ano. Tapos naging kampante kami sa isa’t-isa. Tapos, kami na. ”

“Eh Ma’am, ano po ang unang regalo ni Chief?”

“Napaka-practical niyan. Lahat ng regalo sa akin talagang kailangan ko. Ang unang regalo niya sa akin ay blue na book belt.” Napangiting tugon ni Maya.

“Ang pangalawa naman ay blue na pencil case” Maya was on a roll. She was remembering the innocent days when Richard was first courting her.

“Sir bawiin ko na ang pagiging romantic niyo.. Sir, talaga lang? book belt?” Lino was teasing.

Richard smiled “Kailangan niya talaga yon. Lahat na yata ng libro sa library gusto niyang bitbitin.” Richard defended himself.

“Eh Ma’am, saan naman po ang unang date ninyo?”

“Sa Pizza Hut, Valentine’s day” Sabay sumagot si Maya at si Richard. Nagkatinginan sila.

“He picked me up from the house.” Pinagpatuloy ni Maya ang sagot sa tanong, while still looking at Richard.

“I gave her flowers.” Richard said while still looking at Maya.

“He gave me chocolates.” Maya said smiling shyly.

They were in their own world now. Reminiscing..

“It turned out na naiwan ko ang wallet ko. We did not have enough money for pizza.”

“We ended up eating balut sa park.”

Maya and Richard both laughed, as if they both remembered a private joke.

Nagtitinginan ang mga crew, pasikretong nagngingitian.

“Parang may magkakabalikan” Bulong ni Lino kay Cho. Cho agreed.

Napansin ni Maya ang mga ngiti ng crew. Nahiya siya..

“Eh ako naman ang magtatanong.. kumusta naman si Chief bilang boss?” Tanong ni Maya sa mga tauhan.

Nagyukuan lahat.. tapos may naglakas loob..

“Naku Ma’am, ang strikto po talaga. Kapag may mali ka, mangatog ka na dahil principal’s office agad.” Hinaing ni Lino.

“Ayaw po ng paligoy-ligoy ni Chief” Sabi ni Engineer Charlie.

Nagtinginan ang crew at sabay-sabay nagsabi ng “Straight to the point Guys” .. tapos tawanan.

“Pero po pagdating sa tao, maalaga at mabait po si Chief.” sabi ni Mang Gaby.

“Matiya pong siyang magturo.” Sabat naman ni Mang Arturo

“Nasabi ko po ba sa inyo, siya po ang dahilan kung bakit ako nandito, pinag-aral niya ako sa college. Utang ko po ang lahat ng ito sa kanya. Ang tanging bayad lang pong hiningi niya ay ang tumulong ako sa isang estudyante makatapos ng kolehiyo. .. Ano nga po tawag doon Chief? “

“Pay it forward” Nahihiyang sagot ni Richard dahil Maya was looking at him with awe.

Pero po alam niyo, gustong gusto po namin siya pagkabalik ng biyahe galing Amerika. Para pong energized at laging nakangiti. Nagtataka nga po kami kung anong meron sa Amerika… parang alam na nga po namin ngayon.. “

“California daw siya nagpupunta.. eh”

“Nakatingin po sa malayo tapos ngingiti, parang may inaalalang maganda at.. di lang po iyon ”

Richard was already blushing. And this did not escape Maya.

“O tama na. Nagkakabolhan na dito. Tulog na dahil maaga pa bukas.” He interrupted Engineer Gutierrez… He did not want Maya to hear what the engineer was about to say.

“Patapusin mo kaya ang kwento niya” Maya interjected. She really wanted to confirm what she suspected… that she and Luke are the reasons why he smiles a lot more.

“Di na .. gabi na .. secret na lang yon.. “ Richard was a bit embarrassed and did not want Maya to know how he feels.. Well. not in front of the crew..

“Sige na guys. Bukas na lang.” Richard dismissed his crew.

“O Maya, your accommodation are ok?”

“Yes Liza arranged it”.

“What floor are you in? Let me take you to your room..”

“I am in Rm 321.” Maya responded

“ Magkatapat lang pala tayo. Common let’s go.”

Tahimik silang naglalakad papunta sa hotel room nila. Maya was smiling .. she was lost in thought.. Then Richard’s hand “accidentionally” brushed into Maya’s hand. This brought back Maya from her thought, Biglang na conscious.. Gustong-gusto kunin ni Richard ang kamay ni Maya pero pinigalan ang sarili. Ganoon din si Maya, hoping na kunin ni Richard ang kanyang kamay. Nagkahiyaan pareho.

“Good night Maya.”

“I had fun today. Brought back happy times. Thank you.. Good night Chief.” Nakangiting sabi ni Maya.

“I had fun too..” then he said “Remember the ale selling balut?”

“Yes, ang sungit.. Ano ba bibili ba kayo o hindi?” Maya mimicked the masungit na tindera.

Both of them laughed

“Dahil we were counting the money we had, if it was enough for 3 or 4 baluts.” Richard added.

“Hay” Maya responded wistfully.

“O, sige na. Late na. Thank you for the brilliant dinner idea, Good night Maya.”

“Good night Chief.” She smiled.


Maya was assigned to work on the Advance Flight Systems of the plane. Richard saw her barking out orders to the engineers and mechanics, which they promptly followed. She has earned their trust and respect. She is now “one of the boys”.


At the end of the work day, Richard saw Maya on the phone. She occasionally was moving her head from side to side; stretching, and one hand massaging the back of her neck.

He got used to checking on her throughout the day. He liked the idea of seeing her anytime he wants. He moved closer to eavesdrop on the call.

“Ok, so we are done with the math homework. That was very good. Let’s check the science homework. Ok. Read to me the question and your answer Luke.”

He cannot believe what he was hearing. She was checking Luke’s homework. She was a real hands-on mom. Even with a full-time yaya and a tutor every day for Luke, she always makes sure that she has time for him.

Richard left to give her privacy.

It was close to 7:30pm when she got off the phone. She promptly turned on her laptop and started working on the project status report.

Richard returned to see her working on her office laptop.

“You had dinner?”

“Dinner ? What time is it?” She asked whiles she stretched her arms.

“Almost 9PM. I have a sandwich, hati tayo.”

Maya welcomed the sandwich because she heard her stomach growling.

“How do you do it Maya?” Richard asked as they ate the sandwich

“Do what?”

“You can juggle multiple roles.. mom… engineer… program manager.. accounts executive…?” Richard explained his question.

In his mind, he was naughtily thinking, “You are a wonderful wife too.”

“And you can make people do things for you .. .. make people like or even love you?” Richard added

Napa kibit balikat si Maya.. “I have to work double, minsan triple time, to make it to the top in a field dominated by men while taking care of Luke. But he takes the highest priority. I am single mom, first and foremost.”

Richard winced but replied “You don’t have to be a single mom. I am here. I can help you.”

Maya responded by looking at him and then down at the half a sandwich she was holding.


Nagtataka si Maya dahil ang isang parte ng eroplano na naka-assign sa team ni Richard ay delayed sa schedule. Isang bagay na kailangan usisain ni Maya if she wants the project to meet the schedule.

“Richard, is there a problem?”

“Yes, the landing gear is still not passing the system check. We have been at it for several hours.” He sounded frustrated.

“Have you checked the ..” Maya mentioned several possibilities; to each one Richard had a ready answer. He grew more irate as Maya tried to help.

For a moment she forgot herself, the masculine aura he gave off when he is angry made him more appealing.

“Focus Maya. FOCUS.” She scolded herself.

“My theory is based on the calculations I did..” Maya explained her solution to Richard.

Richard refuted Maya’s every step with his own theory.

Soon enough, both of them were frowning.

“Nakakainis ka ha.. ayaw mong makinig”

“Maya, I do not doubt you or your capabilities. It is just that I already thought of that.”

“Hmpp..” Maya had a trump card.

“I will call my Boeing aircraft consultant and confirm that my theory is correct. You better be in that meeting!” Medyo inis na sinabi ni Maya.

“What? You called Simon?” Richard mouthed to Maya as the video conference started. Simon, Maya’s ex-bf, was the aircraft consultant.

Richard’s jealousy was like a neon sign and can be seen by Simon, even through the video conference.

“Focus Richard. FOCUS.” Richard scolded himself.

“Well, actually neither one of your theories is right by itself.”

“See I told you so.. ” Nang-iinis si Richard.

“Ikaw rin daw, mali.” Sabay irap si Maya.

“If you take Maya’s computations and Richard’s execution and add the install the new software for the unit, I think it will solve the problem” Simon further explained the folly of each one’s theory but by combining both can reach the solution they neeeded.

“I see it now, Simon”

“Oh man, why did we not thought of that. “ Richard echoed.

“You look like a typical married couple arguing. And you know what the best part of an argument is, right? “The consultant winked..”The part when you make up..” Patawa-tawa si Simon.

“Ok. Richard, Maya. I think just a few tweaks and you will have this baby out the door. Just give me a shout if you need anything else. Good Luck to you both.” He sounded like he was saying good luck not just to the technical problem but he was alluding to the personal issues that on his vantage point are also close to happy resolution.

After the video conference call. Walang nagawa ang dalawa kung hindi magtawanan.

From then on, they talked as equals and argued points to come to a conclusion. Each would seek the other’s opinions and advice.

She has become indispensable to the success of VLA Inc. With each day they worked together, her name gets more deeply chiseled in his heart.


“The last acceptance document was just signed by Time Airways engineers. The B-7700 will be flying out tonight. We barely made the schedule but we all pulled together to complete the job.” Maya announced the good news everyone was anticipating.

He did not mind that the spotlight which is usually on him is now on His Maya.

The whole team burst into applause.

“I would like to thank everyone, our staff and engineers, for their dedication and focus. Our faith in each other ensured the success of this endeavor.**”

“For a couple or so hours, there is nothing to do but celebrate!”

The crew were exchanging high fives and hugs. Some were already heading for the buffet table and open bar which Richard made sure was set up. A festive atmosphere surrounded the hangar.

She had to shake hands and chat with several people before she finally reached Richard. Upon seeing her …

“You are indeed a miracle worker Maya.” Richard whispered as he gave Maya a big bear hug.

Maya responded, also in a whisper. “It was a team effort Richard. You run a tight ship; all your men are great.” Nagdadalawang isip siya sabihin pero sinabi din.. “You are great.”

As they got out of the hug..

“Sir Richard, Ma’am Maya, it is amazing to see you work together. You complement each other. It is like each one knows exactly what the other is thinking. It is cute but kinda creepy.” Sabi ni Lisa.

Nagkatinginan si Maya at Richard at napangiti lang sa isat-isa.

“O, sige na sir, ma’am, mauuna na ako. Nagrereklamo na ang aking boyfriend.”

“Thank you Lisa. See you on Monday.” Sagot ni Richard.

“Richard, una na rin ako.” Maya said as she suppressed a yawn.

“Are you driving back to Manila?”

“Yes, May school concert si Luke bukas.”

“You look tired. We can ask Mang Lem to drive you back.”

“Umalis na siya. He drove the other engineers home.”

“Are you sure you can drive? You look tired? Why don’t you just stay for the night then leave early tomorrow.”

” Wala nang available rooms, Liza checked for me kanina,. I was planning to sleep in the car sandali then go.”

“Non-sense. I have a room. Tara na. Parang makakatulog ka na diyan. Promise I will be good.” Richard smiled but the innuendo was lost because Maya was very sleepy.

“Ok” Maya was too tired to argue.

Richard had to support Maya as they walked towards the hotel room. She can barely stand. And as soon as they reached the room, he assisted her towards the bed. Her head had barely touched the pillow before she was asleep.

He carefully removed her shoes, positioned her comfortably on the bed, and slightly covered her with the blanket. Unlike the last time they were together in a room, he kept the reasonable temperature for Maya.

“Talagang pagod siya” Richard thought. “Kawawa naman,”

He then prepared for bed.

But sleep will not come. He tried to find the right position careful not disturb the other tenant of the bed.

It has been almost an hour he was watching her..

Sensing someone was looking at her, Maya woke up. As she opened her eyes and first thing she saw was Richard looking lovingly at her.

She smiled. Richard smiled. And then, the inevitable happened.

A/N: ** Borrowed some words from hangar speech Sir Chief gave in the Teleserye.


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