After God’s Own Heart – part 9

Note: This is a continuation of After God’s Own Heart 8

Author: princemackaroo


It’s been almost a year since Maya broke up with James. The first few months had been terribly difficult for her. She had loved James for more than 2 years and has already been accustomed to his presence that she finds it difficult to adjust and move on. Add up to that, James always try to find a way to win her back. But no matter how James woo and plead her to come back, Maya knows deep inside that he broke something inside of her that simply cannot be replaced anytime soon but only time can tell. This in turn made James furious and burst into outrage. He’d constantly tell Maya that he’s the only man for her and that she belonged to him and him alone, and that no one else will ever be right for her except for him. He’d constantly remind her of these either thru text, email, or FB. This prompt her to change number, email account, and block him on every Social Networking site, completely cutting him off her life.

Thankfully, this experience of her brought her more closer to God. Despite all the difficulties, challenges, and heartaches she had to face, she was able to see the positive side of it all. It dawned on her to be angry and question God for everything she had to go through, initially. But with the help of her family, friends, spiritual advisors, and her strong spiritual foundation, she was able to look past the hurt and see the objective side of it all. Furthermore, this helped her to live life differently. She learned to live life for herself, be happy, fulfilled and content with everything she has, her family, and most of all, to live for God above all else. She saw that being single is a gift, a blessing and not damnation or curse that someone had to bear, unwillingly. In the end, she learned what it really meant to say that everything happens for a reason.


One Saturday evening, Maya was approached by her sister Cristina Rose for a serious talk. “Bunso, kumusta naman ba ang work mo? Maayos naman ba?” she asked. “Ah yes ate. Ok naman siya,” smiled Maya. “Mabuti naman kung ganon. Ah bunso, do you still have plans of going back to law school?” she asked. Maya, surprised by the sudden inquiry of her sister, thought for a moment. She may already be happy and content with what she have right now, fulfilled even, but she also knows, deep down, given the right opportunity that she’d be more than willing go back to law school. “Ang totoo niyan ate, hindi naman nawala ang pangarap ko na maging isang abogado. I just learned to live my life in accordance to God’s will and plans. But if His plan for me includes going back to law school, then I’d be more than willing to take it,” explained Maya.

Cristina Rose simply smiled at her sister’s answer. Not only was she satisfied with what she heard, she was also in awe of the wisdom that she now possess. Smiling still at Maya, “De La Salle University and FEU had this program called MBA-JD. It’s a 5 year course in law and business. Once you complete the curriculum, not only are you entitled for the bar exam but you’ll also have a Master’s degree in Business Administration. If you’re interested, we can have you enrolled right away para maka-abot ka for the first semester. I’ll take charge of your tuition fee and allowance basta mag-aral ka lang mabuti at magtapos,” she said.

Maya, completely overwhelmed by everything she heard, was not able to control her tears from falling and in an instant, hugged her sister tight. “Ate salamat,” she said in between tears. “Ang saya saya ko! Thank you so much ate! Thank you so much!” she further said. Cristina Rose could only hug her sister back and give her assurances.

As Cristina Rose had suggested, Maya wasted no time and enrolled herself in the said program. She already know how toxic law school can be, she already experienced it first-hand. But having the right mind-set and perspective, everything went out smoothly. She’s back being on top of her game but she never acknowledged the credit for herself, she always bring back the credit to the true provider of it all.


It’s been quite some time since Maya heard from James. For all she knows, he had already moved on with his life and accepted their fate. These thought make her feel happy for him somehow and even pray that may he also find his true happiness and purpose in life. But one thing that she’s not prepared for right now is seeing him again.

It was already her 3rd year in law school. Due to the program’s schedule which accommodates working students, her classes start late afternoon and ends late in the evening. She just got off the lift, together with her law school buddies Jam, Pabs, Ruth, and Marge, when she saw a very much familiar figure, standing at the entrance, his back against them. The smile on her face suddenly vanished and panic started to creep up her system. She doesn’t know what to do or how to react. She just stood there, motionless and petrified.

“Uy Maya. Ok ka lang? Bakit parang natulala ka jan?” asked Jam. Maya was not able to answer him but all four saw the panic on her face. “Hey Maya, what’s wrong?” asked Ruth worriedly. “Si- Si James,” muttered Maya. Being buddies since 1st year, they are all aware of one another’s personal lives and past relationships, Maya’s included. Ruth and Marge could only gasp at what they heard while Jam and Pabs instinctively went in front of Maya, trying to protect and cover her. “Are you sure? Where is he?” asked Ruth who’s already getting panicky as well. “There at the entrance. The one with a blue shirt, back against us,” described Maya. All four immediately identified the guy they were describing.

“Ok, let’s not panic alright?” said Pabs, “Good thing he has his back against us. I don’t think he’ll notice us right away. Maya just relax ok? We’ll take care of you. We’ll make sure he won’t see you,” he further said. So all four covered Maya and used the other exit door of the building so that James cannot get near Maya nor see her.

The said incident brought fear to Maya. But she resolved not to disclose it to her family for she knows well that they’ll worry too much about her and might even bring it to the next level and have James blottered. Not wanting to produce any commotion in her family, she decided to handle things herself, thinking that it may not happen again. Much to her dread, the incident occurred a couple of times more sending her to panic attacks. If not for her friends, she doesn’t know what could’ve happened. James acting this way, she no longer knows what to think of him. Eventually, he stopped stalking her but Maya and her friends remained to always be on guard in case the need arises for them to hide or even fight back. With this setback, she still managed to focus on her studies and enjoy the remaining years she has in law school.


It was now her last year in law school. In a month’s time, she will not only have her MBA degree but finally achieve her dreams of becoming a lawyer. At this point in her life, there really isn’t much more to ask than pass the bar exam. She’s been successfully and happily living a single, fulfilled life for quite some time that she found no need to enter any romantic relationship.

It was a bright Saturday morning when she received a call from her then UP classmate and friend Inah, informing her that she’ll be celebrating her 27th birthday and also the dedication of her daughter on the last day of March. Maya was informed that not only is she invited but she’ll also serve as one of the Godparent of her daughter. Maya was thrilled to hear the news. She was happy that her friend personally chose her to be the Godparent of her daughter. It was truly an honour that she’s more than willing to accept.

Finally, the said date finally came. The party was held at one of the restaurants in Makati. As Maya stepped in the function room where the party is held, she cannot help but be overwhelmed by faces of strangers everywhere and even her friend Inah was nowhere to be found at the time. Just before the food was about to be served, Inah had Maya accommodate somebody familiar to her, apparently, another Godfather from UP. He smiled at Maya and she immediately recognized the connection. The funny thing was, she could not remember his name at that time. All she remembered was sharing a couple of hours a week with him and the rest of their bible study peeps , way back UP days. But the moment he said his name, Maya knew she would never ever again forget it. His name is Richard.

During the course of the celebration, Richard and Maya did some catching ups, but apparently, the time that they currently have is not enough to cover the years they were apart. There’s no denying that they both enjoyed each other’s company and simply talk literally about anything under the sun. They felt too comfortable with each other that the people that they used to talk to earlier at the table somewhat disappeared from the scene. It was just the two of them – friends trying to fill the other with as much information as they can.

The both of them arrived at the restaurant alone, not knowing what to expect, but they left the vicinity together. And though it was neither their party, on hindsight, they believed, somewhere in the heavens the angels were rejoicing and the Matchmaker was smiling down at them on that first day of the rest of their lives – together.


7 thoughts on “After God’s Own Heart – part 9

  1. at last nagkita na sila after how many years? not only the angels in heaven are rejoicing …… also me are shouting……. finally ……… what will happen next now that richard and maya meet? ….. that’s for me to find out sa next chapter (ha ha ha)…… kaya princemackaroo next na po…. thanks.

    • Umm.. Jan tayo medyo magkakaproblema. I really thought of ending it here nalang. But let’s see. I might open another series as a continuation for this series which will focus on the lead characters’ relationship but I don’t know yet when it’ll happen.Ü

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