Restless – Chapter 1

Author: Ricci

Author’s Note:  Hi EB and readers,  How’s everyone? Thank you for your warm reception of my previous story.  And now, it’s time to move on from Richard and Maya’s character in THE PLAYER  for you to enjoy this new plot.  

This is it (^o^) .


Chapter 1 – At Your Service

Richard first saw her on a train in Tokyo on a rush hour.  He was rushing to meet his business partner at Nihonbashi, and was not able to gauge the traffic.  When the car was not moving for more than 10 minutes, he and his Japanese colleague asked their driver to drop them off at the closest entry to the train station.

She was sitting at the corner looking intensely at the Tokyo map. He knows she’s Filipina by her features.  This was confirmed when she turned to the man beside her, and quietly talked to him in a Filipino language.  She linked her arms to him, and giggled when he whispered something to her ear.

He was captivated by her looks.  Pretty didn’t quite soothed her but when she looked at him and smiled in passing, he felt stunned looking straight into an intriguing and alluring face framed by a dark brown hair which is caught up in an elegant chignon. Her cheekbones were slightly high, her nose small, her lips full, but her eyes were her most arresting feature. Beneath the perfectly arch of her brows, long curly lashes hinged eyes that were startling, sexy and seductively dark brown.  She’s beautiful. He kept thinking that somehow she looks like a Hollywood actress, but cannot pinpoint the name. “Ah, Angelina Jolie…” finally remembering while looking at her.

She looks young, and yet her body seems to belong to a full-grown woman.  A contrast that he finds attractive and intriguing.

“Too bad.  Seems she’s already taken.” Richard mused as he looks at the man beside her. “He looks young, they both look young to be a couple.”  His gazed drifted to his and her hands. “No wedding rings or any sort though.”

His musings were interrupted when the train slowed down for the next station.  Both his subjects were already preparing to get off the train. She stood up, and unnoticeably dropped something on their seat.

Richard tried to call her attention, but then the train stopped, and a rush of people came out including them.  He hurriedly went to the empty seat to pick it up, and smiled at what he saw – something that’s hers – timelessly beautiful and feminine, a single pearl drop hoop earring.


She’s returning back to the Philippines today.  This is her first international flight assignment since she completed her training from PAL as a flight attendant.  After her experience in domestic flights, she was assigned to international flight together with Wilson, his friend from the training school.

It was a great experience to be in another country.  Tokyo was indeed beautiful – the culture, the people, the language. Everyone seems to be polite and respectful, always taking a bow at each other. She and Wilson went around for a quick tour during their day off. She was elated to finally see the famous spots, like Shibuya, Shinjuku, and others including the famous Tokyo Tower.

The only downer in her whole experience was her misplaced pearl earring.  She realized that the other piece was missing when she tried to take it off before her shower.  The pearl earring was precious to her since it was a gift handed down by her Mamang to Nanay, and then to her.  Now, she’s only left with one-piece, and she felt bad for her carelessness.

She was restless the whole day trying to remember, tracing back her steps in the hotel room, turning over the pillows, blankets, towels; stooping under the bed, looking closely at the carpet – she practically turned over the room in the hotel, but still cannot find the other piece.

After almost an hour of searching, she gave up and removed the other piece from her ear.  She was teary eyed when she placed that one-piece earring in its box for safe keep.

“I have to tell Nanay when I get back to San Nicolas.”  Maya sighed, and laid down on her bed, facing up, looking at the ceiling.  She thought of her Nanay and Mamang, on the sacrifices they made so she can finish her studies.

After years of relentless study, and obtaining her bachelor’s degree, she decided that it was her turn to give back to them.  She immediately applied a job in PAL, and was given an opportunity to train as a flight attendant.  After a year of training, her hard work paid off – she completed the training with flying colors, and was eventually assigned to domestic flights.  That was 2 years ago where she vividly remembers her Nanay giving her the pearl earring as a present for her first flight.

Now at 25 years old, she already travelled on domestic and international flights.  She felt independent and accomplished, as she’s able to support her Nanay and Mamang.  Her two years experience away from her hometown was a learning experience for her as it opened her eyes to the world.  She gained confidence and learned to deal with people. As for men, she met countless of them, but there was never time for more than a brief acquaintance.


“May I offer you a drink, Sir?”  Maya called out as she passed by a seat in first class.  Their plane was already up, and they’re preparing to offer drinks for their passengers.

Richard looked up from the newspaper that he’s reading to respond to the flight attendant.  He was surprised to look straight into a set of beautiful eyes, with long curly lashes.  Unbelievable.  It’s her from the train. Richard thought as he gazed at her beautiful face.

“Sir?” Maya consciously smiled back at the man as she waited for his response.

Recovering quickly from his awe, he composed himself and showed his irresistible smile. “I’ll have a sherry, please.”

“I’ll get that drink for you, Sir.  Please excuse me.” Maya turned around as she nervously walked back to the galley to get the drink.


“What was that all about?” Maya thought when she reached the galley.  She placed her hands on her pounding heart as she tries to calm down. “Breath in, breath out. Kalma lang. Ngumiti lang naman sya. Nothing unusual there, and I always get that naman even in my previous flights – nagandahan lang siguro sa ken.” Maya giggled while talking to herself animatedly.

“Maya! What’s wrong?” Wilson interrupted her monologue, which made Maya jump.

“Wilson, ano ka ba?Aatakihin naman ako sa yo.”  Maya took a deep breath, fanning herself.  She straightened up, and started preparing for the drink.  “O, sya, I have to get this pa to Mr. singkit.”


Richard forgot about the newspaper he’s been reading.  His thoughts were on the owner of the lovely eyes who just offered him a drink.  He secretly smiled as he waited for the woman to come back, intrigued and curious. “Hmm, this flight won’t be boring after all.”

He looked at her as she approach his seat, and liked what he is seeing – poised, graceful, just the right height not too tall nor too short, proportionate body with all the right curves in placed.

“Sir, your drink.”

“Thank You.”

“Is there anything else you need Sir.”

“Your name.” Richard said casually while sipping his drink.

Maya was taken aback by this man’s forwardness, but quickly recovered.

“Maya Dela Rosa at your service Sir.” She politely responded, and pinned her most charming smile to the man before she turned away to the next seat on the aisle.



39 thoughts on “Restless – Chapter 1

  1. hi ricci!!! ….and the long wait is over…. 🙂
    welcome back, been checking on your blog site daily for the new series…
    alam mo naman ako self confessed fan mo….
    sorry nga lang late na ako to welcome you, busy lang sa real life 🙂
    anyways, 1st chapter pa lang excited na ako….
    now pa lang i am wondering who the cynical soul and/or restless heart belongs to…
    keep your stories coming ricc… glad to see you back…
    btw will try to participate sa guessing game, this will be exciting.
    this means participants will guess the plot for the next chapter, tama ba?

    • Thanks. How can I not come back when I see comments like “the agony of waiting”… Hahaha… Na guilty naman ako to prolong the agony. (^_^)

      No rules on the guessing game. Take a wild guess lang either on the next chapter or on the plot. I’m letting the readers run with their imagination.

      O, guess na? (^_-)

    • hi hi hi… u remember my lines ha…
      my guess for the next chapter, before even the flight lands Ph, R will invite and be able to convince M to have dinner with her, using the loop earring as his excuse… title – dinner at the bay of just simply earring… 🙂

  2. Oh beautiful story again coming from one of the best writers here! Soooo cute I like it super…another story na 101% ma ho-hook na naman ako… I’m such a fan ms. ricci… thanks and more power to you! 😉

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