Undercover– Case. 01

Author: blossom

Author’s Note:

Well look who is back? 😀

Thank you very much for your support for my recently concluded series ‘The Woman Who Tamed the Tiger’. If you haven’t read the epilogue yet, better check it out! The Woman Who Tamed the Tiger – part 13.

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And now I proudly present my new baby plot bunny. Hope you’ll like it!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the creative minds behind Be Careful with My Heart… only this futile attempt of an alternate reality for the protagonists. Also, I may have borrowed some names from various anime here. Not also my property, credits go to their respective mangaka.

Warning: Expect a 360 turn in some of the characters. Like Bride Trials, this is an Alternate Reality—another curious possibility in our dear couple’s situations.



Bullet 01. Sparrow’s Assignment

Sanada Gumi, Tokyo, Japan

“Hey. Are you a ‘child of night’?”

“I am. Are you the ‘hunter of night’?”

“When the night falls down, the shadows creep.”

“The ambers of fiery phoenix soar and the raven chasers unleashed.”

“Password granted. The Boss is inside.”

“Arigato.’ Thank you.



“To what do I owe this visit, Tsubame-chan?

“I prefer the English version.”

“Fine, Sparrow. So any reason for this visit?”

“I missed Kana-baa-chan’s manju.”

“Only her?”

“… and the cherry blossom trees too. Your charms won’t work on me Genichiro.”

“But it did, last night.”

“Reality is far different from your dreams Gen.”

“Touche. So what’s the status?”

“The worms are working their way up. Hawk’s been making some moves. He plans on relocating to Asia since the Boston incident.”

“Hmm, exact location?”

“Manila, Philippines.”

“Damn. You must be royally pissed off.”

“You have no idea.”

“What’s the White’s decision?”

“What else. My specialty.”

“Figures. They can’t do anything without you huh? Say, Tsubame-chan, why don’t you stop playing around that stupid top secret government organization? The yakuza life suits you better! The Sanada Gumi, greatest family in Kyoto is more than happy to welcome you among our ranks. That corrupt government doesn’t deserve you!”

“You give me too much credit Sanada Genichirou-san.”

“And they don’t give you enough… Ma-

“Enough Gen. This talk is over.

“For now. Any movements from the Silver Magician?”

“The usual. But Hawk’s starting to make some business deals with him. Official of course. He’s trying to gain the Magician’s trust, though I doubt he’ll be successful soon. The Magician’s intuition is scary. He’s suspicious of Hawk.”

“As expected. I can’t believe he doesn’t have a famiglia.”

“He doesn’t have an official one. But he has this ‘brotherhood’ going on, on par with the intelligence and skills of your yakuza. And, his father has some connections with the Chinese Triad.”

“Interesting. Which one?”


“Whoa. That’s amazing. Do you think he knows were into him?”

“No, but he suspects there’s something going on. Our contacts told us of his not-so-secret doubled security measures. He’s a very cautious man.”

“Then by all means the better. It’s good that he can protect himself. By the way, Tsuna told me they’re done dealing with the Boratio Famiglia.”

“Oh, those low-lives specializing in child-trafficking?”

“Yeah, Tsuna didn’t show them mercy. You know how the Saint of Sky is, the saint among the blood shedders– he’ll destroy anyone who goes against his morals. He’s coming home with his guardians soon.”

“Good. We’re going to need them soon. Don’t let your guard down Gen.”

“Of course.”

“This may be the last time we’ll see each other in a while.”

“Is that equivalent to saying that you’ll miss me?”

“You wish.”

“I always do.”

“This assignment would probably take longer than the usual. Stay in touch with Tsuna and Xiao Lang. I’ll coordinate with Eagle and Swallow to relay intel.”

“Where’s your assignment by the way?”




“Then its settled, you’re sticking to the Magician. But what’s your role going to be?”


“A what?! And YOU accepted this?”

“No choice.”

“Well, good luck. You’ll need it.”

“Yeah, I have to beat the Magician in his game.  This is the hardest and most humiliating assignment that I’ll ever handle in my entire career.”

“And the most dangerous and exciting too… Say, want a stumble in the bed before you leave?”

“Don’t give me your shit Gen.”

“So cold! You better polish your brash attitude soon, or he’ll find out Tsubame-chan.”

“Whatever. I’ll cross the bridge when I get there. I’ll go ahead. Ja.

“See you soon, Tsubame-chan, iie- Sparrow.”


Lim Residence, Manila, Philippines

“I don’t care!”

“Don’t turn your back on me Luke!”

“Shut up!”

“Luke Andrew Lim!”

“Kuya, Dad! Please stop fighting! No!”

“Don’t butt in Nikki Grace.”

“But Dad! Abby’s already crying!”

“Abby… I’m so sorry baby, come here.”

“Tsk. Tsk.”

“Who are you and how did you get in here? Manang Fe!”

“Ano po iyon Sir?”

“Paano nakapasok itong babaeng ito?”

“Po? Ah, hindi ko po alam-

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“Mr. Lim, dapat po ginagalang ang mga nakakatanda. May susi po ako, kaya ako nakapasok. Good morning everyone! Ako po si Maya dela Rosa, ang bagong yaya ni Abby!”

“I don’t know you.”

“Kaya nga po nagpapakilala di ba sir?”

“Don’t get sassy on me. I didn’t hire anybody.”

“Ang mama niyo po ang nag-hire sa akin…with the strict instructions to take care of you and your family daw po.”

“I didn’t agree to this! I don’t even know you!”

“Well, Mr. Lim, let’s spend the whole time getting to know each other! Again, I’m Maya dela Rosa, 25 years old and I’ll be the best yaya in town!”

‘Kill me now please. Stupid assignment. Stupid Hawk. Stupid Magician.’


To be continued.

Thoughts please? So, what do you think? Can you guess the real identity of the coded names? Well, stay tuned! 😀

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“Ma, sino tong babaeng to?”


“This nanny who claimed to be referred by you.”

“Oh, Maya! Yes. She’s a very hard-working and pleasant person anak. She’ll be the best person to help you with the kids.”

“I can take care of my children by myself.”

“Can you? When was the last time you had a decent talk with your children that doesn’t involve you and Luke yelling at each other, Nikki trying to be the mediator and Abby silently crying at the background?”


“Just accept her help Ricky. She’ll do you good.”

“I don’t trust her.”

“But I do. Do you trust your mother?”


“Then give Maya a chance to prove herself. Malay mo, you’ll be surprised with what you’ll find.”

“I don’t know what you mean Ma.”

“Oh, in due time Ricky. In due time…”


“Sir, marunong po ba kayong ngumiti?”


“Sir, umurong po ata dila niyo, di niyo po kasi ginagamit eh.”


“Sir, bading po kayo?”

“Shut up Ms. dela Rosa!”

“Uy, buhay pa yung dila niya!”

“Do you want to get fired?”

“May lahi po kayong pyromaniac sir?”

“… Whatever.”


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  1. Hahaha this is cute and exciting sweetie! Can’t wait for the continuation of this. Love it sweetie. Good luck God bless you always.

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