Story of Me – 16

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiAThis is a continuation to Story of Me – part 15.



STORY OF ME Part 16 – Resignation?


Lim Industries

She knocked on his door before she entered his room “Richard?” she whispered softly. He was sitting on his desk doing some paperworks, he smiled at her and stood up when he saw her.

Richard: “O Maya, good you are here. I was about to call you. I don’t have a lunch meeting today. Let’s have lunch?”

Maya: “Ah… ano eh… kasi, I will go on leave sana this afternoon, wala namang rush and walang scheduled meeting.” (Parang aligaga. Bakit kaya?)

Richard: “Ok sure, you can go on leave in the afternoon. Ayaw mo munang mag-lunch before you leave?”

Maya: “Ahhm, ano kasi eh, may pupuntahan ako.” Looking down as she said this.

Richard: “Is something wrong Maya?” I can see that something is bothering you. Is there something you want to talk about? He looks worried.

Maya: “ Oo” she is now confused, then continued “I mean wala”

Richard: “Maya, calm down. Lets go out for lunch and talk about this.” He stood up, got a hold of her hand tightly as they went out of his room.


Left with no choice, she followed him. He brought her to a nearby restaurant. It’s a cozy place, tahimik and not so crowded. They were seated at the farthest side of the restaurant, away from the other guests. After a good heavy lunch, they ordered each a cup of coffee and shared a piece of cake together. 


Richard: “So Maya, let’s talk. What is bothering you?” he looked straight into her eyes, ready to listen.

Maya: ”Ahhm, you know its been a year already since I started working for Lim Industries.” Took a deep breath then continued. “During this time, I have learned so much sa work ko. And I enjoyed working for you and the other engineers. “

Richard: “Straight to the point Maya.” now he is really worried where this is leading to.

Maya: “Ahhm, Richard,” still not looking at him “What do you think? Ok lang ba sa yo if I resign from the company?

Richard: “What?” he raised his voice, surprised, as he shook his head.

Maya: “Richard, listen first”, as she tries to calm him down.

Ricahrd:  “I don’t understand?” Is there anger? Fear? Frustration? “Anong problema? I thought ok tayo”.

Maya: “Wait! let me explain”.

Richard: now asking her for reassurance, he holds her hands “Have I done something to make you decide to leave me?” Then he corrected “I mean the company?”

Maya: “Richard, this has nothing to do with you or the company. You know how happy I am to be working for your company and to work with you. I have never wanted to be this close to anyone but you… only you Richard, but I’m confused. Hindi ko din alam kung ano ang tama. And hindi ko malalaman until masubukan ko. I don’t want to live the rest of my life thinking of the What if’s”

Richard: “What do you mean?”

Maya: “Mahirap i-explain.”

Richard: “Mahirap kasi ayaw mong subukan” then he continued, “You told me na may pupuntahan ka this afternoon. Does it have something to do with this?”she nodded

So kung sino man ang pupuntahan mo will help you decide kung ano ang tama?

Maya: “Yes”

Richard: “Ok, wala akong magagawa, just tell me kung final na ang decision mo” this time he sounded really mad.

Maya: “Richard naman, not like this, please” as she tugged on his shirt asking for understanding. “Its not that I’m not giving you any choice on this matter. You know how much I value our friendship. And it matters to me kung ano ang opinion mo.” She looked at him and touched his face with her two hands. “Please, Richard?”

Richard: “So what do you want me to say? He stopped and looked at Maya. “You want me to say Ok, you can go?” Then he continued “Or you want me to say Maya, don’t go?”

“In the end its your decision. And whatever it will be will hurt me. Masasaktan ako pag iniwan mo ako and masasaktan ako if you stay with me and not really happy for staying.

Maya:  “Richard, it’s not that I’m  leaving you, there’s just something that I need to do for myself.”

Richard: “Ganun din ‘yon, you will leave the company, then iiwan mo din ako.”

Maya: “What are you saying? You don’t understand. We can still be together and that’s what I want and if that’s what you want.”

Richard: “Ano ang hindi ko naiintindihan? That you will meet with someone later to help you decide what to do? You can openly talk about this sa iba and di mo masabi sa akin? So you will meet Simon again to ask for his advice? Bakit laging si Simon and tinatawag mo? Bakit hindi ako?” he is really mad, this time.

Maya: she smiled. “Wait… Hmmm. Nagseselos ka kay Simon? Her eyes twinkling now.

Richard: “No”.

Maya: “Sigurado ka?”

Richard: “Of course”

Maya: “You don’t want me to see him?”

Richard: “I didn’t say that.”

Maya: “So ok lang sayo if I meet Simon?”

Richard: he shouted “No” (oops nadulas)

Maya: “Sabi ko na nga ba eh.” Then she continued as she held his hands. “Simon is my best friend, pero ikaw ang special friend ko. We have a deeper kind of understanding about each other, so you will always be on top of my priority. Kahit sandali pa lang tayo magkasama, mas malalim na ang pinagsamahan natin. We shared a lot of things already. You have seen me at my best and worst and ganun din ako. We are open to each other because we can see clearly kung ano ang nasa loob natin.” This time, Richard calmed down, then she smiled. “Ok ka na?” as she tugged his shirt for a response.

Richard: “ok, fine. So anong plano mo later?”

Maya: I’m not seeing Simon. Masaya ka na?” Richard still not listening, then she continued “ok, fine, para matapos na ito, isasama kita sa pupuntahan ko para maintindihan mo.” Then this time, she grabbed Richards’ hand tightly as they went to the car, Richard, left with no choice followed her.

That day was the death anniversary of her parents and they went to Manila Memorial Park.

Note to readers: Kapitbisig lang. Relax, kailangan lang ng twist sa story, pero good vibes pa rin ang kasunod. Til next time.  



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