Story of Me – part 8

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiA. This is a continuation to Story of Me – part 7.

A/N: Happy reading to everyone. Sorry medyo bitin ulit. Appreciate your comments for my next chapters. Thanks EBU. More power. – MaiA

Author: MaiA
Story of Me PART 8 – The Kiss

Richard: “I dont want you to be just my friend or a best friend and I don’t want you to be just my sister either”. Now he answered in a much louder voice.

Maya: “Eh ano nga ang gusto mo? Mas malakas na sagot ni Maya.

Richard: “I want you to be my”… then he stopped. Shocked at himself for what he was about to say.


Maya: “ano nga?” she asked, curiously waiting for his answer. (Saved by the bell si Richard) buti na lang nasa condo na sila.

Richard: “Lets talk about this some other time”.  

Maya: “Are you ok?” concerned look on her face, then she continued “Are we ok?”

Richard: “Yes, baba ka na and you need to rest.”  He replied curtly.

Maya: “Richard?” playfully poked his cheek, still asking for reassurance that they are ok.

Richard: “See you on Monday.” He said seriously, then he left.”


On his way home, “I can’t believe it. This can’t be. It’s too soon to feel this way. I barely even know her.” Then he recalls their first encounter in his office, then in Baguio, both in a very unconventional way of meeting. “But still there is something in her that draws me to her.” Even when he left for the US, he always thought of those two meetings, which he thought can easily be forgotten.   

Richard: deep in his thoughts “I need her to fill me up, she’s like a breath of sunshine in my life, she makes me happy and she accepts me for who I am. She has given me her friendship without asking for anything in return. But I want more. I want to take care of her, protect her just like Simon does… I want to love her more than he does. I want her to do the same for me… and only me.” He stopped, took a deep breath “But I’d rather stay alone, ayokong masaktan and ayokong masaktan sya. “Sana maintidihan mo why I need to do this Maya.” he thought to himself. “What have you done to me Alex, hindi ko na kayang magmahal. Balang araw, I will learn to love again.”


Maya in her condo.

Debating with herself while walking back and forth in her room “Tama ba yung narinig ko? Ayaw nya ko maging bestfriend, ayaw nya sister and syempre ayaw nya enemy.” Then she paused “Eh ano gusto nya? Oh no…special friend? Or baka girlfriend? Then her eyes widened in surprise. “Wag assuming Maya, hindi naman siguro.” Then she remembered Simon’s words “I am already convinced na nakita mo na sya.“

Maya: talking to herself “Sya na nga ba yun? Hindi naman siguro”, then she continued

“Pero, bakit naman nagalit si Richard? I don’t understand him minsan ok sya, pero minsan di ko alam, nakakatakot.” Then she remembers their moments together sa pool, how gentle and caring he was, how he calmed her with his warm touch, how he cradled her while she slept peacefully in his arms “Haay, ang sarap talaga ng may nagaalaga sa iyo. You feel so loved. (Love daw?)” takes a deep breath while day dreaming. “Well, Simon also cares for me, but this felt so different.” Maya thought realizing a new kind of feeling that is starting to form for Richard. “Haay, Maya…”


Monday Morning in the office

Maya: “Good morning” she greeted Richard with a wide smile when he entered the room. Richard walked past her as if not seeing her and went straight to his room.

Maya: “Bakit kaya?”

The whole week was a busy week again for everyone in the office. But this week is different. She was not asked, not even once by Richard to his office. He is always locked in his room and occasionally asks Lisa to coordinate office matters with Maya.


Lunchtime sa cafeteria

E1 “Harassed na naman tayo sa dami ng trabaho”

E2 ”Bumalik na naman kasi si Chief eh”

E3 “Narinig nyo ba na si Maam Alex dumating from the states with her kids? Nagmeet daw sila nila Yna for dinner yesterday. May ibang taga dito rin ang pumunta. Pero syempre, di pumunta si Sir Richard.”

E4 “Invited ba sya?”

E3 “Siguro naman”

E1 “Tagal na di nagdate si Sir ano? Wala kayong balita?

E2 “Ang alam ko si Stephanie, then si Ghie, pero last year pa yon di ba?”

E3 “Nakaisang date lang naman yon then wala na. Baka takot sa relationship at baka maulit.”

E4 “Siguro love nya pa rin si Mam Alex kaya di makamove on. Wala namang kaibigan yon eh, si Alex lang.

E1 “Tapos niloko pa sya. Syempre galit yun”


Maya: “Lisa, ako na magdala ng coffee ni Sir Richard, anyway I will bring this document din sa room nya for his signature.”  

Lisa: “Ah ok, sige Maya, ikaw na lang“ she smiled. “Thank you.”


Maya knocked before she opened the door slightly “Sir?” he looked up and just signaled her to put down the coffee and documents on his desk. Still standing in front of Richard, still focused on reading some papers “May problema ba?” Maya asked softly.

Richard: “I’m busy, I will call you when I need you.”

Maya: “Di ba sabi ng Dad mo, we decide on things together? If something is bothering you sa work, we can work on it together.”

Richard: “There’s nothing you can do to help me.” He tried to dismiss her.  

Maya: “May problema ka. I can see that.”


Richard: “now she can read my thoughts” he thought to himself. He slowly stood up, turned his back on her and looked outside through the windows.


Maya: “Richard I’m your friend di ba? What happened? Are you ignoring me? If you have a problem, you can tell me. I will do anything to help you.” She moved a little closer to Richard, trying so hard to get a response, then she continued “You helped me with Simon and ganun din ako.” Richard wondered what she meant with that. “I want to help you. I care for you, and I care for those I love.” She gently touched Richards arm but he moved slightly away. Still not looking at her, he looked down, listening but deep in thought.


Maya: then she started “Is this About Alex?”

Richard: “Let’s not talk about her.”

Maya:”I heard sa cafeteria that she’s back.”

Richard: “Stop it, Maya” in deep low voice, he said trying to control his emotions, still not looking at her

Maya: “Do u need my help?

Richard: “I said stop it”. he said in a much louder tone, his anger about to explode.

Maya: unaware of his emotions, she continued. “I know mahirap kalimutan ang nakaraan…”

Richard: “Are you not listening!” he shouted, “Will you stop this!” this time he faced her. In a snap, Richard grabbed her and kissed her angrily. Full of emotions that he tried to keep to himself for years, all the hurts, his anger, his fear and sadness can be felt. Maya tried to push him away but his strength overpowers her. Maya lost all her energy to fight, powerless as she held on to Richards chest for support, and finally he calmed down. His kiss this time was gentle, assuring, full of passion asking for a response which she so willingly give without hesitation. Then he stopped at the realization of what just happened. Maya stepped back, still shocked tears starting to form.

Richard turned his back to dismiss her.


Maya: On the verge of tears, she asked with so much hurt “Why?” then he turned to face her.


Richard: “Well its just a kiss so lets forget this thing happened unless…” and it dawned on him “unless its your first” his eyes widened, she reached out for the door and she’s gone. “Maya, Maya, wait!” she called her back but she never looked back.


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  1. Sorry sa mga nabitin ko. Short short lang stories ko. I do this in the morning lang kasi before I go to work and medyo busy. But I will try to post the continuation asap at least everyday. Checkout for parts9 and10.

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