Story of Me – part 14

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiAThis is a continuation to Story of Me – part 13.




Story of Me Part 14 – First Real Kiss

On their way to the cabin to prepare for dinner,

Maya: “Sana sinabi mo sa akin na hindi tuloy dinner mo with Alex, para hindi na tayo tumuloy”

Richard: “but i want you to be with me here. Baka pag sinabi ko, hindi ka pa sumama sa akin.”

Maya: “Hindi naman. Syempre sasama ako. friends tayo eh”.

Richard: “oops?”

Maya: “Special friends tayo eh.”

Richard: “That’s settled then, I will prepare dinner for my special friend.”


He set the table with the chilled champagne bottle, Vongole Pasta and an assortment of coldcuts and sliced cheese.

Maya: “This is the best dinner ever.” she shouted to the skies.

Richard: “Syempre naman, pinaghandaan ko ito.”

Maya: “Hindi nga.”

Richard: “Yes, to tell you honestly, ikaw pa lang ang naisama ko dito sa MV ESME”

Maya: “Talaga? Even si Esme?”

Richard: “Yes, ikaw pa lang. Even si Esme, and for the record, ESME is my mom, he teased her and pinched her nose. “but soon I will change the name of my boat.”

Maya: “Talaga? Ano naman ang ipapalit mo?“

Richard: “MV Maya”

Maya: “hehehe. Kainis ka.”

Richard: “Oo, promise.”

Maya: “Ayan ka na naman sa promise mo. Baka maniwala na naman ako sa iyo.”

Richard:”Kung payag ka, I can change the name tomorrow.” She just blushed and smiled at Richard.


Richard: “so technically, this is our first date?”

Maya: “Anong date? Tingnan mo nga itsura ko?

Richard: “What’s wrong sa itsura mo? Di ba sabi ko, you are beautiful no matter what you wear.”

Maya: “Di ba dapat pag date merong flowers? And dapat merong chocolates? Eh wala naman ako nun pareho, so hindi ito date.

Richard: “This is not a date? So what do you call this?

Maya: “Night out lang with a friend.” Then she corrected ” I mean with a special friend.”


They were on their way to Maya’s condo when Richard stopped at a gas sation to gas up.

Richard: “Maya. sandali lang ha, I need to buy something sa convenience store.”

Maya: “Huh? Iiwan mo ako dito? Sama ako.”

Richard: “No, just stay there, I know you are tired.”

Maya: “ok”


Moments later, he came back, carrying a small paper bag and placed it at the back of the car.

Maya: “Ano yan?” as she tried to reach out for the bag to check.

Richard: “Wala” he placed it farther for Maya not to reach.

Maya: “Meron eh.” Pilit na inaabot

Richard: “Basta”, stops her hands from reaching the paper bag.

Maya: she leaned back to her seat “Bahala ka na nga” nagtatampo

Richard: “Wag nang magtampo” he poked her on the waist. “Tatawa na yan”

Maya: “Tama na, ayoko na” she giggled as she shove his hands to stop him from tickling her.


When they reached her condo, he reached out for the paperbag before he went to the passengers side to open Mayas door. Then he surprised her.

Richard: “This is for you.” He gave her a beautiful bunch of white roses and a box of Belgian chocolates. Then he smiled.

Maya: “As in?” surprised with a questioning look.

Richard: “So you can count this as our first date.”

Maya: “No, I mean. I was just… I  mean I was not expecting….”

Richard: “Stop it Maya, and just say Thank you”

Maya: “Thank you Richard, I really am. You just don’t know how happy I am today.”

Richard: “And I am too” then he lifts her chin to look at her eyes and kissed her gently on her lips. Shocked, with eyes wide open, she opened her mouth allowed him to kiss her and she kissed him back.

Maya: when the kiss ended. She looked down and whispered softly, “This is my second kiss.”

Richard: he smiled “Technically this is your first REAL kiss.”


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