The Art of Letting Go – part 9

Note: This is a continuation of The Art of Letting Go 8

Author: princemackaroo


“Hello James? Yes I am already here at the restaurant.. Ok.. I’ll see you then.. Bye.”

“What the hell??!! Are you blind???! Are you not looking at where you’re going???” “I’m so sorry sir. I didn’t mean to.” “Of course you should be sorry! And you really are going to be sorry for what you did!”

Maya was seating at a table when she heard a familiar voice from the other side of the restaurant. As she looked up to where the voice is coming from, she was surprised to confirm her hunch. “Oh-my-God!” she thought, pausing in between words, “You’ve got to be kidding me! Pati ba naman dito sa London may nakasunod paring kamalasan??” Maya just watched as the angry customer continued to raise his voice at the already startled waitress. Not able to contain herself anymore, she decided to mediate with the two. “Excuse me but I think the lady’s already had enough,” she said boldly making the angry customer taken aback by surprise.

“Ikaw na naman?? Is it really your hobby to meddle with another person’s business or you simply have some sort of hero complex??” said the angry customer to Maya. “Look Mr. Lim. Kung hindi ka ba naman nag-i-iskandalo dito sa loob ng restaurant, siguro hindi ko na kayo mapapansin pa. Besides, nag-sorry na nga sayo, umiiyak na nga sa harap mo’t lahat, ayaw mo paring tigilan ang pamamahiya mo!” snapped Maya. “It’s not my fault she’s a clumsy retard!” said Richard furiously which made the waitress cry even more and run towards the counter. “Hey you! Stop right there! We’re not yet done!” shouted Richard at the retreating back of the waiter.

Anger consuming his being at the moment, turned to Maya and said, “Look what you’ve done! She left! Paano pa ako makakareklamo nito ngayon?? How can I even make her pay for what she did?? This is completely your fault! Napaka pakielamera mo kasi –“ “Pakielamera na kung pakielamera! But don’t expect me to simply sit around and do nothing while you belittle someone else! Ang OA mo din naman kasi! So what kung namantsahan ang damit mo?? Ikamamatay mo ba yan?” countered Maya. “Why you! Ikaw na nga itong nakikialam, ikaw pa itong may ganang mamilosopo?? She’s a clumsy retard who obviously cannot perform her job well and it’s a no-brainer to conclude that she needs to be disciplined and now, thanks to you, Ms. Lifesaver, she got away with it!” said by a furious Richard. “Ha! Look Mr. Perfect! She already acknowledged she was wrong and already apologized to you a couple of times! There’s no sense humiliating her in front of other customers here just to teach her a lesson! That’s a NO-BRAINER fact!” answered back Maya. “At isa pa, Mr. Perfect Jerk! Kung bitter ka, wag mong ibaling sa iba! Kung maka-asta ka daig mo pang iniwan ng asawa!” said Maya further.

Richard winced at Maya’s accusations and Maya noticed this. She then took advantage of it and gave him a sarcastic smile, folded her arms and said, “Oh! Eh kaya ka naman pala ganyan ka-OA maka react at dinaig pa ang ampalaya sa pagka bitter! You know what Mr. Perfect, no wonder she left you dahil jan sa sama ng pag-uugali mo!” Richard is now burning in anger. He rolled his fingers to a fist trying hard not to hurt the lady in front of him. He paused for a moment and tried to calm his nerves down. As soon as he finally composed himself, he faced Maya and looked at her straight in the eyes, “Don’t go around assuming things about everyone. You hardly know me Ms. dela Rosa,” he finally said, then turned around to leave the restaurant.


“Ikaw talaga princess!!” said James as he pinches Maya’s nose. “Aray! Aray James!” said Maya but James wouldn’t let go of her nose. “How many times do I have to tell you that your impulsiveness will eventually get you into trouble?” said James, finally letting go of Maya’s nose after making his point. “Eh kasi naman, kawawa naman yung waitress. Umiiyak na nga sa takot hindi parin tinantanan. Alangan namang umupo lang ako sa isang tabi at hindi siya tulungan. Hindi ko naman kaya yun!” answered Maya as she caresses her nose. James shaking his head, “Ok. Andun na ako. You felt the need to help. Pero hindi ka na dapat nakipagsagutan kay Richard ng ganun. You’re an FA remember? The last thing that you are expected to do is get engaged in a scandalous argument especially in a restaurant full of people,” said James seriously. “Correction! Konti palang ang tao kanina kaya konti lang ang nakakita at nakadinig,” said Maya in her defense. “But that’s not the point Maya and you know it,” replied James.

Maya knew James is right. They both knew that there are times when she’s having a hard time controlling her temper especially when she sees someone in distress, the need to help them overrules her rationality. Heaving out a sigh of defeat, “Ok. I was wrong. Hindi ko lang kasi napigilan yung sarili ko  kanina. Akala mo kasi kung sinong perpekto at magaling,” she said. “Do you think he’ll report me sa management? Will I be reprimanded or receive sanction for what I did?” she asked worriedly. “So ngayon natatakot ka? Sana kanina mo pa naisip yan!” said James playfully pinching her nose once more. “Aray! James naman eh! Oo na! Padalos dalos na nga di ba! Hindi na ako uulit,” said Maya. “Talagang hindi na dapat! Dahil pag umulit ka pa, malamang, may sanction ka na or yet dismissal pa!” teased James. “James naman eh! Oo na! Hindi na talaga ako uulit. I’ll try my best to hold my temper,” said Maya in an apologetic tone.

“Good. I don’t think Richard would really report you sa management about what happened. He may have been offended but I don’t think he’ll bother report you to TA management. But seriously Maya, you never should have said that to Richard,” “Said what? Being a Mr. Perfect Jerk? Eh talaga namang Mr. Perfect Jerk siya eh!” said Maya irritably. “No. Not that,” replied James. “Eh ang alin?” “You telling him na para siyang iniwanan ng asawa,” said James. “Eh kasi naman daig pa niya ang iniwanan ng asawa eh! OA lang magalit!” laughed Maya. “His wife did leave him,” said James simply. “No wonder,” smirked Maya. “You don’t understand Maya. His wife left him not because she wanted to. She died of plane accident,” explained James. “Oh c’mon James! Wag mo nga akong pinaglololoko jan! Look, if you’re trying to make me feel guilty about the whole thing, as I’ve said, I am sorry for what had happened, hindi na talaga mauulit yun. Promise,” said Maya, raising her right hand as a sign of her promise.

James remained serious and unimpressed by Maya’s actions. Maya, sensing that James is dead-serious, “Seryoso ka nga James? Hindi ka nagbibiro?” asked by a surprised Maya. James simply nodded his head. Maya could only gasp at James’ response, “Hala!” as truth sank in and embarrassment started swallowing her whole entity.


After a long tiring day, Maya & James went to their respective hotel rooms, courtesy of TA for their employees, to catch up some rest as they still have a flight back to Manila the next day. Tired as she maybe, but Maya couldn’t will herself to sleep that night. Recollection of everything that happened that day, of everything she learned about Richard kept re-surfacing on her mind. “Hay Maya! Ikaw naman kasi! Padalos-dalos ka kasi at hindi lang yun! Napakataklesa mo pa pag nagagalit! Naku! Ikaw talaga! Buti at hindi ka nasampal ni Freddie Krueger!” Maya scolded herself. “Nakakahiya kang talaga! Nakakahiya! Argh! Maya, Maya, Maya! Kalma ka lang ok. Kalma ka lang. As if namang magkikita pa ulit kayo ni Freddie Krueger. Relax lang,” she thought, then “Eeeeeeee!! Yun na nga! Bakit ba kasi kailangan lagi kaming nagkikita! Hanggang dito ba naman sa London! Pag pinaglalaruan ka nga naman ng tadhana! Ano ba yan!! Ano ng gagawin ko?” she asked herself. “Ok Maya. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Relax lang ha. Relax. Basta. Pag nagkita ullit kayo ni Freddie Krueger, mag-sorry ka sa kanya, ok? Basta mag-sorry ka nalang. Kung magagalit siya, tanggapin mo nalang dahil ikaw din naman ang mali, ok. Kaya mo yan. Tama! Kaya ko to!” Maya thought positively.


James’ and Maya’s flight has been delayed so they decided to go to the café located inside the airport to kill time. As they were on their way to the café, James’ phone suddenly rang, prompting Maya to proceed alone and left James to answer the call. As she entered the café, she went to the counter to place her orders. After placing her orders, she was then advised that she will be notified once her orders are done.

Destiny indeed seemed to be playing tricks on her. As she was looking around for an empty table, she found the very man that kept her awake all night. Just the mere sight of him sent shivers to her whole being and made her knees weak. Contemplating whether to approach him or not, she finally mustered the courage to approach him and apologize for her behaviour.

Richard was busy reading the newspaper that he failed to notice Maya approaching him. “Hi!” greeted Maya sheepishly. Richard looked up to see who greeted him and saw Maya standing across the table. After seeing her, he just resumed reading his newspaper. “Ahm. Ok lang bang maki-share ng table?” she asked. “Why? Aren’t there any more tables left for you to take?” Richard said without taking his eyes off the newspaper. Maya already feeling embarrassed about the whole thing, “Eh. Ano. Ano kasi,” said Maya, not really able to find the right words to say. “Fine. We can share table if that’s what you want,” said Richard while still focused on the newspaper. “Thanks,” replied Maya.

The barista finally called Maya and informed her that her orders are ready. So she got up, got her orders and went back to the table where Richard is. She doesn’t know how or where to start with her apologies. Drawing a deep breath, “Ah. Mr. Lim, sorry nga pala sa nangyari kahapon,” she said apologetically. Richard, surprised by what he’s hearing right now, lowered his newspaper, “So no Mr. Perfect Jerk this time?” smirked Richard then returned reading his newspaper. “Ok. What I did yesterday was wrong and totally uncalled for. I know I was out of the line. For that, I am truly sorry,” said Maya. Richard, finally folding his newspaper down, took a sip of coffee, faced Maya and said, “Do you have any idea of the humiliation you put me through yesterday?  Are you fully aware that I can easily have you dismissed from Time Airways?” said Richard with a smug look on his face.

Maya, controlling her temper, answered, “Yes, I am. That’s why I am now swallowing my pride and trying to make amends with you. I just hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.” Richard contemplated for a moment, said, “Ok. But on one condition.” “Ano ba naman itong lalaking ito! Hindi magpatawad kung magpapatawad! May pa-kondi-kondisyon pang nalalaman! Kasalanan mo ito Maya eh!” she thought to herself. Letting out a sigh, “Ok, ano yun?” she asked. “Let’s have another date,” Richard said casually. “A date?” asked Maya, bewildered by Richard’s request. “Yes a date. Here’s my calling card. My office number and mobile are there. You can call or text me for the details. I’ll be waiting for your update,” said Richard, as he got up and left the café, leaving Maya no chance of arguing with him. “Ang yabang talaga! Kala mo kung sino! Naku!! Kung wala lang talaga akong kasalanan! Maya naman kasi! Ayan tuloy! Nightmare on Elm Street part 2! Argh!!” she thought.



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