You Assume Too Much Maya

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Author: Timmy_77







7pm, arrival area.

SC: Maya! (he kisses her and hugs her) I missed you. How was your flight?

Maya: Miss agad SC? Hinatidmolangakokanina, ah!

SC: Of course I always miss you pagwalakasatabiko.

Maya: Sus ang sweet naman. Ano bang meron?

SC: Ah wala. Tara na? I have a surprise for you. (he was really excited to show her)

Maya: Talaga? Asan?

SC: It’s in the car. (he smiles at her sweetly) I’ll give it to you later.

Maya: Wow excited naako SC.

SC: Let’s have dinner namuna before I bring you to your condo. Is that okay? Later na din yun surprise.

Maya: Okay na okay SC. Gutomnarinako.

Richard just fetched Maya from her evening flight. They had dinner before bringing her to the condo. On the way to her condo, he dropped by a bakeshop to buy the chocolate cake Nikki requested him to buy. Nikki and her friends were having a sleepover and she requested her favourite cake from her daddy.

SC: Maya ditokanalangsakotse so you can rest. I’ll be quick.

Maya: Ah sige SC ditonalangako.

SC: Do you want something? Cookies?Cake?Juice?

Maya: Wag na SC. Kumain pa langtayo, di ba? Sigenabilikanang request ni Nikki.

Richard went to the bakeshop while Maya was left in the car. She was reaching for the pillow at the backseat when a gold bag caught her attention. She curiously peeked in and was shocked to see the contents.

Inside the bag were various adult toys, adult magazines and even offensive dvds. Then she suddenly remembered what Richard said upon her arrival at the airport. He told her that he has a surprise for her. He said the surprise is in the car. Kinabahansi Maya.

Maya was still examining the contents when suddenly she saw Richard emerging from the bakeshop’s front door. She hurriedly  fixed the bag and returned it to its original position.

SC: (smiles at her) Nainipka? Let’s go.

Maya was silent. She just nods her head. She was stiff. What she saw appalled her. The image of her SC suddenly changed the moment she saw the contents of the bag. Was it his dark secret? And why would he want to share it with her? The mere thought of how those stuff were used frightened her.

Maya’s impression of her SC was that of a decent guy. Someone respectable.Someone who never, in her mind, would resort to those “offensive, vulgar, adult kind of activities” especially with his girlfriend.  It really scared and also disgusted her. What if he insists? What if he coaxes her into doing it.  He has been naughty with his quips but never attempted to bring up any topic leading to doing it. She remembers Kute saying that you will never really know the true person unless you are with him.

Her musings were interrupted by Richard’s voice

SC: Maya! Maya!

Maya: Ay Maya!

SC: Bakitparanganglalimnginiisipmo? Is there something wrong?

Maya: (ayawnyangmagpahalatakay SC na affected siyasanakitaniya) Ah eh wala SC. May naalalalangakosa work.

SC: I thought kasi may problemaka.

Maya: Ah wala. (she manages to smile)

Upon arrival at the condo, Maya hurriedly removes her seatbelt and opens the car door. She didn’t wait for Richard to open it for her.

SC: O why are you in a hurry? Teka, I’ll get your luggage pa.

Maya: Kelangankonaumakyat SC. I need to go to the bathroom (her excuse)

SC: Ah o sige, if you want isusunodkonalangyun luggage.

Maya: Ah wag na SC. Kayang kaya konayan. Atsakahinihintaynani Nikki yun cake.

SC: Okay. Goodnight then

He was on the act of kissing her on the cheek when Maya suddenly turned around and headed towards the elevator leaving him by the condo’s entrance.

He just dismissed it and thought that Maya badly needed to go to the bathroom.

He returns to his car then leaves.

While driving he calls her.

SC: Okay nabayuntiyanmo?

Maya: Huh?

SC: Di bakanina you were in a hurry kasi you need to go to the bathroom? So okay kana? Do you want me to bring you medicine? Ano bang nararamdamanmo?

Maya: (suddenly realized her excuse for being in a hurry to go to her room) Ah okay na SC. Wag kanang mag-alala.

SC: Glad to hear that. Sigemagpahingakana.

Maya: Sige SC. Goodnight!

SC: I love you.

Maya: I love you too SC.

SC: Ah Maya?

Maya: Ano SC?

SC: You were in such a hurry, I forgot to give my surprise.

Maya: (remembers what she saw again) Ah eh, sasusunodnalang SC.

Richard was confused why Maya didn’t bug him about the surprise. She could be persistent at times but a while ago, she seemed to have forgotten about it and now she seemed to be uninterested.

SC: Bukaskonalangibigay. Ill fetch you, ok? Then we’ll have dinner together. Walanamangmasyadong work sa office. Let’s go somewhere else para we could enjoy our time together.

The last line scared her. She needs to come up with an excuse asap!

Maya: Ah SC, pass namunabukas. May tatapusinlangmunakasi kami niEmman.

SC: (disappointed) Ok then. Just don’t forget to call me or text me. Goodnight again.

Maya: (with a sigh of relief) Goodnight SC. Ingatsapagdive.

SC headed home while Maya, spent the rest of the night tossing and turning. She can’t forget what she saw.

This has been her routine for the following days. She comes up with excuses so as not to be with him. Richard noticed this already after her 3 consecutive days of begging off from seeing each other. He just allowed her and thought Maya just needs time for herself too. But on the fifth day, he calls her.

SC: Hello Maya. Asanka?

Maya: Ah SC busy pa ako. Itetextnalangkitapag free naako.

SC: Do we have a problem Maya? (he asked her. He could sense something wrong.)

Maya:  Eh wala SC. Bakitmonamannatanong?

SC: You’ve been avoiding me. You always come up with an excuse not to see me. Bakitba? Have I done something wrong? (his voice worried)

Maya: Ah SC walanaman. Busy langtalagaakosa work.

SC: Fine kasibukasnayun scheduled trip natin to the new hangar in Clark. I’ve checked your schedule with Time Airways and it was cleared for the next two days. Work langnamanyun excuse mo, so I presume, you would come with us tomorrow since walakanamang work sa TA.

Maya was trapped. She cant find any excuse anymore. She also didn’t want Richard to notice that she’s avoiding him.

Maya: Of course SC. Sasamaakosainyongmgabata.

SC: Settled then. I’ll fetch you early paramaagarintayomakarating dun.

The following morning, Richard was knocking at her condo around 6am.

Maya opens the door.

SC: (kisses her) Good Morning! Here, this is for you and Emman. (he hands her 2 cups of coffee and a bag of pandesal he bought while on his way to the condo.

Maya: Nag-abalaka pa SC. Iwankonalangetong coffee niEmman. Tulog pa kasisiya.Dalhinkonalangyun akin.

She gathers her things then heads out the door.

SC: Let’s go?

Maya: tarana SC para di tayomatraffic.

They went to the car and Maya was surprised that the kids aren’t there.

Maya: SC Yung mgabata?

SC: Ah they decided to just stay home. They will be bored anyway. Good that they didn’t come. We have all the time for ourselves (he smiles)

Maya glanced at the backseat and the gold bag is still there. She was suddenly worried again. She’ll be spending the weekend with him.

Upon arrival at Clark, they were met by Atty Ryan just outside the hangar.

Maya alights from the car while Richard proceeded to park it.

Atty Ryan: Hi Maya! Kumustayunbyahe? Have you two eaten lunch? Meron pa atasa office ni Richard. Nagpabilikasisi Liza kanina while we were having a meeting.

Maya: Ok lang Ryan. Dumaanna kami ni SC sarestoparamaglunch.

Richard joins them.

SC: O brod, paaliskana? How was the meeting? Are they done? Pumuntayun clients?

Atty Ryan: Oobrod, the meeting was productive, maramingnapagusapan and nandunyunlahatngclientsnatin. Liza and Sony will brief you with it but Ill just go back tomorrow for the legal documents and other details. Aayusinkomunayunkasongisakongkliyente. Which reminds me… kuninkonapalayunpinatagokosa’yo.

SC: Ah oonga. Here are the keys. Ikawnakumuha.

Atty Ryan proceeds to the car and retrieves the gold bag which had caused Maya too many sleepless nights and assumptions on her SC.

Ryan is now carrying the bag which Maya is looking at intently. Atty Ryan was quick to notice this.

Atty Ryan: Ah Maya, sakliyenteko to. Evidence sa case nya against her husband.

Maya was suddenly shy. Her head bowed down.

Maya: Ah eh…

Mukhangibakasiyuntingin mo.  Hindi akin to ha! (natatawangsabiniAtty Ryan)

Maya: Ah hindi Ryan. Hindi konamaniniisipnasayoyan.

Atty Ryan: Kasiakalako….

She was glancing shyly at Richard who was having a confused look on his face.

Atty Ryan: (laughs) At of course hindikay Richard. Conservative yan Maya.Hindi siyamarunonggumamitngmgaito.

Maya: (turns red, just bows her head in embarrassment)

Richard was clueless with what the two were talking about.

SC: Anobayanbrod? (pointing to the bag) What’s the fuss about it?

Atty Ryan: Ah… Etoyun evidence brod, yunkinukuwentokosa’yo. Yun collection of kinky stuff ngasawang client ko.

Richard’s eyes grew big.

SC: Brod you mean to say, I was driving with that in my car the whole time? Kala kodamitmoangnasa bag? Good thing the kids never used the car this week. You should have told me. (he was slightly annoyed)

Atty Ryan: (stifles a laugh) Nakubrod, I told you kaya. I even disclosed the contents. Kaso busy kaatakakatextkay Maya that time, hahaha!

SC: (shakes his head) Lokokatalagabrod. Sigena. Bring that with you nabago pa may makakitanyan at mapagkamalan pa nasa akin. (he was laughing too)

Atty Ryan: Sigebrod. See you tomorrow. Maya, enjoy kayongdalawasapamamasyalditosa Clark.

Maya: Ah sige Ryan. Ingatna din sapagdrive.

Atty Ryan leaves. Maya was relieved. It was evident on her face.

Now inside his office, he asks.

SC: Maya how come you knew about that stuff of Ryan?

Maya: Ah eh SC. Di konamansinasadya…. Nacuriouslangako…. Nakitakoyun bag… Kaya….

Then realization dawned on him…

SC: Oh my God Maya! So that’s the reason why you’ve been avoiding me the whole week?

Walangimiksi Maya. She was embarrassed to have assumed wrongly.

SC: You thought that was mine? And worse, I presume, you thought nayunang surprise kosa’yo?

He was laughing now.

He finds it amusing while Maya has turned red in embarrassment.

Maya: Eh kasinaman SC… (head bowed down)

SC: Nakakaramikana Maya. (he smirks and puts on a sad face)

Maya: SC. Sorry na.Akalakokasi….

SC:  Why didn’t you ask? Why did you look into the bag in the first place? Yan tuloy.Nashockkasanakita mo. (he’s grinning)

Maya: Kasinaman SC. Kala konandunyun surprise mo. Atsaka gold yun bag. Nakakacurious.

SC: Hay naku. Kulitmotalaga Maya.

Maya: SC

SC: What?

Maya: Puwedengkalimutannalangnatinyunnangyari?

SC: No!

Maya: SC naman eh…

SC: O sige. Just promise next time to ask first before you assume. Besides do you really think I would use those? Seriously?

Maya: Malay koba if may dark secret ka…

SC: No I don’t have any.

SC: And besides, I don’t need those stuff in Ryan’s bag to make you happy. I am capable myself, without the help of props, to make you ecstatic. (he grins mischievously)

Nanlakiangmatani Maya.

Maya: Sir Chief!!!!

SC: Just kidding, just kidding…

SC: Tara na.Alisnatayo.

Maya: O kalako may gagawinkaditosa hangar?

SC: Engr. Yamaguchi, Sonny and Liza can handle it.

Maya: Eh yunsinabimonaaasikasuhinmo?

SC: I’m gonna do that now kaya tarana.Ikawangaasikasuhinko. Ipapasyalkita. I missed you. Atsakababawikasa 1 week napagiwasmosakin. We will have the rest of the day to ourselves.

Maya was excited. She also missed Richard and she regretted wasting the whole week avoiding him just because of her silly assumptions.

She then embraces Richard and kisses him on both cheeks.

Maya: Sorry na ha SC! I love you. (she looks at him lovingly)

Richard smiles and kisses her on the forehead.

SC: (retrieves something from his bag) O Here’s my surprise for you pala. I made that myself. Luke helped me print it. Si Nikki at Abby yunpumiling pictures peroakoyunnageditnyan. Anghirappala. (he was laughing)

The surprise was a framed collage of 6 of their pictures – his picture in Baguio, her picture during the prom, their picture together during the hangar launch, their  picture with the kids, their picture with Manang Fe, Doris, Sabel and Joma and lastly their picture together with her family in San Nicolas taken during New Year.

He had two copies of it, one for him and one for her. Maya was teary eyed. She was so touched that Richard went out of his way to do this.

Maya: Thank you (she pauses for awhile) Richard…

Richard lovingly looks at her. His heart skipped at her mention of his name. It was the first time she did it and he loved the way she said it.

They hugged each other tightly.

Inside the car, Maya is in deep thought then she glances at Richard, then at the window then at Richard again…

SC: Say it Maya…

Maya: Angano SC?

SC: Alamkong may gusto kangsabihin, say it. Im all ears.

Maya: Ah..ehnakakahiya.

SC: Pagkataposnglahatlahat, ngayonka pa mahihiya? Sigena, sabihinmona.Akolangnaman to.

Maya: Ah eh… SC… ginagamitbatalagayun?

SC: (knows what she was leading to already but pretended he doesn’t know) Angalin?

Maya: Yun mgadala-dalani Ryan.

SC: Anobakasimganakitamodun? (he tries to suppress a grin)

Maya: Madami SC. Pantali, mgatusoktusoknabagay, matatalimnabagaytaposmgamalalaswang videos at magazines.

SC: At talagang detailed ha! You really were curious peeking at that bag.

Maya: SC naman eh. Para san bayun?Bakitkailanganyun?Di bamasamayun?

SC: Maya, it’s not naman bad to own those things or explore, as they say. Some couples are comfortable doing it while others are not. It becomes wrong if you force your partner in engaging in those activities without their consent, yunparang you force them into doing it. That’s what happened to Ryan’s client. But some couples do it. It adds spice to their married life or intimacy. Others say that it makes them closer to each other. Why do you ask? (he’s uncomfortable already)

Maya:  Walanaman SC.  Kayo SC, gumamit din kayo nun?

SC: (his eyes grew big, but tried to maintain his composure despite the fact that the other part of his body is getting affected by the conversation they are having) No!!! I never used those. Alex and I were not comfortable. Haven’t used them “yet” anyway.Unless you are willing to explore them with me… (he smiles naughtily)

Maya: Uy SC ha! Hindi ah! Walaakongsinasabingganyan.

SC: Then why all of a sudden you’re interested in talking about it?

Maya: Curious ngaako di ba. AtsakapinaguusapanyanpalagininaEds, Ruby at Josh.

SC: They’re using those kinky stuff? (nanlakiangmatani Richard)

Maya: Hindi SC. Yun anolang, yun “being intimate” lang. Nagkukuwentuhansilangmgaginagawanila.

SC: Hmmm (he was also curious now) So what do you feel while nagkukuwentosila? Hindi kabanaiinggit?Hindi basilanagtatanong about “us”?

Maya: Hindi akonaiingit SC, grabeka! Nagtatanongsila if ano daw… alammona…

SC: So anongsagotmo?

Maya: Sabikosakanila, gentleman ka and you don’t take advantage of me. (she couldn’t look at him while saying these)

SC: There you go again.

Maya: Ano SC?

SC: You again assume.

Maya: Assume ngano SC?

SC: That “gentleman” ako.

Maya’s eyes grew big, she looks at him

Maya: Oo kaya.

SC: (feigned to have a very serious look on his face) Well, Ms.Dela Rosa, I am not! Kaya let’s go…

Maya: (voice worried) Sir Chief… san tayopupunta?

SC:  Kanina, I was planning to tour Clark kaso I changed my mind, sa hotel room nalangtayodederetso (grins naughtily).

Maya: (unconsciously covers her hand to her chest) A…anonggagawinnatin SC?

SC: I want to prove to you that your assumptions are wrong. (winks at her)

Initially Maya was scared, but realized that Richard was always teasing her about it so she decided to play along. Alamnyanghanggang biro langnamansi SC. She tried to put on a brave front.

Maya: (tried her best to look unaffected, then puts her left hand on SC’s right lap) San kang hotel nagpa-book SC? (she looks at him and smiles sweetly)

Maya’s hand on his lap jolted him. He swallowed hard. Beads of sweat are now forming on his forehead.

SC: Maya remove your hand. Im driving. (he commanded, believing that his higher-than-usual voice would mask the discomfort he’s feeling now)

Maya: Sungitnamannito. Kamaynamanangginagamitmosapagdrive eh. (she knows that Richard was affected by her move. She felt triumphant already)

SC: Basta! Remove it. Atsakaangsikipng pants ko. I don’t feel comfortable. Ang init.

Maya: Huh! Anglamig kaya ngairconmoatsakamaluwagnaman yang pants mo. Di bayanyunbinilinatin last week?

SC: (to himself) maluwagkaninaMaya ,pero kung di mo pa akotitigilan mas sisikipyan.

Maya: (pretends to innocently look at SC) SC, okay kalang? Bakitparang di kamapakalijan? Uy SC…

SC: Matulogkanangamuna Maya. We have 15 minutes to reach the hotel. (stop being a tease, he wanted to tell her)

Maya: Ayokonga. Gusto komakipagkwentuhan.

SC: Then makipagkwentuhanka. Just keep your hands to yourself or we would meet an accident.

He heard her chuckle. He was certain that Maya was intentionally teasing him so he suddenly parks his car at the side of the road, faces Maya, gazes at her intently then presses his lips on hers., gently at first then hungrily. Maya was too shocked to return the kiss. When he realized that she was not returning his kiss, he breaks from it, his gaze intense.

SC: That would keep you quiet for the rest of our ride to the hotel, where we would continue our unfinished business.

Richard smiles while Maya was still speechless at what Richard just did. She unconsciously touches her lips while Richard on the other hand had his eyes on the road while flashing his lopsided grin.

—- oooo —–




















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