Story of Me – Part 7

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiA. This is a continuation to Story of Me – part 6.

A/N:Thanks EBU and to all my readers. Comments are welcome. I need ideas for my next chapter.

Author: MaiA




Story of Me Part 7 More than Friends?

He hugged Maya, as if for the last time “You are the sister I never had.” And she hugged him back “And you will always be the brother I never had.”


Then came Richard.


Simon: “I love you and always will”

Maya: “Ako rin.”


Nagulat si Richard sa nakita at narining.


Richard: “Maya, here are your clothes. Magpalit ka na baka magkasakit ka pa. Then we will go.”  he said not looking at any of them.


Simon: “Richard, I’m so happy for you both.” He stood up and shook hands with Richard, “Take care of my Maya.” Then he left.



On the way to Maya’s condo. Sa kotse,

Maya: “Thank you” she smiled sweetly at Richard.

Richard: “For what”? with eyebrows raised.

Maya: “Sa pagsama sa akin”. Richard remained silent, then she continued “ Sa pool kanina”.

Richard: “Anybody would do the same to help anyone in distress?”, focused on his driving not looking at Maya.

Maya: “Huh? Ganun lang yon? “

Richard: “Why? Should there be any other reason?”

Maya: “Richard, is something wrong?” she felt tension brewing up.

Richard: “Wala”, he said still not looking at her.

Maya: “Are you sure”?

Richard: “Wala nga.”

Maya: “Eh bakit parang galit ka? May nagawa ba ako sayo? Kung meron man, sorry na.”

Richard: “Maya, you are only wasting my time.” he raised his voice.

Maya: “Bakit? Pinilit ba kitang sumama dito?” naiinis na din.

Richard: “I don’t understand you. Nagbobolahan lang kayo. Kung kayo kayo. Kung hindi hindi.” Anger eating him out.

Maya: “I dont understand you either. What makes you think that?”

Richard: “Do you love him?”

Maya: “Yes”

Richard: “More than a friend?”

Maya: “Yes.”

Richard: “And he feels the same way?”

Maya: “Yes.”

Richard: “Eh di you are fooling yourselves”

Maya: “You don’t understand. He promised my parents before they died that he will take care of me. We tried so hard to be together but it just didn’t work. He promised me that he will make sure that I have found someone who will take care of me more than he does. “

Richard: “And?”

Maya: “And that’s the only time he will pursue his love, and that’s Edsel.

Richard: “Unbelievable.” Shaking his head.

Maya: “I had to lie because I want him to move on with his life together with Edsel. They are meant to be.” Then she continued “I love him like a brother and he loves me as his sister.” Trying so hard to reach out to Richard but he kept silent while deep in thought. “Only child kami pareho, kaya ganun and we understand each other.”

Richard: “I am also an only child.”

Maya: “And hindi mo kami maintindihan na pwedeng ganun lang ang relationship? Ok. I know wala kang girlfriend, pero wala ka bang friend na girl? Pwede yon.” Still trying to remain calm despite her frustrations on Richards reaction.  

Richard: “Wala.”

Maya: “Eh ako, ano ba ako? Di ba girl na friend mo ako? still no reaction from Richard, Maya continues “So anong gusto mong mangyari? Gusto mo more than friends? Richard now surprised with Maya’s questions looked at her with eyes wide open, “Sige payag ako.” his eyes grew even wider, not able to speak. “I can be your best friend if you want”.

She continued. “Ayaw mo?” She paused for awhile, waits for his reaction, but still nothing. “Or if you want, I can also be your sister.” She smiled and looked at Richard, then she raised her voice out of frustration “Eh ano ba talaga gusto mo? Naiinis na ako sa iyo. Ano gusto mo enemy?

Richard: “I dont want you to be just my friend or a best friend and I don’t want you to be just my sister either. “now he answered in a much louder voice.

Maya: “Eh ano  nga ang gusto mo? Mas malakas na sagot ni Maya.

Richard: “I want you to be my… “then he stopped. Shocked at himself for what he was about to say.


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