The Marriage Deal – part 1

 Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Maltzmalts.

A/N: Hi Admins! I just want to contribute a fanfic. I hope you can give me a space. 😀 and Dear readers, This is my first ever parang awa nyo na..pagpasensyahan nyo po ang nakayanan ng utak ko. Hahaha! Puro fanvids lang po kasi ang ginagawa ko dati but I’ll give my best shot in writing.  Nga- nga na lang po kung may mali ako sa mga grammar ko.. Sensya na.. wala akong degree sa English. 😀


Author: Maltzmalts




She needed a man. Someone with 300,000 pesos to spare. Maya Dela Rosa’s mind was wandering on how to solve her problem. The piece of paper in her hand held all the qualities she dreamed her soul mate would possess. Loyalty. Intelligence.Humor. A strong sense of family, A healthy income.

With a deep breath, she threw the list into the silver bucket and watched it burn. She had no options left and little to lose. As the owner of a small coffee shop in a trendy town, enough for a living and to give a small help to her parents.


Her mom would have to sell something important to her. Her family home. Maya made herself a coffee and thought about her problem.The café expansion would take careful planning and there wasn’t a dime to spare.


She was twenty-five and probably should live in a stylish condo, with designer clothes and a date every weekend. Instead, she live in a Cheap apartment and bought chic scarves to update her outfits. She believed in living in the sunlight, being open to every possibility, and following her heart. Unfortunately, none of those traits would save her mother’s house.


She took a sip of the coffee latte and acknowledged there was nothing left to do. No one had enough money, She was no Dawn Zulueta, not even those supermodels with great body.She was nothing.


The doorbell rang.

Her mouth fell open. My God, was it him? My soulmate? She looked at her grungy sweat pants and cropped shirt and wondered if she had time to change. She got up to rummage through the closet, but the bell rang again, so she walked over, took a deep breath, and reached for the knob.


“Buti naman binuksan mo yung pintuan” All her hopes about the guy who would walk into her apartment door and solve all her problems crashed. Maya heaved a heavily sigh when she saw her best friend Rafi.


“Sana lalaki ka na lang”


Rafi snorted and walked in. She waved a hand in the air, flashing cherry red nails, and flopped onto the sofa. “Yeah, Maya Dela Rosa mangarap ka”


Rafi took a sip from her cup of coffee . She stretched out long legs clad in black leather, and hooked her high-heeled boots over the edge of the battered table. “Remind me again kung bakit wala ka pa ding boylet?”

“ahmm.. Dahil busy ako sa buhay ko??”

“O dahil kasi choosy ka?”


Maya gave up and laughed. “Okay..okay.. Panalo ka na. Ang yabang nito. So anong ginagawa mo dito at iniistorbo mo ako?”

“Ouch! Thanks.May date want to come?”

“On your date?”


Rafi made a face and drained the rest of the glass. “Yup Medyo boring sya eh.”

“Why are you going out with him?”

“Ano ka ba?Syempre gwapo sya”


Maya sighed at Rafi’s remark. “Sana katulad mo nalang ako Rafi? Why do I have so many hang-ups?”

“Why don’t I have any?” Rafi’s  lips twisted in self-deprecating humor, “So, what’s the deal with the fire?”

Maya sighed. “Sinunog ko lang yung list ng mga gusto kong qualities sa isang lalaki.”

Her friend threw back her head and laughed so hard. “Okay…Oh my God? Seriously Maya? Gumawa ka ng list?“


Maya’s cheeks flamed. She’d never live this down.

“Hear me out. I’m desperate. Really desperate. Di ko pa nakikita si Mr. Right tapos may problema pa ako sa coffee shop then yung family home ni Nanay.”


“So ano yung mga nilista mong qualities ng Mr. Right mo?”


Now, Rafi looked interested. When Maya just stared at her…

“Hmmm. Maya! Show me your list. I know you have another copy under your bed. Forget it, I’ll get it myself.” Her friend stalked off toward the canary yellow futon and stuck her hand under the cushions. Within seconds she held the list triumphantly between bright red fingernails,.Maya settled on the carpet and slumped over. Let the humiliation begin.


“Number one,” Rafi recited. “Coffee lover”

Maya braced herself for the explosion.

“Kape?” Rafi shrieked. She waved the paper back and forth in the air for dramatic effect. “Damn it, how can you make coffee as your number one priority? Delikado yan Maya.. gusto mo ng lalaking nerbyoso? ”


Maya gritted her teeth “Rafi..unang-una..importante ang coffee shop ko. Paano ako makikipag relasyon sa lalaking ayaw ng kape at ayaw ng gusto ko? ”

“You’re hopeless. I give up,” Rafi said. “Number two: loves books,music and movies.” She paused to think about it, then shrugged. “I

accept. Three: believes in monogamy. Very important to the list. Number four: wants children.” She looked up. “How many?”

Maya smiled at the thought. “I’d like three. But I’d settle for two.“

Rafi continued. “Number five: knows how to communicate with a woman. Good one. Kelangan mo talaga ng lalaking ganyan. Number six: knows how to respect the environment.” She groaned. “That’s as bad as the Coffee lover.”

Maya scooted around on the carpet to face her. “Oy ha! Importante yun. Syempre dapat environmentalist sya.”

“You’re so dramatic.”Rafi turned back to the list. “Number seven: has a moral code of ethics and believes in honesty. Should’ve been

number one on the list, but what the hell,. Number eight: a good lover.” She waggled her eyebrows. “That would be

number two on my list. But I’m proud the item even shows up. Maybe you’re not as hopeless as I thought.”


Maya swallowed hard, dread curling her insides. “Keep going.”

“Number nine: has a strong sense of family. Makes sense—Lalo na sa pamilya Dela Rosa. Okay number ten…”

The clock ticked. Maya watched Rafi read the item again.

“Maya, I think I’m reading number ten wrong.”

Maya sighed. “Probably not.”

Rafi recited the last request. “Needs 300,000 pesos available cash.” She looked up. “I need more details.”

Maya lifted her chin. “I need a man I can love, with an extra 300,000 pesos to thrown in. And I need him fast.”

Rafi shook her head like she surfaced from underwater. “For what?”

“Para masalba yung bahay nila Nanay.Yeah, my family home. Di ba nung nag-aral ako at si ate Cris dito sa Maynila..naisanla yung bahay.. kaya ayun sinisingil na kami. Kapag di namin mabayaran.. alam mo na mangyayari. Gusto na ibenta ni Nanay yung bahay, kaya lang di ako papayag. Importante sa kanya yun eh.Namana nya pa kanila Mamang yun.. tapos dun din ako lumaki at nagka-isip kaya Gagawin ko lahat Rafi para lang matulungan sila Nanay. Kaya lang hindi naman ganun kalaki yung kita sa coffee shop kaya gusto ko i-expand at irenovate para naman mas madaming customer ang pumunta.”


Rafi moaned and grabbed her purse. She ripped out her phone and punched in some numbers.

“What are you doing?” Maya fought panic at the thought her best friend wouldn’t understand. After all, she’d never asked for a man to solve her problems before. Oh, how the mighty had fallen.

“Canceling my date. I think this new item needs to be discussed.”

Maya laughed. “Tunay talaga kitang kaibigan, Rafi.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.”

Richard Lim had a fortune at his fingertips. But to get the one thing he wanted, he needed a wife. Richard believed in many things. Working hard to accomplish a goal, controlling anger and resorting to reason when a moment became confrontational, becoming ruthless when it comes to business and creating airplanes.. All of these things made sense to him.


Richard did not believe in love everlasting, marriage, and family. These things made no sense, and he had decided not to incorporate such societal themes into his life.

Unfortunately, His father Don Roberto had changed the rules.


Richard’s gut coiled, and his sick sense of humor almost caused a laugh to spill from his lips. He rose from his leather chair, stripped off his navy jacket, striped silk tie, and snowy white shirt. One flick of his wrist unbuckled his belt, and he quickly changed into a pair of gray sweatpants and matching white T-shirt. He thrust both feet into his Nike Air sneakers and entered his office’s inner sanctum, which he’d filled with airplane models, sketches, a treadmill, some weights, and a fully stocked bar. He hit the button on the remote for the MP3 player. The strains of La Traviata filled the room and cleared his head.


He turned on the treadmill and exercised. Running soothed him, especially in his perfectly controlled environment. No loud voices interrupting his concentration, no scorching sunlight, no rocks or gravel impeding his path. He set the panel and began the

steady pace that would lead him toward a solution.


Even though he understood his father’s intentions, the sense of betrayal slowly ate away at his peace. In the end, one of the only family members he loved had used him as a pawn.


Richard shook his head. He should have seen this coming. Don Roberto had spent his last few months alive spouting the importance of family even though his own was a failure, He wondered why his dad was so eager to tie him up with a wife.


As Richard had drifted in and out of relationships, one thing became clear—all women wanted marriage, and marriage meant messiness.Fights about emotion. Children tearing them both at the seams, wanting more attention. Needing more space, until the end became the same as every other relationship. Divorce. Annulment. With children as the casualties. No thanks. Been there. Done that. And will never experience it again.


He pumped up the incline and adjusted the speed as his thoughts whirled. His dad remained stubbornly optimistic until the bitter end that a woman would save his son’s life. The heart attack had struck hard and fast. When the lawyers finally descended like a pack of vultures on the scent of blood money, Richard thought the legalities would be easy. Don Roberto had no other relatives. So, for the first time, Richard believed in good fortune. Finally, he’d have something completely his own.

Until the lawyers read the will.

Then he realized the joke was on him.


He would inherit the majority of the R.L group of company shares as soon as he get married. The marriage must last for one year, to any woman he choose, and a prenuptial agreement was acceptable. If Richard decided not to comply with his dad’s wishes,the money will go out to the charity; Don’t get him wrong.. Charity was very acceptable but all of his supposed inheritance..? That’s a big doubt. He can donate a big amount..but he couldn’t sacrifice the blood and sweat of his dad to have what he had.


And Don Roberto had known it.

So now Richard needs to find a wife.

He hit the switch and the incline lowered. He slowed his pace and evened his breath. With methodical precision, his mind cut through the emotional emptiness and scanned the possibilities. He got off the treadmill, grabbed a chilled bottle of Evian from the minibar, and walked back to his chair. He took a swallow of the icy, clean liquid, and placed the sweating bottle on his desk. Waited a few minutes as he gathered his thoughts. Then picked up the gold pen and rolled it between his fingers. He printed the words, each a nail banged into his own personal coffin.


Find a wife.


He wouldn’t waste any more time griping about unfairness. Richard decided to make a clear list of the attributes his wife would need, and see if he could think of any appropriate candidates.


Immediately, an image of Catherine arose, but he squashed the thought. The stunning supermodel he currently dated was perfect for social functions and great sex, but not marriage. Catherine was a sharp conversationalist and he enjoyed her company, but he was afraid she was already falling in love with him. She’d hinted at her desire to have children, which was a deal-breaker. No matter how he laid out the ground rules of a marriage, emotion would ruin it. She’d become jealous and demanding, like any normal wife. No pre-nup would ever stand up to her greed once she felt betrayed.


He took another drink of water and ran his thumb in circles over the rough edge of the bottle top. He’d once read if a person made a list of all the qualities he admired in a woman, one appeared. Richard frowned as he grabbed at the fleeting thought.


He set the pen on the left edge of the page and wrote his list.

A woman who does not love me.

A woman I do not desire to sleep with.

A woman who does not have a big family.

A woman who does not have any animals

A woman who does not want any children.

A woman who has an independent career.

A woman who will view the relationship as a business venture.

A woman who is not overly dramatic or impulsive.

A woman I can trust.


Richard read over the summary. He knew some of his desired qualities were stubbornly optimistic but if the universe theory worked, he might as well put down everything he wanted. He needed a woman who looked upon the venture as a business opportunity. Perhaps, someone who craved a large payoff. He intended to offer many fringe benefits, but he wanted the marriage in name only.


No sex equals no jealousy.

No overly emotional woman equals no love.

No messiness equals a perfect marriage.


He sifted through each woman he’d dated in his past, every female friend he’d exchanged words with, every business associate he ever lunched with. He came up with nothing.

Frustration nibbled on the edges of his nerves. He was a thirty-year-old man, reasonably attractive, intelligent, and financially secured. And he couldn’t come up with one decent woman to marry. He had one week to find his wife.


His cell phone rang. Richard picked it up. “Lim”

“Richard.It’s me. Rafi.” She paused. “Did you find a wife yet?”


A chuckle strangled his lips. His best friend was the only woman in the world who got him to laugh on a regular basis. Even if it was sometimes at his expense. “Working on it now.”

“I think I found her.”

His heartbeat sped up. “Who is it?”

Another pause. “You’d have to meet her terms but I don’t think they’ll be a problem. Be open-minded. I know that’s not your forte. But you can trust her.”

He checked the last item on his list. A strange buzzing hummed in his ears as if in warning of his best friend’s next words. “What’s her name,Rafi?”

Silence fell over the line for a beat. “Maya.”

To be continued… Abangan ang pagkikita nila Maya at Richard.



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