Letters (13): To Mommy with Love

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This next piece, 3 letters from the 3 Lim kids, is inspired by the BCWMH episodes on August 22 & 23, 2013 and the  August 26, 2013 teaser. 

Happy reading, everyone!

Author: iamgarie



By iamgarie

*quoted verbatim from BCWMH episode dated August 22, 2013.

Richard: Well, I have to tell you something.

Nikki: Uh-oh! You look serious, Dad.

Richard: Well, I’m serious about it.

Luke: It?

Richard: Me and Maya… Ahmm, I mean, we haven’t been together long, right?

Nikki: (nods)

Richard: Pero matagal na naman natin kilala siya and you guys like her, diba?

Kids nod.

Richard: So…

Luke: So?

Richard: I’ve decided to propose to her.

Nikki: Aaaaaaaah!!! Oh my gee, Dad!!! Are you kidding?

Luke: Wow! Congrats, Dad!

Abby: Yay! Magiging Mommy ko na si Ate Maya!

Richard: Well, she hasn’t said yes yet.

Luke: Wait lang…

Nikki: I know she will, Dad! She will!

Luke: Wait. Alam na ba ni Lolo and ni Lola, Dad?

Richard: I already told Papa, pero I’m not sure if he told Mama already.

Abby: After this, you’ll get married na po, diba?

Richard: Well, not right away, baby.

Nikki: So, Dad, how do you plan to propose?

Richard: Honestly, I don’t know yet.

Luke: Si Nanay Teresita, alam na po ba, Dad?

Richard: Yes, pero secret muna natin ‘to, guys. Please don’t tell Maya.

Luke: Pano yan, Dad? Eh ang daldal nito? Baka madulas si Nikki, Dad.

Nikki: Oh my gee, Dad! I’m so happy for you!

Luke: Ikaw lang? Kami rin!

Abby: Ako din!

Luke: O, see!

Richard: I love you, guys!

Luke, Nikki and Abby all stand up to give their Dad a hug.

Abby: I love you, Daddy!

Nikki: I love you, Dad!

Richard smiles, so do his kids.  They are finally a picture of happiness and bliss.


Dear Mom,

Hi po, Mommy! I had a dream po about you last night and you were smiling at all of us. You’re happy, Mommy? I’m glad you’re happy and okay po. Daddy, Kuya Luke, Ate Nikki and I are okay naman po and we are happy, too.

Mommy, Daddy is about to propose to Ate Maya na po. Were you smiling in my dream because of that po? Thank you for being happy for us, Mommy. I love you, Mommy. I miss you, too.

Alam niyo po, I was so sad and lonely before when you left. Diba po Mommy, when you left I did not talk for a very, very long time, and I was always angry? Buti po dumating si Ate Maya. She took really good care of me, Mommy. She’s very nice, Mommy. She also talked and played with me always. Tapos po sinasamahan niya po ako parati sa play school and sa park. Tapos nagbe-bedtime story po siya for me always before I go to sleep. Favorite ko nga po the story she made about The Mahal na Hari and Mahal na Prinsesa. I love Ate Maya so much, Mommy.

When Daddy said na he has a girlfriend na po, I prayed nga po na sana his girlfriend will be like Ate Maya kasi she’s nice to me and she loves me. Kaya nga po I was very happy when Daddy said na si Ate Maya yung girlfriend niya po, eh.

When I started talking na po last year and Daddy took all of us to see you, diba po I cried at that time? Then Daddy said I shouldn’t be sad na kasi you don’t want to me to be sad daw po.  So I stopped crying na so that hindi ka na po maging sad.  And Ate Maya also told me before, Mommy, na even if you’re no longer with me, as long as you are in my heart, parang you’re with me pa rin daw po. You will always be in my heart, Mommy!

I love you, Mommy. I will always love you po. Sana po okay lang sa yo if Daddy will marry Ate Maya na po ha. Ate Maya loves Daddy so much kasi and Daddy also loves Ate Maya so much also. They’re always happy and they make each other laugh, too. I also think they’re both funny, Mommy. And Ate Maya also loves Kuya Luke, Ate Nikki and me so much. Sana po okay din po sa yo na magiging new mommy na naman si Ate Maya ha. Thank you, Mommy.

I love you, Mommy. Always po yan. And I will never forget you. Promise po.



Dear Mom, 

How fast time flies. I was only 11 years old when you left. Now, I’m 17 and in college. I’m following in Dad’s footsteps, Mom. Someday, I hope to become an engineer, as well.

So much has happened since you left, Mom. I’ve already had my heart broken twice. You broke my heart when you left, Mom! Yes, it wasn’t only Daddy’s heart you broke. You broke mine, as well. And I was never the same again.

We were never the same again. I could not understand why you were gone too soon. I rebelled, I guess. I cut classes and did poorly in my subjects. Daddy and I fought all the time. Work became Dad’s only priority. He was also hardly ever around for us and I hated it. I missed the Daddy I once knew. Abby stopped speaking. And then si Nikki. She’s the strong one, Mom. She’s the glue that tried to keep us together. She made sure that on the rare occasions that Daddy was around we would eat together as a family. She’s an amazing sister! But amazing as she is, she was so mean and mataray to the household help. She hardly ever smiled. I guess that was her own way of dealing with your loss. Yes, Mom, we all had a very difficult time accepting your loss. How can I, how can we, when you happen to be the best mom in the world? For five long years, Mom, all we did was grieve for your loss. I thought that would forever remain the story of our lives. And I hated it.

Then last year, when Ate Maya came to work for us as Abby’s nanny, things slowly started to change. Dad started spending more and more time with us. All of a sudden, we started talking and listening to each other na. Then we were no longer fighting. And then bigla na lang po, we were having meals together almost everyday. Tapos si Abby po, on her 7th birthday, she started speaking na. And si Nikki, malaki na po ibinait niya. Tapos, I even learned to open my heart to someone. I fell in love with a girl named Joey, Mom. She reminds me so much of you. She’s beautiful, sweet, graceful, and very soft-spoken like you. No matter how shortlived our relationship was, na-heartbroken din ako, Mom! And once again I lost all hope and will to live. I was so angry! Akala ko po, I would never recover.

Until Daddy came to my rescue. Daddy took me to PUS, the place you guys first met, and then fell in love. For the first time, Daddy opened up his heart to me. He talked about how angry he was when he lost you. He even thought daw po that it was his fault for a long, long time. Sabi ni Dad bad things happen and we can’t stop them. Let alone control them. The only thing we can do is accept it and move on… Guess what, Mom? Dad is right. I’m okay now. Joey and I have even become good friends. And I guess, I’m even ready to open my heart to someone should the right girl come along.

Daddy has Ate Maya in his life now and I couldn’t be happier for him, Mom! He has been sad for too long. Life truly surprised him, I guess. He has finally opened his heart to someone again and I’m so happy for him!

Ngayon ko lang po naisip. Joey and I fell in love and broke up for a reason. My break up with her allowed me and Dad an opportunity to become closer and understand each other more. Daddy is truly the best dad in the world, too! And I love him!

Daddy is about to propose to Ate Maya, the woman he hopes to spend the rest of his life with, and I am so happy and excited for him. I really am. I know you are happy for Dad, too, because you love him and only wishes for his happiness, as well.

Don’t worry about us, Mom! We are in very good hands. Ate Maya loves us, too! She’s an amazing woman! She met Dad, Nikki, Abby and me at our worst, but she did not easily give up on all of us. Her love, care, patience and positive energy healed us all from your loss and made us whole again. Ate Maya is truly Dad’s perfect fit. I hope she says YES to Dad the moment he proposes.

Of course, I still miss you everyday, Mom, but I have also learned to accept the fact that you are no longer coming back. I know you are happy where you are now. I know you want all of us to be happy, too. Mom, we are happy now. And soon, we will be even happier.

Thank you for watching over us from heaven. I will always love you, Mom! And I will never, ever forget you!



My ever dearest Mommy,

Hi, Mom! I hope all is well with you. We are all okay, too. Lolo and Lola are also here in the Philippines for a vacation and we’re all happy po kasi they’re here. Na-miss na po kasi namin sila, eh.

Mommy, I’m the president na po of WesTeatro in school this year, and I’m only in second year high school ha. I’m the youngest president ever, Mom! I’m sure you’re very proud of me po. Daddy also says he’s proud of me.

Guess what, Mom? Daddy told us he’s proposing to Ate Maya soon!!! Don’t worry, Mom, I’m not going to make kontra and make Daddy sad again. I love Ate Maya na, and now that Daddy has decided to propose to her, I am oh so happy, Mom! Oh my gee, Mom! I really am!

I know I disappointed you and Dad by being so matapobre kay Ate Maya before and once again, I’m sorry, Mom. When I visited you at your mausoleum before and told you about Ate Maya and how I disappointed Dad, I really felt your presence then, Mom. I truly felt how disappointed you were with me. Again, I’m so sorry na po. The last thing I would ever want to do is disappoint you and Daddy, Mom.

Ate Maya and I are okay na. Fact is, we’re more than okay, Mom. She’s become my friend and confidant, too! We’ve had a lot of girl talks na din. She’s really nice, Mom. Daddy is so lucky to have her. We are so lucky to have her, too. I think nga po, minsan si Dad na yung nagtatampo kasi I spend more time talking to Ate Maya than with him.

Daddy is the best Dad and I love him so much, Mom! But I really find it awkward to talk to him about some things that only girls can understand.

Mom, how will I talk to Dad naman ba about girly stuff like crushes and all that, diba? I already found it weird before that he offered to accompany me to buy a dress for the prom even if he insisted. I appreciated his gesture naman ng super pero even siya po, he didn’t know how to help me choose a dress. Hihi!

Parang it’ll be so weird naman to talk to Dad about Mallows din, diba po? Hihi! Can you believe it, Mom? I’m no longer that 8 year old girl that you left. I’m a teenager na, Mom! And I can’t believe that the first crush I’ll ever have pa is that basag ulo freak Nicolo, Kuya’s super kulit best friend. I am so G-R-R-R with myself na nga, eh! I’m surprised I even like him! He’s not even that cute, Mom, and he’s so jologs pa. He’s nothing like Daddy kaya! Haha! What is wrong with me, Mom?

I am oh so happy with Dad’s good news, Mom! Ate Maya is okay naman po talaga, eh. And I know how much she loves Daddy and all of us, as well. So, I’m so happy now that he has finally decided to propose to her.

When you left us, I never thought we would ever recover from your loss. For a long, long time, I used to cry myself to sleep. It took us at least five years to finally accept that you’re gone for good. I told Dad some time ago that I have been ready to see him go out on dates, Mom. And you know that I meant what I said then. I hoped and prayed really hard then that Daddy will find himself a nice woman who will always make him happy and make him whole again after being so broken and after feeling so alone when you left. I fervently prayed that Daddy will find someone who will not only love him, but love us, too. Ate Maya is the answer to that prayer pala, Mom!

Thank you for being so selfless with your love, Mom! I know you also prayed that same prayer with me kaya Ate Maya found her way into our lives and into our hearts, as well. Thank you for being the best mom ever!

I am excited to begin a new chapter in our lives na, Mom! I know you are happy for us, too! You no longer have to worry about us, Mom! We’re really okay na. We are happy and whole again!

I will always love you, Mommy! You will always have a special place in my heart kahit na po I’ve opened my heart na to Ate Maya and will even make room in my heart for the little brothers and sisters she and Daddy will give us someday.

I hope you will continue to watch over us. I love you, Mommy! I always will!



Luke: Hi, Dad! You want to join us po?

Nikki: We’re going outside, Dad!

Richard: Outside? With that lantern? Why?

Abby: Yes po, Dad! Look po, o. We all wrote a letter for Mommy.

Luke: And we’re attaching all these letters to the lantern tonight.

Nikki: And we will let this lantern fly in the night sky po para Mommy can read them na po.

Abby: We told Mommy kasi that you’re proposing na to Ate Maya and we’re all happy about it kaya she doesn’t have to worry na po.

Richard: That’s so sweet of you, kids! I’m sure your Mommy will love that… Pero, will you allow me to read your letters first? I’m just curious to know lang what you guys told her kasi.

Luke and Abby: Sure, Dad! (Both hand their respective letters to their Dad.)

Nikki: Daddy!!! No!

Richard: O, why Niks?

Nikki: Daddy! It’s just that… Okay, okay. I’ll show you a copy of the letter po later. I have it on my laptop. I just need to delete some parts kasi.

Richard: O, girl talk na naman and I’m not allowed to know? Kayo lang ni Mommy mo and ni Maya ang pwede makaalam?

Nikki: (nods and smiles)

Luke: Naku, Daddy. Siguro may kwento siya kay Mommy about sa Mallows niya!

Nikki: Kuya! You’re so G-R-R-R talaga! Daddy, o.

Richard: Okay that’s enough na. Go outside na and get the lantern ready na. I’ll read these letters muna…

Nikki: I’ll tie my letter na to the lantern.

Before joining his kids outside, Richard wipes away his tears. He was truly touched by his kids’ letters to Alex.

Richard: Thank you, Luke and Abby. I’m sure your Mommy will be so happy to read your letters for her. O, tie these na.

Nikki: What about my letter, Dad?

Richard: O, diba it’s tied there na?

Nikki: No, aren’t you going to thank me for writing a letter to Mom?

Richard: Yes, later, after you show me your letter or whatever is left of it after you remove some parts.

Nikki: Daddy!

Richard: I’m just kidding, Niks! Come here. (gives Nikki a hug) Thank you, Niks!  I’m sure Mommy will be so happy to read your letter, too!

Abby: What about me, Dad?

Richard: O, come here, too! (gives Abby a hug)

Luke: Sali ako diyan, Dad! (hugs his Dad)

Richard: Okay!  Is everything ready, Luke?

Luke: Yes, Dad. Help me light the lantern na lang po.

Richard: Okay. Let me light the lantern for you.

Once they have lit the lantern, they all sent it off to the night sky, with their very bright smiles and happy faces.

Richard: Okay, Alex, here are letters for you, from our three wonderful children!

Luke, Nikki and Abby: We love you, Mom! (then looks at Richard…) We love you, Daddy!

(Written: August 25-26, 2013)


Allow me to give credit to BCWMH TV show’s brilliant writers as some lines and scenes from this letter were taken from the TV series.  Thank you.



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