After God’s Own Heart – Part 7

Note: This is a continuation of After God’s Own Heart 6

Author: princemackaroo


Maya never thought that law school can be this toxic. She already prepared herself but it seemed like her psychological preparation weren’t enough. She was still taken by surprise by the amount of requirements and readings that needed to be done from time to time. But this is her dream. One way or another, she will achieve it. No amount of toxicity will ever sway her from achieving her dreams.

As the Bible says, no one can serve two masters at the same time. Either he’ll be loyal to one and despise the other. This is an inevitable truth that Maya herself was not able to escape. Try as she may to juggle her time with James and her studies, things didn’t always go her way. “So dinner later?” James asked on the other end of the line. “Naku babe! I don’t think I can make it. I still have lots of readings to finish. 500 paged reading ang kailangan kong tapusin tonight,” explained Maya in an apologetic tone.

“But Babe, I understand that you needed to study but I also know that you have to eat as well. Kaya sige na. Pumayag ka na,” James said sweetly. “Babe, gustuhin ko man, but I simply can’t waste any minute. Mahirap kas –“ “So waste of time na pala  ako ngayon??” said James in an irritated tone, cutting Maya off. “Babe!” gasped Maya. “That’s not what I meant and you know that,” she said further. “But you said it yourself! You simply can’t afford to waste another minute. Another minute with me! To think we’ll simply have dinner! A meal I’m pretty sure you’ll be taking as well. Or perhaps it is the company that you don’t want? My company that is!” said James in an angry tone.

“Babe!” snapped Maya. “You know fairly well that’s not what I meant! You know how much I wanted to be with you. Madami lang talaga..” Maya sighed for a moment then continued, “Fine! If you want to have dinner, sige. Pero let’s make it quick so I can still have plenty of time to study.” “You know what, if napipilitan ka lang, just tell me. Ayaw ko namang pwersahin ka na sumama sa akin,” said James. “How can you possibly say that? Hindi ako napipilitan, ok? My studies are my top priority but you are important to me as well. This relationship is! Kaya babe please. Don’t ever think na napipilitan lang ako. Don’t ever think that, ok?” said Maya. James let out a sigh then said, “Ok. So dinner is set?” “Yes. Dinner then,” Maya confirmed. “I’ll just pick you up from your school. I’ll be there in 30 minutes,” he said. “Ok. I’ll wait for you then,” she said. And with that, they both hung up the phone.

Maya knows that James can be possessive and unreasonable at times. Despite these, she still believes that she still can bear with this attitude of his and still be on top of her game in terms of her studies. But there are times when circumstances show her that merely understanding James isn’t enough to save both her studies and her relationship with him. She also cannot deny the fact that she inwardly wishes that James be supportive of her, and her priorities be his priorities as well. As months passed by, she saw more of James’ character that she never really saw clearly before.


“Son, why don’t you take over our Aviation Company instead?” Roberto asked. “Pero dad, hindi kasi aviation ang major ko. Your employees might question my credibility and expertise for that matter,” answered Richard. Roberto simply laughed at Richard’s concern then said, “Ricky, son, I don’t think anyone would dare question your credibility nor your expertise. A Mechanical Engineer, Magna Cum Laude and a 5th placer at the board exam? Who could possibly question you?” Richard sensing his father’s pride in his tone, he could only shake his head, then said, “But that’s exactly my point dad. Aviation engineering somewhat differs from Mechanical Engineering. There are some areas that are specific to one another. I don’t think I can step up to the challenge.” But his dad Roberto is determined to win his son over.

“Ok. Let’s make a deal. Why don’t you take some units of Aviation Engineering so you’ll be fully equipped for the job? Take some units while working for LAS at the same time. I think, that way, mas mapapabilis ang familiarization mo not only with the job itself but with the company as well,” Roberto said. “But dad, don’t you think it’s too much for me to handle? I mean, I’ll be studying and supervise a company at the same time?” Richard asked, oblivious about the whole set-up. Roberto could only let out a laugh sensing his son’s reason for hesitating. “Look son, you’ll only work for LAS for the time being but I am still the one in charge of supervising it. Once we’ve both determined that you are ready and properly equipped, then that will be the time I’ll transfer its supervision on to your hands. Does that sound like a fair game?” Roberto asked smiling warmly at his son.

Richard, thought for a moment before finally answering, “It does sound fair dad, but would it be ok if I’d ask for some time to think it over. I don’t want to immediately make a decision about this whole thing. Let me pray for it first.” “Ok son, no problem. Just tell me once you’ve already reached a decision so I can start making the necessary arrangements,” said Roberto while tapping Richard’s shoulders. “Yes dad. I will,” Richard answered, smiling back at his father.

That night, Richard did pray for the right decision that he needed to undertake. He asked for the right path that the Lord had set for him. After a couple of days, he finally agreed to accept what his dad had offered him. He employed himself at LAS and at the same time, took units in Aviation Engineering. Since LAS only had one branch at the time and only had a couple of clients, Richard didn’t have a hard time familiarizing himself with the company. Furthermore, because of his dedication and determination, he was able to win the hearts of all the employees and engineers even if he’s not practically an aviation engineer.


Time passed by quickly, Richard was not only able to complete his units in aviation engineering, but also able to pass the board exam. Though he didn’t make it to the top ten list of passers, he was still able to pass it with flying colors and his parents couldn’t be any prouder. “I’m so proud of you Ricky! We should celebrate for your success! Why don’t you do some exhortation on Sunday sa worship service sa church? That way, not only will we be able to thank the Lord for all the blessings He continuously shower you with, you might inspire a couple of young people out there too,” suggested Mommy Esmeralda. “I think that will be a good idea mom,” smiled Richard.

Shortly after passing the board exam, Roberto finally decided to turn over the supervision of LAS to Richard. Richard was hesitant at first, but his father assured him that he is already well-trained and capable of handling the company. Things went smoothly for him. Not only did his familiarization and expertise in aviation, but his loyal engineers and staff of the company help him run the company. After a couple of months, he’s been easily known and acknowledged as one of the best young entrepreneur in the country. But being a man of God, none of this really got to his head. He always believed that everything he has right now is given by God and not because of his own strength and capabilities. He is very vocal about his faith and beliefs that the people around him, cannot help but respect and admire him more.


“Ricky, hijo, I was just wondering, don’t you have any plans of settling down yet?” asked mommy Esmeralda out of the blue, over the course of dinner. Richard, taken aback by his mother’s question, “What made you ask that mom?” he asked. “Wala naman. I just thought that you’re now ready to settle down. I mean you’ve already accomplished enough, spiritually, financially, emotionally, I just think na you are already capable of settling down,” replied Mommy Esme. Richard could only laugh at her mom’s reasoning then said, “Mom talaga. Alam mo naman na hindi lang yun ang sukatan ko sa pag-aasawa di ba?” he asked. “Yes I know. What I mean is, wala ka pa bang nakikita? Haven’t you fallen in love with anyone yet?” she further asked. But before Richard could answer, “Ay nako Ma! Tingin ko meron na!” chimed Simon. Richard, together with Esme and Nikki, all gave Simon a surprised confused look.

Simon grinned at all three of them then said, “Si kuya kasi, na-torpe! Ayun tuloy naunahan siya ng iba!” Simon laughing at what he just said, “Na-torpe? Si kuya? How? Sino?” asked by a surprised Nikki. Upon realizing what Simon had been talking about, Richard shaking his head in disbelief, “Silly! That was just an admiration. It’s not as if I’ve fallen in love with her,” explained Richard. Esmeralda, obviously becoming completely interested with the new revelation tried to pry further. “So who’s this lucky girl son?” smiled Esme. “Oh my gee kuya! This is so exciting! C’mon make kwento na dali!” added Nikki. Richard feeling cornered and left with no other choice but to fill them in, shook his head, and narrated the story of the girl whom he has been admiring until now.



7 thoughts on “After God’s Own Heart – Part 7

  1. hmmmmm i smell something will happen …. the way james act sigurado hiwalayan blues ang mangyayari …. magkikita pa kaya ulit sina richard at maya … thanks princemackaroo.

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