After God’s Own Heart – part 2

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to princemackaroo. This is a continuation to After God’s Own Heart – part 1.

A/N:  Hello! Once again, thank you to all who took time to read and comment on my work, and the EB admin for allowing such stories to be posted on this site. I sincerely appreciate it. Here is the next installment of “After God’s Own Heart.” Am still trying to build up the story so there still isn’t any “drama” in it yet. In this chapter, we’ll be led into the life and family of Maya and also give us a glimpse of James’ character in this story. My apologies if anyone would feel bored in a way while reading this. I just felt the need to establish each one’s character to fully understand the whole story later on. Once again, my sincerest thanks to each and everyone. God bless! 🙂 – Prince Mackaroo


Author: princemackaroo





Maya’s family is quite popular in their town San Rafael. They’re not really an elite family but they are mostly known for their good natured character and achievements in life. Tatay Arturo is a retired CPA who started working at Commission on Audit at the age of 20 and never left until his retirement. Nanay Teresita on the other hand is a full-time housewife. Though also a CPA, she simply chose to become a full time housewife to personally take care of her husband and two kids.

Their eldest child, Cristina Rose, followed the footsteps of her parents. She was also a CPA and a board topnotcher. She initially worked at Punongbayan and was assigned to work at Boston USA. After 2 years, she returned back to the Philippines, married her long time boyfriend Jeff, decided to live separately both from her & Jeff’s parents, and rented a house in Makati for the meantime. A year after their marriage, she resigned from Punongbayan and tried to venture out to other companies. Because of her amazing credentials, she didn’t find it hard to look for another company to work at. She was then accepted at Sta. Ana Racing Club. Because of her intelligence and hardwork, she was climbing fast up the corporate ladder. After 5 years of working for the company, she was now promoted as the Senior Vice President for Finance. Jeff, on the other hand was equally accomplished like Cris and not to mention, a CPA as well though he was 2 years ahead of Cris. Both she and Jeff were able to build houses of their own. One in Pasig City and  the other in San Rafael, close to her parents’ house. Cris’ accomplishments, not only helped her family financially, but also helped their local church and community. As some of their relatives would say, she has outdone their local politicians and some would even go as far as convince her to enter politics. But she would just politely smile at them and explain that she was just returning the favor and blessings that she’s been receiving.

Accountancy seems to be running in the dela Rosa blood to the point that their spouses are also CPA’s by coincidence. As for Maya, “I don’t think I’ll be good at accounting,” Maya said. “But it’s also a pre-law. Kala ko ba you’re willing to take any pre-law course?” Tatay Arturo asked. “Opo nga tay. Pero lahat nalang sa family natin puro CPA and am not that confident with numbers. Other pre-law courses nalang po,” pleaded Maya. Tatay Arturo heaved out a sigh, “ok sige. Ikaw ang bahala. What’s important ay kung ano ang gusto mo at saan ka magiging masaya at mag-eexcel. Those are good enough reasons for me,” said Tatay Arturo. “Thank you so much Tay! Don’t worry Tay. I have been consistently praying for this and I know the Lord will guide me to the right path. I know He’ll never forsake me.” And with that she gave her Tatay a tight hug.

Maya has been a consistent achiever as a student. She was a valedictorian both in elementary and high school. But like any other girls, she also has her fair share of insecurities. She has always dreamed of having fairer, smoother skin, rosy cheeks, better kissable lips, and be a bit more taller. She wanted to be like the princess that she reads on fairy tales. Her insecurities heightened when her crushes never really fall for her, or so she thought, that she would often think that it may have something to do with her looks. Perhaps she’s not attractive enough. Perhaps they find her plain and too common. Or maybe, her standards toward the opposite sex is just too high. These thoughts troubled and disheartened her for quite some time.

Things changed when she entered college. She enjoyed college as much as she enjoyed high school. And on her finalyear in college, she met James Ventura. James was also a 4th year Public Administration student at that time. They were classmates on 3 of their major subjects. Maya easily caught James’ attention. He was attracted to her the first time he saw her. Maya on the other hand, found him attractive as well, especially with his wit and charm. They even had the chance of being accepted together as an intern in the office of Senator Pia Cayetano. These in effect, allowed them to be together more often and made them get to know each other a little better. After a couple of months, James’ finally decided to woo Maya. Maya knows that she already feels something for James. Her parents knew about the whole thing. They were firm in guiding their daughter and continuously reminded her of her priorities. As much as they want her not to enter a relationship just yet, they still opted to entrust the decision to Maya.

After a month of courtship, she finally accepted James as her boyfriend. Things have been going pretty well for the both of them. During the course of their relationship, she learned more of James’ character and interests. Indeed he is charming and witty but can be grouchy, moody, & insecure at times. James was also a good painter. Whenever he’s not doing anything, he’ll just lock himself up in his room and start to paint. He simply loves to paint. He even gave Maya three paintings: a huge nature themed painting which almost covered the whole wall of their living room, another painting which is smaller than the first and lighter in shade, and finally, the third one, a portrait of none other than Maya herself.

One time, at Maya’s psychology class, their professor asked them to bring someone with them on their next meeting so they could psycho analyze them thru drawing. Maya immediately thought of James and so she did bring him in class. Once done, James showed her what he just draw. James’ elegantly draw a big tree with a person sitting on one of its branches. Maya can’t help but be in awe with her boyfriend’s talent. When the analysis came, it turned out that the drawing only proved James’ extreme insecurity. Maya simply laughed at it. She knew how accurate the analysis was but still love James all the same. After all, his faith and beliefs are never an issue for her so how can she let this minor glitch in his character turn her away from him.


Maya reached their home by 10PM. She was greeted by her parents who were at the living room watching TV. “O kumusta na anak? Kumain ka na ba? Gusto mo bang ipaghain kita? Iinit ko lang yung ulam,” said Nanay Teresita. “Naku Nay! Wag na. Kumain na ako. Sumabay kasi ako kay Emman. Dumaan na muna kami sa Shakey’s para kumain,” explained Maya. “Ah ganun ba? O eh bakit siya ang kasama mo at hindi si James?” inquired by her mom. “Busy kasi siya Nay sa pagtapos ng kanyang thesis. Malapit na kasi ang deadline.” Maya said to her Nanay. “O eh ikaw naman anak? Kumusta ba ang pag-aaral mo? Hindi ka ba abala sa mga requirements mo or sa mga thesis?” asked by her Tatay Arturo. “Ok na ok po Tay! Hindi naman po ako natambakan ng mga requirements. Natapos ko naman po ang majority and konting revisions nalang po ang needed for my thesis.” said Maya. “Well that’s good to know anak. Basta studies ang priority anak ha.” “Yes tay! Don’t worry!” beamed Maya. “Sige po Nay, Tay. Punta na po muna ako sa kwarto ko para magpahinga. By the way, hindi ba uuwi ngayon sila Ate Cris and Kuya Jeff?” “Tumawag sa akin ang ate mo kanina. Bukas pa daw sila uuwi dito sa Bulacan. May karera daw kasi kaya kailangan niyang mag overtime sa office,” explained by Nanay Teresita. “Ah ganoon po ba. Sige po Nay, Tay. Good night po! Pahinga narin po kayo.” And with that, Maya then retired to her room.

Maya took out her phone from her bag to text James and inform him that she already arrived home and also took the opportunity to ask him how he is. After a couple of minutes she received a reply from James telling her that he’s glad she arrived home safe and told her that he’s still busy with the thesis and was already halfway done. After a couple of text exchange, she then proceeded with her evening devotion and decided to write an entry on her journal. She wrote everything that happened that day and surprisingly, found herself writing a lengthy note about Richard and every nice detail about him. After she was done writing, she can’t help but once again long something of Richard that if only James could possess. “Dadating din dun si James,” Maya thought to herself. “He may not be as God-fearing as Richard is, but I know eventually he will. He promised he will and I can see he’s trying.” With this thought, she knew once these things are granted, she could no longer ask for more.



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