Punk’d : Emotional Blackmail

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to princemackaroo. This is a continuation of Punk’d: The Aftermath.

A/N: Ok, I know this is totally mean and way out of Richard’s character. So whatever my crazy, weird, notorious mind came up with has nothing to do, in any way, with Richard’s character on BCWMH. We all know how kind, caring, loving, and a complete gentleman Richard is. Some of you may get pissed by Richard’s prank on this chapter and you may also think that Maya already has the perfect get back but wait til you see the final spin-off for this series entitled “Punk’d: Sundo.” Once again, please feel free to shoot me your comments, suggestions, violent reactions even (I’m already expecting those.haha). So without further ado, let me present you the second to the last series of Punk’d entitled Emotional Blackmail. God bless everyone!

Author: princemackaroo


Richard is more than glad that everything is now ok and that everything has been back to normal. He still cannot get over Maya’s extra efforts to win his forgiveness.  He already got so used to it that he wanted to experience it more. He knows fairly well why Maya went the extra mile and the least that he wanted right now is for her to stop. Maya has always been sweet and caring but the things she did the past few weeks made him feel more loved and special. He also liked the idea of playing pranks every once in a while, it adds up some spice in their relationship, makes it more exciting in a way. Experiencing new things that never in his wildest dreams he thought he would do or encounter. He may have already forgiven Maya but somehow, there’s this demon inside of him that keeps nagging him to just slip one more dose of Maya’s own medicine. Plus, if Maya would always woo him like this, then how could he possibly say no to it. If it’s always this way, he’s ready to bring it on. And so an idea popped into his mind.


Inside the master’s bedroom, “Mahal, I need to tell you something,” said Richard, in a serious tone. “Ano yun Mahal? Parang napaka seryoso niyang sasabihin mo ah,” said Maya, trying to make the mood lighter. Richard, maintaining the serious look on his face, said, “I.. I went to see a doctor today.” After a few seconds of silence, Maya spoke, “So what did the doctor say? May sakit ka ba? Are you not feeling well? Pero hindi ka naman mainit,” as she tried to touch his forehead feeling his temperature then said, “May masakit ba sayo?” Worry already evident in her face and voice. Richard looked intently in Maya’s eyes and said, “Mahal, wag ka sanang mabibigla ha. I really don’t know how to say this to you. I don’t know if I can,” looking away at Maya, feigning a hesitant look. “Ano ba kasi yun Mahal? Sabihin mo na. Masyado mo naman na akong pinakakaba eh!” said Maya in an impatient tone. Richard heaved out a sigh, faced Maya with a sad look on his face, then said, “the doctor.. the doctor confirmed that..” Richard paused a moment, “What?? Ano bang sinabi ng doctor Mahal? Sabihin mo na! Masyado mo akong pinakakaba eh!” said Maya impatiently, already in the verge of tears as she can no longer take the hold up. Richard, still not facing Maya, heaved out a sigh and in a depressed tone said “I have a terminal disease. I only have 6 months left to live.” After saying this, he just bowed down his head and slumped his shoulders. Maya, already crying, could not believe what she just heard. She thought that maybe Richard is just playing a trick on her and he was just trying to get even for what she did, but Richard showed her a copy of the test result the doctor gave him. He even told Maya that he already got a second opinion, even a third one but all of them said the same thing. Maya was not able to do anything but simply cry. Richard tried so hard not to be affected. He mustered all his strength to stay focused and stay with his game plan.


Two months had passed. Everything is pretty much the same at the Lim’s household. They’re still a one big happy family. Unknown to everyone, Richard had been executing another prank on Maya, and the poor victim Maya, had been carrying a burden on her heart. Richard asked Maya not to disclose anything to the kids about his illness. He explained that his kids will just take it badly and the last thing he ever wanted to see is for his kids to get hurt again and be haunted by the idea that they will be losing a father as well. The two had been playing this charade convincingly. Not a trace is to be found that something is amiss.

One time, Richard got a surprise visit from Ryan. The two gents, decided to have their talk at Richard’s office, “So ano brod? Kumusta naman yang bago mong prank kay Maya?” asked Ryan, giving Richard a teasing smile. “Sshhhh!” reprimanded Richard, “someone might hear you. So far, ok naman. It’s a good thing that we’re both playing it pretty well. Wala manlang nakahalata dito sa bahay.” “Really? So she was able to act normal even though she’s hurting inside?” asked Ryan. “You could say that. She’s pulling it off convincingly,” said Richard proudly. Ryan could only shake his head, then said, “Alam mo brod, hindi ko akalain na may pagka sadista ka. Biruin mo ha, dahil lang sa kagustuhan mong makaganti kay Maya at patuloy ka niyang suyuin, nagpanggap kang mamamatay na. Ibang klase ka din eh!” The two men just laughed at Ryan’s banter. Unknown to them, someone had been listening to their conversation this whole time.


“Ano???!! Sigurado ka ba jan sa sinasabi mo Nikki?” asked by an astonished Maya. “Yes Ma! I am 100% sure. I overheard their conversation sa office ni dad kanina. I was about to bring them merienda sana when I heard the whole thing,” Nikki explained. Maya, thought for a while, then said, “May iba ka pa bang pinagsabihan nito? Alam ba ng daddy mo na alam mo na?” she asked. “Wala Ma. Wala naman akong pinagsabihang iba. Sa iyo ko lang sinabi. I can’t imagine the hurt you’re feeling all this time dahil nagpanggap si dad na mamamatay na. He’s so G-R-R-R-R talaga! I can’t believe he can be that desperate just to get even with you Ma!” said an already irritated Nikki. Maya was just so glad to have Nikki by her side. Maya asked Nikki not to tell anyone about the whole thing which the latter agreed to eagerly. “So what are your plans now Ma? You’re not going to tell dad na you already know the whole truth?” asked Nikki. Maya thought for a moment when an idea hit her. “Actually Nikki, I just have the right thing..” she said putting a notorious smile on her face. “So gantihan pala Ser Chief ha. Tignan nalang natin kung sino ang unang susuko!” Maya thought. She then got hold of her phone and started calling. “Hello James?” she said.


Maya remained the same. She remained to be the extra loving housewife she was when she’s still trying to win Richard’s forgiveness, after learning that he only has 6 months left to live, and even after learning that Richard had been playing her all along. She never gave any signs to Richard that she already knew the prank that Richard is playing on her. She just let Richard believe that he’s executing his prank on her without flaw.

“Mahal, kumusta ang opisina? Hindi ka ba napagod?” asked Maya as they were preparing for bed. “Ok naman mahal. Wala naman masyadong ginawa kaya hindi naman ako napagod o na-stress,” smiled Richard. “Sigurado ka mahal ha? Alam mo namang ayaw kong napapagod ka lalo na sa kondisyon mo ngayon,” said Maya in a concerned tone. “Mahal,” said Richard as he goes near Maya and hug her, “don’t worry about me too much ok? Ayos pa naman ako eh. Besides, hindi naman porke sinabi ng mga doctors that I only have a couple of months left, yun na talaga ang mangyayari. A lot can still happen in that span of time. Miracles can happen,” Richard said as he planted a kiss on Maya’s forehead. Maya heaving out a sigh, “Sana nga mahal. I always pray na sana mali lang ng diagnosis yung mga doctors. I am always asking for a miracle,” said Maya.

Richard, cupping Maya’s face, looked intently in her eyes, “Mahal, don’t think about it too much ok? Basta, let’s just make the most of the time we have together ok?” he said, smiling warmly at Maya. Maya, managing to return the smile, “Ok. I love you,” said Maya. “I love you too! If I have to battle death so that I will never ever leave your side, I would. Wag lang kitang iwan,” Richard said, giving Maya a light kiss on the lips. “Tara mahal, tulog na tayo,” said Maya. “Ok, let’s sleep na,” said Richard. As always, Richard let Maya lay her head on his arm. Maya cuddled on Richard’s side, her arm on his chest, while Richard’s free hand on her waist.

“Mahal salamat ha,” said Maya. “For what Mahal?” asked Richard. “For letting me know about your condition. I know how hard it is for you. Salamat talaga. At least, masakit man siya, I can somehow prepare myself when that day comes,” explained Maya. Richard planted a kiss on Maya’s head, “Mahal, sinabi ko sa iyo yun kasi ayaw kong maglihim sayo. But don’t let it bother you too much ok?” said Richard. “Ok,” said Maya. “Alam mo ba mahal, nasabi ko nga kay James ang tungkol sa condition mo and yung diagnosis ng mga doctors,” “Hm? Si James? Alam na niya?” said Richard, a bit startled about the idea of James knowing about his supposed condition. “Oo. Wala kasi akong masabihan mahal eh. Hindi ko naman masabi kila Nanay at Kute kasi mag-aalala lang ng husto yung mga yun. Dito sa bahay hindi rin naman pwede. Wala na akong maisip. Since, James has always been a good friend to me, siya yung naisip ko,” explained Maya. “So what did he say?” asked Richard, trying so hard to be casual though jealousy is already simmering inside him. “Well, kilala mo naman si James. He’s trying so hard to comfort me every way he can. Assure me of stuff,” “Assure you? What do you mean assure you?” said Richard with brows furrowed and a tint of irritation already evident in his voice. Maya, smiling all along, “Na hindi ako mag-iisa. Na kahit mabyuda ako, he’ll always be there for me and the kids. He promised me that he’ll help me and the kids cope up with our loss and move on. Nakakatuwa nga kasi he’s more than willing to become a father figure to the kids if the need arises. Napakabuti talaga niyang kaibigan,” said Maya.

Richard didn’t know how to respond or what to say. He never saw this coming. All along, he thought that his plan is perfect, that nothing can ever go wrong. He never thought of James coming to the equation or the thought of Maya needing a comforting hand, well at least not with James. Try as hard as he can, but jealousy is already eating every single piece of him and the one thing that he wanted to do right now is tore James to pieces until there’s nothing left of him.

Maya, sensing the sudden silence of Richard, “Mahal? Ok ka lang ba?” she asked in a concerned tone, looking at Richard’s face, trying to gauge his expression. Richard still lost in his thoughts, “Mahal!” said Maya a little louder while trying to nudge Richard to bring him back to reverie. As Richard was brought back to reality, “Ah yes Mahal. Are you saying anything?” he asked trying to feign a straight face. “Naku Mahal. Siguro inaantok ka na. Sige matulog na tayo. Good night Mahal. I love you,” said Maya. “Good night Mahal,” said Richard.

Richard couldn’t sleep that night. He still cannot get the words of Maya out of his head. “No Maya! This can’t be! Damn Richard! How can you be so stupid! May nalalaman ka pa kasing pa-ganti ganti! Ayan tuloy ang napapala mo! Argh! Si James father figure ng mga bata?? At ano?? Magiging kapalit ko sa buhay ni Maya??? No way!! You’re dead meat James! You’re dead meat!!”

“Kala mo Ser Chief ha? May nalalaman ka pang pa-ganti ganti. May nalalaman ka pang emotional blackmail ha. Sino ngayon ang di mapakali? Kala mo ayos na ang plano mo ha? Ha! Tignan lang natin kung hanggang saan ang kaya mo! Ikaw din ang unang susuko!” thought Maya, with evil laughs on the background of her head, until sleep finally enveloped her. She slept with a mischievous grin that night.


25 thoughts on “Punk’d : Emotional Blackmail

  1. Yan Sir Chief dahil sa kalokohan mo, e di nag back fire sayo yung ginawa mo, mauuna ka pa mamatay sa selos kaysa sa drama sakit-sakitan mo. Serves you right!

  2. the plot is like Mr and Mrs Smith nila Joli and husband ..anyway super lyk it at least different from all the other stories here in excess baggage

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