My Only Love – part 6

Note: This is a continuation to My Only Love – part 5

Author: T0niann3

AN: Hi everyone… Eto na po ang part 6.  Please excuse any errors. Sorry po at natagalang. Sana pa magustohan n’yo.

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Ang Nakaraan…

The next day, everyone was up early, a few of the staff went on their own while the rest went to Burnham Park for the Charity Event.  Maya was thrilled to see so many kids.  She was able to help in a few booths.  She even joined Peter in a few games with the kids. Maya was helping with some face painting for the kids when she saw a familiar face.  “Hi Doctora Maya”, Abby greeted her. “Abby…. ano ginagawa mo dito? Sino ang kasama mo?” she asked surprised to see her”My Mom and Dad are here too” Abby smiled (pointing at the direction of her parents) Soon after Alex came up to them. “Hi Maya, nandito pala kyo?” Alex greeted. “Hi Alex, oo… tumutulong kami ngayon dito sa charity event nila.” she replied. “Wow, what a small word, she answered” Alex added. They were busy talking about the event when Richard and Peter walked up to them. “Hi Tito Richard” Abby greeted “Hi Abby” Richard greeted as he bent down to give her a hug. “What are you doing here?” he asked as he looked up to see Alex standing there. “Hi Chard, nandito ka rin pala “Alex said (giving him a warm smile). “Hi Alex, tumutulong kami kila Maya” he replied. “Ah ganon ba? ” she answered. “Nga pala, Chard… this is my husband Dominick” she added (turning back to her husband)  “Honey, this is Richard Lim, my long time friend” Alex added as she smiled at him. “Hi Richard, nice to finally meet you. I heard so much from Alex and Abby” Dominick replied happily. (as he extended his hand to him) “Nice to meet you too” Richard said (as he shook his hand in return) Abby reaches up for Richard’s hand to pull him closer to her. “Tito Richard, can we go over there” Abby joyfully asked as she pointed to the booth where they were handing out stuff toys to the kids. Richard looked to she where she was pointing and turned his attention to Maya.  “Ano Bes… lika, samahan natin si Abby” he asked. (grinning at Maya) “Sige ba” she answered as she turned to Alex and Dominick. “Ok lang ba?” she asked. “Sure Maya… dito lang kami” Alex added. “Yehhey” Abby said with gleam. As she reached for Maya’s left hand and reached for Richard’s left. All 3 of them made their way to the booth. Alex just watched all 3 of them from afar. “I’m so glad she is enjoying herself” Alex said to herself.

The charity event was such a success that Maya and Peter was asked to join them again at their upcoming functions before the year was over. They both agreed that they would think about it since it’s hard for them to close the clinic and also deficult for Peter to request time off from his busy schedule at the hospital.  After helping with closing the booths, Richard and Maya said their goodbye to Abby, Alex and Dominick.

Abby: Thank you again Doctora Maya for hanging out with me (smiling)

Maya: Anytime Abby (smiles back at her)

Abby: I had so much fun. (she opened her arms to give Maya a big hug. As soon as she let go, she turned around and ran up to Richard).

Abby: Maraming salamat po ulit Tito Richard

Richard: Wala yon, Abby.  Nag enjoy rin kami (as he bent down and hugged her).

Maya: Hopefully we will see you guys again (turning to Alex).  Hanggang kailan ba kayo dito?

Alex: Hanggang sunday lang, may pasok na kasi kami ni Dominick eh

Maya: Ahh, kami rin, babalik kami nang Sunday.

Alex/Dominick: Anyway, mauna na kami.  Maraming salamat ulit sa inyo.  I know Abby had the greatest time.

Maya: Wala yon.  It was fun!  Sige alis na rin kami.  Kita na lang tayo sa next appointment ni Abby sa clinic.

Abby: Sige po, Doctora Maya. Bye po, Tito Richard. (as she grabbed her mother’s hand and waved  bye to them before they disappeared into the crowd).

Maya, Richard and Peter along with Sabel, Doris and Simon decided to check out the other spots in Baguio, while the others went on their separate ways. They when to the lagoon to ride the boats and walked around the rose gardens.

After spending some time at Burnham park they maid their way to Mines View Park, they saw the sites and also took some pictures with the St. Bernards, but didn’t stay too long as it was crowded and they wanted to check out other places before they went back home the next day. They passed by “The Mansion” and just took pictures from afar since they weren’t allowed to go passed the gate.

That evening they spent time with Peter’s uncle just talking about what they saw there, how the charity event went and also what they do in manila. They just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the evening before leaving early sunday morning to get back to manila.


Part 6

It was 4:30pm when they got back to Manila, it has been a long drive and a very tiring day for all of them. Richard parked his car in front of Maya’s house to drop her off. “Thank you ulit sa pag sama Bes at sa pag hatid na rin” she said (smile) as she opened the passenger door to get out.  “Wala yon noh, ikaw pa.. eh malakas ka saakin” he replied (grinning at her) as he unbuckled his seatbelt and stepped out of his car to help her with her things. He takes her bags from the trunk. “Ako na Chard, kaya ko na yan” she replied as she tried to grabe her belongs from his grip. “Ano ka ba… ako na noh. Baka sabihin mo hindi ako gentleman.” he chuckled as he walked her to her door.

Maya: Thanks ulit Bes.. sige na. Ok na ako dito.. umuwi ka na para maka pag pahinga ka.

Richard: Pinapaalis mo na ba ako?

Maya: Hindi naman sa ganon. (tapping him on the arm, smiling) Alam ko pagod ka rin sa biyahe.

Richard: Pagod nga, pero hindi naman ganon ka layo yong bahay ko noh (sad face)

Maya: Sus… wag kang mag i-narte dyan. Ikaw lang naman ang iniisip ko eh (hitting him lightly on the shoulder)

Richard: Gusto ko lang naman mag hang out at mag kwentohan pa tayo. (frowning) pero kung ayaw mo.. ok lang.. uuwi na lang ako.

Maya: Sus… ang OA mo ah.  (laughing) Kung hindi ka pa pagod, eh di sige. (smiling) kaka-miss ka rin kasama eh

NT: Oh Richard… anak.. nandyan na pala kayo (smiling at them both)

Maya: Hi Nay (as she walked closer and gave her a kiss and hug)

Richard: Hi Ninang (smile)

NT: Oh Richard… dito ka na lang kumain. Nag luto ako nang paborito n’yo ni Maya

Maya/Richard: Oh… Kare-Kare (they said in unison)

NT: Tama.. (looking up at Richard) so ano dito ka na mag dinner?

Richard: Of course Ninang.. hindi mo na ako kailangan alukin pa. (smiling at both of them)

Maya: Naku Nay… kailan pa tumanggi si Chard sa Kare-Kare mo? (poking him on the side)

They had dinner and just hangout the rest of the evening.  Richard didn’t leave until almost 9:30pm. “Salamat ulit sa dinner” he said to Maya. “Wala yon, lagi ka naman welcome dito” she replied. As he started to walk to the front door, before turned back around to her. “Bes, gusto mo sabay tayo sa work bukas” he asked “Sure” she happily agreed. “Sige, I will pick you up at 7am” he replied, as he walked closer to her and planted a soft kiss on her cheek. “Sige, see you tomorrow” he said (smiling) “See you..” Maya answered… (shocked) staring at Richard as he disappeared from her doorway. Maya still touching her cheek. (sighing) “Yan ka na naman Chard…” she thought to herself. (smiling)

The next day, Richard was at her house by 7am like he promised. They carpooled every other day since she also carpooled with Peter.  The days passed quickly and so did the weeks. Their friendship was back to normal for both of them.  It was like they were never apart.  Richard would go by the clinic so they can go out to lunch or if Maya was too busy he would bring them food and just eat in her office.

Thursday afternoon Richard stops by the clinic early. “Hi Doris” he greeted “Hi Chard” she answered “Busy ba si Maya?” he asked “kakatapos lang nya” she answered “Nasa opis sya” she told him (pointing to Maya’s office). “Sige, i’ll go ahead” he said as he made his way to Maya’s office.

Richard knocks at her door “Hi Bes… busy” he said (smiling) “Hi Chard, hindi naman… just finishing up some charts.” she replied “What do I owe this pleasure” she teased “Wala lang” he said before sitting down at the chair infront of her.

Richard: Tapos ka na?

Maya: Hindi pa, pero malapit na. Anong balita.. napadaan ka?

Richard: I wanted to come by and drop these off (handing her envelopes)

Maya: Looking down at the white envolopes…  Ano to? (staring at him)

Richard: may Gala ang LIM Aviation in 2 weeks. I thought you guys might like to go. It’s to celebrate the upcoming holiday at para na rin doon sa bagong site  na binuksan namin sa Hong Kong.

Maya: (opening up the envelop address to her) Wow.. ang ganda naman nito. Si Liza ba ang nag handle nang  invitations mo? (looking up at him)

Richard: Yup.. alam mo naman parang right hand ko na si Liza. I have to admit… I would be lost in the office without her help…. That’s also why I’m here… (smiling at her)

Maya: Parang may meaning yan smile mong yan ah (she teased)

Richard: Hindi naman sa ganon… favor lang..

Maya: Ano yon Mr. Lim (grinning)

Richard: Eh diba malapit na ang pasko…

Maya: and…

Richard: and well.. i was wondering if you could help me shop para kila Mama at Papa.. pati na rin sa ibang staff members ko.

Maya: Sure….  (smiling again)

Richard: Pwede ka ba this weekend? Gusto ko sanang ibigay sa kanila during the Gala eh.

Maya: (Checking her shecdule on the computer) Hmmm

Richard: Sige na Bes.. ngayon lang naman ulit ako mag ask sayo eh..

Maya: May pasok ako dito, pero let me ask kung pwede si Peter. Pag pumayag sya then.. samahan kita. (smiling at him)

Richard: Eh kailan mo malalaman?

Maya: Wait lang po (as she picked up the phone) Doris… tapos na ba si Peter? Paki sabi naman sa kanya to come by my office pag tapos na sya… (pausing for a moment) salamat, Doris. (hanging up the phone) Wait ka lang nang konte ah.. (looking back at Richard).

Richard: Salamat Bes. (grinning)

Maya: Sus… alam mo naman hindi kita ma titiis eh. (smiling as she stares at her computer again)

Richard: Basta…. salamat talaga.

A few minutes later as they continued to chat, Peter knocked at her door.

Peter: (knock knock) Hi Maya…

Maya: Hi Peter (smiling)

Peter: Sabi ni Doris gusto mo raw akung makausap

Maya: Oo…. halika… pasok ka. (as he made his way into her office and sat at the other empty chair in front of her desk.

Peter: Hi Richard. (concerned look on his face) May problema ba? (turning his attention to Maya)

Maya: Wala naman… may favor lang sana ako sayo? that is… kung ok lang sayo?

Peter: Sure… kahit ano?

Maya: Ummm kasi.. (glancing at Richard and then looking back at him)

Peter: Parang serious ah… (smiling)

Maya: Peter.. ok lang ba kung ikaw muna ang bahala dito sa clinic sa sabado? Alam ko it’s our busy time pero nag papasama kasi si Bes.. I mean Richard eh.

Peter: (checking his phone) Sure.. thing.  Wala naman akung schedule doon sa ospital.

Maya: (smiles) so ok lang?

Peter: Yup.

Maya: Salamat ah… don’t worry i will make it up to you! (smiling at him)

Peter: Sus.. wala yon noh… I’m happy to help.

Richard: Salamat Peter ah… Kailangan ko lang talaga ang tulong ni Maya

Peter: Sure no problem (looking at Richard then.. turning back to look at Maya)

Richard: Peter.. eto nga pala ang invitation mo (handing him an envelop)

Peter: Invitation… (looking at Maya then glancing at the envelop) para saan?

Maya: Ah.. eh kasi parang year end thank you party ni Chard sa stuff n’ya at also to celebrate the success of his new site sa Hong Kong. (proudly chimming in)

Peter: Ahh.. salamat (turning to Richard) Sige, kung wala akung pasok pupunta ako (smiles)

Richard: Salamat Pare..

Peter: Oh eh sige… ma una na ako. (Standing up and turning to Maya) Ano kita na lang tayo mamaya?

Maya: Sure (looking up at him) See you later… at salamat ulit.

Peter: Great, i will talk to you later.  (turning to Richard) Sige Richard, ma una na muna ako. (as he walked out of her office)

Richard: (Staring at the doorway before looking back at Maya) May lakad kayo?

Maya: Oo.. may meeting kami mamaya sa Makati Medical Center. Tapos nag yaya si Peter nang dinner.

Richard: ah ganon ba. (tiger-mode) eh sige Bes..  kailangan ko na palang bumalik sa trabaho (standing up ) text mo na lang ako mamaya kung maaga kang maka uwi.

Maya: (looking up at him) okay (smiling)

Richard: (turning back to her) saakin ka ba sasabay bukas or may sundo ka na rin? (taray mode)

Maya: Kung ok lang sayo.. kung hindi mag drive na lang ako. Mr. sungit

Richard: Sige, alis na ako. Bye (walking out of her office)

Maya: Ano na naman ang nangyari doon (asking her self – confused look on her face)

Around 4:30pm Maya and Peter left the clinic to head to Makati Medical Center.  Once their meeting was over, they decided to just eat at “Mang Inasal” one of the restaurant close by the Hospital. After an hour there, they stopped by at “Starbucks – Dela Rosa”.   They had coffee at nag kwentohan.  Maya truely enjoyed Peter’s company. Although she knew he could never replace Richard in her heart.. she was starting to see him in a different light. She loved his company and she felt at ease whenever he was with her. Peter was always thoughtful and sweet to her and she was happy that they have become great friends, even though she knew deep down that he wanted more then friendship.  On the other hand she was glad that he was understanding and that he understood where their friendship stands.

That evening after dropping her off, she laid in bed hoping to get some rest but was unable to fall asleep. Her mind kept playing her wonderful evening with Peter.  She realize at that moment, she didn’t once think about Chard and she actually didn’t miss him… (hitting herself of the forehead) “Naku Maya Dela Rosa” sa sobrang busy mo thinking of Peter.. nakalimutan mo nang i-text si Richard.” she scolded herself. “Mag tiger mode na naman yon!” she whispered (as she sat up and turns on the lamp beside her bed. Grabs her cellphone and starts to text) “Hi Bes, gising ka pa ba? Sorry ngayon lang ako na ka respond. Late na kami naka uwi eh. Sige, Bes I will see you na lang bukas… Good Nyt =) “ as she pressed send “Tulong na kayo yon?” she asked herself.. (staring at her phone, hoping to get a reply). After 15minutes, still no reply from Chard. “Siguro nga tulong na sya” she thought (putting her phone down on her nightstand and laying back down to get some sleep.

Early morning, same routine. Richard was at her house 7am sharp. He dropped her off and picked her up in the evening. He stayed at their house for a few hours before leaving.

Richard: Sige Maya, alis na ako.  I will see you na lang tomorrow.. maybe we can eat out for lunch?

Maya: Sure.. basta text me na lang tomorrow. Hindi ko pa kasi alam kung gaano kami ka busy bukas eh.

Richard: Okay, well I will go ahead. Salamat ulit sa dinner. Paki paalam mo na lang ako kila Ninang at Ninong.

Maya: I will let them know.

Richard: salamat (smiles and walks over to her again and kisses her on the cheek again).  Good Night Maya.

Maya: Night Chard. (staring at the front door as it shuts closed)

Thursday was a busy day for them at the clinic.  Around 11am Maya’s phone beeped. She took her cell out of her labcoat pocket to see who it was. “Hi Maya, ano lunch tayo sa labas?” Maya frowned as she read his message. “Sorry Bes, next time na lang. Busy kasi eh” she replied (pressing send and putting her phone back in her pocket). She walked up to the front counter after seeing her patient in Exam room 4.

Maya: Doris, ilan pa ang nasa waiting?

Doris: Maya may lima pa sa waiting area plus the patients in the exam rooms waiting to be seen.

Maya: Ah ganon ba? (rubbing her head)

Doris: Insan, are you okay?

Maya: Oo, siguro pagod lang. Looking at the charts on the counter.. sino ba ang next?

Doris: yong nasa room 1, sabi ni Simon ready to be seen na raw yong bata.

Maya: Okay, salamat.  (turning to walk to the exam room, turning back to face Doris) Si Peter nga pala nasaan?

Doris: Ayon oh.. (pointing to exam room #3) kakapasok lang doon sa room.

Maya: (looking at the direction Doris pointed to) Ah.. sige.  Salamat ulit. Punta na ako doon.

12:15pm Richard walked into the Clinic.

Richard: Hi Doris

Doris: Hi Chard… (smiling at him) ano meron? Wala naman sinabi si insan na dadaan ka ah.

Richard: wala lang.. mag lunch dapat kami ni Maya ngayon eh, pero nang text sya na busy daw kayo, kaya nag dala na lang ako nang pagkain.

Doris: Wow.. ang bait mo naman.

Richard: Si Maya?

Doris: Kakapasok lang sa Exam room #1.

Richard: Ah ganon ba? Eh… kumain na ba kayo?

Doris: Hindi pa nga eh. Busy kasi eh.  Tapos si Insan parang masama pa ang pakiramdam

Richard: Huh? Bakit daw.. ok lang ba sya? May lagnat ba sya? May sa…

Doris: Hep… Hep… Hep… (putting her hand up infront of him to stop him from talking) sabi ko, parang…  Ang OA mo rin mag re-act when it comes to Maya ha (teasing him)

Richard: Sus.. isa ka pa. Alam mo naman yan pinsan mong yan. Kahit may sakit at masama ang pakiramdam… mag tratrabaho pa rin yan.  Concerned lang noh. Wala naman masama doon.

Doris: Concerned daw… (smiling) If I know Richard Lim… bakit kasi hindi mo na lang aminin na may gusto ka kay pinsan. (teasing again)

Richard: Concerned lang… parang kapitid ko na yan si Best Friend noh!

Doris: Sus… ako pa ang binola mo… bahala ka.. baka maunahan ka nang isa dyan… sa huli ka mag sisi.

Richard: Naku Doris… parehong pareho talaga kayo ni Ate Sabel sa kakulitan noh! Halika na nga at tulongan mo akong ayusin yong mga pagkain sa breakroom.

Doris: Okay.. okay. (as she gets up from her chair and follows Richard to the breakroom).

After setting up the food in the breakroom, Doris let the staff know to help themselves in the break area.  Richard waited for Maya to finish so they can eat together. After lunch Richard stayed with them for a few hours. Richard, Maya, Peter, Doris and Simon were all in the front lobby, by the counter talking about the upcoming Gala at LIM Aviation when a familliar voice walked behindi Richard.

Karen: Hi Honey (as she put her arms around him from behind)

Everyone: Napa tingin na lang silang lahat kay Richard at Karen

Richard: (startled – he turned around to look at her) Karen… (suprised) What are you doing here?

Karen: I’ve been trying to reach you. I’ve been calling you and i’ve left you a few text messages but you didn’t reply. I thought you were in a meeting so I went by your office and Liza told me you were here. (Karen not caring about the other people around them)

Richard: Ahh ganoon ba? (trying to smile)

Maya and Peter both looked at each other and then back at Richard and Karen

Richard: Did you need something? (still puzzled, trying to move away from her a bit)

Karen: Nothing, I just missed you! (wrapping her arms around him again)

Richard: (trying to loosen her hold on him again) Ahh.. eh.. that’s nice. Hmmm guys (turning his attention back to the rest of them) this is my friend Karen

Karen: Special Friend (she whispered)

Everyone: Hi Karen

Richard: Karen, you remember my best friend Maya and her pinsan Doris (Karen stared down at Maya again and didn’t say a word)

Karen: hi (she said to Doris – serious face)

Richard: This is Doctor Peter Delgado (Karen looking up at him and her mood changed and was all smiles)

Karen: Hi Peter (smiling) Nice to meet you. offering her hand to shake his. (Maya and Doris looked at each other)

Richard: and this is Simon, he is a close friend too.

Karen: Hi Simon (smiling) and shaking his hand too.

Richard: Anyway guys…i hope you guys can all make it to the Gala…it would (as Karen interrupted him)

Karen: Wow… your having a Gala. (holding on to Richard’s arm again) Why didn’t you tell me sooner honey, I could of started shopping for a gowned already.

Richard: Well it’s actually for my staff (tiger mode, as Richard started to be a bit irritated by Karen’s unwanted visit)

Karen: Well i’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I tag along as your date. After all you are the CEO of the company.

Richard: Well..

Karen: (turning to Peter and Simon) are you guys going? It would be fun. (smiling)

Peter/Simon: Not sure yet (they both said in unison)

Samon: Sasabihin ko muna kay Eds.. baka kasi may pasok sya eh. I will let you know Chard.

Richard: Sige Samon.. pero sana maka punta kayo ni Eds.

Karen: Oh that’s too bad, hopefully you guys make it. (turning to Maya and Doris) So.. Maya. (serious face again) It is Maya right?

Maya: Yes…

Karen: are you going? (holding on to Richard tighter)

Maya: I’m not sure yet..

Richard: (Surprised by her answer… looking up at Maya) Bes.. you have to go, you promised.

Maya: (caught of guard) Chard naman.. sabi ko hindi pa sure diba. E-check ko pa ang schedule namin.

Karen: It’s ok honey (turning to Richard) No big deal. Maybe she doesn’t have a date.  Besides it’s not the end of the world.. if she doesn’t go, who cares. (wrapping her hands around Richard’s arm) whispering… no need to waste your time on people like her..

Richard: Karen!! (snapping at her. Before he can say another word Doris chimmed in)

Doris: Excuse me… ang (Maya interrupted)

Maya: It’s ok insan..

Richard: Apologize this instant…

Karen: (staring at Richard) For what? No offense.. (looking at Maya)

Maya: Non taken.. (serious face)

Peter: Maya pag wala akung paso sa ospital, tayo na lang ang pumuntan. It would be fun. Plus It would be an honored to be your date sa Gala.

Maya: (Looks up at Petter and smiles) Sure Peter.. (Richard frowned upon hearing this)

Karen: (upset look) Lets go honey. I want to go now. (pulling at Richard’s arm, so they can leave)

Richard: (upset) Guys… i do have to go. I need to get back to work. (turning to Maya) Bes, text na lang kita mamaya para sa details sa sabado. (trying to smile at her)

Maya: Sige Chard.. ingat kayo (As Richard and Karen left the clinic)

Doris: Insan naman eh… bakit mo ako pinigilan.  Ang sarap sampalin yong babaeng yon. Kala mo kung sino… pa english english pa…  (upset look on her face)

Maya: Insan.. wag na. Kulang lang siguro sa pansin yon. Besides, Hindi naman importante eh.

Doris: Yan ka na naman insan…

Maya: Doris.. awat na. (staring at her) Basta think good vibes na lang.  (Turning her attention to Peter) So talagang gusto mong pumunta sa Gala sa LIM Aviation?

Peter: Oo naman.  I would love to go, it would be an honor to be your date! (smiling) Pero, I really do need to make sure wala akung duty sa ospital. Ayoko naman mag oo sayo tapos meron pala akung duty. sayang naman. (joking-smile)

Maya: No problem. Basta sabihan mo na lang ako.

Peter: I will find out bukas, may duty ako sa umaga.

Maya: Ikaw Simon at Doris… sama na rin kayo?

Simon: We will try. Hindi ko pa kasi na co-confirm kay Eds kung pwede sya eh. Pag hindi sya pwede.. baka ako na lang. Kahit dumaan lang ako nang saglit.

Maya: Great! I know Chard will be happy. Eh ikaw insan?

Doris: Maya naman… alam mo naman hindi ako makakatange.  At alam mo rin kung sino ang kasama ko.

Maya: Sino? Si Boris…

Doris: hindi noh!! eh sino pa ba…. eh di si Ate Sabel.  Alam mo naman yon… maka rinig lang yong nang word “PArty” go go go na yon. (They all laughed – before going off to finish their work)

That evening after closing the clinic, Maya went to Peter’s office. (Knock Knock) “Come in” he said “Hi Peter, pwede ba kitang makausap sandali?” Maya asked as she walked in his office. “Sure” he replied “have a seat” he added. “Salamat” she answered (sitting at the seat next to his desk)

Maya: Peter gusto ko sanang mag pasalamat

Peter: (suprised) Para saan na naman?

Maya: Para sa ginawa mong pag ligtas saakin kanina.

Peter: huh.. kanina? Ano ba ang ginawa ko? (Confused look on his face, trying to remember what happened earlier)

Maya; Oo nung nandito si Karen

Peter: Ahh.. wala yon noh.  (scratching his head) Like i said, it would be my honor to be your date for the evening. (smiling)

Maya: salamat talaga. (blushing – smile)

Peter: Ano ka ba… wala yon. You know i’m here for you naman diba? At alam mo na rin naman ang isasagot ko dyan.

Maya: Nodds (smiles at him)

Peter: Pero teka… maiba muna tayo.  Pwedeng mag tanong?

Maya: Sure… tungkol saan ba?

Peter: Sa nakita ko nakina… ok lang ba?

Maya: Sure…

Peter: Bakit parang ang init nang dugo saayo nong babaeng yon? Parang galit or something kung makatitig sayo?

Maya: Ngek… napansin mo rin yon ah!  (nahiya si Maya – turning red ulit. Looking down at the pen holder oh his desk) Hindi ko nga rin alam eh… basta ba… (tulala)

Peter: talaga? Eh parang…  ayy hindi pala parang.. mukang may pinag aawayan kayo? saakin lang ah.. para kasing galit sya sayo kaya akala ko matagal na kayong magkakilala.

Maya: ewan ko nga rin eh.  Second time ko pa nga lang sya na meet. Nung first time na pumunta sya dito parang masama na ang pag greet nya saakin.  Wala naman akong ginagawa sa kanya.

Peter: eh baka insecure lang sya sayo..  kasi mabait ka at maganda ka. (winks and smiles at her)

Maya: (blushing) sira.. ano ka ba.. parang ang babaw naman yon diba?

Peter: Hindi ah.. marami naman dyan insecure eh.. maybe she is one of them.

Maya: Sus… hindi naman siguro. Sira ka talaga.. (laughs)

Peter: (smiles at her) I’m just trying to help ease your thoughts. Besides totoo naman ah. Maganda ka. Kaya siguro na insecure sya kasi wala sa kanya ang kagandahan at kabaitan mo.

Maya: (Blushing again) Ayy naku Doctor Delgado, pati ako binola mo. Tama na nga yan. Sige na nga at tapusin na natin ang trabaho para maka alis na tayo. (standing up to leave his office)

Peter: Sige, Ms. Beautiful… tapusin ko lang yong mga charts para ma-ihatid na kita. (smiling at her)

Maya: (Blushing) Thank you! (standing up from her chair). Sige, balik na rin ako sa office. (walking out of his office)

Peter watching as she disappeared from his doorway. After closing the clinic, the two of them decided to get something to eat before dropping her off.  Friday morning Maya drove to work since Richard had an early meeting and Peter was working at the hospital. The day went by fast it was busy as usual but nothing that they couldn’t handle at the clinic.

5:30pm na nang nag text si Richard kay Maya regarding their lakad tomorrow. “Bes, musta na? Sunduin kita bukas nang mga 8am ahh” Maya stared at her phone and smiled, as she replied “Sige Chard, kita kits na lang tayo bukas” pressing send and putting the phone back in her pocket. She was on her way to see another patient when her phone beeped again. She took it out and stared at the screen again “Saan mo gustong mag breakfast?” (smiling) she replied “Kahit saan” soon after she sent her reply, he texted again “Oh sige, basta salamat talaga ah” (still smiling) “wala yon noh… basta ikaw, malakas ka saakin eh =P. Sige bukas na lang Chard at marami pa akong trabaho” pressing send again. (beep) another reply from Richard. she replied (then another text from him) “Ayaw mo na ata akung kausap eh” Napa buntong hininga na lang si Maya, before replying again “Hindi nohh… busy lang talaga. Sige na at may pasyente pa akung nag hihintay”. The rest of the evening was quiet.  Doris and Maya was able to close the clinic 30 minutes early. She finished her charts and made her way to the front lobby by 7:30pm to help clean up the place before the left for the evening.

Maya: Insan may lakad ba kayo ngayon ni Boris?

Doris: Wala insan nasa cebu sya. Next week pa ang balik nya.

Maya: Ganon ba…

Doris: Bakit?

Maya: Wala lang.. na isip ko lang matagal-tagal na tayong hindi lumalabas nila Ate Sabel.  Gusto mo.. labas tayo ngayon? i-sama natin si Ate Sabel kung hindi sya busy?

Doris: Wow insan.. sige ba. Game ako dyan. Wala naman tayong pasok bukas eh. (cheerful smile on her face) Ayyy.. anong oras ba ang lakad nyo ni Richard bukas?

Maya: 8am pa yon noh, kaya ok lang kung kahit late na tayong maka uwi.  Paminsan minsan lang naman tayong tatlong lumalabas eh. Nakaka miss rin yong bonding natin tatlo… katulad nong dati.

Doris: Oo nga eh… sige.  Tawagan ko muna si Ate Sabel.  Tignan ko kung may plans s’ya ngayon. (as she picks up the phone)

Maya: Sige insan (as she pulled a chair closer to where Doris was sitting).

Doris: (dialing Sabel’s number) Hi Ate Sabel… may lakad ka ba ngayon?

Sabel: Wala naman bakit?

Doris: Eh kasi na isip ni Maya na lumabas tayong tatlo ngayon?

Sabel: Game ako dyan

Doris: hahaha sabi ko na nga ba eh.. hindi ko pa nga nasasabi kung saan eh.. game ka na agad agad. (smiling at Maya – signaling a thumbs up)

Maya: Hi Ate Sabel (she greets loud enough for Sabel to hear her on the phone)

Sabel: Paki Hi na rin ako kay Maya… Sige hintayin ko na lang kayo dito sa bahay. Mag ready na ako.

Doris: Sige aalis na kami dito sa clinic. See you in a few (As she hang-up the phone) Payag daw si Ate Sabel, wala daw syang lakad ngayon. (laughing)

Maya: Great! Sige alis na tayo,  sundan na lang kita sa bahay nyo. Tapos punta tayo sa Shangrilla Hotel.. diba may Lobby Lounge doon… at may live Jazz..  or kung gusto nyo sa Red Box Kareoke Bar tayo ulit, katulad nong dati. (smiling as she remembers when they last went out)

Doris: Sige insan, kahit saan. Alam mo naman si Ate Sabel… kahit saan game yan. (they both chuckled as they gathered their stuff to leave the clinic).


After they picked up Sabel they decided to go to Shangrilla Hotel. They hung out, ate and listened to live music as they reminised about the olden days. They were in the middle of a converstation when they heard a familliar voice. “Wow, the chicka girls are out. Awwww whats the matter.. can’t find yourselves a date? Poor poor dears” Karen said,as she walked up to their table with her friends. (laughing.. as her friends giggled along) Maya looked up at Karen.. (surprised look on her face).

Karen: What a small world…. (serious look on her face)

Doris: Isan.. parang may dumating na masamang spirito (rolling her eyes at Karen)

Karen: Whatever… come on ladies… we don’t need to waste our time here…  Just a bunch of no bodies that can’t find a date. (as she turned to her friends laughing again and walked away)

Sabel: Ano ba ang problema nang babaeng yon? Akala mo kung sinong maganda… (yelling out) Pangit!

Maya: Naku… kayo talaga.. hindi na kayo na sanay dyan. Kulang lang yan sa pansin noh.. wag nyo nang pag sayangan nang oras.  Basta ang importante… mag enjoy na lang tayong tatlo.

Doris: korek ka dyan… (raising her glass to Maya and Sabel)

Sabel: Eh teka nga… matagal ko nang na papasin eh.. parang lagi nalang masama ang ugali nyan sayo.. may nangyari ba? At lagi na lang kumukulo ang dugo nang bwesit na babaeng yan sayo? (looking at Karen’s direction)

Maya: Ewan ko rin Ate, basta galit na lang saakin yan nung unang dating nya sa clinic.

Doris: Eh baka galit sya sayo kasi ikaw ang gusto ni Richard (smiling)

Maya: (na samid, putting her drink down) anong gusto.. walang gusto saakin si Chard. Mag Best Friends lang talaga kami

Sabel/Doris: Ay sus…

SabeL: luma na yang line mo day!  Gasgas na yan.  (Doris and Sabel laughed)

Maya: Ano ba kayo… wala nga… hindi ako gusto ni Chard. Walang talaga.

Doris: Eh bakit kasi hindi mo na lang aminin na ikaw… may gusto ka sa kanya..

Sabel: Oo nga… since 7 years old ka pa yata inlove kay Richard eh..

Maya: hindi naman… (smiling)

Doris: Sus… kami pa ang niloko mo. Sa sobrang tagal na nating mag kasamang apat.

Maya: Oo na.. korek na kayong dalawa. Inlove na kung inlove… pero wala akung mapapala sa pag giging inlove ko kay Chard.. (frowning) kasi nga… wala naman syang gusto saakin. Pero, i’m learning to deal with it.. and move on. Tangap ko na… hanggang magkaibigan lang kami ni Chard.

Doris: Eh kung ganon naman pala.. eh bakit hindi mo na lang bigyan nang chance si Peter. Muka naman mabait…

Sabel: Tama… at Pogi pa (smiling)

Maya: Si Ate Sabel talaga… pogi na naman.. (they all laughed)

Sabel: Pero seriously Maya… you should give him a chance. Para rin makalimutan mo na si Chard. Muka naman wala ka rin makukuhang pansin kay Chard eh…

Doris: Plus.. mukang naunahan ka na ni ma arteng girl over there. (they all looked at the corner table where Karen and her friends were seated.

Maya: ewan ko…

Doris: Sus insan.. kung ako sayo.. si Peter na lang. Pag bigyan mo na lang sya… malay mo.. mag ka gusto ka rin sa kanya at ma-inlove. Ano pa ba ang hahanapin mo… Mabait na.. masipag pa… at higit sa lahat super pogi at super inlove sayo. (smiling)

Sabel: Oo nga Maya… wala naman masama kung bibigyan mo sya nang chance eh. Malay mo sya pala ang Mr. Right mo. At that way… wala ka rin pag sisisi sa bandang huli.

Maya: Alam mo, tama kayo… (smiling) gwapo nga sya at mabait…  (napa bulong sa sarili.. kahit si Chard ang sinisigaw nang puso ko) Tama… baka wala na nga akung pag-asa kay Chard (looking across the way to where Karen was)

Sabel/Doris: go.. go.. go.. (they all chuckled)

Maya: Sige… promise ko sa inyo.. i will give Peter a chance. (all 3 of them picked up their glasses and yelled “cheers”)

Doris/Sabel: Yehhey… promise yan ah!

Maya: Opo.. (smiling… as she picked up her glass to take another sip of her drink).

They left the lounge around 11:30pm. Maya dropped off Sabel and Doris before going home.  While on the road, she thought about their conversation. “baka tama sila doris at ate sabel. Baka time na nga for me to move on and just forget about Chard.  Kailangan kung tangapin na hanggang magkaibigan lang kami at best friend lang ang tingin saakin ni Chard”. (sighing) “I will move on… matututunan rin kitang kalimutan Richard Lim”.  she said  softly to herself as she drove home.


to be continued…..


Until next time ulit mga fellow Richard and Maya fans! (Maya wave) Kapit Bisig po sa inyong lahat!


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