Story of Me – part 9

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiA. This is a continuation to Story of Me – part 8.

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Author: MaiA
Part 9 Story of ME – I’m Sorry


Richard: “Well its just a kiss so lets forget this thing happened unless…” and it dawned on him “unless its your first” his eyes widened, she reached out for the door and she’s gone. “Maya, Maya, wait!” he called her back but she never looked back. She ran to her room, grabbed her bag and left.


He was about to run after her when Lisa came in, “Sir, the Board Members are complete. We are about to start the meeting.”

Richard: “Ah, ok Lisa, punta na ko”. hindi mapakali si Richard during the meeting and so he excused himself for awhile. He went to check on Maya in her room but she’s gone. He tried to call her but she rejected the call. He tried again, and this time the phone is unreachable. Then he texted her “Maya, let’s talk.Where are you?” but no reply. The meeting lasted for 2 hours and still there’s no reply from her.

Richard: “Lisa, have you seen Maya?”

Lisa: “She texted me awhile ago. She’ll be on leave this afternoon. She’s not feeling well daw.” not really listening to what she was saying, he hurriedly left and went to Mayas’ condo.


Maya’s condo lobby

Guard: “Sir, Im sorry, wala pong sumasagot sa unit. Hindi pa po sya dumadating.”

Richard: ”Are you sure? Kanina pa sya umuwi, she should be here by now.” Nagaalalang sinabi ni Richard.

Guard: “Subukan nyo na lang pong tawagan sa cellphone.”


Richard: “I will just wait here. Thank you.” He waited at the lobby for 1… 2… 3… hours and he’s now concerned of her whereabouts “Where are you Maya?” he texted her again, still no reply. While anxiously waiting for her, he can feel the pain in his heart as he recalls the hurt and pain on Maya’s face, when she asked “Why?”

“Was there fear… Or anger… as she looks at me? No, only sadness, disappointment, confusion…If I only know the answer to your question, but I don’t, I really don’t know, Maya. This was the reason why I had to stay away from you, dahil ayaw kitang masaktan and ayaw kong masaktan.”


May humintong sasakyan sa harap ng lobby, Richard stood up to check. He saw Simon came out from the drivers seat, moved to the passenger side to assist Maya, as she slowly stepped out of the car. She’s not the Maya I know, gone is the energetic and cheerful Maya. She looks so tired, so exhausted and so sad. She can’t barely walk as she holds on to Simon.

Simon: “Are you sure you don’t need me to bring you to your room?”

Maya: “I’m fine, thanks Simon.”

Simon: “I will text later to check on you. Have your dinner early para mainom mo yung gamot mo. Go to sleep early. Ok?”


It hurts him to see her this way. It hurts him more to see Simon giving her all the comfort that she needs. He should be the one to look after her, shield her from anyone who would hurt her. But more than that, he was the one who caused her pain.


She entered the lobby and immediately saw Richard as he approach her. She avoided his gaze as she pressed the elevator button,


Richard: from behind “Maya…” he held her on her shoulders as he turned her around to face him, but she looked down not looking at him. “I don’t know what to say.”

Maya: “Its ok, lets forget what happened” as she took a step away from him.

Richard: “We need to talk” he tried to get her to look at him as he lifts her chin, but she didn’t.

Maya: “Wala tayong dapat pagusapan”.

Richard: “I’m sorry”.

Maya: “Why?” then she looked straight into his eyes.

Richard: “I don’t know, I really don’t know” now he shakes his head in confusion.

Maya: “Then there’s nothing to talk about”

Richard: “Maya, please” he reached out to her, holds her hand. But she removes his hands with her other hand.

Maya: “Pagod na ako. I don’t have the energy.” then she turned to leave.

Richard: “Please Maya, you don’t need to say anything. Just hear me out.”

Maya: parang walang narinig as she waited for the elevator door to open.

Richard: as the elevator door opens “Maya, please. Hindi ako aalis dito until you give me a chance to talk to you.”

Maya: pumasok sya sa elevator and the door closed.


Too tired, she fell asleep on the couch. She received a text.  “Maya, I ordered pizza for you. Dadating yon in 15minutes. Alam ko hindi ka na naman kakain.- Simon” then saw another text from Richard “Di ako aalis dito until you give me a chance to talk to you.”

“Kanina pa itong message na ito, I’m sure umalis na sya”.  


Guard: “Maam, pizza delivery po, from Simon daw”.

Maya: ”Sige baba na ako. Thank you.”


Sa lobby, nagulat si Maya to see Richard still waiting at the lobby. Nakatulog na sa paghihintay. Nagising s’ya when he heard the guard “Pizza delivery po Maam Maya from Simon.

Maya: Thank you.

Richard: “ Maya,”

Maya: “Richard, please. Sa office na tayo mag-usap” she continued “pagod ka na and pagod na rin ako, baka di lang tayo magkausap ng maayos. Promise, we will talk about this tomorrow.”

Richard: Maya, please.


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