It’s You from the Start – part 1

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to martinthebest.

A/N: To Ms. Sharpie and to the EB admin, thank you so much for posting my first two stories: First Flight and Missing You .  Here’s the first chapter of my third story, It’s You from the Start.  Enjoy Reading! J


Author: martinthebest




Knock.  Knock. Knock.

Richard raised his head from the documents he is reading and saw Liza peeped at the door.  He motioned her to come in.

Liza:  Sir, the invitation for Time Airways’ Annual Adopt-A-Child Program came in yesterday.  I’ll just need your signature for my attendance.

Adopt-A-Child Program is one of the Time Airways’ charity events to give back to the community.  It is held every December, usually a 3 days out of town event, wherein TA is partnering with local orphanages.  Orphans are invited for some games and short programs and other fun-filled activities.

Liza got a glimpse of a sad expression on Richard’s face before he forced a thin smile at her, and got the documents to sign.  It has been three years since Liza became the LAS representative for the event, it was after Alex left and Richard stopped joining the event.  The event has been one of the bonding moments of Richard and Alex; they had always enjoyed being a dad and a mom for 3 days every year.  Richard quietly returned the signed document and Liza turned to leave, but before she reached the door, Richard called her attention.

Richard: I am thinking of going to the event (his voice filled of hesitance, but suddenly smiled a little), maybe Abby will enjoy meeting other kids.

Liza: (smiled knowingly) Chard, that would be great!

Liza has been working with Richard since the beginning of LAS and has become a confidante and friend to him, and moments like this is not a business thing, so calling him Chard is just appropriate.

Liza: Okay, I’ll be back; I’ll just print out another reply slip so I can include your name… I am glad you’re coming, it’s a great start… and with you there I won’t have to explain your absence…

Liza trailed off on what she’s saying and suddenly frowned, but quickly lightens up.

Richard just smiled but furrowed his eyebrows in confusion on what Liza’s saying.  Liza saw his questioning look and chuckled.

Liza: I just thought that if you’ll go there, I have to work double time shooing female species, but with Abby around, I think my job will be easier, right?

Liza ended the conversation with a laugh and left the room, before Richard can answer.  Richard can only shake his head.


Emman:  Roomie, nakapag-pack ka na ba for the Batangas trip on Friday.

Maya: Hindi pa kasi ako sure, if I can join you.

Emman: oh my pink gosh! Why naman?

Maya: (rolled her eyes) Eh kasi, parang gusto makipag-swap ni Sandy ng flight nya… I’ll take her sched para makauwi sya sa Batangas.

Emman: (pouting) oh my gee! Sayang naman, gurl, first time pa naman sana natin ‘to!

Maya: Ano ka ba? Ok lang, may next year pa naman e…


By 10am nasa Little Angel Orphanage (A/N: I just thought of this name for my story, I am not sure if there’s really an orphanage that exists with this name.) sina Richard.  There are already few cars and coasters parked around the vicinity; there were also groups of people chatting around the area.

Liza:  Sir, we’re here.

Liza called out from the passenger seat, looking back at Richard and Abby who both fell asleep at the back seat.  Joma drive for them.  Richard stirred from his sleep and slightly taps Abby’s cheek to wake her up.  They all get off the car after a while. Joma is taking down the toys that they have brought, when another coaster parked few feet away from them.  As the coaster door opened, someone suddenly shrieked that made them look towards that direction.


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