Story of Me – part 17

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiAThis is a continuation to Story of Me – part 16.





Story of Me Part 17 Jealous?

Maya: I’m not seeing Simon. Masaya ka na?” Richard still not listening, then she continued “ok, fine, para matapos na ito, isasama kita sa pupuntahan ko para maintindihan mo.” Then this time, she grabbed Richards’ hand tightly as they went to the car, Richard, left with no choice followed her.

That day was the death anniversary of her parents and they went to Manila Memorial Park.



She prayed silently for awhile. It breaks his heart to see his Maya filled with sadness and loneliness that she had tried to cover with her laughter. He can’t control the urge to hold her close to comfort her and he did. Both were silent as they stood in front of her parents grave. She can feel the warmth, the comfort, the love only Richard can give. Tears slowly filled her eyes, as Richard wiped her tears away.

Maya:  “Last year, it was just before Christmas when I received a call that my parents had an accident. Both were in comma for several weeks before they finally left me.” He tightened his hold on her when she stopped giving her the courage to continue. “They were the only ones I had and I felt so alone. At that time, Simon was there. Maybe, I would not have made it through kung wala siya also Rafi and my other friends.” Trying to comfort her, he adjusted his position so Maya’s head can rest on his shoulders as he gently kissed her on her forehead. Then she continued “Everbody thought na sana kami na nga ni Simon because he helped me go through with it.” there was twinge of pain in his heart, hearing this. How he wished he was there at that time when she needed somebody. “Pero hindi talaga pwede,  he’s like a brother I never had.” She took a deep breath, then she continued. “I have to be strong because I don’t want to be a burden to him and to my other friends. Soon, they will have their own lives, like Simon with Edsel or Rafi with Charlie, and I will realize that I will be alone again.”

Ricahrd: “Maya, you are not alone. Nandito lang ako.”

Maya: “I know, kaya nga nagpapasalamat ako kahit sandali nandyan ka sa tabi ko.”

“Soon, iiwan mo din ako when you found someone na, then I will be left alone again, maybe until the time na makita ko na sya.”

Richard: “Maya, I will never leave you” he assured her.

Maya: “Alam mo, akala ng iba ok na ok na ako. Pero alam mo ba until now, I have not completely recovered from their loss? At night I still cry, remembering how it was before.” Then she continued “Remember during my interview sinabi ko, my family owns a chain of restaurant? He nodded. “Since my parents died, not even once have I visited any of them. You know why? Because it will remind me of how happy I was before.

Richard: “So who’s managing your business?”

Maya : James Ventura. Anak sya ng business partners ng parents ko. His parents transferred all their shares to him recently and he’s been managing the company ever since. I heard that he’s doing well in managing the business. And I feel that I have not been doing my part in the success of the company.  I felt so guilty, parang pinabayaan ko lang yung pinaghirapan ng parents ko.”


Richard: “So is this the reason why you are resigning from the company?”

Maya: “Yes, I have been thinking about this for weeks now. James has been calling me since last week trying to convince me to help him manage the business. Technically, we both share equally the majority of the shares. Do you think I should try?”

Richard: “You know how important you are to my company, and you know how I always wanted you to be with me. I will be lying if I say masaya ako na aalis ka. But I want you to learn to overcome whatever fears you have. To experience other things that you have not experienced before. And I will always be here for you kung nasaan ka man.”


Richard: “Ok, here’s my suggestion. You are a valuable asset to the company, if you will agree, you can work for Lim Industries as a consultant for the meantime, while you try to manage the affairs of your family business. Now, if things doesn’t work out, our doors will be open to welcome you back if you choose to. If not then I have to let you go. (trabaho lang ang pinaguusapan dito ha.)


Maya: “Thank you,” and she ugged him so tight and kissed him on his cheek. “I will see James tomorrow. We will have lunch together to discuss how to manage the business.”


Sa office, lunch time.

Richard: “Ready for lunch?” he texted her.

Maya: then she calls him “Nakalimutan mo? I have lunch with James di ba?.”

Richard: “Saan kayo maglunch?”

Maya: « Sa main branch namin sa The Fort so I would get to know our employees. Richard, kinakabahan ako. Its also my first time to see him, I only talk to him on the phone. I don’treally know anything about the business, baka pumalpak ako. Paano kung masungit….”


Richard: “Relax Maya. Ito ngang Engineering group naayos mo. So kaya mo din yon. Basta kung gusto mo, its ok that you work part time muna so you can check it out first.”


Then she received a call from the intercom. “Maam, may bisita po kayo Mr. James Ventura po,

Maya: “Sige, paakyatin mo.”

Richard: “Maya, you’ll be fine.”

Maya: Thanks.


Richard went out of his room to check on Maya’s visitor. Then he saw James Ventura. Maya greeted him and she was greeted with a warm embrace and a soft kiss on both side of her cheeks. She blushed, then saw Richard looking at them with raised brows. She smiled at him. She went to get her bag then went out for lunch. James escorting her out with hands on her arms.


Richard went back to his room feeling anxious as he waits for Maya’s return.”I didn’t expect James to be like this. I thought he’s much older but he’s almost the same age as Maya.” he thought to himself. Then he heard some voices right outside his door.  


Lisa: “Maya, sino ‘yong gwapong bisita mo?”

Maya: “Kayo talaga. Business partner namin yon.”

Lisa: “Grabe bagay kayo. Pag niligawan ka, sagutin mo agad.”

Maya: “Sobra kayo talaga,”

Lisa: “Bakit? May girlfriend ba?

Maya: “Wala”

Lisa: “May asawa?”

Maya: “Wala din”

Lisa: “Uy… alam nya… di pa nangligaw?” she teased Maya.

Maya: “Tigilan nyo nga ako.” Then she saw Richard. “O, Richard, kumain ka na?”

Richard: “I was busy.”

Maya: “I’m on my way to your office nga eh.” Then she handed a paper bag “Oh eto, binilihan kita. Alam ko makakalimutan mo na naman kumain.”

Richard: “Thanks Maya, pero busog pa ako.” then he turned his back on her. (Parang galit?)

Maya: “Hay naku, bring this sa room mo, I will get your plate. Gusto mo coffee?”

Richard: “Sige, please.”


Lisa with other officemates just looked at them as they exchanged these words. “Hala, nagselos si Sir” Lisa thought.


Lagot, buko na kayo MAYA and RICHARD.



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