Accidentally in Love – part 7

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Accidentally In Love 7 – The Finale


The moment he’s out of the office, Maya with no warning pulled him and dragged him out to their garden…

“Wait Maya, hindi mo naman ako kailangan kaladkarin eh, ”

“Mr. Lim! Ano sa tingin mo ang ginagawa mo ha? Gusto mo atang atakihin ang Papa ko. Alam mo bang kagagaling lang nya sa sakit tapos bibiglain mo ng ganun? Paano kong may mangyari sa kanya ha —“ she stopped when she noticed the sudden change of his mood, he was smiling displaying his dimples making his chinito eyes a bit more chinky.

Richard released a small sigh, and he held Maya standing before him…He looked steadily into her eyes and said…

“Marry me Maya!”


Maya got surprised by the suddenness of his proposal, she grew silent and just stared back at him not really knowing how to respond. When she managed to recover she put her hands to her waist and with a frown on her face began to ask.

“Alam mo ba yang sinasabi mo Richard?”

Noticing her reaction he knew he was being unreasonable considering the total obscurity of their circumstances.  They have not talked seriously about it In the first place, well they tried to but he always starts with his temper on thus ending up clashing with her and as a result no clarity only sheer confusion and frustration for both of them.

So what he needs to do now is to justify the wisdom behind his sudden proposal, but he seemed to have lost his presence of mind whenever he’s with her…He needs to think quick…His mind is in a rush… “C’mon Richard! Think!” So tentatively he said what his mind had come up with.

“I uhm… I should be taking responsibility for what happened—you know—between…us, what if I— got you— pregnant?—“

He felt awkward. It was one thing to find it a reasonable and another to actually be talking to her about it. He too was not convinced so he added…

“You, your father…well, we all have our reputations here… So… Let’s make things formal Maya— Marry Me!”

And knowing that if Mr. Arturo could have chosen freely for himself he would definitely choose James for Maya. Again he added…

“Well, I asked your father if I could—marry you—and he said…it’s for you to decide…Besides you’re going to get married anyway…he’s insisting you on marrying James diba? so… why not just marry me…It would—only be— fair that we get married… you know what I mean… right?  So—”

He said it like it was so simple not realizing the enormity of it to her. Vexed upon hearing all his lousy reasons she thought she had heard enough. She cut him off.

“Tama na Richard! She said irritably.

“Pupunta-punta ka dito inaway at ininsulto mo pa ako tapos ngayon…”  She sighed as she looked away for a moment and looked back at him annoyed.

“Ano bang akala mo sa’kin? Easy easy lang? Kung maka pag salita kayo ng kasal akala nyo ganun lang kadali yun! Simula kanina wala kang ibang ginawa kundi awayin ako—“

“Maya listen—“Richard wanted to explain further but Maya did not let him finish…

“At para sabihin ko sayo Mr. Lim, walang sapat na dahilan para pakasalan kita, unang-una wala tayong relasyon…at hindi porket gusto ni Papa na makasal na ako eh agad na akong papayag na mag pakasal sayo…”

“Maya!—“he interrupted but Maya kept on talking.

“At kung yung mga nangyari lang naman sa’tin yang dahilan mo, wag kang mag alala dahil hindi kita inoobliga na pakasalan ako dahil lang dun…siguro nga nadala lang tayo ng sitwasyon kaya— “with ice in her voice she added.. “Kalimutan na lang natin yung nangyari… pwede ka ng umalis!”

She was very much disappointed from the tone of her voice to hear his desire to marry her as a matter of formality on his part and what would seem like a bargain just to save his untainted reputation. Yes, he’s man enough to take responsibility but hearing all those reasons gave her some faint shadows of encouragement to talk to him and to even continue to listen to him. So the best way to mollify herself was to end the conversation.

“What? No! I’m not leaving unless we make this clear Maya” He retorted

“Clear? Okay… No! Yan ang sagot ko! I’m not going to marry you! Klaro na ba yun? Now if you’ll excuse me papasok na ako at makaka alis ka na!” She said firmly.

The manner of her reply was a bit fiery that he got astounded and could only blink at her. It took him awhile before he recovered from what he could think of as another rejection.

“We’re not through yet” He said sullenly

“I just said no! Kaya wala na tayong pag uusapan!” She was going away when he stepped in front of her and detained her, holding her by the arm. She struggled to get away but he was holding her too tightly.

“Richard Ano ba, bitawan mo nga ako!”

But Richard didn’t mind her. He’s been at indefinite pains lately all because of her and he wants to punish her for that. So quickly, he grabbed her close and kissed her on the lips forcefully for the second time. He’s done it again but this time she will not tolerate it. She pushed him with all her might until she was able to break away and with no gentle hands she slapped him. His face reddened his eyeglasses slid down a little, and his jaw tightened.

There was a momentary pause, until they had managed to move. He flicks his eyeglasses back into place. Maya made a single step backward. Her eyes grew wider, shocked at her reflex that she couldn’t believe she had slapped him. She felt remorse after seeing his face reddened.  She wanted to caress it but too afraid that he might shove her hands off.

Richard was emotionally affronted by her response and the tiger within him is heating him up but instead of making another move or saying another word that would make her angry even more, he decided to let this one pass. He will constrain himself to be temperate this time. He managed to calm himself down suppressing the increasing temper within him then looked at her earnestly.

“Maya…” he uttered almost in a whisper.

She was not sure but she saw him quite dejected while he uttered her name. The tone of his voice and the way he looks at her pinched her in the inside. They did not move. With a total silence they stood fairly still and just stared at each other…And then he broke the silence.

“Why do you keep on rejecting me?” He asked in a subdued tone.

“Ayaw mo ba sa’kin?— Mas gusto mo ba si James?—Was that the reason why you left?—Then how about that night after the gala?—Wasn’t that real?”

“Tell me straight…kahit konti ba wala kang nararamdaman para sa’kin?—Because if you don’t then I— I won’t be bothering you anymore. I will leave you alone if that’s what you want…but I beg you this time to answer me honestly Maya… “

With only a scrap of courage he pushed himself to ask those distressing questions. He needs to know if she also had even the slightest of feeling towards him. This time there is no pausing on the brink for him, no looking down or looking back. He was determined to clarify things between them once and for alland he needs to know the answer now.

In a pause which ensued she asked diffidently. “Bakit…Bakit mo gustong malaman?”

“I just need to know because I—“

“ I love you…” he uttered in a subtle way and there was such a deep fondness in his eyes with the way he delivered those words to her. She was caught off guard.

Her eyes rested on him, listening to him with deepest attention. It warmed her heart to know that he has loved her too.  All those questions were merely a confirmation but she didn’t expect it coming…those last three words were like a melody to her ears that it just swept her and she felt it. For her, there never can have been anybody who can make her feel angry and pleased at the same time. And the way he looked right through her had such a fervent appeal so tenderly that got her carried away. She was gone head long before she had sensed to say a word to him.


There was a momentary silence again as he waits for her reply. Procession of tremendous considerations already marching his mind, supposing she would say another word of rejection. Anxious about it, he was already entertaining the thought of falling upon his knees before her just to implore her not to rend his heart. Yes, he was willing to do it like a hopeless crazy old fellow in all. He can no longer settle himself whether it was in her own little tormenting or reserved way that she kept silent and would only look at him.  There was torture inside him. She is such a cruel woman he thought.

She barely shook her head her eyes now were in a moment cast down and tears fell fast. Her emotions overflowed her chest so spontaneously that she clasped her right hand to it and with a fast beating heart she went into his arms at once.

She falls headlong into him and caught her in his arms that he barely kept his balance. Quite hesitant, he moved to embrace her, took her weeping closed in his arms like he was her best support. He closed his eyes released out a sigh. He felt relieved. With that indication there was no more words needed from her. He felt it.  They both have felt it as if they had released out a heavy burden within them.  All it takes was to tell him exactly about what he feels for her and all she needed was to hear those three pleasurable words coming from him.

“Ri-chard…” she finally spoke, it was all she could managed to say.

They remained hugging each other for who knows how long, until she inclined her head to him with hands rested on his broad chest and her sweet eyes shining through her tears. He wiped the tears on her face gently through his knuckles.

”Richard… Sorry—I’m sorry, nabigla lang ako.” She said in between sobs  “Sorry kung hindi ko sinabi kaagad yung tungkol sa’kin, sorry kung — “

“SSShhh” he shushed her gently and grasped her chin with his thumb and index finger.

“It’s alright” He moved his hands and scooped her face brushing away the tears residue with his thumb. He kissed her forehead and hugged her as before, moving his arms clasped round her. She laid her soft, pretty cheek against him and whispered. “Mahal kita Richard”

His chinito eyes grew wider, he wasn’t expecting to hear those words from her. As soon as it sank in, he closed his eyes and tightened the hug. They savoured the moment with no further words spoken only the beating of their hearts, laying their mind before each other truly and entirely. From that moment, finally the state of doubt for them was over.


Mr. Arturo appeared in the doorway to their garden, he was talking to someone on his phone and  saw them both. He smiled and turned back inside.


Slowly they broke away from the hug. They smiled sweetly at each other. “So w’e’re okay now?” Richard asked. She nodded.

He rolled his eyes “So… will you marry me na?”

Her eyebrows creased in an instant. “Ugali mo ba talaga yang nambibigla?—Kanina tinanong mo ako nyan—tapos kunga anu-ano yang pinag sasabi mo. Tapos yung ano—yung…” She pointed her lips..

“Continue Maya..” he said smiling.

“Richard naman eh”

He laughed heartily. “Alright..The answer is No! It’s not my thing to surprise anyone for marriage sayo lang and I’m serious when I offered you that. And again no! I don’t kiss any girl if I’m mad. Sayo ko lang din nagawa yun.”

Maya: “Magkalinawagan nga tayo Richard…Hindi pwede sa tuwing galit ka ay gagawin mo na sa’kin yun, mali yun..nag kakaintindihan ba tayo?”

Richard: “I can’t promise you that..”

Maya: “Ah ganun.. gusto mo ulit masampal?”

Richard: “Believe me Maya, you forced me to do that!”

Maya: “At kasalanan ko pa ngayon? Ganun?”

Richard: “ Yes! Because you are such a cruel..cruel woman. From the very start you are harsh to me— “Remember the first time we met? You accused me of being a thief!”

Maya:“Malay ko ba, di ka nag pakilala eh”

Richard: “The next day, binuhusan mo pa ako ng kape”

Maya: “Uy aksidente yun!”

Richard: “Di ka pa na kontento, pinahiya mo pa ako sa mga empleyado ko for letting me wear that “janitor” shirt.”

Maya: “Eh, wala ka rin naming choice diba?”

Richard: “Sa dami maya hindi ko na iisa-isahin, but one thing I did not really liked—at all”

Maya: “Hmmm…Ano naman yun?”

Richard: “ When you left me!”

Maya: ——-

Richard: So what have you got to say next?

She shook her head because she knew he was right. She was cruel for doing that.

“Eh, diba nga nag sorry na ako. At diba okay na tayo?”

“Okay, then marry me if you really are sorry.”

“Ha? Na naman?”

“Why not?— doon din na man tayo papunta diba? Look Maya… I know… We both know things happened so fast between us, kaya…lubos-lubosin na natin. And one thing, you had this attitude of running away, so the best remedy for that is to tie you!”

“Ang daya mo ha ni hindi mo nga ako niligawan…pero girlfriend mo na agad ako! Yung iba nga nag date muna, bago nag propose…pero ikaw puro ka short cut! Hmmph ” Maya said pouting her lips in her childish way.

“Eh iba tayo eh”

Maya did not answered back she just arched her eyebrows.

“So…Maya, what now?”

Richard sighed “Alright…I’ll give you time to think about it okay? Fair na ba yun?”

With a smile she nodded in agreement.

The beautiful calm manner went back. His chinito eyes showed only warmth and humor despite everything, she was the love of his life and she was her true love indeed and no amount of words needed to explain it further. They love each other and that was all that matters.


They went inside the house hand and hand but they withdrew it timidly when they saw Maya’s father on the sofa reading some news papers and as soon as he heard them he put the newspaper to his side and rose up.

“Good, you’re done. Richard, let us continue with our talk and you Maya…well, make yourself useful, perhaps you could prepare dinner, dito mag hahapunan si Richard”

They looked at each other in a stunned silence.


Richard and Mr. Arturo sat across the table on the veranda. For some time they held no conversation with Richard only observing Mr. Arturo stirring his coffee and then taking a sip on it.

“So Mr. Richard, is there anything you want to tell me?— I just had talked with James, you never told me that you are Richard Lim of the LGC”

“Uhm… well I thought it’s okay if don’t use my surname sir” replied Richard.

“Anything you want to tell me Richard?”

“Ah…what do you want to know Sir?”

“I want to know everything about you”

So Richard began talking to Mr. Arturo everything about his background. It took them almost an hour, Mr. Arturo would ask and he would answer it honestly until they talked about Maya.

“Richard, you asked me to give you a chance to prove yourself to me and to my daughter and as any father would wish I want Maya to be with the one who can take care and love her. And since you had confided your interest in marrying her I can’t see any problems with that for as long as you promise that you will truly love her and will never hurt her in any way.”

With no tinge of hesitation and doubt he answered…“ Sir I truly love Maya and I won’t do anything to hurt her. I promise you that”

“I saw you both earlier—“

Richard was alarmed. He was hoping that he didn’t see the earlier part when he was kissing her daughter “forcefully” or else it would be the end of him.

“I guess I have no choice but to welcome you in our family” Mr. Arturo had assumed that he was okay now with Maya judging from what he had seen earlier.

Richard can now breathe. He felt relieve, good thing he didn’t see that censored part. He thought.

“And there’s one thing I have to ask you Richard”

“Ano po yun?”

“Convince Maya to marry you— dahil gustong-gusto ko na talagang mag ka apo.—So work on that Richard and don’t tell Maya anything about this okay?”

“What do you mean Sir? Work on the marriage or the—baby?” He asked bashfully.

He motioned Richard to come closer. He whispered to him…

“Work on them both” Mr. Arturo said seriously.

Richard couldn’t agree more he could only nod surprised to know that he’s got Maya’s father as his major back up. He was thankful that everything is going well for him smoothly so far.

“And Richard… stop calling me Sir. Call me like what Maya use to call me since you are going to be my future son in law. Are we now clear?”


They continued talking over dinner with business as their main topic, it was their common interest, and they exchange views about it with Maya completely being out of place because business was never her interest.  Well, it seems Richard now has taken her place, she thought.


3 weeks had passed  with Richard being in Manila while Maya in San Nicolas, they still haven’t seen each other since their last talk in San Nicolas because of the conflict of their schedules. They only talk through calls and they have been missing each other so much that most of the time Maya could not fall fast to sleep thinking about Richard. And as much as she wanted to call him, she doesn’t want to disturb him for she knew that he also had to rest considering how busy his schedules were.

Richard was very much busy with the company expansions. He meets up with potential investors and visits their ongoing projects that sometimes he forgot to take his meals though he always finds time to call and talk to Maya. He always gets home late. And as much as he wanted to call her and talk to her late at night he doesn’t want to disturb her sleep.


Richard came home late, he found himself musing profoundly over the veranda. He glanced moodily around and he found emptiness. He was really missing her girlfriend. He could not satisfy himself with just a call and video chats. He wants her, He needs to see her badly. Immediately he decided to cancel all his meetings tomorrow to spend time with her.


It was 11 am and Maya was already on her office signing and reviewing some papers. Her secretary was on leave so she had to do all the work today. She was simple yet attractive in her kind of way wearing a black above knee-length skirt and a beige blouse tucked in under her black blazers.

The good thing about her was that she was never bossy, she always maintain good relations to their employees and seldom seen angry or frustrated when it comes to work. Too considerate being a boss as her employees would say. That’s why they love and respect her so much.

She’s constantly glancing at her phone for a text message or missed calls from Richard but was disappointed for she got none. It was unlikely that Richard would not text her if he was really that busy. She knows he would find time to text or call her despite how busy he must be.

“Nakaka inis yung singkit na yun.. kinalimutan na ata ako.. Lagot sya sa’kin.”

To mollify herself she got out her office and went towards the photocopying machine near the employee’s cubicles to reproduce some papers herself. While navigating the machine, the paper got jammed and it has stopped working.

“Ay…Naku paano ba to?” She was smashing the machine side by side in hope of fixing it, she was doing it again and again but still not working.


Richard peered at his watch it was exactly 10.45 o’clock when he arrived in San Nicolas. Liza already had arranged all accommodations on his behalf. He went straight to the hotel first to fetch some flowers he ordered and will go directly to DRVF building.


Using a rented luxury car he drove excitedly to his Maya with flowers placed on the front seat. He arrived at exactly 11 am. As he entered the main entrance, everyone in that floor looked straight at him. He was wearing a jeans and what would looked like an expensive brown leather jacket with a black V-cut undershirt. Holding a bundle of flowers, he went straight to where Maya is. He just walked looking as though he was a recognized personage in the building. Well he is actually, for some. Women whom he passed by were feeling giddy over him, others were gossiping. But He didn’t mind them looking at him, he got used to it somehow. He entered the lift.

The lift went open and immediately he saw the prospect in the distance.  She was on a corner, near the employee’s workspace, he creased his eyebrows to see her slamming a hand on the machine. He went closer.


“You’re destroying it” came a voice from behind her that made her straightened up. She recognized whose voice it was. She turned around to see him appearing before her with a bundle of flowers.

“Richard…Anong gingawa mo dito?” she was really surprised to see him.

“Visiting you of course” he answered briskly.

“Sana tumawag or nag text ka man lang ng sa ganun hindi na ako nag aalala”

“Well I want to surprise my girlfriend” He smiled so sweetly and gave her the flowers which she accepted wholeheartedly. To see her lay the flowers against her chin was to lose all presence of mind. He really had missed her, for him a day without her was not a thing to have on any terms. Right away he hugged her and he whispered to her ear “I missed you”

They made such a disturbance to the working employees, everyone’s eyes were on them with Richard completely forgetting about it. Maya craned her neck and got conscious to their employees watching them so she tugged his sleeve.

“Richard…pinag titinginan na tayo oh…nakakahiya”

He breaks away and turned his attention to the curious employees. He cleared his throat then everyone went back to what they’re doing.

“Maya… I think we need privacy” he whispered.

Maya nodded in agreement.

They headed to Maya’s offices and as soon as they were inside he resumed his unfinished business by pulling her close to him putting his hands around her waist. They were facing each other, she covered her face with the flowers so he could not see her blushing, she was smiling from ear to ear feeling giddy all over again. Slowly Richard moved the flowers from her face and without warning, he gave her a smack on the lips one after another and another.

To Maya’s surprised she slapped him on his chest… Ikaw talaga ang daya mo. She laugh pleasantly. Suddenly Richard’s expression turned serious, his eyes getting narrowed and wetted his lips…In a slow motion he leans his head down…Slowly until it came very close to her lips and—

“BESSIEEE  Look whose here—“

Emman without knocking entered Maya’s office startling both Richard and Maya. Their eyes grew open and quickly broke up. Emman too was surprised to see them, they all felt awkward and a tinge of guilt had shown on Emmans face.

“H-hi Bessie…ah ano..kasi.. Andito si Sir…J-James” He was in a tremulous state when he saw Richard glaring at him.

Ah.. sige Bessie may gagawin pa pala ako.. ba-bye then went out immediately.

Richard turned his head to Maya, his eyebrows furrowed. “James?”

“Ah Oo,  diba nga gina-guide pa rin nya ako, siyempre nasa learning stage pa ako kaya kinailangan kong komunsulta sa kanya. Isa pa anak sya ni tito Vergilio, kaya natural lang nandito sya.”

“Did it ever occur to you to consult me? You must have forgotten that your boyfriend is a President and CEO unless you are underestimating my capacity”

“Uy hindi ah..Kaya nga ayaw kitang isturbohin eh kasi nga super busy ka.”

“Ayaw istorbohin o gusto mo lang kasama yung James na yun”

Maya kept her cool she’s somehow used to his “topak” She sensed that he was just feeling uneasy jealousy towards James. So she wants to appease him.

“Richard naman eh.. boyfriend na kita at lahat jelly ka parin hmmm..” She clasped her arm around his shoulder.

“Uyy ngingiti na yan”

He looked away. He’s not minding her so she poked his side which made him shift a little.

“Maya stop that!” But she poked him again..

“I said stop that! Im serious!”

Maya glowered over his reaction so she withdrew her hand from his shoulder.

“Pupunta-punta ka dito tapos magagalit ka…Umuwi ka na nga lang sa Manila. She walks off to her desk and sat on her swivel chair.”

There was a knock, the doorknob tick open and James appeared by the door…

“Hello Maya” He greeted without seeming to notice Richard. He walks inside and got surprised to see him.

“Richard, it’s good to see you…your probably visiting the site If I’m not mistaken?” he stretched out his hand to him.

Richard received his hand and shook it. “well actually I’m visiting my girlfriend. His eyes shifted to Maya. James glanced at Maya and smiled.

“I see” James replied. Well I just visited dad and went to say hi to my friend here (emphasizing the word friend) pero sa tingin ko nakaka isturbo ako. So I think I’ll better leave you two.

“No James it’s okay…baka may pag uusapan kayo ni Maya”

“No Mr. Lim, I just want to say hi that’s all” with that he made a brisk salute to Richard and waved to Maya and a moment later he got out.

Richard excused himself to Maya and got out as well. He called James back for a little talk.


There they stood in a corner…

“James I thank you for helping Maya out, I really appreciate it… But I just want to inform you that from now on I’ll be the one to guide her with regards to business matters so you won’t be bothered anymore. I know busy ka rin.”

“No problem Richard… well, that’s good I’m sure everything will be easy for her now…and oh Tito Arturo told me that you’ll be getting married to her anytime soon… So I guess, congratulations…You’re one lucky man!”

“Thanks James. Lucky man indeed” they shook hands, he was thankful that James was such a good sport. Now everything is settled. No more James. No more reason to get jealous. He will now go back to Maya and it was his turn to appease her.


“Hey…” She ignored him.

“I’m sorry okay” still no reply from her. So he went to her side and folded his knees down to level with her but she’s busying herself with the computer.

He poked her.

“Stop that Richard! I’m busy!”

He poked her again.

“Nakakainis ka talaga… Sabi ng busy ako eh!” she scowled at him.

“I said I’m sorry…”then he stole a kiss on her cheek.

Wala na…nawala na yung tampo ko… kasi naman itong singkit na ito! Kung di ko lang talaga mahal…naku!

Just like that she smiled at her own thoughts. He stood up and offered his hand. She took it and they resumed what they have left off, this time Richard made sure to lock the door.


Richard took Maya for lunch at their subsidiary hotel in San Nicolas. After that they went to the rooftop of the hotel for them to unwind and have their moment. Everything was arranged beautifully and romantically. There installed a little covering with flowers on the sides, it was like a picnic style set up. Credit all to Liza. The wind was never harsh and everything was fresh and quiet.

They spend the time talking and laughing for hours, enjoying, savouring their moment together. Richard would never get tired to do this for her. He would do it every day if she wishes him to. They decided to have their dinner with Maya’s father. It was late in the afternoon when they drove their way to the dela Rosa residence.


They took an early dinner after that they made a little conversation over the veranda. It was growing pretty late at night and it’s time for Mr. Arturo to take a rest.  Richard being part of the family was offered by Mr. Arturo to spend the night with them, but told him that it shouldn’t necessarily be with Maya. Richard could only laugh. He greeted each Maya and Richard a good night and headed to his room. Maya went to her room to change into her sleeping pajamas. While Richard on the guest room taking off only his leather Jacket.  They went back to the veranda and sat next to each other.

“Gusto mo ba ng kape? Ipag titimpla kita…wait lang” Without waiting for his reply she went downstairs. She’s back with two cups of coffee on both hands. She sat down and placed their coffee on the table.

He took a sip…

“Hmmmm… your coffee is the best”

She replied with her sweetest smile.

He smiled back for a moment and slowly his expression transformed into an unreadable expression. He bent down his head looking at his coffee with spoon going round and round as he stirred it. He shook his head. He turned his head to look at Maya, fixing his eyes only on her. The soft lightings falls on her which made her face brighter even more. Her eyes were shining, her smiles were simply the sweetest.

Maya got conscious by him observing her the whole time. She looked away opposite to him putting her right hand on her neck propping up on her elbow just to avoid his gaze. When she glanced up to him again she saw him looking at her still. She blushed. “ Naku eto na naman tayo Maya” she murmured. But it was an audible murmur.

Richard was aware to her conscious state. He couldn’t hide his smiles away seeing her in her most fascinating little ways. He could have looked at her for hours. He could have looked at her forever.  He made up his mind. This time there is no turning back. He resolved to settle himself with her. He always wants to see the woman he had never seen without a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. He wants to be with her every morning when he wakes up and every night before he sleeps. He wants to be beside her always and forever.

He rose up and sidled into her side, bends down his knees. He fished out a blue velvet box from his side pocket and opened it. There have shown a radiant luxurious diamond ring shining upon her.  He took a deep breath…

“Maya…I want to have coffee with you—for as long as we both shall live… Would you—be kind enough to serve it for me—Forever? Before he knew it his eyes were sparkling with tears.

He moved her deeply to see him down on his knees, crying and she never saw him crying before, to hear him deliver  his sweet words of affection was to lose all her power of language. Her tears fall fast and her heart overwhelmed. And when she looked at the ring gleaming on her she knew she was ready.  Yes, she resolved to settle herself with the man who could have won the love and admiration of many just as he had won hers.

“Yes!” she said in tears. He hugged her tightly like he never did before. “I love you” he whispered. “I love you too” she replied. And those words soothed them to weep.

All at once in the serenity of the night, their heart spoke, clinging to each other with utmost trust and great love. For that moment they held at last the source of every worthy aspiration they had ever had.


2 months after…

He was feeling misty and unsettled kind of state as he awaits for his bride. His knees were shaking. Hands were trembling. His heart was beating fast. He saw her finally, walking on the isle. There was a heavenly light coming from the church window and it fell on her face. She was bright, she smiled at him and everything else fades away. One face shines upon him by which he sees no other images as more beautiful beyond everything. The woman whom he had never seen without a feeling a satisfaction was smiling at him with tears on her eyes. She was getting closer and closer until he received her.  They knelt down together side by side before the altar with their hands trembling, they looked at each other with smiles and tears. The clergyman went on with their clerk appearing, the services began in a deep and solemn manner all being very attentive. And with the all services being got through they stood up facing each other. “You may now kiss the bride”

With that signal he lifts up her veil, smiled sweetly and kissed her tenderly. There were claps and well wishes from their enthusiastic visitors. All eyes on them as they walk arm in arm waving at everybody. For them everything was perfect it was all a consummation of happiness that had been meant just for the both of them.


Finally the moment Richard had been looking forward to have finally arrived. Their honeymoon!  They’d be spending it in one of their exclusive resorts in Palawan for a week. It seems such a wonderful thing for Richard to have Maya finally this solo.

On their very first night while he sat down on their king sized bed peering through their itinerary he saw Maya appeared from the bathroom with her bathrobe on. She went to the closet beside their bed to arrange their clothes. Boy, she didn’t have any idea that there was already turmoil inside her husband. He was biting his lips as he stared at her every detail. He cannot contain his necessity so he calls her with voice a bit husky…

“Maya” Then he tapped the empty space beside him motioning her to sit next to him.

Maya only smiled at him.

“Just do that later Maya”  no reaction from her.

“Maya please!”

Now she glanced at him and replied… “Ricky marami pa akong gagawin, mag aayos pa ako ng mga gamit natin oh. Behave ka muna  dyan okay”

“Maya!” He called her again this time with a fiery tone. But Maya was busy arranging their things so she ignored him.  It seems it would now require a tamer for she was totally upsetting her tiger husband.

No such hope dawned on him so he went outside to take a breather just to cool himself off.  He was just so upset with Maya but he knows he has to control himself. He can’t, no he shouldn’t and he wouldn’t force her this time as much as he wanted it very badly.  He doesn’t want Maya to get angry especially now that they were in their honeymoon or else he could not get any score from her. It was windy outside yet it did not by any means relieve the urgency within him, he was excited and all only to be disappointed on their very first night as a couple!  So he decided to just go back inside. This time he laid himself in bed with great frustration. He was tossing and turning. Sat up and lie down then sat up again. He released a deep sigh and scowled at Maya. He shook his head as he narrowed his chinito eyes.

I can’t believe I had this satisfaction of marrying a cruel woman… He thought.

Unknown to Richard Maya was grinning the whole time. She knows she’s got a lot of making up to do later.


1 year after…

In a quiet air Richard stood musing profoundly over the veranda. He smiled and shook his  head remembering his journey . It was one heck of a journey with her. Maya bumping into him that seemed to be more than just by chance not knowing that he was already meeting the love of his life. She came right in time for him, yes it crossed his mind to use her as his wife for the sake of acquiring his fortune, but his heart betrayed him. Before he knew it he was already swallowed up into an abyss of love in an instant.  He smiled at the thought of it all. She made him feel klutzy despite how perfect others may see him he was simply being his old self whenever he’s with her.  She had stolen every part of him harmoniously, his brain, his heart, his soul. He sees the subject beside him smiling at him so sweetly. She was his fortune, his property, his pride, his pleasure ,his life and he had gone on loving her harder than ever  especially now that she was carrying his junior and it will only be just a month before he comes out. Finally naka isa din!


The End!  J

Author’s Note:

Their story may not be as extraordinary but surely it shows that love does not necessarily be in the right place or at the right time, it is beyond measure and unexplainable. “Accidentally In Love” as the title suggests; love appeared inevitably and can be extraordinary even in the tiniest lapse of time or in the most unfavourable circumstances it encompasses complexity and unpredictability. But through it all I agree with Paolo Coelho that:

“Certain things in life simply have to be experienced, never explained. Love is such a thing”


To all my readers, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I know this isn’t much but I really appreciate all of you for taking the time to read my story and having the patience to wait for it. Your comments have been the source of inspiration while I wrote the story. This will only be my story. I decided to go and stick to being an avid reader. And credit to the BCWMH writers and all the people behind it for they gave us such a daily dose of kilig and good vibes. I thank EB Admins as well for creating this site, this has been our refuge in times of stress, pressures and disappointments plus a wonderful tool to escape such a harsh realm of reality.

Thank you all, Godbless and more power!

This has been you joyfuljoyce now signing off!





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