Endlessly – part 3

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to tickler004. This is a continuation to Endlessly -part 2.

A/N:sorry guys if it took MONTHS ewan ko ba parang nawalan ako ng inspiration :/ but here chapter 3 so bahala na hahaha:DD enjoy!!oh and btw i change my writing style hihihihi


Author: tickler004



maya was left shock as richard ask for her number but a seconds later she composure herself as thought knock on her brain thinking that Richard must be asking the company number “I’ll send the company number to you Mr.Lim this day” , im not asking for your company number Ms. Dela Rosa , i was wondering if you could give me you personal number, richard said, shock again as richard is being straightforward still she maintain to be professional. “I’m sorry Mr. Lim but i do think that there’s no need to me to give you my personal number” maya said.”I do think you need to Ms. Dela Rosa” giving maya a little smirk “how could you say so Mr.Lim. raising an eyebrow on Richard.” Cause I like you and i know your feeling the same way too.


Maya is getting a little irritated to Richard, thinking that she is like those girls who run over him cause of him greek god figure. “Don’t be to sure of yourself Mr. Lim, your not that good looking for me and i prefer guys who’s between my age” as soon as she finish her statement she quickly get out of his office and head home.
Conversation with him running in her thought over and over again. “Don’t be to sure of yourself Mr. Lim, your not that good looking for me and i prefer guys who’s between my age” she’s pacing back and forth in her room. “Maya naman kasi bat ka nagsinungaling! Eh alam naman ng lahat ng gusto mo yung mas matanda sayo” “pano ang lakas naman ng loob ng mamang yun akala mo napakagwapo” ” gwapo naman talaga diba??! “ugghh!! sumasakit lang ulo ko!!” maya lay on her bed after the excruciating battle with her inner self.
The whole day past while Maya was laying on her bed. On the other hand…”I have my way Ms. Dela Rosa”
Maya woke up through the buzzing of her phone. She checked who is calling her early in the morning but it was an unknown number.Remembering her mother’s word “Don’t talk to stranger” she didn’t answer it. few more rings has been done, then she decided to take the call. “Who is it?” maya says..”Goodmorning sleepyhead” she then panicked as she hear his voice “Mr. Lim?!!” “Expectiong someone else??” “How the hell did you get my number??!!!” “I have my ways Ms. Dela Rosa” maya remain quiet after a seconds of silence she hear a little voice on the other side “Dad breakfast is ready nadaw sabi ni Manang Fe” “Okay Niks” he said to her daughter.” See you later Ms. Dela Roa” he then hang up the phone not allowing maya to respond.
Maya was being fidgety all day thinking about Richard. Maya was lost n her thought not realizing that Emman her gay friend , Edzelyn and Rafi is staring at her. “Ui!, si maya may iniisip” emman then snap a finger in her face disturbing her deep thought “anu ba emman?!!” she then look at her friend and realize their all staring at her “bat nakatingin kayo sakin?? “Ano ba kasi iniisip mo maya” Edzelyn says “Wala may naalala lang kasi ako” “Naalala daw eh halos ilang minuto ka nang tulala diyan” emman budge “Wala nga!!” maya retorded “Alam ko na!! Mall nalang tayo” Rafi suggested “Oo nga mall nalang tayo ng makahanap tayo ng PAPA!” Emman says. “Ikaw talaga Emman”. 
Maya and her friend headed to the Mall, after they done doing some shopping they ate at a certain restaurant.“AYYY!!! ang gwapo ohh!” Emman say feeling kilig. Edzelyn and Rafi then look at the guy Emman was referring to. The three being silence, dumbfounded Maya then turn her head back and look at the guy wearing a pair of oakley glasses light blue long sleeve polo and black slack. Realizing who they was looking to she suddenly exclaim his name “RICHARD??!!” 
Richard after hearing his name she then look around and notice a group of girls(and a guy). Knowing one of the ladies, he then came to their sit and smirk. “Ms.Dela Rosa nice seing you here, and hello ladies ” still wearing his smirk. Maya respond after realizing that her friend was still awestruck by his gorgeousness “What are you doing here Mr. Lim, are you following me?” “Why do you think should i follow yo Ms. Dela Rosa? , it’s not as if you’re the only girl here” he says looking at the two girl Maya was with. Rafi then came back on her senses. “Hi, Im Rafi” shakes hand with Richard, “Richard Lim but you can call me Richard” “Hi Richard call me Edz short for Edzelyn” “Hello Edzelyn” Richard then look at Emman who  was still awestruck he then raised an eyebrow and do his famous loop sided smile that got Emman’s attention “Hi Richard I’m Emman” he says waving at Richard.
Rafi then invite Richard to take a sit  seing that he was alon, Richard then gladly obligue. Maya feeling a little bit bothered by Richard’s presence remained quit the whole time. After a few minutes of chit-chat Richard phone ring, excusing hisself that he need to take the call, a minute or two he came back to his sit. “Sorry guys need to go there’s some problem at the office, nice meeting with you girls” “Ehem” Emman fake a cough, “You too Emman” realizing what emman was pointing at “Bye Ms. Dela Rosa” see you again next time, he then wink at Maya and head his way leaving Maya dumbfounded.
“KYAAAHH!!! Ikaw ha Maya di mo sinabi samin na may pogi ka palang friend” Emman yell as Richard was out of earshot “FYI hindi kami friend, nakilala ko lang siya kasi CEO sya ng LAS na ka emerge ng company namin” “Kahit na Maya ang gwapo padin niya” Rafi say “Ou nga haba ng hair mo Maya hah!! baka may gusto sayo un” Edzelyn say.Maya then just remain silence knowing that he wouldn’t win with the trio.She just lost herself in her thought “Kaasar talaga siya sinundan ba niya ko dito nkaka-asar naman bat kasi and gwapo niya!!,, ayy hinde bat ko ba nasabi na gwapo siya. anu ba maya di ka dapat humanga sa taong ganun,”gwapo naman talaga siya ahh bat d pedeng humanga” her two inner voice is now having an argument.She then still remained silent until she got home..
i know, i know bahala na kayo umintindi sa grammar ko sobrang sumasakit na talaga ang ulo ko, dpat talaga hindi ko sinimulan ng english hahahaha!! okay d ko alam kelan ang next :DD

14 thoughts on “Endlessly – part 3

  1. My friend, it has been a long time… so very long talaga 😀
    Pero worth it pa den ang pagihintay 😀

    Will patiently wait for the next one.

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