Story of Me – part 19

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiAThis is a continuation to Story of Me – part 18.

A/N: More Power EBU.



Story of Me Part 19 I LOVE YOU!

After dinner

Maya: “Tara na, baka mahuli pa tayo sa movie.” She pulled him by the hand as they run to the cinema.

Richard: “What are we watching?” he asked

Maya: “John Lloyd and Sarah G.” kinikilig as she said this.

Richard: “What?” Surprised and he stopped Maya from walking to the cinema “Maya, I don’t watch love story. Ang movie sa akin yung may action, hindi yung ganyan.” he explained.

Maya: “Please?” she pleaded with her sweetest smile.

Richard: “alam mo ba, if ever, this will be the first love story movie na papanoorin ko? So, no way.”

Maya: : “Sige na, please. I really really want to watch this movie and wala naman ako pwedeng yayain but you.” with pleading eyes but Richard just shook his head. “Ok sige, kung ayaw mo, I will just ask Simon or James na lang.” with pouted lips, nagtatampo as she turned around going to the opposite direction.   

Richard: he took a deep breath, and run after her in defeat. Then he said. “Ok. Fine. Kung hindi lang kita…” then he stopped.

Maya: “Ano yon?” she turned around to face him and gave her  sweetest smile. (winner ka Maya.)

Richard: “Wala, kung di lang kita kaibigan, di kita sasamahan dito, Let’s go.” This time, he pulled her hand as he led her to the cinema.


Richard: What do you want?

Maya: Iced tea and popcorn, yung cheese.

Richard: Cheese? Mas ok yung plain unsalted.

Maya: “Plain unsalted? Anong lasa nun? Corny mo naman. Bahala ka basta ako cheese.”

Richard: Miss, 2 iced tea and 1 jumbo sized popcorn cheese.

Maya: Di ka kumuha ng popcorn mo?

Richard: I ordered Jumbo so we can share.

Maya: I thought you like plain unsalted,

Richard: well, yun ang order ng boss ko eh. (Maya, winner ka na naman)


As they enter the cinema, he was holding their drinks while she holds their popcorn, when a man accidentally bumped her.

Richard: “Watch it pare.” Then he holds her hand to keep her steady. He didn’t let go of her hands until they are seated.

Maya: “Sobrang sungit mo naman, di naman sinasadya.”

Richard: “Ok ka lang ba? Eh baka kasi nasaktan ka.”

Maya: “OA mo naman.” then she looked at their hands clasped together.


When they were seated, he placed one cup on his side, and the other cup in between them, while the popcorn lays on Maya’s lap. She sipped from her cup and she shivered a little.

Richard: “Are you cold?”

Maya: “Hindi naman”, then she smiled as he holds her hand with his.  


They shared their popcorn. Minsan sabay sila kumukuha and their hands touched.

Richard: “Sorry, sige mauna ka na.”

Maya: “hindi ikaw muna.”

Richard: “Kakatawa ka talaga. Gusto mo subuan kita?

Maya: “Ang corny mo talaga.”


While watching, Richard was unconsciously drinking from Maya’s cup and when she realized her cup is almost empty.

Maya: “Grabe, ininom mo yung drinks ko.“ nagtatampo. “Wala na akong drinks, naubos na.” She pouted her lips.

Richard: “Sorry, I was not aware. O eto. Here’s my drinks.” As he replaced her cup with his.

Maya: “Ah, eh… kasi, paano ka?” not sure of what to say, when she realized that they will have to share the drinks from one cup.

Richard: “Let’s share.” Feeling her uneasiness, he added as he whispered close to her ears “Sige na, wala naman akong sakit, and para namang wala tayong…” he teased her with twinkle in his eyes, reminding her of their kiss.

Maya: she lowered her eyes and she blushed “Niloloko mo na naman ako eh. I’m trying to forget na nga what happened eh.”

Richard: “Huh? Why?” this time he is serious, and a little worried “I thought ok lang tayo? Nag sorry naman ako dun sa una eh and bumawi naman ako dun sa second after our date di ba? So…”  

Maya: “O sige, tama na at baka kung saan na naman mapunta ang usapan natin.”  Then she continued “Akin na nga yan, nauuhaw na ako” He holds the cup for Maya as she took a sip and she shivered.

Richard: “Are you cold?”

Maya: “Medyo, ang lamig kasi dito, pati yung drinks, lalo ako nilamig”.

Richard: “Come, “ then he placed his arms around her shoulders and gathered her closer, unconsciously, she leans her head on his shoulders.


She was focused on watching the movie while Richard is focused on stealing glances at Maya. She is now teary eyed because of the movie, he teased her and whispered to her ear. “Maya, you are crying?” as if laughing for her silliness. He gave her his hankie.

Maya: “Nakakinis ka talaga.” As she took the hankie and wiped her tears,

Richard: “Iiyak na yan.” He teased her again.

Maya: “If you don’t want to watch, quiet ka lang dyan.” She whispered. “Wag ka ngang maingay magagalit na yung mga katabi natin, manood ka na lang dyan.”


Still with arms around her shoulders, one hand holding hers, while her head rested on his shoulders, they both focused on the movie.

Now near the end of the movie, he was quiet, also deeply engrossed as he watch.


John Lloyd: “I love you” (sa movie)

Richard: “I love you, Maya” he whispered softly to himself.

Sarah G. “I love you too, bebe ko.” (sa movie pa din)

Maya: “I love you too, Richard.” She whispered to herself, then he sighed and tightened his hold on her.


Nagulat pareho, then they both shouted “Narinig Mo!” they looked at each other.

“Shhh” sabi ng mga tao sa sinehan. Halos kainin ng lupa si Maya sa hiya as she slouched and covered her face. Habang si Richard all smiles to himself.


Then the lights turned on THE END (ang movie ni Sarah and John Lloyd.)


Medyo nagkaaminan na, but still… kulang pa. May part2 pa ang aminan. Til next time ulit.


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