Story of Me – part 15

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiAThis is a continuation to Story of Me – part 14.

A/N: Hope you like this one. More power EBU.



Story of Me Part15 – It’s Complicated


After their first date as SPECIAL FRIENDS, they became close as ever. It became a routine for them both that they come to the office really early in the morning just to have coffee and breakfast at the cafeteria (para iwas sa kwento). Sometimes, Maya would bring home cooked breakfast and they will share it over coffee in his office. After breakfast, they will be back to work and will both be very busy with their work and barely have time for lunch together. Then he calls her,

Richard: “Maya, don’t forget to eat your lunch.”

Maya: “Oy ano ka ba, nasa lunch meeting ka. Nakakahiya sa client. Ikaw, kumain ka na?”

Richard: Yes, we are here at Lacerfaire Steakhouse, they just opened a new branch here in Makati. Their Main branch is at The Fort.

Maya : “Kamusta naman yung restaurant?” with her eyes twinkling (bakit kaya ?)

Richard: “Ok naman. Service is good and their steak is suberb.” Then he continued,”Minsan dadalhin kita dito.” (Hmmmm, sumisimple ng next date)

Maya: “Talaga?”

Richard: “By the way, I’ll be back before 6pm. You wait for me ok? I’ll drive you home.”

Maya: “No need, I have a car.”

Richard: “Just leave your car in the office. I’ll bring you home. Anyway, your car is banned tomorrow, so I’ll pick you up again tomorrow morning.

Maya : “Ok, ok. See you  later. Ingat.”

Richard: “Ingat ka din”.

Maya: “Ah, wait. May pupuntahan ka mamaya?”

Richard: “Wala bakit?”

Maya:  “Since ihahatid mo naman ako mamaya, baka gusto mong dumaan sa condo ko. I’m trying a new dish kasi, baka pwede mong i-critic kung ok.

Richard: “Sige, anong dessert gusto mo?

Maya: “Ikaw“

Richard: “Ako?” (hay naku Maya, ingat ingat sa mga sinasabi mo…)

Maya: “Yes, ikaw. Its up to you. Anything will do basta bagay sa coffee.”


Dinner time, Mayas condo

Richard: “Sige na, let me help you” as he pleadingly looks at Maya, while preparing and chopping all the ingredients she needs for her pasta.

Maya: “Hay naku Richard, ayoko ng may magulo sa kusina.” She tugged at Richards hands to bring him to the couch. “Stay here sa couch” she pulls him down to sit “Relax ka lang dyan, if you want you can watch a movie, marami ako dyan.”

Richard: “eh busy ka pa dyan, gusto ko samahan mo ako dito.”

Maya: “Gusto mo ba kumain?” he nodded. “Yun naman pala eh. Stay there at baka kung anong mangyari sa niluluto ko.” She said this while chopping the onions. “OUCH!”

Richard: he immediately went to her side “What happened?”

Maya: “No this is nothing, nahiwa lang.”

Richard: “let me look at it”

Maya: “Richard, I’m fine. Malayo ito sa bituka.”

Richard: “Come, lets wash your hands” as he gently holds Maya’s hands under the faucet to wash it. He cleaned her hand carefully with betadine before covering the wound with a gauze. “Ok ka na?” he asked worriedly.

Maya: “Thanks.” She smiled.


Then she gets hold of the knife again.

Richard: “Don’t touch that” he stopped her

Maya: “What do you mean don’t touch this?”

Richard: “Yes, let me do it” he smiled as he gets the knife from Maya’s hands

Maya: “Talaga lang ha!” teasing him

Richard: “Yes, I grew up in the US so I know how to do household chores.” Then he moved closer to her “Give me your apron, I will continue this.” As he points to the unchopped onions

Maya: “No, hindi ko ibibigay ang apron ko.” She said defiantly

Richard: “You know that you will never win against me.” He warned her. “I can always get it anytime I want, kahit sa paanong paraan.” Now with a teasing look.

Maya: “No!”

Richard: “at the count of 3, if you don’t give it to me, I will take it off from you.” With a warning look. “1…. 2…. 2 ½….. (Oh no Maya, you’d better give it to him na)

Maya: “O ayan na” she pouted, then handed the apron to him.

Richard: “You are really funny Maya” and he kissed her nose then she blushed.


Maya giggling while looking at Richard,

Richard: “Why are you laughing?”

Maya: “Bagay pala sa’yo ang apron.”

Richard: “Really?” So I can come here and cook for you again sometime?

Maya: “Sige, anong specialty mo?”

Richard: “Basta. I will surprise you.” “Maya, do I have to chop all these onions”   

Maya: she smiled. “Yes. Sabi mo kaya mo?” Richard now teary eyed because of the onions, she teased him :

Maya: ”Iiyak na yan, iiyak na yan”

Richard: “Hindi ah”

Maya: “Malapit na” she teased him.

He finished chopping, turned around, washed his hands, removed his apron and got hold of the chopped onions, “eh kung ipaamoy ko kaya sa iyo ito, di ka maiyak” then he grabbed Maya by the waist with one arm while the other hand holds the cupful of onions. But she immediately got away from his hold. She ran around the house shrieking and calling him, “Come and get me” while Richard tried to catch her. “You can’t get away from me Maya, not that easy” he said as he tries to catch her moving from side to side. She was now running around the couch when they tripped on something and both fell on the couch, both laughing uncontrollably. Richard is now on top of her while Maya now holds on to Richards’ chest, then they were silent as their eyes locked for a moment. Their face now close to each other with their lips only inches apart… Maya closed her eyes as he slowly lowered his head for a kiss, closer and closer…. Then his phone rings. (Bitin) and both were brought back to reality.


Immediately, he stood up to answer his phone, while Maya stood up and straighten her shirt.


Richard: “Ok Lisa, email me the document, I will check it and send it back to you later”


Maya: “do you have a spare shirt?” as she stried to smell Richard’s shirt sa may chest area. “You smell bad, amoy onions” as she covers her nose. (Maya sumisimple ka ha)

Richard: “Ang yabang, ikaw nga paamoy din, lets see who smells bad?” as he moves towards her.

Maya: “What? No!” tatakbo ulit.

Richard: “Sige na, ok. I do smell bad. I will just remove my shirt” now with only his white undershirt. (hay naku Maya, kaya mo pa ba?)

Maya: “Joke lang, mabango ka pa din.” then she went to the kitchen to cook her pasta, while Richard works on his emails.


Richard: “I will wash the dishes, di pwede mabasa hands mo.”

Maya: “Ok, sige. Prepare ko na coffee natin. Anong dessert?

Richard: “Ako!”

Maya: “Huh? Kakainis naman eh.”

Richard : “Nandun sa ref yung cake.”

Maya: “Bakit ang laki naman nitong cake? Di natin mauubos ito ngayon.

Richard: “Eh di, bukas ulit.” (Style mo Richard)


After dinner, they were seated on the couch, while eating the cake.

Richard: “Kaya mo ba kumain ng cake?”

Maya: ”Oo naman, nakapagluto nga ako eh. Atsaka nahiwa lang naman yung kamay ko, hindi naputol no” she teased him

Richard: “Baka kasi kailangan subuan kita ng cake.”

Maya: “Ano yun? Parang sa kasal subuan ng cake?” Maya blushed realizing what she just said.

Richard: “Oo, para practice”

Maya: “Ano ba,” as he tried to feed her a piece of cake.  Left with no choice, she accepted it, then she pushed his hand away a little while she swallowed it “ Ano ba, ang laki naman nyan, parang pinapatay mo na asawa mo, Death by Choking ” he smiled

“You are really so funny” as he wiped off the icing from her face with his thumb.


They watched a kind of boring movie (pinili ni Richard) and Maya dozed off  with her head leaning on his shoulders.

Richard: “Maya?” he whispered softly. “You want to rest na?” she nodded. “Go to your room. Maaga pa tayo bukas. Sunduin kita tomrw ha.”


Richard: “Are you sure you are ok here?”

Maya: “Oo naman, ano ka ba. Sanay ako magisa no”

Richard: ”I just want to make sure that you are ok. I’m worried kasi everytime I leave you here alone.”

Maya: ”Parang ayaw mo umuwi ha.”

Richard: ”Ayoko nga umuwi. Pwede?”

Maya: ”hehehe hindi pwede.Go home gagabihin ka.”


This is the typical nighttime routine of Richard and Maya. They prepare their dinner, then either do their work together, watch a movie, play games, magkwentuhan or just sitting side by side having coffee doing nothing. Then Richard will leave around 8pm.


Note to reader: So what’s the status now? I don’t think that they are just special friends. Well, I would say It’s Complicated. Parang M.U.

Till next time.


3 thoughts on “Story of Me – part 15

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  2. Eto lang ang masasabi ko… Ang gulo nila! hahaha! Pero ang sweet. Umamin na kasi eh para clear na clear 😀

    Next please!

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