Meant to Be – part 10

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Fanfic_NewbieThis is a continuation to Meant to Be- part 9.

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Author: fanfic_newbie





“OH NO! Not again! “ Napatili si Maya.

Maya was dismayed with the information in front of her.

“Isa pang try. Mali talaga ito.. Talaga naman ang tadhana mapagbiro.”

“Paano ba nangyari ito? ” Maya asked herself a rhetorical question.

Nagtanong ka pa” Maya scolded herself.

“Naman, naman Maya!! Ano na ang gagawin mo? “

Five “+” signs were staring at her. She started to cry, she was not sure if it was out of happiness or out of panic.

“Mom is everything all right? “Hindi niya napansin na pumasok na pala si Luke sa kwarto niya.

“Why are you crying? What are those things you are looking at?” Tanong ni Luke .

“Oh, I am playing a game and I am losing,”

“A game? Can I join? Maybe I can be help you win?”

“No baby, it is a one-time game. I need to buy more sticks so I can play..“

“Are you done with your homework? It is already 8pm, it is time for bed.” Pilit na pinalitan ni Maya ang topic.

As she was trying to calm herself down, memories of that faithful early morning came rushing back.

It took Maya several seconds to adjust her eyes to dark surroundings. The only light in the room is coming from the small opening of the drawn curtains. She is a little disoriented. She tried to remember where she is and who is sleeping beside her. Then, she remembered.

She got so upset with herself when she got her confirmation after lifting the white blanket that covered them. She looked at the man beside her, the man she made love to last night. He is sleeping soundly.

“Is that a smile on his lips?” She asked herself. She can’t help but smile too. She has never shared her bed with anyone but Richard.

Suddenly, she had the urge to leave. She slowly got out of bed. She grabbed a pillow to cover herself and then promptly collected her clothes. With each piece of clothing she retrieved, she was reminded of what transpired last night. Her cheeks burned at the memory.

Richard is already awake but did not want Maya to know. He woke up as soon as Maya got out of bed. He is enjoying the scenery…Maya holding the pillow in front of her, trying to cover her modesty, tiptoeing across the room, collecting her garments that are strewn around the room. She occasionally would stop, smile, as if remembering a happy thought. Then would be jolted back to reality and she would be upset again.

“Asan na ba ang aking skirt?” She frantically looked around. Then she saw a small piece of the skirt hanging from the bed. She tried pulled it but it will not give.

“Ano ba yan. Nahigaan pa yata.”

She gently tried to retrieve her skirt from under him.

“Huwag kang gumising. Huwag kang gumising.” She was silently pleading.

Maya froze every time Richard moved. She was getting frustrated because it is taking too long to release the skirt.

When Richard cannot contain himself any longer, he started to laugh.

“Kanina ka pa ba gising? Nakakainis ka ha.. Pinahirapan mo pa ako!” She pulled the skirt from under Richard and as soon as it was free, she got into it.

“Tawa-tawa ka pa diyan.”

Richard stretched his arms lazily and said “Nakakatawa ka naman kasi. You don’t have to cover yourself. I have seen it all..Di lang pala see, I also touched.” Richard teased the already flustered Maya.

“Bastos!” Inis na sagot ni Maya sa tumatawang Richard.

Maya hurriedly went to the bathroom to get ready to leave.

While brushing her teeth, a discussion started in her head..

“How many times did you swear that you will never ever be this spontaneous?”

“Maya naman, nakakahiya!”

“You threw everything out the window. self-control, self-respect.. Your brain Maya, Your brain..”

“Oh man but it was all worth it!” She countered herself.

“Stop it Maya! How can you be so careless?”

“What can I do? The sexual tension began as soon as I stepped in the hangar. Richard and his white muscle hugging T-shirt, and oh that sexy jeans.”

“Maya! Ano ka ba? “

When she emerged from the bathroom, she quickly gathered her things and headed for the door.

“Ready for the walk of shame?” Richard teased Maya.

Maya reached for a throw pillow and tossed it at Richard. He is still smiling.

As she was about to open the door..

“MAYA!” Richard called out. He wrapped a blanket around his lower torso and walked to where Maya is standing.

“What?” galit na sagot ni Maya, her face still towards the door. She did not want him to see her blushing face.

He slowly turned Maya to face him. She shyly bowed her head. He reached for her chin and ever so slowly lifted her head, forcing her to look at him.. Then he said tenderly..

“You were great last night. I love making love to you.”

“You are a beautiful person. Maya, I love you. I will always love you. I will never stop loving you. “

Toothache si Maya. She cannot find any words to say. She was surprised at herself though because she remained calm and composed. Her eyes remained dry.

“I am so sorry that I hurt you so much. Every day for the rest of my life I will regret that I caused you so much pain when you deserve respect and love, My love.” His voice was breaking as he spoke.

“Richard, I will be late for Luke’s presentation.” This is only what Maya managed to say.

“I understand if you cannot forgive me. I deserve all the punishment you can think of but I hope in time, we will be able to get past this.” He was fighting the tears from falling.

“Richard, please” Maya reached for the door knob. Richard cannot do anything but give way. Then she was gone.

Richard was overcome with emotion. He was finally able to express what he has been keeping in his chest for the longest time.


During the drive back to Manila, the discussion in her head continued. Then..

“Huh? EDSA na?” She cannot remember how she got there.

She was glad that she got to a conclusion to at least one discussion raging in her head. She was thankful for her rational and engineer’s reasoning. “Time could not be turned back. The mistake has been made. I cannot do anything about it. It wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened anyway. I will just play it cool when I see him again.”

The big challenge for her now is how to respond to what he said before leaving the hotel room.

She kept repeating his declarations out loud. Tears were streaming from her eyes.

“He is sorry and he loves me. He will always love me. He will never stop loving me. “

Still confused, she can only utter what she knows is true. “I love you too Richard. I will never stop loving you. But you hurt me so bad. I am okay now and I scared to get hurt again.”

Maya had to do one thing..

Ring, ring.

“Mom, I need to talk to you” She said in between sobs.

“Maya. Oh my baby. What is wrong?” Awang-awa si Mrs. Dela Rosa nang makita ang anak, mugto ang mata sa kakaiyak.

“Pasasaan ba at maayos din lahat.” Sinabi ng naiiyak na Mrs. Dela Rosa habang yakap-yakap ang anak.

“Mom, hu hu hu” Patuloy ang pag-iyak ni Maya.

“Ano ba kayong dalawa diyan? Ano ba ang iniiyak ninyo?” Tanong ni Mr. Dela Rosa sa kanyang mag-ina.

“GIRL TALK DAD!” Sabay na sumagot si Maya at ang kanyang ina.

“So, hindi ninyo sasabihin sa akin?”

“In time dad.”

“Ok, just tell me whom to knock on the head when you are ready.” He kissed his daughter’s forehead and headed for the door.

“Lolo, is that mom? Why is she crying?” Luke asked.

“Girl talk.” Ang sagot ni Mr. Dela Rosa sa kanyang apo.

“Ahhh…” Luke nodded knowingly and promptly left.


“Maya, anak, bakit nga ba tayo umiiyak?” Litong tanong ni Mrs. Dela Rosa

“Kasi po “hikbi “kasi po si Richard….”Parang batang nagsusumbong si Maya sa ina. Ikinuwento ang lahat-lahat sa ina, maliban sa nangyari sa hotel room.

“Ok. You still love him but you are scared to try again. You don’t want him to hurt you again. You have tried to find another love but it did not work out. He loves you and he is remorseful for what he has done. He has displayed his remorse through his actions. He has been trying to win you back and when you asked him to give you room, he gladly stayed away, kahit na masakit para sa kanya. Kahit na walang kasiguruhan na papayag ka, ipinagpalit niya ang kanyang kabuhayan para kayo mag-kalapit ulit. He shamelessly promotes you and your capabilities to the upper management. Wala na siyang ibang bukang bibig na magaling kung hindi ikaw.”

“Tama ba?” Mrs. Dela Rosa accurately summed up the situation.

Tumango si Maya.

“Ano ba ang solusyon sa ating problema, anak?”

“Would it be so bad if you give your marriage another try?” Mrs. Dela Rosa asked bluntly.

“Huh?” Maya was surprised with her mother’s suggestion.

“If you are waiting for the right signs or for the perfect time and you want to be absolutely sure that you will never be hurt again, I am sorry to tell you my dear, it will never come. I just don’t want you to waste your life waiting. Kung napagtanto mo na ang iyong hinihintay ay hindi darating, at maisip mong pagbigayan ulit ang iyong pagmamahalan ni Richard, baka huli na ang lahat. Wala na siya. Ayokong mangyari sa iyo yon.”

“You say you are scared, but don’t you think he is scared too?”

“Do you think he is only attracted to your physical beauty now and when you are no longer beautiful, he will leave you again? “

“Give him some credit. Give yourself some credit.”

“Both of you have matured and hopefully learned from the past. And, you are a smart woman. I am sure you have realized kung ano ang nangyari noong mag-asawa pa kayo ni Richard. Hindi lang siya ang may kasalanan. Hindi ko sinasabi na tama ang ginawa niya pero, natural na reaksyon ng isang intelihenteng tao ang naging reaksyon niya. Your happiness, my child, is in your hands. You should never give that responsibility to another person.”

“Don’t you think he deserves another chance? Don’t you think you, my dear child, deserve another chance?”

“The sexual attraction is still there?” Nakangiti si Mrs. Dela Rosa dahil alam niya ang sagot.

“MOM!” Nahihiyang tugon ni Maya.

“Like your planes Maya, you need to take some risks at some point or else you will remain in the hangar forever. You will never know the happiness of soaring in the skies again if you cower in fear.”


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  1. kailan pa kaya cla magkakabalikan for good? and hope Richard won’t let her go again

    isa itong story na nagpasikip sa dibdib ko, kelan namin masisilayan ang magandang sikat ng araw sa dalawang ito? at mabuo na rin ang mommy at daddy ni luke

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