Say It Again

Hi! I’m back haha, but not for good, you know naman, school girl pa ang peg ko hahah

I’ve drafted and started this story  few months ago, but due to time constrains I wasn’t able to continue and post it.


We’ve Parted

“Sa tingin ko Sir Chief kailangan muna natin ng space”. Those were the last words that I’ve said to him before I accepted the offer in Time Airways U.S.

“Sigurado ka na ba talaga bunso? Baka pupweede pa naman makiusap na dito ka nalang sa Pilipinas maasign”. The voice from the other end of the line, Kristina Rose.

“Pwede naman kung pwede kute, kaso wala naman ng rason para mag-stay ako dito sa Manila e”. I paused, I took a deep breath as I tried to gather my thoughts, then I continued. “Kasi ganun din naman, hindi din naman ako makakauwi ng San Nicholas e, tapos ikaw nasa barko ka din naman, si Emman naman hindi na din siya uuwi dito sa condo niya sa susunod na buwan, nakakahiya naman kung ako lang mag-isa dito”. I tried to sound casual, that as if those were the only reasons I have for accepting the offer.

“Yun lang ba talaga ang dahilan? O meron kang gustong layuan?” Kristina Rose’s voice was skeptical.

“O sige na kute, magbibihis na ako malelate na ako e, babye.” I hung up right away. I took a deep breath and headed towards the mirror. “Kaya mo yan Maya Dela Rosa.” I told myself as I straightens up my uniform then I fixed my cap and wings.

I went downstairs and waited for the company service to arrive. The drive to Time Airways was a bit quick or maybe I was just out of my mind to notice that. I went to the boardroom, there I saw our superiors and other Time Airways flight attendants, who has the  same business like I do, we’re there to sign up for the contract, I just don’t know if we have the same offer. After discussing some of the details about the contract, they handed us a sheet of paper and was instructed to attach our signature. My sweet was like bits of corn, my head was pounding and my hands were shaking. I put the pen down; I rattled my hands thinking that this would help to lessen the tension that I was going through. I picked up the pen again, took a deep long breath, and then I carefully signed above my printed name.

Wala ng urungan to Maya Dela Rosa, time lang ang kailangan mo, makakamove on ka rin.

I passed the contract then each of our superiors  seated in front shook our hands.

Though I left the Philippines, I know the fact that at some point in time our paths will cross again because of his affiliation with Time Airways, but I’m really praying, that, that time won’t be soon, I need to find the missing pieces of me, the part of me that was longing for something, or maybe someone and I know deep within me that it was Richard. What can I do? Destiny seems to be flowing against us, specifically the kids. I left because I don’t want Richard to be in the situation where he has to choose between me and his kids. I think we’re better off this way. Because I know and I believe that all things has its own reason and season, maybe, I and Richard’s love story wasn’t perfectly written, needs to be edited and the ending is still hanging.

I’ve touched down to Time Airways, Las Vegas in mid afternoon, though I’m still having my jetlag, we are asked to report right away. We are given the schedules for the rest of the month. I was assigned with the local flights in the state. After the meeting, we are directed to the hotel, which was intended for Time Airways’ staff, pilots and stewardesses. The place was really good, though the setting was very far from what I was used to, the same with the food, before I was used to eat rice and meat in the morning, but now, the bellboy delivered different kinds of cheeses and some crackers for lunch. But the food really didn’t matter to me, aside from my jetlag, well, honestly, I’m still in the state of being lost, preoccupied and home-sick.

Days grew shorter and nights grew longer during my stay, well, if I should consider it as stay. Every night I still curl up in my bed and suddenly tears kept on flowing from my eyes, then, I fell asleep. At times I thought that I just slept five minutes ago but then I’ll hear my alarm clock ringing and it was already six in the morning. The first few months went the same, both day and night. I did my best not to affect my job with my personal knot. But when the situation is really heavy and I can’t help myself from thinking the past and the people I left in the Philippines, I can’t help but gawk, even if I’m on-duty, then I was caught off guarded, I just shook my head, wishing that those thoughts will drift right away.

Whenever I’m having my day-off, I seldom go out and stroll in the county. I usually stay in the building, lay in bed all day, I always think of them, of him, how is he doing, is he eating his meals on time, if Liza was able to make a great tasting coffee for him, or the worst is, is he back to his aloof-state just like he was when I first met him or if he was also thinking of me, then I ended up crying myself to sleep.

Days then months have passed and in three months, I’ll be celebrating my anniversary in this country. While I was having Skype with the people in San Nicholas, a mail popped at the lower corner of the screen, I ignored it because I was used to receive mails from Time Airways, messages that were all sent to its employees. After few minutes, I hit the end button after we said goodbyes and regards. Just when I was about to turn my laptop off, the mail had popped again, I was to hit the close button, but I don’t know what’s with that message that pulled my fingers on the mouse and opened it.

From: Time Airways

August 20, 2013


To all our valued and hardworking employees, as part of the company, you are all invited for the week long celebration of the company’s 50th Anniversary. Yes! You have it right, week long, so that the operation won’t be interrupted; the company made it a week of celebration so that all employees, staff, pilots and stewardesses will be able to join the celebration. In line with that, we have also invited the different suppliers and maintenance team of the company, because without them, Time Airways won’t be possible. This is one of a life memory that everyone shouldn’t miss. Everyone should enjoy the celebration.

Because the main branch of Time Airways is in Las Vegas, the party will be held at Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas U.S.A. from the 1st of September to the 6th . The company will provide free transportation for its employees.

Batches and schedules will be coordinated by your local coordinators.

Good Day and God Bless!

Time Airways

I felt a bit excited after reading the message, but with my sleepy head and exhausted temple, excitement vanished right away after I turned my laptop off. I lay in my bed, but before I was able to catch Mr. Sleep, I sit in my bed as if I had a nightmare.

We have also invited the different suppliers and maintenance team of the company.

These words gave me adrenalin rush that made my heartbeat double up or even tripled. I took a deep breath as I tried to calm myself. I slapped both my cheeks to drift those things and the “might happen” situations during the celebration. When I felt that my heartbeat slowed down, I lay again in my bed and slipped the three-fourths of my body beneath the blue comforter that matched the bed cover and the pillow cases. The comfortable mattress didn’t help me to get a good sleep. It was already two in the morning but I was still tossing and turning on my bed.

Moving On

It was Monday, and I don’t know what happened to me that I felt so good compared to the past days. I slipped on my running shoes and then I tied my hair in a bun, I run down the hotel. It’s still a bit dark outside. I run around the county, I passed through the park where I saw old couples walking hand-in-hand, slowly, slowly like walking under the moonlight. And it put me in a stop.

Kayo po Sir Chief ano pong gusto niyo sa isang babae?

It took me a while before I knew that I was in loved with you

Those flashbacks seemed to just happen yesterday. My breathing shifted from gasping like a horse to heaving, heaving like I was running out of oxygen, and I don’t know why the thought of Richard makes me so breathless. I shook my head to make those thought drift from my mind, well, it was a bit effective. I continue to run, from afar, I saw couple of people and I don’t know what’s happening there. Being socially concerned I slowed down mocking my head from side to side to see what was it. I was teary eyed when I saw a man kneeling in front of the woman; I guess they’re on their late twenties or so.

“Paano kung naging ok kami ni Sir Chief, aabot kaya kami sa ganito?”

“What if hindi ako humalis ng Pilipinas?”

“What if?”

Those ‘what if’s’ made my knees shake, I almost fell from my feet but thank goodness, there’s this tall, fair skinned guy beside me he wears a white cotton shirt that perfectly shaped his pectorals and a ripped jeans, he was able to grab my elbow just in time to save me from falling. His eyes met mine, I’m not sure if it was a spark that I saw in his eyes, but geez! This guy is a wow, he has perfectly shaped lips, a chestnut brown eyes and a hair that matches the shape of his head. I don’t know why but I think everyone disappeared from out periphery and all I can hear was the humming of the birds and his breathing.

He cleared his throat and we’re back to reality.

“You ok?” he asked, his voice colored with concern and sympathy.

“Ye—ye—yes, yes I’m fine, sorry” I stammered, I don’t know why speaking seems to be very laborious to me, is this the ‘Richard memory effect’ or the ‘chestnut-brown eyed guy’.

“Sorry for what?” after hearing his voice again, I knew he is not an American. “By the way I’m Andrew, and you are?” his voice was like a melody that sooths deep within me.

From that encounter, I’m glad that for a while I felt nothing but joy.

“I’m Maya, Maya Dela Rosa” I shook his extended hand, oh! His hand was so soft, so soft like Richard’s.

Right after Richard’s name popped out of my mind, I let go of his hand right away. I saw his reaction but I just don’t know if he was shocked or disappointed.

I head back to the hotel, grabbed a quick bath and then I prepared myself for my flight after an hour. I went downstairs, I was in a hurry that I forgot to eat my breakfast, I lost in my mind that Sherry asked me if we can change schedules because she has an emergency at home and that makes my flight four hours earlier. Good thing that the airport is just few blocks away, but I still have to grab a cab because I’m wearing heeled shoes. I reached the airport just in time. We boarded after five minutes.

“Excuse me miss, can I have” he trailed of when I turned to face him.

“Hello sir! What can I do for you?” I beamed at him with my signature smile.

After a moment or so, his face registered in my head and I was thinking on where we met.  The curve in my lips slowly drifted into a thin line. He cleared his throat once again, by then I remembered where I have met him, in the park.

“It’s you! The dizzy-giddy woman in the park earlier” he said with a teasing tone as he arches his eyebrows. “Are fine now?” he asked, his tone changed to being concerned.

His eyes were like the sun shining brightly and I was like an ice berg that slowly melts with his gaze. All I wanted to happen is that the floor would eat me or else I might lose again my balance, maybe because of his description on me the ‘dizzy-giddy’ woman in the park.  I cleared my throat, too, as I gather my thoughts.

“What can I do for you sir? Do you need anything? What do you like coffee, tea or juice?” I asked, my tone was flat, trying to segue his attention, I’m not used to this kind of conversation, the only person I’m used with this kind of conversation was… err… with Richard.

“You”, he answered right away. “I mean, I want you to give me orange juice, please” he rephrased his answered when he saw my reaction.

I handed him a glass with ice and a bottle of orange juice.

“Is there anything you need sir?” I asked, hoping that he says no more.

“Your number” his tone was flat, no clue if he was kidding or not.

“I’m sorry sir?” I asked as I mock my head, trying to clarify if I heard him right.

“Oh! I said thank you, that would be all, you know I despise tiring up a beautiful woman like you” he smirked at me then he place back his headphones.

After the one hour flight, the pilot has taken off and finally after few more minutes I can grab my brunch.

“Oh pano Carl, maiwan muna kita dyan ha, hindi pa kasi ako nagaaalmusal e” I told him as I rub my belly.

I was always being thankful that I always have a Filipino co-flight attendant.

I went to the canteen of the airport, during my stay in the country, I’m getting used to bread and veggies. I ordered a medium sized burger and a plate of vegetable salad plus a glass of Lipton Tea.

I was seated in the corner, a table for two; the canteen was a bit packed because it was lunch time. Kids tagging at each other, a crying baby, a loner like me, a father with three kids and other people whom to have other businesses and some bystanders, filled the canteen. I started to unwrap my burger, took a bite from it and it tastes really good. While I was forking the salad, I was staring at the window, seeing a bunch of family cry as their father or any member of the family has to enter the departure area.

Basta mag-iingat ka doon ha bunso! ‘Wag basta bast amagtitiwala kung kanikanino ha!”

“Oh anak, tatawag ka palagi ha, sobra kitang mamimiss”

I remembered these parting lines seven months ago, but before I totally turned my back from them, I was still hoping that he will come, Richard will come and he will beg me to stay and will promise me that everything will be fine but I was waiting for no one. It was only my mother and Kute.

“Hello beautiful!” a familiar voice. I almost chocked and dropped my food because of that sudden intrusion to my ‘hopeless-reminiscing-moment’.

“Ay kabayo!” I yelled with my surprise.

“You’re a Filipina?” he asked with surprise and excitement. “Wow! What a coincidence!” he sat across my chair.

“Yes, how’d you know?” I asked as I raise an eyebrow.

“Syempre naintindihan ko Pinoy din ako e” he explained with a proud tone as he broadens his shoulders.

I nod by my surprise. I’m starting to get tensed, I don’t know what is with this guy, my heartbeat starts to quicken, my head, pounding and my knees shaking. I don’t know what to say. I sip my tea to lessen the tension I am feeling.

“By the way, I wasn’t able to introduce myself to you… I mean my full name maybe that is one of the reasons why you are so cold to me”. He explained, and still, his voice gets through my vein. He extended his hand. “I’m Andrew, Andrew Zobel” he beamed at me, like a CEO closing a deal with a huge company.

I reached for his long fingers, oh, correction, long soft fingers. We shake hands, he tightens his grip with my hands which electrified my veins and send a tingle in my spinal cord. My subconscious is leaping, yelling inside me saying ‘finally!’ Finally what, I said and then she answered back, ‘finally you have already met the new love of your life!’ she snapped, then she vanished.

“Is everything alright Maya?” Geez! He still remembers my name.

“Ok n asana kung bibitawan mo na yung kamay ko” I joked to lessen this something in my chest.

“Oh, yes, yes, I’m sorry” he said with sincerity in his eyes.

My inner goddess pouts her lips because of what I have just said. She was yelling at me. “What’s wrong with you?” she exclaimed, “Move on ka na kay mister Engineer!” she added. I shake my head to dismiss my freaking conversation with my inner goddess.

“You sure you’re fine?” he asked again, this time he leaned towards me with his elbows in the table.

“Oo, ok lang ako, I was just thinking of something” I tried to sound convincing.

“Is it really something or someone?” he asked, his tone was flat again. I said nothing, because I really don’t know what to say, will I say that it was my inner goddess pouting at me because I let go of his hand. “Oh! I’m so sorry, I know it was too personal” he said as he held my hand.

“Ano ka ba ok lang ako” I faked a smile, though I know he didn’t believe me.

“So do you have plans for tonight? I mean may lakad ka ba after your flight back to Vegas?”

“Uhm, wala naman bakit?”

“I was thinking if we could have dinner?”

Oh! Boy! He’s a sort of an aggressive type, are men in here really like that?

Basta mag-iingat ka doon ha bunso! ‘Wag basta basta magtitiwala kung kanikanino ha!”

“Sorry pero ano kasi” Oh! Geez! How would I reject this kind of invitation from this kind of a god-like creature, or if I have the rights to do so? Of course I do! I do have the rights but I don’t have the guts.

“Don’t worry, hindi naman ako masamang tao, or maybe tomorrow night, kung hindi sagabal sa schedule mo? Tomorrow seven p.m. I’ll pick you up. Bye!” he said in finality with his authoritative voice. Is he like that with every other girl he wanted to date? I don’t know but his guts turn me on. How did he know where I was staying? Is he a stalker? And with that thought, my subconscious is starting to freak out.

This would suffices for now I hope 🙂

Next to chapters will be posted as soon as possible…

I HopiaLike It 🙂

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