Story of Me – Part 18

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiAThis is a continuation to Story of Me – part 17.



Story of Me Part 18 More than Special Friends

Lisa with other officemates just looked at them as they exchanged these words. “Hala, nagselos si Sir” Lisa thought.


Lagot, buko na kayo MAYA and RICHARD.


Sa office

Richard: “Maya, ok ka na? Lets go?”

Maya:”Are you tired? You want to go home na?”

Richard: “Not really. Why? You want to go somewhere?”

Maya: “Let’s have dinner muna. May surprise ako sa’yo.”

Richard: “Why? What’s the occasion?”

Maya: “Wala lang, I’m just so happy.”

Richard: “And why is that?”

Maya: “Kasi, finally, nagkita na kami ni James kanina and…” he interrupted before she can continue.

Richard: ‘Yun lang, masaya ka na?”

Maya: “Basta, sama ka sa akin. I will drive. Let’s have dinner, then I will treat you to a movie.”

Richard: “Movie? Depends on what we are watching.”

Maya: “Naman eh.” Nagtatampo. “I invited you, so I get to choose the movie.”

Richard: “I’m not really into that, you know.”

Maya: “Will you just do it for me? Please?” with pleading look.

Richard: “Fine, lets talk about the movie later. Let’s eat. Saan tayo mag dinner?”

Maya: “Sa Fort” they drove along Mckinley to BGC then she parked the car. They walked with their hands clasped together (as in holding hands while walking… may pa sway sway pa. hehehe). They finally reached the restaurant, Lacerfaire Steak House.  


Girl 1: “Good evening Maam Maya, good evening Sir”.

Maya: “Good evening,” as she smiled.

Richard surprised that all of the staff greeted them as they pass by. They were led to their seats and given their menus.

Maya: “Richard, let me order na lang ha.” Then she turned to the waiter “Please serve us our best dish. I want to impress my guest.” With twinkling eyes, she looked at Richard.  

Richard: “This is your family restaurant?” surprised look all over his face.

Maya: “Yes, this is just one of our branches.” She smiled.

Richard: “Maya, I am so happy for you.” And he hugged her so tight “You have finally managed to set foot on this place. And yet, I can see that you are truly so happy”.

Maya: “Honestly?” she moved her face a little backwards so she can look at him. “I would not have done this without you. So thank you. Thank you so much.” now on the verge of tears. “Of course, I still miss my parents, but I don’t feel so alone anymore, because you are with me.” Then she hugged him back so tight.


They had a good dinner, while talking about her plans to manage her time both for managing the restaurant and her responsibility for Lim Industries. She excused herself to go to the powder room and on her way back to their table she saw James.


Maya: “James!” she called as she walked towards him.

James: “Maya, good to see you here”. He hugged her and kissed her on both sides of her cheek (beso beso… nakakailan na ito ha.) Hows my lovely partner?

Maya: “Binola mo na naman ako.”

James:” Surprised lang ako to see you here. So what brought you here? May kasama ka?” then she remembered Richard, she glanced at him and saw him looking intently at them with raised brows.


Maya : ‘James, si Richard boss ko’ he stood up, offered his hands for a handshake.

James: “And I’m James, boss ko si Maya.” he teased her, then he excused himself “Please excuse me, I’ll have to to check on our staff, balikan ko kayo mamaya. Enjoy your dinner,” then he smiled at Maya.


Richard: “Boss mo ako?”

Maya: “Hindi ba?”

Richard: “Yes, pero. bakit boss lang ang introduction mo?”

Maya: “ eh kasi… well, I don’t really know how to introduce you kasi.” Then she continued, “Baka pag sinabi ko friend… best friend… or special friend or whatever it is… magtatanong pa yon. It’s complicated, mahirap magexplain” then she looked at him,

Maya: “Richard, talk to me.” Still no response from him. “Nagtatampo ka?” she teased him.

Richard: “No.”

Maya: “Talaga?”

Richard: “Yes.”

Maya: “Sige, smile ka nga?” he forced a smile. “Nagtatampo ka nga eh. Sige promise, pagbalik ni James sasabihin kosa kanya that you are my one and only more than special friend” then she poked him on his sides. “Tatawa na ‘yan” then she poked him on his sides again, tickling him from left to right.

Richard: “Ano ka ba. Nakakahiya.” As he squirmed from side to side, pinipigilan tumawa. “If you don’t stop that, gaganti na ako sa ‘yo.” He teased him this time, ready to poke her on her sides.  

Maya: “Ok po, stop na.” as she shove off his hands. (Natakot baka gantihan. Hehehe).


After dinner

Maya: “Tara na, baka mahuli pa tayo sa movie.”

Richard: “What are we watching?”

Maya: “John Lloyd and Sarah G.” kinikilig as she said this.

Richard: “What? Di ako nanonood ng love story.”

Maya: “Sige na please.” With pleading eyes. .  

Richard: “Sige na, kung hindi lang kita…” then he stopped.

Maya: “Ano yon?”

Richard: “Wala, kung di lang kita kaibigan, di kita sasamahan dito.”.



John Lloyd: “I love you.”

Sarah G: “I love you bebe ko.”


Ganun na din kaya silang dalawa? Malapit na. Til next time.


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