Second – part 7

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Kateydreamer. This is a continuation to Second- part 6.

A/N: A/N: ito na po medyo maikli ulit cliff hanger agaun. haha salamat po ng sobra sa mga nagbabasa :))))
Author: Kateydreamer




“Uhhhh…I was just wondering if may balita ka na kay Maya?” He asked hoping for an answer this time.

Emman knew that he’ll ask the same question again. “Aaaah…eh. Wala pa din po kasi ewan ko ba dun. Di nagpaparamdam baka busy po sa flights.” He was shaking, he have to lie.

“Well. Uhm. Okay then. Thanks.”

“Ok po.” He sighed a relief as Richard bought his lie

“But please, if Maya will be back within these coming days could you please tell me? I would be glad if you would. I just need to talk to her. I’ll be gone for a few days so I’ll appreciate if you would let me know anything about her.”

Emman is now guilty. He knows that Richard really loves Maya but he can’t let him know. His loyalty is still on Maya, anyway. “Sige po Mr. Lim.”

“Thank you.” And with that, Richard headed off to the airport to catch his flight.

Chapter 7

It was her routine to check her e-mail whenever she gets a chance to. She would wait for an e-mail from Richard every minute of the day. The mouse would be heard clicking every now and then as she keeps on refreshing the site.

The last e-mail that she received from him made her heart race. Those “I love you… I miss you” words were read by her for a million of times yet it didn’t fail to make her feel giddy. She misses him saying that to her. The last message was earlier today was what Richard sent her:

Subject: let me make it up to you
September 17, 2014, 11:03am- Wednesday

My Maya,

I will make it up to you… As soon as you get back. Just please let me know. You know what? I got jealous when Abby told me that you called her. Are you still mad? Are you thinking of ending our relationship? Please, tell me that it never cross your mind.

Sir Chief

Her heart felt a twinge of pain. She never did thought of ending their relationship. Heck no! She loves him so much, she is just not herself these past few days.

Before she could change her mind, she quickly typed letters into words then words into a thought.

Usap na lang ulit tayo pagbalik ko within a week.

This is all that she managed to say and sent him to his e-mail before closing the laptop and going back to bed to catch some more sleep.

She barely slept. Sitting on top of her bed, her mind started to wander again. She hates being alone because it gives her a lot of time to think about Richard.

Staring at the picture frame beside Richard’s laptop for what seems like an eternity, her face showed a bitter sweet smile. She waited patiently for Richard in his office. He is still in a meeting when she arrived there so she stayed in his office for some minutes now. The frame displayed a picture of a perfect family. They had a big smile on their faces. She hates what she is feeling but she can’t stop her heart for feeling such.

She sighed. How she wished she was Richard’s first love. How she wished she was the mother of his kids, how she hoped she was born the same time as him. How she hoped she was his first and true love…

She shook her head as to make those thoughts disappear. Her eyes landed on Richard’s phone that was left on his table. Having second thoughts, she grab his phone and checked on it.

The photo gallery of Richard was filled with pictures of his kids. She smiled when her eyes saw Abby’s baby picture that was scanned and was put on his phone but that smile faded when she saw a picture of Richard and Alex when they were still on college. It was also scanned for the picture looked old. “She’s so pretty. Sobrang gwapo din ni Sir Chief. Bagay na bagay nga sila.” She said to herself. She immediately left the gallery when bitterness hit her hard. She just checked on his contacts wondering what her name on his contacts might be.

She passed through Abby, and passed through the B’s then to Luke when she saw a name that might be her and stopped to “Love, My life” she suddenly felt giddy.

Quickly, her thumb tapped on to this contact just to satisfy her heart and make sure that it was indeed her number on his phone.

As her eyes and mind started to read the numbers from 09 to the last digit, her heart suddenly sank. It wasn’t her! She doubled check it, even tripled but she was really sure it wasn’t hers! Her eyes furrowed thinking who that might be.

Is there someone else? But, she is sure that Richard is a one woman man. Maybe it was Nikki’s number. Yes, it might be. She tried calling the number on Richard’s phone to find out who it was but it cannot be reached. She was so curious, furious even. Thoughts came rushing into her head. She checked his phone again and it added to the pain that she is feeling to found her name on his contacts with her name. “Maya dela Rosa” her own name followed by other M’s then Nikki’s number. Surely, she loves her given name but not at this moment. Add to that, it wasn’t Nikki as well who has the name “Love, My Life”. Is he cheating on her? She will confront him as soon as he gets out of the board room! World war III is on!

She keeps on pacing back and forth in Richard’s office. “Nakikielam ka pa kasi Maya eh! Yan tuloy.” She scolded herself. She wanted to talk to him right now. She was in this situation when Richard came in.

“Oh, Maya. Kanina ka pa daw. Sorry I was in a meeting earlier. Hindi ka naman kasi nagsabi. I could’ve canceled my meeting, you know.” He smiled as he walks closer to her.

“Stop.” Her palm raised on the air.

Richard could only stare at her with curiousity in his face.

“May iba ba?” She blurted out after a few moments of silence.

“Ha? What do you mean?” He asked, his eyebrows raised.

“May iba… Ibang mahal…” She answered, her voice shaking as she stopped her tears from falling.

“Wha-aaat? Saan naman galing yan?” He said, his tone higher than his tone earlier.

She was about to answer when Richard’s phone suddenly rang.

“I’ll just get that.” He said as he walked to his table. When he reached his phone, the call ended leaving it as a missed call.

He checked his phone’s call logs only to find out the name that stayed on his phone for quite some time now. His lips pursed as he realized on why Maya is acting like that.

“Okay, Maya… Look-”

“So, tama nga ako?” She stated.

“No! I don’t have any other woman in my life.” He defended

“Wala daw! Eh ayan na nga eh. Nakalagay pa love tapos my life. Tapos walang ibang babae sa buhay mo?!” She said.

“Okay, fine. It was Alex’s number. I save it whenever I change my phone. It was saved here almost 2yrs ago when I changed my phone.” He answered, his voice is calm.

She fell silent. She was left with no words. A tear fell from her eyes. She stared blankly at him and then she felt his arms enveloping her. He embraced her tight. “Let’s not fight dahil lang dito, okay?” He told her, Maya could only nod but deep inside she was hurt. She was jealous. Why can’t she be his love and his life now? Why?

Another tear fell as she remembered that incident. Suddenly, her reminiscing was disturbed by a call.

“Hi Maya!”

“Hello. Konichiwa.” She answered back.

“Tara, lumabas tayo! Samahan mo ako mamili kaysa naman nagkukulong ka sa hotel room natin. Ang ganda pa naman dito di mo naeenjoy.” Her co-FA told her

“Okay, sige.” She answered quickly and prepared herself. She really doesn’t want to remember him for now and being alone would let her mind remember him and those scenes that she hates.

Darkness is now everywhere as the time made its way late at night. It was 8:10pm when he arrived in Japan, his phone on his ear as he gives instructions to his workers way back in the Philippines. Looking around, he saw his service and he immediately get in. He was dead tired, he wanted to reach his hotel right away and to get his needed sleep.

The lights were on as the city lights shine bright at night. Busy people walking beside the road chatting and laughing while passing through stores.

The traffic light hit red. He was just looking outside the car’s window observing the people. Suddenly, He felt his breathing speed, heard the sound of his heart pumping louder than was usual.

He saw a familiar figure. It was dark, his eyes may fool him but his heart tells him that it is really his love.

“Maya…” He muttered. Eyes widened in disbelief.

The car suddenly moved. His eyes followed the figure as the car move away.

“Wait!” He ordered the driver but he didn’t stop.

“I said wait! Stop! Teishi!!” There, the car pulled and the driver looked at him. Without saying anything, he left the car and ran towards the girl that he saw.

He ran as if his life depended on it. He bumped into people and doesn’t have any time to say sorry. He continued to run, then to walk doubling his steps as he came nearer.

He halted when he was just a few meters away from her. He wanted to walk nearer, he wanted to hug her right away but his knees are getting weak, his heart beating fast.

Before the lady could walk away, he managed to shout her name not as loud as a shout could get but enough for her to hear. “Maya!” A few seconds after, the lady stiffened. She is a few steps away but he knows that the lady is now shocked. Few beats of his heart was heard beating by him. He is now sure than ever that it was really her. His lips crept up a smile- a smile that was only reserved for her.

The lady wearing nothing extravagant at all, but still made his heart leap. Like a slow motion in his eyes, the lady turned around. A few steps away, staring at each other, people passing by beside them but still it felt like they were the only people living on earth.

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  1. Love this story though its been sad from the very start…sana start na ng happiness 🙂
    Inaabangan ko talaga ito. Thanks for sharing!

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