After God’s Own Heart – part 1

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to princemackaroo.

A/N:  Hello! This is my first Fan Fic and first ever story that I tried to put into words. Am commonly engulfed by my own world especially when I’m on “idle” mode but never have I attempted to put into words the things/fantasies that had been running on my mind. Am not sure how this story or plot will be taken by you guys. Characters still came from our fave TV series BCWMH but a totally different story. The story in a way is true to life. Hopefully you’d enjoy reading this. God bless! – princemackaroo

Author: princemackaroo




Maya is a 4th year BS Public Administration college student at UP Diliman. She’s smart, intelligent, witty, beautiful, kind hearted, not to mention, a consistent dean’s lister and a University Scholar. She’s not into any specific course in College. She’s more than willing to take any course in College as long as it is a pre-requisite to Law. It had been her dream to become a lawyer. When asked why she wants to become a lawyer, “Dahil kay Ally Mcbeal! I so love Ally Mcbeal! Dahil sa kanya, nagka-interest ako sa law and later on realized that I’d love to do what she does!” was Maya’s simple answer. Her parents & sister were not convinced by her reasoning but she was able to win them over, nonetheless..

“Hi guys! So ano? Punta na tayo sa sunken garden para sa bible study?,” asked Maya to her group of friends namely: Eds, Ruby, Joshua, Emman and Inah. “Oo nga!” eclaimed Eds. “Baka mahuli pa tayo. Wala na bang sasama pa sa atin? Eh si James ba Maya hindi sasama?” she added. “Hindi eh. Kailangan pa daw kasi niyang tapusin yung thesis niya,” explained by Maya.

The group went together at sunken garden where a weekly bible study organized by a Christian church is held. “Hello guys!” greeted by the officiating pastor, Kuya Carlo. “Hello Kuya Carlo!” greeted back by Maya’s group. Kuya Carlo never wanted to be addressed as Pastor. He explained that he just wanted to be treated as a confidante and friend by the students and the last thing he ever wanted from them is to feel intimidated by him. Around 30 young adults attended the said bible study, mostly students from different colleges/departments. Kuya Carlo checked the time on his watch and announced that they are already to start. To start it off, he lead the group to an opening prayer. Time went by quickly for them. After an hour and a half of discussion & sharing, Kuya Carlo finally called it a day. There never had been a dull moment the whole time. Each and every one who heard the preaching & stories shared by each were truly blessed. Some of the new attendees that afternoon never thought that such activity could be so much fun and more that they decided to attend next week.

“O pano guys? Uuwi pa kasi ako ng Batangas ngayon. Kita kits nalang on Monday?” said Inah. “Oo nga. Friday pa naman ngayon at 5pm na. For sure maiipit na tayo nito sa traffic. Ingat ka sa byahe Inah ha,” said Eds. “Ok guys. Alis narin ako at may dadaanan pa ako sa SM eh. O pano Ruby sabay ka parin ba sa akin?” asked Joshua to Ruby. “Oo. Dun din naman kasi ang punta ko. May kailangan pa akong bilin dun bago umuwi ng bahay,” answered Ruby. “O mag-iingat kayong lahat ha. Kita kits on Monday. Bye guys,” said Maya. And with that, they all went to their separate ways. Maya & Emman left together as they’re both going home to their hometown in Bulacan, San Rafael.

“Hindi ka ba maihahatid ni James ngayon?” asked Emman while on their way to his car. “Ayaw mo lang yata akong kasabay eh! Sabihin mo lang! Magbu-bus nalang ako pauwi sa Bulacan!” teased by Maya. “Eto naman! Tampo agad! Nagtatanong lang naman eh!” Maya can’t help but laugh at her friend’s answer, “Hahahahaha! Biro lang! Masyado kasi siyang abala sa tinatapos niyang thesis. Ayaw ko naman ng abalahin,” explained by Maya. “Kung sa bagay. Pero ayos narin yun! Atleast may kasama ako ngayon pauwi at hindi ako maiinip sa pagddrive dahil may makakwentuhan ako,” Emman said smiling.

Maya & Emman talked the whole time during their drive back home. One would easily mistake them as friends who were separated for a long time only to know that they’re together almost everyday inside the university. Emman’s car had been filled with laughter. This is one of the things he was thankful of Maya for. He never had any dull moment whenever he’s with his friend. “Excited na talaga ako Emman! 2 months nalang at graduate na tayo!” an overjoyed and giddy Maya said. “Oo nga eh! Na-e-excite narin nga ako. Ano bang balak mo after ng graduation? Di ba itutuloy mo yan sa law?” “Oo. Sabi naman ni Ate Cris siya na daw ang bahala sa akin pagdating sa law school. Siya na daw ang bahala sa tuition fee ko. Gusto ko sana makapag work narin, but she insisted na mag-focus nalang ako full time sa studies ko.” “Well I guess she’s right. Hindi rin naman kasi ganun kadali ang pag-aaral ng law. Besides, if she’s more than willing to help you out then just have it her way.” “Yup! That’s what I plan to do. O ikaw? What are your plans after graduation?” asked Maya. “Initially, I plan to find a job. Pero gaya mo, na-convince naman ako ni dad na ituloy ko narin ng law.” “Well that’s great! Malay mo maging classmates ulit tayo sa law school!” Maya said joyfully. “And that’s something that I would really look forward to!” tugon ni Emman.

It’s already 7 pm and they’re still on their way home when hunger crept into Emman’s system so they stopped on a resto along the way. While waiting for their orders to come, Maya reminisced everything that happened that day, specifically that afternoon during the bible study. Remembering their discussion and sharing, she can’t help but smile. She was really blessed with the new things she learned blessed with the people she spent that afternoon with. “I really admire that guy. His passion and drive to serve the Lord is grabe! I just wish maging ganun din si James tulad niya,” said Maya out loud. “O sino bang tinutukoy mo jan?” inquired Emman. “Ah si Richard. Richard Lim ata yun? Yung nakasama natin kanina sa bible study? Ang galing kasi niya eh. He does look like someone who is after God’s own heart. I admire his passion and desire to serve the Lord,” answered Maya. “Yeah he’s good. He looks really nice and well versed. Sa pagkakaalam ko kaibigan siya ni Kuya Carlo eh. If am not mistaken, he attends the church Kuya Carlo ministers,” said Emman.  “Ah. Kaya pala close buddies sila ni Kuya Carlo eh.” “Oo. Nung minsan ko siyang nakausap, nalaman kong graduating engineering student siya.” “Talaga? O eh ano pang nalaman mo about him?” “That he really wanted to pursue medicine initially but to give way to his dad’s request, he opted taking up engineering. At, he came from a well-to-do family. One of the richest in the country.” “Wow! Really? Now that’s something. He looked so simple and down to earth. I mean, he does look neat, fair-skinned, well taken care of. But one of the richest in the country? I find it hard to believe! Kasi hindi mo talaga makikitaan ng arte o ere sa katawan eh! ” said by an astonished Maya. “Yeah! Kaya nga madali siyang makasundo ng marami. Though he came from an elite clan, he doesn’t brag about it. He’s a man of christian faith & virtue.” Upon hearing this last statement from Emman, Maya can’t help but wish for James to be the same. “Alam mo, hindi malabong maging inspirasyon siya ng marami. I can’t help but admire him more dahil sa mga nalaman ko ngayon,” said Maya. “O! Baka naman iba na yan ha!” teased Emman. “Grabe ka naman! Humahanga lang ako sa tao noh! Ito talaga,” said Maya in her defense. “Hahahahaha! I know! Alam ko naman yun. I know how much you’re into James.” Maya heaved out a sigh which didn’t go unnoticed by Emman. “What’s the matter? May problema ba?” asked Emman. “Magkaibang magkaiba sila James at Richard. I wish maging kagaya ni James si Richard. I know James is trying. He’s definitely new to these kind of stuff and I know and I pray that the time will come, we will be sharing the same faith and belief that I have.”


9 thoughts on “After God’s Own Heart – part 1

  1. Nice start!! Parang hindi ka lng newbie in writing fanfics! I love this one! Alisin na si James sastory!! Hehehe.. But wait, just to clarify, sila ba ni James? Amyway, Thanks for this! Next one please!

    • Thanks Crunch! Your question is answered on the next chapter which I just sent a couple of minutes ago to EBU admin. I’ve already sent chapters 2 & 3 and hopefully, they’ll be able to post them in no time. But I hope you won’t get bored reading the next 2 chapters as they will only explore more on what the characters are like in this story. Hopefully, in chapter 4, I’ll be able to put “action or drama” na in the story. As for James being evicted from the scene. Hmmm.. Let’s see! 🙂

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