I’m sorry, I love you – part 9

This is a continuation to I’m sorry, I love you-part 8

Author: Hanah6181


How does one mend a broken heart? For Maya, it felt like she was dumped when she left Singapore. She returned to Manila heartbroken. She tried to reach out to him but instead she received a cold treatment.

For several days that followed, she lived like a zombie. She was just inside her condo unit, barely eating, crying her hearts out as she watched all the sad movies that were in her collection. A week after, Emman, one of her close friends was able to contact her by phone.

“Hi Friend, long time no see” Emman greeted her from the other end of the line.

“Hi Emman.” Maya’s bland response.

“I’ve been trying to contact you, bakit naman laging naka off ang phone mo?” Emman asked.

“Wala akong cellphone. Nawala ko sa subway sa Orchard Road.” It must have been at the subway train where she lost her phone. When she left Richard’s office, she walked aimlessly until she reached Orchard area. Then, she took the subway train to return to her hotel. Her phone must have fallen off from her bag when she searched for some remaining tissue paper in her bag .

“Ganoon? Eh bakit hindi ka pa bumili ng bago at saka itong landline na ‘to, nasira ba? Nag ri-ring lang. Ilang days na akong tumawag no.”

“Sorry, naka-off ang ringer ng landline ko. Anyway, napatawag ka?”

“Kasi, nagkita kami ni James a few weeks back, na-share n’ya that you’ve broken up. Is that true?” Emman couldn’t believe the news about their break-up because he knew how much his two friends loved each other.

“Girl, let’s go out. We’ve not done it in many months simula ng mag India ka.” He excitedly invited her, unaware of what she was going through.

Maya remained silent for a while. She has momentarily forgotten about Richard but the moment Emman mentioned India, all her memories of him came back.

“Girl, are you still there? Parang I sense that meron kang kwento sa akin, pwede kang mag-share. O sige, whether you like it or not, I will go over there to fetch you. Magbihis ka na.” Emman disconnected the call.

Maya and Emman spent the whole day together. In the end, she shared with Emman what happened to her in Singapore and her friend sympathized with her. Having poured out her heartaches with her friend has really helped her. The next day, Maya has decided that she will move on because it was no use crying over someone who didn’t care.


Over in Melbourne, Australia

Richard was in the verandah with Corinne, having coffee. They’ve decided to resume their conversation after dinner outside without their children in the vicinity.

Since their divorce, Richard and Corrine have developed good relationship because of their sons. At first, it was difficult for them to transition to their new set-up. However, they needed to make things work for them to handle their children who couldn’t accept their separation. Eventually, things became smoother for everyone.

‘Corinne, was it difficult to be married to me?” Richard asked his ex-wife.
She was surprised by the question. “Hey, why do you ask that? It’s been seven years, Richard. I’ve moved on so why bring that up?”

“Please don’t take it negatively. I know you are happily married and I think you deserve Steve. I’m asking because I am wondering how it was to be with me, like being married to me.”

“Well, if it’s in that context, I could say as a father you are very good.
You love your children very much and that’s why we had our rough moments during the divorce process because you didn’t want them to move out of Singapore to be with me. As a husband…hmmm….there were days that as a wife, I needed to reach out more to you. You don’t express yourself too much so I would be left wondering what was in your mind, whether your care or not, you know what I mean. You were always away for work and I was alone most of the time” Corinne explained.

“Was I that bad?” His brows furrowed.

“Ha,ha,ha, I was able to live with you for 10 years.” She found it amusing that she was having this kind of conversation with Richard.

“But you decided, you’ve had enough, right?” Richard asked.

Corinne can be honest to him now. “Right. As you said before, when a person is inside the bubble of being in-love, everything seems to be fine. But when the bubble bursts, reality presents itself. It was then I realized that we can be better off as friends. Hey, why are we having this discussion? Why do I sense that there is a woman in your life.” Corinne became curious.

“Hmm. I’m still figuring out what to do. I’m not sure… I like her a lot, in fact, it’s more than that but…” He was getting confused with his own thoughts and feelings.

“Ha,ha,ha. You’re like a teenager. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to mock you but for a moment there, you looked exactly like Luke.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you better talk to your eldest. He’s going through a break-up with his girlfriend, Joey. And now, he is telling me he wants to move up country because he wants to take up veterinary medicine. He wants to go where the cows are. Can you imagine from engineering course changing to medicine?”

“Alright, I will talk to him. Thanks Corinne. I appreciate this conversation.”

Richard spent the next two weeks with Luke while he helped him find a new place. He couldn’t convince his son to drop the veterinary medicine course and return to engineering because like him, Luke can be stubborn. On his free time, that is, when he was not with Luke. He would think about Maya and was very tempted to call her up but he never did. But one thing was sure, he loves her but he just wasn’t sure whether to take his feelings for her further. His pride was also getting in the way.


On his third week in Australia, Richard got a call a mid-day call from Ryan to check on his plans. After the customary greetings, Ryan asked “Bro, aren’t you coming over here in Hyderabad?”

“What for? You are doing well on the project, aren’t you?” Richard has been contemplating to visit them but couldn’t make up his mind.

“Well, we’ve completed the Hyderabad site. We are moving to Chennai next week for the next roll-out. So, wouldn’t you want to attend the closing program here and the kick-off on the next site?” Ryan was trying to convince him to return to Hyderabad. He has a theory that he wants to test.

“Bro, I don’t think I’m needed there. You have a good team.” Richard was in his difficult state again but is actually just not sure if he is ready to see Maya again especially after their last meeting in Singapore.

“About the team, you’re right about that. In fact, I’m enjoying working closely with Maya. She works hard but her aura is so contagious. She’s pretty and has good positive disposition in life. So, Bro, don’t be surprised if she becomes my girlfriend soon. I’m already courting her.” Ryan was smiling. In his thoughts, if my theory is correct, he will come running here.

“What?” Richard was surprised with Ryan’s declaration.

“I said, I am courting her.” Ryan repeated his last statement.

“Ryan, she has a boyfriend.”

“So?. You are referring to the pilot right? Well, they aren’t married yet so there is still a chance. She seems to be unhappy with him. She needs someone who will love and take care of her and I think I’m the one who can give her that.” Ryan was almost laughing, he has never made up a story like that before. Then, he noticed that the line was very quiet.

“Hello, Bro?” No response. “Richard…. Richard?” The line was dead. When he dialed again his number, Richard’s phone was busy. He assumed that he was calling Lisa, and he couldn’t be more right about that assumption.

“Hello Lisa…. Yes, I am fine…. Could you please book me a flight to Hyderabad? Yes, connecting via Changi. I can go home for a few hours to get some things but make sure I fly out of Changi on the same day I arrive.” Richard was giving very specific instructions to Lisa. He wanted to be in India as soon as possible.


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