Story of Me – part 20

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiAThis is a continuation to Story of Me – part 19.




John Lloyd: “I love you” (sa movie)

Richard: “I love you, Maya” he whispered softly to himself.

Sarah G. “I love you too, bebe ko.” (sa movie pa din)

Maya: “I love you too, Richard.” She whispered to herself, then he sighed.

Nagulat pareho, then they both shouted “Narinig Mo!” they looked at each other.

“Shhh” sabi ng mga tao sa sinehan. Halos kainin ng lupa si Maya sa hiya as she slouched and covered her face. Habang si Richard all smiles to himself.


Then the lights turned on THE END (ang movie ni Sarah and John Lloyd.)


Holding hands while they walked to the parking area, both were silent. But the smiles on their faces as they occasionally steal glances at each other can’t hide the happiness they both felt.


On their way to Maya’s condo, they were stucked in traffic. There was heavy rain and the route going to Maya’s condo is unpassable due to flooding. Then they decided to just go back to the office to pass the time.


Richard: “Maya, I guess we’d better go back to the office. All the routes going to your condo is unpassable. We will just waste our time dito sa traffic pag pinilit natin”

Maya: “O sige, at least sa office, we can rest for awhile. Kamusta kaya sila Lisa? Sana naman nakauwi na sila”

Richard:”I think so. I’m sure nakauwi na yung mga employees natin ng maaga.”


They were dripping wet when they reached the building. It was close to midnight with just the two of them as they walked to the elevator. It was cold outside and he gathered her closer. She stood in front of him as he envelopes her with his arms and cover her with his jacket. She leaned her body closer to him as she held on to his waist feeling the warmth only he can give. She closed her eyes as he was unconsciously gently caressing her hair, massaging her nape, rubbing her sides as she lays her head comfortably on his shoulders. In the silence of the night, they can only hear their hearts beating in sync with each other. It was a picture perfect scene of two lovers deeply in love. Then the elevator opened, surprised to see their staff waiting for the elevator on their way home. (Ayy, bitin) She straightened up and tried to free her hand from Richard but he tightened his hold on her not letting her go.


Lisa: “Sir, Maya, saan kayo galing? You are both dripping wet.”

Maya: “ah, eh” still so conscious about what happened, she does not know what to say.

Richard: saved by him, he casually answered, still with his hands holding on to Maya’s “We went out for dinner but got caught in traffic.” Then he added “I suggest that you all stay here in the office. Traffic is still bad outside, you will just waste your time.”

Lisa: “Ganun po ba? Well, guys, I guess we’d better stay here until tomorrow” as she looked at the other staffs.


Richard; “Yes, that’s the best thing to do at this time. Anyway weekend naman tomorrow” then he looked at Maya, eyes still lowered on the floor, still not looking at any of them. “Are you ok? concerned look on his face, then again placed his arms on her shoulders, while his other hand still holding her hand. “Are you cold?”

Maya: fully recovered “Ah, hhmmm, yes, I’m ok, its just so cold outside”, then she continued and smiled at Lisa and the rest of the staff. “Richard is right, dito na lang tayo lahat para safe tayo, I’ll just go to my room.” Then she started walking towards her office, he tightened his hold and pulled her closer to him “Dun tayo sa office ko.” He whispered to her ear, left with no choice. she followed. This didn’t escape the watchful eyes of Lisa and the rest of the staff.


Richard: “Maya, do you have extra clothes?”

Maya: “Yes, I always have spare clothes under my desk, in case kailangan mag overtime.” Then she stood up to go to her room.

Richard: “No stay there, ako na ang kukuha. Nanlalamig ka na dyan.” Dry yourself, there’s a drier dun sa cr ko.

Maya: “Ikaw din, magpalit ka na, baka magkasakit ka pa.”


Maya went to the restroom inside Richard’s office to dry herself while Richard went to her office to get her clothes. He came back and knocked at the rest room to handover the clothes to Maya. 

Richard: “Maya, here are your clothes.”

Maya: “Thanks, I’ll be done in a minute.”


While Maya was changing, he took the time to also dry himself in his room. He removed his shirt then his undershirt and he towel dries himself. Then Maya came out of the restroom.

Maya: “Richard? I’m done na, its your turn” wide eyed, surprised, then blushed when she saw Richard without his top.  

Richard: “Yes, Maya.” he faced her forgetting  that he was indeed half naked.

Maya: “Ahhm, magbihis ka na?” she covered her eyes as she pointed at his undershirt

Richard: ‘oh yeah, oo nga pala.” He moves to his desk to get his undershirt when he noticed Maya still not moving. Then he goes to Maya, still just holding on to his shirt. 

Richard: “Maya? are you ok?” nakatulala pa rin. “Maya?”

Maya: “Ah yeah, I’m ok.” Still not looking at him.

Richard: He lifted her chin  so that he can look into her eyes. They are now facing each other as he gathered her two hands and placed them on his bare chest. “Can you feel my heartbeat?” She nodded. “You know what it’s saying?” she nodded and he smiled. Then he guided both her hands to wrap them around his waist then placed his arms around her waist. They just stood there with eyes locked for a moment that seems like eternity. Then he pinched her nose and kissed her forehead. He sighed, took a deep breath and he continued “Hay Maya, you have to get used to this,” he smiled and released her.

Maya: “Used to what?

Richard: “You know what I mean” with twinkling eyes. Then he puts on his shirt and turned for the door. “Madaming tao sa labas. Next time.” with his sweetest smile. “May gusto kang food? I will ask Lisa to order for us and the staff.”

Maya: “Huh, anything, bahala ka na.”


On his way out, he overheard his staff talking about him and Maya,

Lisa: ”Nakita nyo yon?”

G1 “Ang sweet di ba?”

G2 “oo nga, muntik ng langgamin.”

Lisa: “kayo talaga kung ano iniisip nyo. Magkaibigan lang yon.” Then she continued “magka-ibigan” then everybody laughed.

Richard: coughed to get their attention “hmmm”

Lisa: ”Ah sir, kanina pa po kayo?”

Richard: “Medyo” he smiled “Lisa, why don’t you order dinner for everyone? We might have to stay for the night. Just order soup for me and Maya. We had dinner already.” Then addressed the staff “Guys just give your orders to Lisa.” then went back to his room.

Lisa: “Grabe, masaya talaga si Sir, nag-blowout!” she thought to herself.


Maya: “Why are you smiling?” she asked as he entered the room.

Richard: “Wala lang,” as if ignoring her.

Maya: “Bakit nga?” tugging his shirt, anxious to know.

Richard: “They know.” he smiled, as he faced her.

Maya: “Know what?”

Richard: “Tayo”

Maya: “Anong tayo?” she teased him, as if she doesn’t know,

Richard: “ok fine, forget what I said.” he said napipikon, then turned his back on Maya. Then she came closer and hugged him on his waist from behind.

Maya: “Yes, Tayo.” She whispered.

This time he faced her, and she gave him a smack on his lips. But as she moves away, he held her hands and this time it was Richard who gave her a gentle kiss as he asks for more. She closed her eyes allowing him to deepen the kiss as she kissed him back. Then she whispered in between kisses “maraming tao sa labas.” He replied “don’t worry, I locked the door” His arms now around her as it gently travels from her back to her nape as it gently caress her all over. While her hands holds on to his chest to support her weakening knees.

Lisa: knock, knock “Sir, nandito na po yung orders natin.”

Richard: they were brought to their senses as Richard went immediately to the door and opened up “Ok, Lisa, thank you, susunod na.”

When he turned to Maya, she is still standing to where he left her. “Maya?”

Maya: “Richard, its my third kiss” still unable to move, blushing as she said this.

Richard: he smiled and came back to her side and embraced her gently. This time he gave her a quick gentle kiss on her lips, “this is your fourth”, then kissed her again “your 5th” kissed her again ‘your 6th”. Then he continued, “there will be more of this. So you don’t need to count anymore, I love you Maya.”

Maya: I love you too, Richard.” She whispered softly.

Richard: “what did you say? Di ko narinig.”

Maya: “narinig mo eh.”

Richard: “di ko nga narinig”

Maya: “sabi ko, I love you too, Richard.”

Then they went out to have dinner with their staffs.


Note to readers:

So finally, sila na… As in sila na talaga.

Watch out for “Story of Us” now that they are officially together.

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