Story of Me – part 12

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiAThis is a continuation to Story of Me – part 11.


The Cruise


Richard: “Yes this is Richard Lim. Who’s this? Alex? Oh yeah. How are you? Yes. I’m ok. Dinner tomorrow? Yes, I have a girlfriend. Her name is Maya dela Rosa. I will see you with Maya.” he ends the call.


Maya’s eyes widened when she heard this.


Maya: “What!”

Richard: “Now there’s something you can do to help me.”

Maya:  “But”

Richard: “Maya, its just dinner. So don’t worry.”

Maya : “Pero, di ba kilala sya sa office mo?”

Richard: “It’s ok, nobody will dare ask me, so normal lang tayo sa office. Let’s just tell Alex it’s a secret because of our position. Ok?” he smiled (with lambing look)

Maya: left with no choice “Ok, sige. Malakas ka sa akin eh.”


They were a little late when they arrived Lim Industries.

Lisa: “Good morning Sir Richard”, then saw Maya with Richard “oh Maya, andito ka na din pala. Sabay kayo?

Maya: “Ah, eh” now blushing looks at Richard.

Richard: “Yes, dinaanan ko s’ya sa condo. What’s my schedule for today? And please log sa calendar ko, I have dinner tomorrow.”

Lisa: “With whom Sir?”

Richard: “Don’t ask” then he dismissed her. He turns to Maya, his face so close to hers, then he whispered “May lunch meeting ako later, so you eat with Lisa. Wait for me, I’ll be back by 5 or 6pm, ok?”

Maya: “ok” she shyly whispered back, then he went to his room. “teka muna, eh lagi namang si Lisa kasama ko maglunch ah. Anong nangyari? Nagpapaalam? Labo talaga nitong si Richard.”


Early the next morning, he calls Maya

Richard: “Wakeup sleepyhead.”

Maya: “Hmmm. Good morning” as she looks at the clock. “Ang aga naman.”

Richard: “Syempre, excited ako sa date natin mamaya eh.”

Maya: “Date?” Then she realized “Ah date, with Alex”. Then she continued “Saan ba tayo mamaya? “

Richard: “I still don’t know, I’m still thinking of a good place. Why, may gusto kang puntahan?”

Maya: “Hindi ko kasi alam ang isusuot ko eh. Depende kung saan tayo pupunta.”

Richard: “Maya, you are who you are. You are beautiful, in whatever you wear.”

Maya: “Binola mo pa ako. Sige, bahala na nga.”

Richard: “Maya, by the way, may meeting ako the whole day with a client, so I will see you around 5pm na. Wag ka na magdala ng car, ipapasundo na lang kita sa driver”

Maya: “Ok. Sige, I will see you tonight”

Richard: “Ingat”

Maya: “Ikaw din”

Richard: “Wag magpagutom”

Maya: “Oo naman. Ikaw din.”


Dinner date with Alex, 5pm sa Lim Industries, he called her.

Richard: “Maya, nandito na ako. I guess we’d better leave.”

Maya: “Madaming tao sa elevator eksakto 5pm na. Madami makakakita sa atin.”

Richard: “So?”

Maya: “I mean, baka kung ano isipin nila.”

Richard: “And? “

Maya: “Eh kasi” trying to find a good excuse.

Richard: “Fine, I will go ahead and wait for you at the lobby.”

Maya: “Sige, I will follow you in 10minutes. Magayos lang ako.”


Pagdating ni Maya sa lobby, Richard grabbed her arm and led her (holding hands) to the parking lot.

Maya: nagulat “Ano ka ba, may makakita sa atin, kung ano isipin.” As they walked to the parking.

Richard: “Let them think what they want to think.”


Sa car

Maya: “Saan tayo pupunta?”

Richard: “You will see later.”

Maya: “Where are we? Manila Yacht Club?”

Richard: “Yes,”

Maya: “Huh? Anong gagawin natin dito?”

Richard: “Sasakay ng airplane?” He teased her and pinched her nose. “ Syempre sasakay ng boat.”

Maya: “Naman eh, seryoso ako.” pouting her lips, “Bakit nga tayo nandito” tugging at his sleeves, waiting for his answer.

Richard: “Ok, I have a yacht that is docked here. I go here when I want to be alone”

Maya: “Huh? Alone? So where’s Alex?”

Richard: “I will explain to you later”

They entered the lobby and was greeted by the receptionist.

Receptionist: “Good evening Mr. Lim. Good evening Ms?”

Maya: “Maya dela Rosa”

Receptionist: “Good evening Ms. Dela Rosa. Mr. Lim, we have already stocked your boat with drinks, sandwiches and some snacks. Just inform us if you need anything. Your boat is ready.”

Richard: “Thank you”

Maya followed Richard as he leads her to his yacht, MV ESME. It was a 48footer speed boat, with a small cabin. Inside the cabin is a small bed, a small table and a fridge. On deck is the GPS Navigator that is now being controlled by Richard.

Maya watched him with amusement as he carefully maneuvered the boat away from the yacht club. . “There are a lot of things I don’t know about you” she thought. “But I already love who you are.”


Note to readers: “In short, walang Alex na dadating”


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