Happy Birthday, Son!

A/N: Good day, EB readers!   Thank you for your kind appreciation for HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COWBOY CHIEF!

I slept last night (August 15) with this story in my head. I woke up early this morning with this same story still in my head. I thought I should share this with all of you! Hope you’ll like it!

This story is inspired by the events that have so far happened in the August 12 to 15, 2013 episodes of BCWMH the TV series.   

Happy reading!

author: iamgarie



By iamgarie

Part 1

Left all by his lonesome inside their hotel room, Don Roberto looked desperately at the breakfast he had the hotel prepare for him and his wife, Esmeralda. He had high hopes of fixing things between them this morning. He even risked sounding silly as he requested the hotel staff to spare him a single-stemmed rose. Without his wife to join him for breakfast, he did not feel like eating now.

It had only been a day since he got the cold shoulder treatment from his wife, yet it did seem to him that they have not talked with each other for days. Truth is, he could no longer imagine prolonging his agony. He misses her terribly. “I badly need to make it up to her,” he thought.

He looked back to the night they had THE argument which led Donya Esmeralda to take flight. When she blamed him for causing problems between Maya and Ricky, he simply dismissed it as non-sense. When she told him that Ricky no longer wanted to celebrate his birthday, he told her to just cancel it, not even minding the hard work and effort she had already put in. She accused him of not caring about her and Ricky’s wants, but he defended himself by saying that all he’s ever done and all the hard work he has continually put in are for her and Ricky. He could not believe Esmeralda thought otherwise when she shouted in disgust, “No, you’re doing it for you!”. That really hurt him! To his mind, everything he has ever done is for Esmeralda and their son, Ricky.

“Just when exactly did Esmeralda start thinking otherwise,” he thought. “I have given her everything she’ll ever need. Life is comfortable. She has never had to worry about finances. When did she start thinking that I don’t care about her and Ricky at all? I love her and Ricky. I only want to give them the very best, but why does it seem like my efforts have never been enough? Yesterday, even Ricky was clearly angry at me. He said he loves and respects me, yet he still accused me of not trusting him at all.”

Before he could go even further with his contemplations, he receives a call from his good friend Probo asking if he could make it to the meeting this morning. He says yes then gets himself ready for the long day ahead.

He wears the cowboy costume his wife prepared for him, sans the vest and hat. After his meeting with Probo this afternoon he promised himself that he will attend Richard’s party. He felt somehow that his wife and son will never be able to forgive him if he misses this occasion. He put the vest and hat in a small paper bag, thinking that he will just put them on when he gets to the orphanage. He finally leaves the hotel room– quiet, lonely and in deep thought about how he could fix things with his wife and his son.

Part 2

Just a week ago, he found himself asking Fe, “Masaya na ba si Ricky?” When Fe smiled and nodded at him, he was still not convinced. He never thought he would get the answer to that very question today.

The meeting took longer than expected, so Don Roberto was late for the party…

As he entered the room where the program for Richard’s birthday was being held, he was just in time to watch his three grandchildren sing a surprise number for their Dad, his only son. Luke, Nikki and Abby only had their eyes directed at their Dad as they sang with so much love and affection reflected in their eyes.

Don Roberto marveled at the scene that was unfolding right before his eyes. He felt his grandchildren’s immense happiness, joy, pride, admiration and love for their Dad, and he was simply touched by beauty and the promise of it all.

When you wake up each morning
And you feel like calling
I’ll be there for you
When the road seems uncertain
And you can’t stop the hurtin’
I’ll be there for you

When there’s no one beside you
I’ll be there to guide you
Catch you each time you fall
When the stars won’t shine anymore
I’ll be there…

When the world’s unkind
And your dreams, they need more time
I’ll be there for you

If the rules they keep breaking
And the future is fading
I’ll be there… for you

Halfway through the song, Luke and Nikki got off the stage to get their Dad and their Ate Maya to join them in singing. Caught by surprise, Richard and Maya gamely joined the kids on stage and sang with them–

The rainbow will end
In the palm of your hand
Don’t ever let it go
When the stars won’t shine anymore
I’ll be there…

Who knows where we’ll go
What will tomorrow bring
But we have each other, just hold on tight
We can take to the skies and fly…

I’ll be there for you…
I’ll be there for you…

As they reached the end of the song, Don Roberto saw Richard reach for Maya’s hand. Tears started flowing from Maya’s eyes as she finally looked at Richard. Don Roberto saw Richard and Maya hold on tight to each other, smiling. Then they both reached out their hands to Luke, Nikki and Abby, as all 5 of them ended the song holding on tight to each other, smiling, looking every bit like a loving family.

The rainbow will end
In the palm of your hand
Don’t ever let it go
When the stars won’t shine anymore
I’ll be there…

I’ll be there

As Don Roberto saw the immense love and joy reflected in their eyes, he finally got his answer to HIS question. “Masaya na nga si Ricky,” he thought.

Don Roberto was all smiles as it finally dawned on him how happy his son is. He was simply content staying in the back of the room watching this lovely scene unfold. Then he saw his wife. Raring for a photo op, Donya Esmeralda got off from her chair and asked Liza to get the photographer to take her picture with Richard, Maya and the kids. As Luke saw his Lola Esmeralda going up the steps to join them on stage, he approached her to assist her in going up.

Liza then shouted, “Sir, let’s take your family picture first before we continue the program.”

Richard nodded in agreement. To everyone’s shock, Maya stopped the photographer from taking pictures, “Sandali lang.” Then Don Roberto saw her whisper something to Richard. His son suddenly looked in his direction and got off the stage to get him. All Don Roberto could do was smile at his approaching son.

“Pa, family picture daw. Join us.”

He smiled at Richard and said, “Happy Birthday, son.”

With Richard’s hand resting on his Papa’s shoulder they walked towards the stage to join their family for the photo op. Richard stood beside Maya. Don Roberto stood beside his wife, held her hand and smiled. With the three kids sandwiched between the two couples, several cameras clicked away.

Part 3

The program continued with some more surprise numbers for Richard. Before long even Don Roberto joined in the fun as he sang a song for his wife Esmeralda which his three grandchildren found to be utterly sweet, prompting them to ask their Dad to sing a song for their Ate Maya, too. Richard gamely obliged. Holding Maya’s hand, he led her to the stage.  He continued to hold her hand, smiled at her and sang, “When You Say Nothing at All.”

It’s amazing how you
Can speak right to my heart.
Without saying a word
You can light up the dark.

Try as I may, I could never explain
What I hear when you don’t say a thing.

The smile on your face
Lets me know that you need me.
There’s a truth in your eyes
Saying you’ll never leave me.
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me wherever I fall.
You say it best when you say nothing at all.

All day long I can hear
People talking out loud (oooh).
But when you hold me near (you hold me near)
You drown out the crowd (the crowd, the crowd).

Try as they may, they can never define
What’s been said between your heart and mine.

The smile on your face
Lets me know that you need me.
There’s a truth in your eyes
Saying you’ll never leave me.
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me wherever I fall.
You say it best (you say it best) when you say nothing at all.

The smile on your face
Lets me know that you need me.
There’s a truth in your eyes
Saying you’ll never leave me.
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me wherever I fall.
You say it best (you say it best) when you say nothing at all.

(You say it best when you say nothing at all.
You say it best when you say nothing at all.)

That smile on your face,
The truth in your eyes,
The touch of your hand
Lets me know that you need me.

(You say it best when you say nothing at all.
You say it best when you say nothing at all.)

When the song ended, everyone clapped and cheered for Richard.

The kids from the orphanage all chanted, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

And so, dutiful Richard did kiss his Maya much to everyone’s delight.
Part 4

To end the program, Donya Esmeralda and Maya had all the kids gather near the stage for the highlight of the show, Abby’s storytelling.

Abby confidently went up the stage, smiled at her audience, and said, “Before I start po, I want to invite Daddy and Ate Maya to join me here on stage.”

Richard and Maya stood up and joined Abby up on stage.

Abby handed Maya a tiara and her Dad a crown and whispered to them both, “Please wear that po. You’re the lead characters in my story kasi.”

All Richard and Maya could do was smile at their baby Abby and adhere to her request.

Abby made Richard and Maya stay with her on stage as she regaled the audience with her fairytale.

And so the story of the Mahal na Hari and Mahal na Prinsesa finally left the confines of Abby’s bedroom and was heard by Richard and Maya’s family, friends and guests.

Abby ends her story with an all too familiar line, “And they lived happily ever after.”

Everyone in the audience, including Don Roberto, knew exactly that Abby’s fairytale is no fiction. It’s real. And they all smiled in awe of that realization.

Part 5

After eating the sumptuous meal prepared by Donya Esmeralda and Maya and after the guests have finally left, Maya approaches Richard with two cups of coffee and a warm smile, “Kape?”

“Sure. Let’s sit over there,” Richard said, pointing to one of the tables,

“Hindi para sa kin ‘to. Para sana sa Papa mo,” Maya said.

“Ah, okay. Thank you. I love you,” he said smiling at Maya, as he accepted the two cups of coffee she offered.

Richard found his Papa sitting all one at a table at the far end of the room. He joins him and hands him a cup, “Coffee, Pa?”

“Thank you, son.”

Together they sat and after several sips of his coffee, Don Roberto said, “This is delicious, son.”

“Thanks. Maya made that. She makes the most delicious coffee.”

“Oh really? Please tell her I said thank you. This is really delicious.”

“Ricky, look. I’m sorry.”


“For all the years you probably felt I took you forgranted… I had good intentions, son. I wanted you and your Mama to have a comfortable life devoid of financial problems, and so I worked…”

“Pa, you don’t have to–”

“Let me say my piece, son. When I married your Mama, I was the happiest man alive. We were so in love with each other. When you came into our lives, we were both so happy. I wanted to give her the best of everything. I wanted to give you the best of everything. So I worked really hard. I opened numerous businesses. Unknowingly, I spent less and less time with you and your Mama. When your Mama and I argued the other night, she pointed out to me that she felt like I didn’t care for her and for you, at all. Puro na lang daw negosyo ang nasa isip ko. Frankly, I couldn’t understand her at all… Until I got here this afternoon and saw how you were with your children. I understood exactly what your Mama was trying to tell me…”


“Ricky, let me continue. I saw that open affection you shared with your children today and I realized we never had that. I may have always been around to attend your school programs or to award you those honor medals in school, but I was hardly ever around when you needed me to play with, to talk with, to listen to, or simply to be with. And just recently, I did not even take the time to attend your hangar launch…I never even put you to sleep nor changed your diapers nor read a bedtime story for you. I suddenly realized what I have missed out on because I got so busy with work… I am amazed at how you are able to handle family and work. You make it look so easy. I’m proud of you, son!”

“Pa, you don’t have to do this. I’m okay. I turned out okay.”

“Yes. But I’m hardly responsible for that. I only have your Mama and Fe to thank for that. I was looking at you and Luke and Nikki and Abby and Maya earlier while we were eating, and I truly enjoyed your easy conversation with them– I enjoyed all those teasing, loving remarks you so openly shared with each other. I enjoyed looking at you as you marveled at all their stories. I loved looking at how happy you all are to be with each other. We never had that, son, and I guess I only have myself to blame. I am sorry for making you and your Mama feel that I have taken you forgranted, son. That was never my intention. I only wanted to give you the very best life has to offer. I forgot that I should have given you my TIME as well… I’m also sorry for making you feel I don’t trust you at all…”

“Pa, it’s okay.  Thank you for coming today. I love you and Mama. Let’s forget about the past. We cannot undo that anymore. We have the future took forward to, and I would love it if we can spend more time together from now on.”

“I’d love that, son. Look, I know you love Maya, and I have nothing against her at all, personally. She’s a kind, caring, loving woman. Even your Mama and your your kids have taken a liking to her. They all love her, too I understand why you love her. And you have my blessing…”

“Pa, Maya changed me. She helped me see what should truly matter. You say you love seeing how the kids and I are now? This is all Maya’s doing, Pa. Before she came, Luke and I were fighting all the time. Nikki was always too afraid to come near me. Abby’s tantrums were so difficult for everyone to handle. She helped me with the kids, Pa. She brought me closer to all my kids… Her selfless love and devotion healed me and my kids, Pa.  She’s amazing! I love her. I can no longer imagine living a life without her.”

“I can see that, son. And although you can’t force me to change my mind about a prenuptial agreement, I am no longer going to force you to do it. I now realize I can only go as far as give you my two – cents worth, but you’re an adult and you are free to make your own decisions. And whatever you decide on, son, from now on, I’ll accept and respect. I’m sorry for giving you all these unnecessary stress…”

“Thank you, Pa. You just don’t know how happy you made me today. Thank you for giving me the most memorable birthday gift.”

“I hope that would somehow make up for all the years I…”

Richard stops him, “Pa, okay na. Okay na tayo.  Can you and Mama go back to the house now? You’re leaving soon, and it would be nice to have you back in the house before you leave.”

“Sure, we’ll go back tomorrow. I feel a heart to heart talk with your Mama has been long overdue. I want to talk with her tonight, and maybe, get her out on a date.”

“Oh. Sige, Pa. We’ll see you tomorrow then. By the way, I know you still want to see the new LAS hangar in Clark. Why don’t we all go there this weekend? Tayong lahat nina Mama, Maya, the kids and sina Manang Fe… The whole family, Pa. We can also use the time for more R & R… What do you think, Pa?”

“Gusto ko yan. Your Mama will love that…”

Just then, Donya Esmeralda, Maya and the kids approach them,

“And what is it that I will love, Roberto, ” Donya Esmeralda asked.

Don Roberto smiles at his wife and calls the whole family to attention.  “Ok, listen up everyone! Ricky and I have a surprise for all of you. We are all going on an out of town trip this weekend.”

Don Roberto looked at Maya and smiled, “Lahat tayo! The whole family! Your Dad will take us to Clark so we can finally see the Clark hangar. Maya you’ll be available this weekend, right? Wala kang flight, iha? You shouldn’t miss this! It’s going to be an extension of Ricky’s birthday celebration.”

Maya smiled back at him, “Sige po, Tito Roberto. Available po ako.”

“Then it’s settled!”

“Oh no! I have to get ready all my things na! This is so going to be so super fun! How long are we staying there, Dad'” Nikki asked.

“We all leave Friday afternoon and come back Sunday!”

Nikki shrieked, “Yay! That’s like 2 nights and 3 days, right? Can we go home na, pls? I want to ready all my things na!”

Richard looks and smiles at Maya, “Okay, Nikki, let’s all go home. Come with us, Maya? Let’s celebrate some more when we get home…”

Maya nods and smiles.

Luke says, “Si Dad, o! You just can’t get enough of Ate Maya ha…”

“Of course, Kuya. Daddy loves Ate Maya kasi…  just like how the Mahal na Hari loves the Mahal na Prinsesa in the story Ate Maya and Daddy made,” Abby quipped.

Luke smiles at his little sister and says, “Hala si baby, binuko pa si Daddy and si Ate Maya! So what will happen next sa story, baby?”

Abby answered, “I don’t know, Kuya. Why don’t you ask Daddy and Ate Maya na lang?

Everyone laughed. Everyone, happy, at last!


(written: early morning of August 15, 2013)


Allow me to give credit to BCWMH TV show’s brilliant writers as some lines and scenes from this story were taken from the TV series.  Thank you.



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