The Deleted Nic-Nik Scene 10 (It’s Official)

Author: laineygirl

This is a continuation to The Deleted Nic-Nik Scene 9 (Nikki’s Choice)

A/N: This is almost at its end… salamat sa mga sumubaybay. 🙂


“Truth is, it has always been you, Nicolo,” she finished softly.

It took a while for Nikki’s words to sink in. Nicolo was still staring at her face, half-wondering if he was dreaming. But his body moved faster than his mind could comprehend and so his lips found their way to Nikki’s.

He brought down his lips on hers for a brief moment. Nikki closed her eyes, savoring the new sensation of Nicolo’s warm mouth pressed gently onto her soft one. It was a short, sweet kiss.

They stared into each other’s eyes, marvelling at what just happened. Nikki put her fingers to her lips while Nicolo tried to find his voice.

“Niknik… I love you.”

“I love you too Nicolo…”, Nikki paused, catching her breath. She didn’t realize she had been holding it.

She reached for his hand. “I think I’ve loved you for a long time na. Iñigo was never really competition, you know. In fact, I already told him over lunch nung Tuesday to stop making ligaw na coz…, because my heart already belonged to someone else…” Nikki said gently, touching his face with her fingers.

“Talaga Niknik? Binasted mo na pala sya, di mo man lang sinabi sa akin!”

“Eh ikaw kasi, to-torpe torpe ka dyan eh!” she teased him.

“So, um, tayo na ba?” Nicolo asked hopefully, taking Nikki’s hand and kissing it.

Smiling, Nikki laced her fingers thru his and nodded.

“Yesssss!!!!!” He jumped up, punched the air, then hugged Nikki tightly and spun her around. She giggled as she and Nicolo twirled around and around until they both collapsed on the ground laughing breathlessly. He sat up and helped her sit on the grass beside him.

Nicolo cupped her face and said, “Niknik, sobra kong saya…”

“Me too Nicolo”.

He kissed her again, gently and tenderly. Nikki felt as if time had stopped and no one was there but the two of them.

Then they walked back to the car hand in hand.


Maya was nursing Matti upstairs when she heard the car arrive. Joma helped Nikki and Abby with their things as they entered the house. Nikki went upstairs immediately.

“Ma?”, she knocked hesitantly.

“Pasok Nikki,” Maya called out.

Maya immediately noticed something was different with Nikki as she sat down on the bed. She walked over to the crib and put Matti down. Then she sat on the bed beside Nikki.

“Hmmm, mukhang may iku-kwento ka sakin, Nikki?” Maya said in a teasing tone.

“Oh my gee, Mama! How did you know?” Nikki replied, blushing in embarrassment.

Maya laughed. “Nikki naman, dumaan din ako dyan. So ano ba ang nangyari?”

“Oh my gee Mama, I can’t believe it’s finally happened!” Nikki went on to tell her about their long lunch break, what they talked about and how everything fell into place.

“So kayo na talaga ni Nicolo?” Maya asked excitedly.

“Yes! I said yes na!” Nikki said flopping onto the bed on her back. “Mama, I still can’t believe na boyfriend ko na si Nicolo!” She sat up again. “I mean, super tagal ko na syang crush di ba? Since second year high school pa?”

Maya gathered Nikki into her arms. Even though Nikki was already almost 18 and taller than her, she still treats Nikki the way she used to when she was 14.

She looked at Nikki in the eye as she smoothed the young girl’s hair. “Nikki, I’m very happy for you. Naiintindihan ko ang pinagdaanan mo, ninyo ni Nicolo. Basta ang bilin ko lang sa inyo ay magpakabait kayo at unahin nyo pa din muna ang studies, lalo na’t 1st year ka palang, at si Nicolo naman graduating itong taon. Wag kayo magpapabaya sa pag-aaral okay?”

“Yes Mama, I’m not going to disappoint you or Dad. Studies pa din muna.” She stood up. “Thanks Ma. I’m so happy to have you to talk to.”

“You’re welcome, Nikki. Wag kang magsasawang mag kwento sa akin, ok?”

Nikki smiled and turned to leave. But she paused and looked back. “Um, do you think I should tell Dad?”

“Oo syempre kelangan sabihan mo si Daddy mo, Nikki. Papakiramdaman ko muna ang mood, sabihan kita pag maganda ang timing, ok?”

She smiled, “Super thanks again”. She gave her another hug. “I love you Mama. I’m so happy you’re here.”

Maya felt tears spring to her eyes at Nikki’s show of affection. “I love you too, Nikki”.


Richard came home that night in a good mood. He just inked a deal with Lion Air for the use of the Clark hangar. That meant a huge financial boost to the company. He needed to hire more people.

“Hi. Kumain ka na ba? Hmmm, parang good mood ata ang Mahal ko ah,” Maya observed when Richard got home.

“Hi sweetheart! Yes, we just finalized the deal with Lion Air over dinner”, he smiled as he kissed Maya.

“Wow, talaga?” Maya clapped her hands in excitement. “Sabi ko sa yo eh, magiging successful ang Clark di ba?!”

“You’re right. Ang galing mo talaga. You have a head for business. Actually Maya, I have a proposal for you…”

“Huh? Business proposal Mahal?”

“Syempre Maya, alangan naman marriage proposal!” he teased her.

“Kakainis ka, inaasar mo pa din ako!”

“Pero seriously, Maya. Your maternity leave will be over soon. And as much as I don’t want to stop you from doing what you love, I worry about Matti. Thing is, I need Sonny to be at the Clark office. I would like to offer his position to you, sa Manila base. Kahit temporary muna kung gusto mo pa din bumalik sa Time Airways later on, or until I can find a replacement. Pero sana until Matti is a year old, sana wag ka muna lumipad. I know I’m being selfish asking this of you but…”

Maya shook her head and cut him off. “Actually Mahal, inisip ko din yun. Ayokong matagal akong mawawala dito sa bahay, lalo na since mostly international na ang flights ko. Inisip ko ngang mag resign na, tutal naabot ko na ang pangarap kong makapag-travel kung saan-saan. Pero syempre, gusto ko di naman na makatulong ako sa income natin dito sa bahay at makapag-padala pa din kina Nanay. So yes, ok ako sa proposal mo” she smiled at him.

“Talaga? Yes agad? Himala! Hindi pumalag si Attorney?” he replied with twinkling eyes.

“Ikaw talaga!” She pinched his nose affectionately and hugged him. “Okay na, agree ako. Just tell me what to do ha, hindi ko pa ganun ka kabisado lahat ng work ni Sonny”.

“Andyan naman kami ni Liza, so no worries. Thanks sweetheart. I’m a very happy man today. Tulog na tayo?”

Maya suddenly remembered Nikki. “Um, teka lang. Si Nikki pala, gusto kang kausapin.”

“About what?”

Maya gave him a ‘you know what’ look. “Basta, sya na magsasabi sa yo, okay? Ayan ha, kasama ka na sa girl talk!”, she giggled. Richard laughed.

“Mahal ha, keep an open mind at bawal ang tiger mode, maba-block ang blessings!”

“Okay, okay. I’ll go see her after I shower” he replied.

Maya went to Nikki’s room while Richard was in the bathroom.

“Nikki, good mood! Sabihin mo na!” Maya told her.

“Oh my gee, tonight na???” Nikki’s asked in a panic.

“Oo Nikki, tonight na. Good mood ang Daddy mo. Sige na. Just tell him the truth at sabihin mo di sa kanya yung mga pin-romise mo sa akin, ok?”

“Ohhh-kaay… Mama, you’re sure about this ha?”

“Oo Nikki, sige na, patapos na yun maligo. Babalik na ako sa room.”

Nikki smiled at Maya then exhaled loudly. Here it goes…

Maya heard Richard and Nikki go downstairs. She looked out the window to take a peek at the two.

Richard had his arm around Nikki as they walked out to the garden. They sat on the bench talking animatedly. Every so often, their laughter wafted up to the window. Maya smiled and went back to bed, knowing that everything would be fine.


To be continued…


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