Reservation for Three – Part 2

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to missserenity. This is a continuation to Reservation for Three -part 1.

A/N: Author’s note: Bagoanglahat, sorry pokungmedyo mainstream or medyo boring yung Part 1. Promise, may plot twist ‘to. Hintay lang. Super big thankiesamga readers, silent man o active. Thank you rinsa EB admins for adding this story to this wonderful site. More power, guys! Kapit-bisig!

P.S. I purposely adjusted their anniversary in this fanficna may pasokyung kids. As we all know, bakasyonyung anniversary nila. Sadyangkailanganlangiadjust to make everything work. =) Without further ado, etonaang Part 2.


Author: missserenity




Right after their conversation with their dad, Nikki seems bothered. She has been in deep thought since she entered her room.


Nikki to herself: How would it be a surprise kaya e Ate Maya needs to pack her clothes and her other things pa for their three day tripsa cruise. Then she would know na! Hindi na surprise! G-R-R-R! How would this plan work? I have to help dad make this a surprise for Ate Maya.


Then she remembered Maya’s roommate, Emman.


Nikki: Oh my gee! I think I know na the solution to my problem!


Then she went to her dad’s office to check if he’s there. She found her dad in his home office. Richard was busy doing something in his laptop.


Nikki: Dad?

Richard: Niks? Bakitgisingka pa? You have school tomorrow.

Nikki: It’s about your surprise for Ate Maya.

Richard: Hmm. What about it?

Nikki: Di ba dad, you’ll be on the cruise for three days e how would we bring Ate Maya’s clothes and other things there without her knowing? Di banga you said you want to surprise her?

Richard: Now that you said it, how will we be able to do that, Niks?

Nikki: That’s why I came to you, dad. I already have a solution for this dilemma.

Richard: Really, Niks? What is it?

Nikki: I was thinking nasiEmmannalangpoyungbahala mag-ayosng things ni Ate Maya for the trip. He can do it when Ate Maya is away. Dad, can I help Emmy arrange Ate Maya’s things? I really reallywanna help.

Richard: Okay. But let’s coordinate muna with Emman. Let’s plan this carefully. We wouldn’t want it namakahalatasa’tinsi Maya.

Nikki: Yes, dad! Oh my gee! I’m really super excited na for this! Do you have na the details of your destination, dad?

Richard: Yes, I looked it up already. Wait, I’ll show you the details on my laptop.


Richard opened a website showing the cruise and its destination. He showed it to Nikki.


Nikki: Oh my gee! Dad! Everything here is perfect! Wait lang, dad ha. Can I borrow your laptop for a while? I would just take down the details on my phone’s notes paramakahanap din kami ni Emmy ng perfect outfits for Ate Maya patinarin the things that she would need.

Richard: Take your time, Niks.


Mataposmagtake down ng notes sa phone niyasi Nikki…

Nikki: Thankie dad! I’m done na. Dad, let’s call Emmy na. I think he’s still awake at this time pa naman e. Please, daddy. I won’t be able to sleep hanggang di komasabikay Emmy ‘to.

Richard: Okay, let me talk to him too.

Nikki: Okay, dad. I’ll just put him on speaker phone (loudspeaker on some devices).


On the other hand, sa condo niEmman…

Emman to himself: Grabesi roomie, borlogsagad. Palibhasa, galingsa flight. I’ll just go to my room nangalangparamakapag beauty rest narinanglola mo.

NasakwartonasiEmman when his phone rang…

Emman to himself: Anongorasna? Bakit kaya napatawagsi Nikki girl? Is this about Mallows?


HinayaanmunaniEmmannamagsalitasi Nikki.

Nikki: Hi Emmy! You’re currently on speaker phone. Dad’s with me. We want to ask a favor kasi. Dad, you tell Emmy na your plan.

Emman: Hi Nikki girl, Hi Sir Richard! So, anopobaangplanoniyo?

Richard: Kasiganitoyun, Emman. In two weeks, Maya and I will be celebrating our first anniversary. I wanted to take her to a cruise pero I want it to be a surprise. We will have lunch munabago kami pumunta dun sa cruise. Yung lunch nayunyungpagmumukhain naming surprise. Maya, not knowing nahindi pa yuntalagayung surprise ko for her.

Emman: Ay ang sweet naman Sir Richard! Ginamit pa talagang front yung lunch parahinditalaga mag expect si roomie ng mas bonggang surprise gayang cruise! E, Sir Richard, Nikki girl, what can I do to help?

Nikki: It’s a three day trip kasi, Emmy. They will be on the cruise and pupuntarinsilasaisang romantic destination! So the thing is, we need you to help us pack Ate Maya’s stuff. From clothes to everything she needs for the trip. I will be helping you choose Ate Maya’s clothes and other stuff, is that okay with you, Emmy?

Emman: Okay sa ‘kin yun, Nikki girl. Pero di ba may pasokka?

Nikki: It’s okay, Emmy. I’ll just drop by sa condo mo this weekend. Dad, please keep Ate Maya occupied after her flight this coming weekend, okay?

Emman: Naku, Nikki girl, walang flight si roomie this weekend! Bibisitanga raw siyasamansyon e.

Nikki: Dad, ikawnabahalakay Ate Maya. Emmy, sasabayakokay Dad this Saturday when he picks up Ate Maya from your condo. I’ll hide muna and I’ll go na to your condo when the coast is clear and then I’ll arrange these stuff with you.

Emman: Okay, Nikki girl! I’ll clear my schedule this weekend! We can even go to the mall and see if we can find something there for roomie!

Nikki: Oh my gee! That’s a great idea, Emmy!

Richard: I’ll just inform you guys if pabalikna kami ni Maya. Please Emman, Niks, wag kayo masyadongpahalata ah. At kung may guguluhin man kayong stuff sa closet ni Maya, paki-ayosnalangulit just the way it is. We wouldn’t want it namakahalatasi Maya.

Nikki: Okay, dad! Emmy, see you on Saturday! Bye!

Emman: Bye, Nikki girl!


Emman to himself: This is going to be so exciting! Mission impossible ang peg naminni Nikki girl nito. I just hope madistractsi roomie ni Sir Richard para we have enough time to arrange everything! Parangnung launching nung hangar, kailanganwalang repeat performance angmgadamitni roomie for their cruise. Good for three days langnamanyung trip, kaya nanaminni Nikki girl tapusin ‘to this weekend.


Meanwhile sa home office ni Richard,

Nikki: Oh dad, everything’s set na ha?

Richard: Yes, Niks. Everything’s set.

Nikki: Dad, wait. Yung limo ba okay na?

Richard: Yes, I asked Liza to arrange the things needed for the limo rental.

Nikki: Anggaling, dad ha! Hindi kanaman excited?

Richard: I just want everything to go according to plan. Tsaka okay nayungmaagap. Mamaya, makalimutanko pa yungibang details at hindinamanakomasyadong busy so, I took care of it na.

Nikki: Oh, dad! How sweet! Wait, have you contacted MangLemna? You should inform him ahead of time, dad. BakakasimagkaconflictkayMangLemyung plan kaya you have to make sure na available narinsiya that day.

Richard: You’re right, Niks. I’ll just call up MangLem tomorrow morning. You should go to bed na. Thank you for your efforts, Niks. I really appreciate it.

Nikki: It’s okay, dad. I really wanna help Ate Maya. She’s done so many things nakasi for me. I want to give back to her naman, so here I am wanting your anniversary celebration to be perfect. Good night dad!

Richard: Good night, Niks!


(Mission impossible mode siSer Chief, Nikki Girl at Rommie Emmy! Planning mode pa lang kaya sorry talaga kung medyo boring angmgaunang chapters. (Insert Ser Chief’s version of Sorryna, Pwedeba) Promise, babawipo ako! Till the next chapter! Byiee!)


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