Endlessly – part 4

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to tickler004. This is a continuation to Endlessly -part 3.

A/N: Isang pang reason why nahihirapan ako mag sulat . . wala na ung partner in crime ko hihi sya kasi gumagawa ng situation and ako na bahala sa kwento so di ko talaga alam kung anuh talga plano nya ditto.., he’s in bicol na kasi ,  wala naman na kami masyadong contact. So magpasensiyahan nyo napo talaga 😀

Author: tickler004


Richard was all asmile as he reach his office, everyone was wondering what or who could be the reason behind his change of mood, gone the tiger Richard Lim.

Days passed but still no sign from him. Maya didn’t know what to feel, she know she should be happy caus there’s no Richard Lim who will disturb her and make her heart race. Yes she know from the start that she was captivated by his charm. That chinky eyes, the dimple in his right cheek and that kissable pink lips.”No guy should be that perfect, nasa kanya na lahat” Maya sigh as she accept that he’s too good to be true maybe too good for herself too.


Late Friday night, Maya was on her way home from a little congratulatory party for Edzelyn at Emman’s condo. She didn’t mind heading home alone but this night it was different, she feel like someone was following her.”Dapat talaga sumabay nalang ako kay Edz o kea nagpahatid kay Emman ee. Bat pa kasi kung kelan may lakad tiyaka pa nasira ung kotse ko”  she did a long scolding to her safe. She stop and look around wondering if there’s a taxi nearby, but the road was dark only few people walking nearby,  lamp post was only the source of light.

She fished her phone to her pocket wanting to call someone to fetch her but luck was really not on her side” Your balance is not enough to make this call…..” she then again blame herself “naku, pag uwing pag uwi ko ipapa-line ko na talaga to” she continue to walk to the nearest bus stop a few steps after. . . her phone ring, she smile as a relief” I can now make someone to fetch me”  but soon the she lay her eyes on the screen her smile fades “Richard Lim” desperate to get home safe, she heave a big sigh and answer his call.


“Richard. . . ” Richard panicked a little as he hears nervousness in her voice

“Maya where are you” he asking out of concern

Maya tell Richard her whereabout, she thought it would be hard to ask him to fetch her but he’s the one who insisted to..

“Okay I’ll be there”

She then again continues to walk. Faster than the other, she really could feel that someone was on her back. . following her, getting closer every minute.  She jump out of shock as a hooded guy snatch her bag.”Magnanakaw!!” was all she could yell.

She sit on the street gutter out of frustration. . . sobbing “pano nako makakauwi neto, ayoko na naman bumalik kay Emman sigurado tulog na yun”. She look up as she feel someone calling her name and patting her back. “Maya?”  she look up looking at Richard’s concern face. He hold both of her shoulder and stand her up. ”What happen? Why are you sobbing?”  Maya did not answer she just continue to sob. Richard led her to his car.

Few minutes of driving Richard broke the silence.”Why you alone in the street ba kita mong mapanganib sa babae maglakad mag-isa! Pano kung napano ka!”  Richard must have said it loud causing Maya to cry again “Okay okay I’ll calm down just stop crying”  Maya then wipe her tears then tell Richard the STORY.


“Why don’t you just go back at your house condo.” Richard says as a matter-of-fact


“He’s probably sleeping by now and I don’t want to cause trouble to anyone”


“But you cause me the trouble”


“Sino ba kasi nagsabing puntahan mo ko!. Kaya ko sarili”


“I’m just kidding Maya”


Hearing no response from Maya.. he decide to just let it go, they drive in silent to Dela Rosa residence. Richard open the door for Maya as they reach her house.

“what?! No thank you?”


“welcome…” maya said sarcastically. She then again went straight to her room not wanting to explain what happen.

On the contrary Richard was smiling for having to see Maya. But he realize that he no longer have her number knowing that is was stolen. She call Liza, his secretary.

“Liza, can you do something for me”

Maya woke up early the next day. After grooming and taking her breakfast she quickly head to Time  Airways office for some paperworks. She was greeted by the guard and the receptionist. She was about to step on the elevator when the receptionist called her.

“Ma’am Maya!”




“May package nga pop ala para sa inyo”


“Package?? Kanino daw galing? Wala naman akong inaasahang package”


“Mr. Richard Lim daw po sabi nung nagbigay kanina”


“Mr. Lim?? U-uh.. akin na yung package”


“Sandali lang po Ma’am Maya kunin ko lang sa desk.”


The receptionist then give the bad to Maya.

A simple thanks is enough, btw.

 I already save my number *wink*



She hurriedly opens the paper bag seeing a boxed brand new phone. Astounded she stares blankly at it.


“uhmm.. Ma’am Maya??”


“ahh.. Thanks.”


“Welcome po”


She step on the elevator heading to main office floor. She sat on her sit, wasting no time she call Richard..


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