Your Cheating Heart – part 1

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to spazzbuster. 


A/N: What this fan fiction will attempt to discuss is a rather taboo topic in our society. However, we can’t deny the fact that it does happen. I got inspired to write this piece after having watched a play which tackled this topic in a much more detailed manner. This is my attempt in sharing what I’ve learned from that play with the hope that we will all get to learn a few things about the value of two people in a marriage. Let’s try to understand a couple of  things that some husbands go through while also shedding some light on the sacrifices a wife has to make in order for her family to be happy.


Disclaimer: This story is just a product of my imagination. Any resemblance with real people are pure coincidental. Some of the characters used are from the show BCWMH and are the sole property of their maker. No copyright infringement intended. 


Main Characters:

Richard Lim – aka Ser Chief; 40-45 yrs old; married to Maya Lim; owner and CEO of Lim Aviation; has a business-like demeanour; perceived by most as a strict boss and aloof towards people he doesn’t have business with; very appealing to women


Maya Dela Rosa-Lim – wife of Richard Lim; a former Time Airways instructor; 40-45 yrs old; mother of two; very amiable woman and was once a stunner in her younger years; gave up her career after getting married to Richard Lim.


Sophia Barrios – newly hired Executive Assistant of Richard Lim; 30-35 yrs old; single and an only child; uses her wit and beauty to have her way; many men easily fall for her but she has always had problems with keeping relationships.


Julius Mercado – a college friend and former suitor of Maya; 40-45 yrs old; well-built body; Moreno ; not so handsome but has a unique appeal towards women; divorced his wife at the age of 35 after finding out that his wife can’t bear him a child.


Liza Ramirez – Bestfriend of Maya since highschool; a business woman; married to Joma Ramirez her former driver; around the same age as Maya and Richard; very vocal about what she feels and thinks


Atty Ryan Seraspi – Bestfriend of Richard Lim ; married; Lawyer consultant all Lim Aviation; was instrumental in scouting Sophia to be the new EA of Richard


Luke Andrew Lim – eldest child of Richard and Maya;13 years old; a very caring son and brother; lacks interest in the aviation industry; dreams of becoming a teacher just like his mom.


Nikki Grace Lim – youngest child of Richard and Maya; 7 years old; very inquisitive child; a real daddy’s girl; loves to sing and perform in front of people


Lola Teresita and Lolo Arturo – parents of Maya; around 70 years old; very doting grandparents to Luke & Nikki;


Marga Tecson – ex-wife of Julius Mercado; college friend of Maya and Liza; has been envious of Maya’s life since college years; unable to bear children which added to her bitterness.



Chapter 1:  I am but a Shadow

Maya sits a few feet away from the podium where her handsome husband of 15 years is giving yet another impressive speech. She can only feel proud of what Richard Lim has achieved yet again. Another hangar has just been launched and people from the aviation industry are expected to shower him with praises left and right. It’s a very typical scenario really. Having been with this man right from the very first moment he stepped into his first office, Maya has watched how people from the industry admired and respected her husband through the years. He deserves where he is right now after all the sacrifices he has done in the past, all for their small family’s future.


When she senses that his speech was just a few moments from ending. She decided to take a look at the crowd’s reaction. Her eyes carefully surveyed the audience where a couple of women looked obviously smitten by his charm and are openly ogling him. Maya couldn’t help but shake her head while allowing a small satisfied smile form on her lips. Women from all ages admiring his husband’s good looks and achievements aren’t new to her. Not a few of them had tried in the past to tempt her husband into cheating but his love for her proved to be stronger. That’s why she has trusted her Ser Chief with matters concerning women. More than ever she feels proud to have him as her better half.


Her train of thought was interrupted by the loud clapping of the audience as Ser Chief ended his speech. She quickly turned her gaze to her husband and made eye contact with him. Seeing him smile back at her in that brief moment made her hurt flutter. She felt her cheeks warm up as she felt embarrassed acting like a teenager at her age.  Moments later Ser Chief joined her at the after party, routinely introducing her to his business partners. Maya has never told Ser Chief but every time he introduces her as “my wife” she feels as if she’s the prettiest woman in the entire party. She can’t deny the thrill it still gives her to be standing right next to this man who’s admired by many and successful in all his ventures.


After making the typical rounds at the tables of the attendees, Richard had to momentarily excuse himself to answer a business call. Maya was left at their table admiring the turn-out of people at the launch. She was looking around appreciatively at the venue when she heard woman talking in a hush tone a few feet from her.


Woman 1: Isn’t she the wife of Mr. Richard Lim?

Woman 2: Yeah, I think so. She’s been the same woman following him around like a sick puppy for the past hour. Why?

Woman 1: Well, it’s just that I can’t help but wonder what he saw in her para pakasalan sya and stay married for that long.

Woman 2: What do you mean?

Woman 1: I mean, look at her!(gives Maya a once over even if all they could see is her back)

Woman 2: Oh you mean, because she’s mataba and not so appealing to the eyes?

Woman 1: Finally, you’re getting my point! I mean, girl, she’s as fat as my lola and she has obvious wrinkles all over her face! With Richard Lim’s good looks and great physique, she doesn’t look like his wife at all. More like his yaya siguro. Hahahaha

Woman2: Now that’s rude! Hahaha Pero you have a point. Hindi lang naman ikaw ang nakakapansin nyan. It’s been going around the Aviation circle how much they don’t suit each other. Nakalimutan yata ni misis tumingin sa salamin. Hahahaha

Woman 1: I guess that’s what marriage does to you. Kase I heard from a friend na dati naman daw mas may looks naman si Mrs. Lim when she was still teaching at Time Airways. Pero ngayon, ugh, I can’t even begin to imagine how Mr Lim manages to sleep next to her at night!

Woman 2: Yeah…I totally agree. I doubt naman that anything other than sleeping happens between them in the past 10 years or so. Kahit naman siguro sinong lalaki mawawalan ng gana pag ganyan ang asawa mo. I bet the only reason he’s still with her are their kids at syempre ang image ni Mr. Lim.

Woman 1: True. Mr. Lim has an image to protect and in this business he can’t afford a scandal. Pero I admire him more kase nakakatiis sya sa ganyang asawa. His kids are indeed lucky to have him and his genes di ba? Sayang, siguro if he’ll only have kids with me……

Woman 2: You’re silly ! Hahahaha Pero, who knows right? You’re definitely way prettier and slimmer than her.Hahahaha

Woman 1: Let’s toast to that!


The clicking of the wine glasses interrupts Maya’s eavesdropping. Only then did she realize she has already crumpled the table napkin beyond recognition. She felt warm all over with anger and would’ve gone straight to those women to put some sense in their heads had it not been for the arrival of her best friend Liza.


Liza: Oh sis, why do you look like you want to eat someone alive?

Maya: Huh? Ah…eh…hindi naman. Medyo sumama lang ang pakiramdam ko. Kulang lang siguro sa tulog.

Liza: Kulang sa tulog? Hmm…bakit, may ginawa ba kayong mag-asawa kagabi kaya di ka nakatulog? ( gives Maya a naughty grin)

Maya: Hay naku sis, wala naman. Sa sobrang busy ba naman ng asawa ko, you think may time pa sya sa ganun especially with the launch of the hangar?

Liza: Oh eh bakit naman? Even if his busy or you’re busy, that’s still part of your married life. Bakit naman kame ni hubby. You have to make time for these things. Teka, gano katalagal na ba since you’re last?

Maya: Liza! Anu ka ba naman! This is not the right place nor the right time to talk about such things. Baka may makarinig pa sa’yo noh! Why don’t we  just talk about this tomorrow.


Liza: Your response just made me even more curious. Oh sige, tomorrow it is. Let’s meet up sa café near the office?

Maya: You’ll never let this go will you? Fine. Bukas same café. Pero let’s make sure we’re done by 3PM kase alam mo na, kelangan kong sunduin sila Luke and Nikki from school.


Liza: Hay..ikaw na, ikaw na talaga ang dakilang asawa at ina! Ipapatayo na kita ng monumento sa  Luneta. Oh sya, kita na lang tayo bukas, Bye!


That night after the launch, Maya spent a little longer than usual inside the bathroom. Richard was busily preparing his documents for tomorrow’s meeting and didn’t notice the absence of his wife in their bedroom. Meanwhile, Maya stared at her reflection on the full-length mirror.  Her thoughts brought back the voices of the women at the launch who took liberty mocking her. She slowly touched her arms and then her sides, turned her head from left to right. Finding what appears to be another wrinkle on her forehead, she tried to rub it with her fingers as if that action can erase the mark. Heaving a deep sigh she talked to her reflection.


Maya: Have I really lost it? Wala na ba talaga akong dating sa asawa ko? Napabayaan ko na talaga ang  sarili since nagkaanak kame. Pero, di ba yun naman talaga ang dapat gawin ng isang babae? Ang alagaan ang asawa nya at mga anak? Am I not doing those things? Pero bakit ganun ang tingin nila sakin? Parang ako pa ang mali…ang may kulang? Is Richard thinking of dumping me for another woman? What have I done to myself? I’m not like this before…..


Meanwhile, Richard decided to sleep earlier again today without waiting for Maya to finish her nightly rituals. When Maya finished with her regimen, she found his husband already fast asleep. Looking at his tired but still handsome face, she couldn’t help but feel a pinch in her heart. It’s been a month already since they became intimate with each other. As years passed and as the business progressed, they spent less and less time together may it be having during or warming their bed. Maya slowly felt fear envelope her.

Maya: Am I loosing you Richard? …or have I already lost you?


Silent tears fell from Maya’s eyes with only the stillness of the night as her witness.


(to be continued)


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  1. spazzbuster, meron po ba kayo sariling blog? kasi mukhang ang tagal bago madugtungan ang mga stories nyo sa EB… baka kasi kung sarling blog nyo mas updated. thank you….:)

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