Story of Me – part 13

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiAThis is a continuation to Story of Me – part 12.

A/N: Pati ako nabitin sa story ko. Di ako makatulog, kaya eto, can’t help but write the continuation. Hope you like this one. Comment comment lang.

More Power EBU!

Story of Me Part 13 – I will be the one for you!

Maya watched him with amusement as he carefully maneuvered the boat away from the yacht club. . “There are a lot of things I don’t know about you” she thought. “But I already love who you are.”


It was so dark in the middle of the Bay, with only the lights that can be seen along Roxas Boulevard. Then he stopped, “Maya?” he called, “Sit here beside me”, the boat is now positioned quite far from the crowd. With only the full moon and the stars illuminating the sky.


Maya: “ang galing mo naman, di ko alam you know how to drive this thing”

Richard: “well I got my license years back. This is some sort of my refuge. This is where I go when I want to be alone” then he said “Gusto mo turuan kita?

Maya: “Really? You will teach me?”

Richard: “Oo naman, the steering wheel is just like when you are driving a car lang. Yun nga lang walang reverse.” He gets her hands and placed them on the steering wheel. Then he covered her hands with his as he guides her. A different kind of sensation flows though her body and they both felt it. It was a cold December, but they both felt the warmth of their nearness to each other. Then he shows her the GPS monitor “this is the exact location where we are now. You can see that if you move the boat to your left, it will show you your new location.”


It’s exactly 7pm when he asked her to stop the boat. They have reached their destination right in the middle of ManilaBay.

Richard: “That part is Roxas Boulevard”

Maya: “Ang ganda ng mga lights”

Richard: “And on the other side is Cavite”

Maya: “Richard, thank you for taking me here, I  really enjoyed the view and the fresh air”

Richard: “Maya, don’t thank me just yet”

Maya: “Huh”

Richard: he smiled and in a few seconds, he pointed out towards SM MOA. And there it was, colorful fireworks that illuminated the dark horizon. Lights changes with different colors and magnificent patterns as it joyfully danced throughout the night sky. It was so beautiful like in fairy tales. Then he held her hands and intertwined them with his, then she leaned her head on his shoulders. They both just stood there looking at the sky. Time stood still and they both felt very happy.


The fireworks show ended, and left with only the stars and the moon to light the sky, they stayed on deck, now with Richards arms around her to shield her from the cold winds, he tucked a stray of hair under her ear, as she leans her whole body against his. “It felt so good to be this close to Maya” he thought.

Maya: “Richard, where’s Alex?” then she whispered, not looking at him.

Richard: “I decided to cancel dinner with Alex.”

Maya: “Huh? Why?” surprised, then she faced him.

Richard: “I dont know. Di ko kaya.” He shooked his head.

Maya: “Nandito naman ako sasamahan kita” this time she touched his face to reassure him.

Richard: “Ayoko nang balikan ang nakaraan” he looked away.

Maya: “You have to face that sooner or later. So you can move on with your life. You can’t be happy with that burden haunting you forever. “

Richard: then he looked at her, with sadness in his eyes. “Maya, ikakasal na kami, then iniwan nya ako.” he took a deep breath, trying so hard to continue “I was out of the country when she was busy preparing for our wedding. She asked me if we can have her best friend to be my best man. I agreed, anyway he is also a close friend of mine. Never did it cross my mind that they will end up being together.” he stopped, looked away and stepped a little backwards, trying to control his emotions. Then he continued “They were just “friends”, friends for a long time even before Alex met me (hala, parang si Maya at Simon lang, kaya naman pala nagalit). Then 2 weeks before the wedding, they came to me. And the rest was history.”

Maya: “I understand how you are feeling right now.” As she holds his hands, “but did it ever occur to you that you have to thank them for being honest with you? Imagine kung natuloy ang wedding niyo then she realized na hindi pala ikaw. Mas mahirap yon di ba?” then she continued “You are a wonderful person, you know that, and you deserve to be happy. Soon you will find someone who will truly love you for who you are, she stopped “parang ako.”

Richard: “Huh?” eyebrows raised with a smile.

Maya: “I mean parang ako, I’m still searching. It could be tomorrow, next month, next year or pwedeng matagalan pa, but I know darating s’ya.”


Maya: “So, how do you feel right now?”

Richard: “Masaya, kasi kasama kita.”

Maya:”No, ang ibig kong sabihin, how do you feel for her?”

Richard: “I really don’t know”

Maya: “She is now happily married, Richard. Ikaw ang talo sa situation na ito. So you have to face her, so you can move on.”

Richard : “I guess you are right. This may not be the right time but I will.”

“I will do this for you, so I will be the one for you.” He thought to himself.


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