Undercover– Case 2.5

Note: This is a continuation to Undercover–Case. 02

Author: blossom

Author’s Note: This is not a continuation to the Undercover—Case.02. This is merely a guide in order to help you in decoding the mystery behind the cryptic conversations enclosed in the chapters. I’ll introduce the groups in the story and provide a brief background on each plus their members. Also, I’ll introduce a very exciting game later. 😉


The Organization

A top secret government organization that aims to stop underground illegal deals such as human-trafficking, slavery, drug/ firearms dealing, animal poachers, etc. It has different branches all over the world but the base is on Manila, Philippines. Its current target is an underground group called Olympus that is wreaking havoc all over the mafia world.

This is the list of registered members of The Organization.

>  White Falcon- Leader

Major Members:

>  Sparrow- Maya dela Rosa

>  Swallow

> Eagle- Alexandra Lim

>  Owl

Minor Members:

> Hummingbird

>  Pheasant

>  Warbler

>  Mockingbird

>  Blackbird

The Organization’s list of targets with their given corresponding codenames.

>  Silver Magician- Richard Lim

>  Hawk-  Kronos of Olympus


An underground mafia society that specializes on production of weapons of mass destruction and war artillery. They often ignite mafia wars between mafia famiglias and manipulate them in buying their weapons. Also involved in drug smuggling.

This is the list of the commanders of Olympus. The Supreme Commander is the highest position and oversees the whole activity of the faction including the Tactical Operations and Ground Operations. The Tactical Operations is in charge of compiling intelligence, mission plans and tactics while the Ground Operations is in charge of patrolling, accomplishing missions, intelligence gathering and undercover.


> Kronos


> Tethys

Wolven Fang

A brotherhood that originated from the Philippines and adopts the rules of a wolf pack. They have their own objectives that remain in secret but they call themselves at the protector of justice and work in the shadows in stabilizing the political, economic and social status of the country.

Led by:

> Alpha- leader of the pack

> Beta- right-hand/ second-in-command

Do you follow so far? Well… let’s now focus on our protagonist’s own group, The Organization.

The Organization’s Basic Policies:

  • In a private meeting/ phone call, there must be a unique code to be delivered as identification for the Organization. Upon membership, you are to memorize at least 30 different codes, usually in a prose.

(i.e. “The night is the time…

“When the ravens take flight…

“And the darkness looms and the clouds divide.”)

  • Upon contact, the member must state his/her code name, age, and mission rank.

(i.e. Sparrow- code name ; 25- age ; 01-mission rank)

  •  The mission rank goes as follows:

*45- D-rank (lowest)- errands, paper works, maintenance in the headquarters.

*35- C-rank- patrolling, messenger

*15- B-rank- escorting, reconnaissance mission

*00- A-rank- information retrieval, infiltration, minor undercover missions for information gathering

*01- S-rank (highest)- rarely given. A very sensitive and secret mission, only known by the Head and agent; usually undercover.

  • Code for location: Two numbers for the coded exact location, first two letters of city, first two/three letters of country

(i.e. “01, MM, PH” 01- code, MM-Metro Manila, PH- Philippines)


So…. Did my explanation make sense? Haha. My brain hurts from thinking all this mumbo-jumbo and still typing at 2:14 AM and  in which I’ll have a 7 AM class later… Just sharing 😉

Anyway, I’m very curious and delighted by your speculations about the characters. And because of that, I thought of a game! THE UNCOVERING GAME (corny I know XD). But humor me please. 😀

So here are the mechanics:

1. I’ll choose a specific person from each groups mentioned above (The Organization, Olympus and Wolven Fang) with a code name to be ‘uncovered’. So basically, there are three people you need to crack for each chapter. Well, it’s your choice if you’ll guess them all or just choose.

2.  I’ll drop clues here and there for the real identity of the person. I’ll mention at least (3) three things as your clues. But I’ll be as discreet as I can XD… so YOU have to point out the clues to me.

3. The first reader to correctly guess the identity of the person or persons, point out the clues plus give explanations to the three clues is the WINNER. Please submit your answers through the comments portion below. I’ll judge the winner based on his/her explanation about the clues so even if you got the character right, it doesn’t mean that you’re the automatic winner. 😉

4. The winner gets to tell me his/her suggestion for the succeeding chapters of ‘Undercover’ or may request a story (one shot only) dedicated to them. [I can’t immediately accomplish the requested one shot because Midterms is approaching and I’ll be subjected to a hell week so please be considerate.]

You have (2) two days upon the publishing of the latest chapter to submit your answers. Take note, you can only submit your answer once so proofread it! And… first come, first served basis, no plagiarizing of other’s deductions please. Let’s all be fair. 😀

5. If no one gets the correct answer, I’ll reveal the identity of the person on the next chapter plus the clues and explanation.

P.S. Oh, and since I made the identity of these people obvious, I might as well reveal them explicitly. ; )

Sparrow- Maya dela Rosa

Silver Magician- Richard Lim

Eagle- Alexandra Lim

(If you’re a critical reader, you may have taken note of Sparrow telling Sanada Genichirou on Case.01 that she would keep in touch with Swallow and Eagle… and yet I hinted something evil and discreet about Eagle with Sparrow and Swallow’s conversation on the last chapter. Hmmm, quite contradicting huh? You’ll understand what this means on the later chapters.. 😉

Also, Japanese names like Sanada Genichirou, Sawada Tsunayoshi… etc. are real anime characters from their own mangakas. I don’t own them and they’re not part of TUG okay? 😀

I alluded to the real identity of Hawk, Swallow and White but there are no concrete clues to draw a rational conclusion that’s why they’re still part of our little game.

WARNING: Please don’t get confused with the code names. There may be times where some people have two code names. Why? They are double-agents (A MAJOR HINT) like Alexandra Lim or Eagle. There are rare cases that they’re triple agents (HAHAHA. OA much.), but yeah, that’s it. So, be, observant and critical with details okay?

If you have any questions/clarifications with regards to the Bulletin or game, please feel free to leave a comment below. (UGH, MY HEAD HURTS. I can only imagine your reactions reading this gibberish. Sorry guys. :D)

I’ll see you on Undercover—Case.03!


39 thoughts on “Undercover– Case 2.5

  1. ayan! medyo naliwanagan na ko, pero… KONTI LANG. 😀 haha. may pakulo ka na shaii ah. The guessing game! Gusto ko yan, pero sure na di ako mananalo kas alam mo naman ako. laging late reaction. — as much as I wanted to request a one shot short story from you. 😥 but anyways… Keep it going! I super love it, and will support ALL your stories all the way. :* :* :* ❤

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