A Journey to Love and Forever: Parts 13 – 14

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This is a continuation of A JOURNEY TO LOVE AND FOREVER: Parts 11-12

author: iamgarie


By iamgarie

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Parts 11-12
RICHARD’S BONUS: SUPERMOM (For Maya, it will always be the Lim kids’ happiness first before hers…)


It’s time to sweat the small stuff…
Written: May 29, 2013

Theirs is a love story unlike any other. Extraordinary. Beautiful. True. With a promise of forever.

He was an airplane who experienced a major crash landing when Alex died almost six years ago. For five long years, he was broken and beyond repair. Then Maya came. She was the unlikely engineer who painstakingly saved him from all the pain he felt and fixed him so he can be whole again.

Today, Richard is an airplane ready to soar great heights with Maya, the woman who has his heart, his soul, his body and his mind. His bonus: Maya loves not only him, but his children, as well!

She was a bird whose wings were clipped when an illegal recruiter robbed her of an opportunity to work in Dubai to fulfill her dreams and her family’s almost a year ago. Richard came and offered her a job. He was the unlikely doctor who saved her from completely losing her wings and helped her so she can attain all her dreams.

Today, Maya is a bird ready to soar great heights with Richard, the man who has her heart, her soul, her body and her mind. Her bonus: Richard will never allow herto give up her dreams! He wants her to become the best she can possibly be!

They are right for each other! Her calmness and patience are the perfect foil to his temper and impatience. And her innocence is the perfect balance to his experience.

They are one and the same in the things that truly matter– their sense of loyalty, their sense of right and wrong and their love for family.

Theirs is a kind of love we all wish to experience for ourselves. Extraordinary. Beautiful. True. With a promise of forever…


Richard and Maya are two peas in a pod. Independent. Opinionated. Firm and unyielding. Resolute and unwavering. BUT the depth and gravity of their love, and their time tested friendship and partnership are their common ground, will always be their common ground!

Funny how even the most beautiful of love stories have hurdles to overcome and issues to resolve. Reality bites! And Richard and Maya are no exception. Reality is starting to catch up with them!

He’s 45. She’s 25. Their 20 year age gap is bound to give them problems. He was a kid of the 70’s. She, a kid of the 90’s. He is serious and worrisome. She is carefree and daring! At some point, we will see them clash on various issues. They need to resolve this reality and agree on a common ground soon. (No problem in the looks territory, though! Ha! One would never believe there’s a 20-year age gap between them! Richard is as handsome and young looking as ever. He’s a heartthrob! And Maya is exquisitely beautiful!)

He’s widowed. She’s NBSB. He’s been there. Done that! He’s in it for the long haul! Everything is new to her. She is overwhelmed and giddy with excitement! This is definitely another issue that needs a resolution. Again, they must be open for compromise.

He comes from wealth. She’s from a poor family. He wants to give her the best of everything! She does not want him to spend money on her for things she does not really need. He might always want to splurge on the most extravagant gifts (bags, clothes, jewelry and shoes!!!), trips, and what have you’s, while she would always go for the cheap, practical ones. They may eventually have major arguments because of this! They need to talk about this and settle this issue, too!

He’s conyo. She’s jologs. And this is starting to become an issue. He is Mr. CEO (of his own company) and has an image to protect. She is Ms. In Love for the First Time, and she wants to be a sweet girlfriend to him. He tells her to stop calling him Ser Chief. She calls him Babe. He’s 45 and feels that the term of endearment does not suit him at all. He tells her to just call him Richard. She does not think it’s sweet, so she coins terms of endearment for him that make him (and all of us) squirm in disgust. Biko, Buko, Chieko. He let’s her win (for now?). Chieko, it is! They need to solve these issues, too! Soon!

He has celebrated more than a dozen anniversaries. She’s about to celebrate her first ever weeksary.

Maya: Alam mo, hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala. Totoo nga yung kasabihan.
Richard: And that is?
Maya: Sa hinaba-haba man ng prusisyon…
Richard: Continue. Sa hinaba-haba man ng prusisyon…
Maya: Sa hinaba-haba man ng prusisyon, eto na tayo. Magwa-one week na!

Forever is in his agenda! Maya is the one, his only one! He wants to marry her! Soon! He does not seem to care much for milestones anymore. I believe his milestones with her started the day she arrived, the day he saw how much she loves and cares for Abby, the day she made coffee for him, the day she told him to spend more time with his kids, the day she made an effort for Luke, the day Nikki embraced her after the Superman ride, the day she gave him a gift, the night she was there at the tent for Nikki and Luke, the night when they let the lantern fly in the night sky, Abby’s birthday, their talk in Baguio, the days they both looked after Manang Fe, the day she first made him smile, and then laugh, and finally heal and move on from losing Alex… The list can go on and on. She has already given him many milestones to last him a lifetime! His love for her, overflowing. He is secure in her love. His wish is forever to happen soon.

Celebrating milestones is in Maya’s agenda. She is smiling like crazy– thinking, researching, planning how best to surprise him for their weeksary. She even seeks Rafi’s help! Maya buys a gift for Richard, decorates Emman’s condo with gifts he has given her, and she cooks the best kare-kare for him. She is giddy with excitement.

He comes in tired from a busy day, and tells her they should just have ordered take out. She hands him a gift.

Richard: What’s this?
Maya: Para sa yo.
Richard: Why?
Maya: Eh, wala lang. Kasi gusto kita bilhan ng gift dahil ikaw ang chief ko, ang boyfriend ko, ang labs ko, ang buhay ko.
Richard: (Just stares at her…)
Maya: Parang maganda yun no? Palitan na lang natin yung Chieko ng buhay ko. Buko!
Okay lang ba yun? Buko na lang itatawag ko sa yo…
Richard: (Smiles…) Well, I didn’t get you anything.
Maya: Okay lang yun. Gift ko siya para sa weeksary natin.
Richard: (Dumbfounded…)What?!?
Maya: Weeksary. Diba kasi one week na tayo?
Richard: (Questioning look…)
Maya: Nakalimutan mo?

OH NO! It’s time! Please sweat the small stuff now!

Richard and Maya, you have hurdled even bigger issues in the past. We believe you can overcome all these, too! Talk and listen to each other. Reach a common ground, a compromise…


Richard and Maya, please settle your issues soon!

I am starting to feel embarrassed for you, Maya! We know you’re innately sweet and nurturing! That’s why Richard fell for you in the first place! But is it starting starting to get just a bit too much for him? Funny. Just a week ago, it was Richard who surprised you and you looked pissed by his sweet gesture. Haay!

Richard, what’s with that look? What are you thinking? We know you’re not one to celebrate special occasions! You don’t even want to celebrate Valentine’s Day because for you, everyday should be Valentine’s Day for the one you love. Maya put in effort to surprise you! Can’t you at least smile and make her feel you appreciate her sweet gesture?

Please!!! Please!!! Sit down and talk with each other! And LISTEN… Reach a common ground, a compromise…

Thanks to the teaser, I feel relieved somehow. Rafi, Kute and Manang Fe come to the rescue of Richard and Maya! Yay!

Thank you, Rafi and Manang Fe for reminding Richard that moments like this bring happiness to us, girls…

Rafi: How was it? How was it?
Richard: How was what?
Rafi: Your first weeksary wit Maya!
Richard: Actually, I sort of forgot about it.
Rafi: WHAT?!?
Richard: But she said it’s okay. So I guess…
Rafi: Alam mo si Maya lang talaga ang makakaisip na ipagdiriwang ang first week of being together.

Richard: Di ko naman alam na weeksary pala sine-celebrate…
Manang Fe: Minsan, yang ganyang kaliit na bagay, yan ang nagpapasaya sa aming mga babae…

And Kute, THANK YOU for reminding Maya that relationships require compromise, too! Richard’s been the one giving in all the time! “You’re the boss, Maya!” Nakakaawa na na siya! Team Richard pa rin pala talaga ako! Haha!

Kute: Bakit Ser Chief na ulit? Ano nangyari dun sa Chieko?
Maya: Parang ayaw naman niya, Kute, eh.
Kute: Bunso, alam ko naman na alam mo yun, eh. Meron kang mga gustong mangyari dun sa relasyon nyo, pero hindi pwedeng lahat yun masusunod…

Can’t wait to see what happens today! I’d love to see Richard and Maya finally resolve the above-mentioned issues and discuss all their concerns ASAP. ‘Would love to bid TOE’s Buko and Chieko goodbye, too! Would we hear Mahal escape Richard’s lips soon? So they can move on to the bigger issue they need to settle, too: letting Luke, Abby and Nikki in on their relationship!



Written: May 30, 2013


Richard: Just say it, Maya!
Maya: Mahal kita.
Richard: I can’t hear you.
Richard: So, TAYO NA?
Maya: Eh di pa nga tayo tapos mag-usap, eh. Yayayain mo na ko umalis.
Richard: Maya, ibig kong sabihin. TAYO NA. TAYONG DALAWA. YOU AND ME. TAYO? TAYO NA, DIBA? TAYO NA, DIBA? Wala ng bawian yan.

Richard: Fine! Hindi na ko pikon.
Maya: Talaga?
Richard: Yes. Pero if you don’t answer my question, mapipikon ako!
Maya: Sige na nga. TAYO NA!


Maya is bursting with so much love and happiness. She and her Chieko are about to celebrate a milestone in their lives as a couple, their first ever weeksary! She loses sleep over planning and preparing the perfect surprise for him (with the help of Rafi and Emman)! She researches and cooks the best kare-kare, decorates the dinner table with sunflowers she herself buys from Dangwa, buys a gift for him and wraps it with utmost care, and to top it all of, she also prepares a collage of all the gifts she has received from him! She is a woman in love with her man!

Richard arrives and Maya is ecstatic! They embrace, and she leads him to the dinner table. She happily informs him about cooking the best kare-kare just for him and hands him a gift to celebrate their weeksary! She looks at him and sees shock in his eyes! He seems to have forgotten that they have a reason to celebrate tonight. She feels that he does not even seem to value all the efforts she put in for her surprise. She is clearly upset and saddened by the turn of events…

Maya: Kung pwede nga lang na araw araw akong mag-celebrate na tayo. Dahil hindi ko naman naisip na magiging tayo. Masama ba mag-celebrate?

Rafi: She’s sweet, Chard! Alam mo, si Maya lang talaga ang mag-iisip na ipagdiwang yung first week of being together… What?!? Chard, that’s not okay! This is so typical! You guys always forget the little important details…Maya loves you so much that every moment with you is special to her. Doesn’t that make you happy? First week nyo pa lang naman, eh. You don’t have to make a big production. All you need to do is APPRECIATE what she did for you. You did that, right?

Manang Fe: Maliit na bagay yan, Ricardo, pero kung minsan yung ganyang kaliit na bagay ang nagpapasaya sa aming mga babae. Yan si Maya, Ricardo. Simple lang ang gusto nya sa buhay. Maging masaya at masaya siya kung gawing importante sa buhay niya ang unang linggo nyo. Parte yan ng minahal mo sa kanya, diba?

FA Ruby: That’s what I hate about men. Kung di sila may amnesia, they have comatose when it comes to special days… Kayong mga boys mahirap sa inyo masyado kayong insensitive.


Richard is bursting with so much love and happiness. He and Maya are finally together, officially a couple! Work beckons and our CEO is off to Clark to oversee preparations for the launch of the Clark hangar, as well as train a new pool of engineers and technicians. For three straight days, he works as best and as fast as he could. He misses his kids. He misses Maya. He is tired and beat! And once work is over, he rushes to Maya, his ladylove, for a quiet, intimate dinner. He is a man in love with his woman!

Richard knocks on her door, and he is glad to finally see the love of his life after three very tiring days. They embrace. Maya leads her to the dining table, and he is shocked by what he discovers. Maya is in the mood to celebrate their first week together, and he realizes he came unprepared. He has clearly upset her. Guilt is written all over his face. He is at a loss for words. Maya, in her efforts to convince him that she in not upset, tries to engage him in conversation, and fails. Sadly, their conversation lacks wonder, humor, excitement, and the usual easy banter between them. He kisses her before he leaves. He goes home, excitedly opens her gift for him, and we see a genuine smile escape his lips. He clearly appreciates her gift, and most likely, the surprise she prepared, as well…

Richard: Weeksary? Akala ko, nag-aya ka lang mag-dinner. Maya… Maya don’t be like that. I drove all the way from Clark just to be here tonight. Tapos mag-aaway pa tayo? I didn’t even know na sine-celebrate yung weeksary.

FA Joshua: Intindihin nyo na lang kaming mga lalaki. Tsaka hindi lang naman sa inyo umiikot ang mundo namin. Sa trabaho din. We need to prepare for our future. Alam nyo kasi masyado kayong sensitive.

Kute: Eh di tampururot ka naman? Bunso, alam mo namang busy yang boyfriend mo… Bunso, alam mo naman maganda siguro kung hahanap ka ng tawag kay Ser Chief na bagay sa estado nya… Alam ko naman na meron kang gustong mangyari sa relasyon niyo, pero hindi naman pwedeng lahat yun masusunod. Sa totoo lang ha kung ako ang tatanungin mo, parang mas bagay pa nga yung Ser Chief kasi dun naman talaga nagsimula yung lahat, diba? Lahat tayo merong EXPECTATIONS,diba? Pero wag mo naman kakalimutan na yung ka-partner mo, o yung ka-rleasyon mo, eh meron ding EXPECTATIONS. Tapos kapag hindi napagbibigyan ang mga ine-expect mo sa kanya dapat wag sumama yung loob mo kasi ganun talaga yun, eh. Dapat matuto kayo magbigay. Yung sinasabing KOMPROMISO. GIVE AND TAKE…


Hopefully, Richard and Maya now have a clearer understanding of the workings of their relationship. Thanks to Rafi, Manang Fe, Kute and the two FA’s. Communication is still key. They have to sit down, discuss issues they have about their relationship, and reach a COMPROMISE, somehow.


Interestingly enough, I chanced upon an article by Kara Pendleton on The Art of Compromise (Is compromising always the best answer?). Allow me to share excerpts from the article—

Quote. Over the years, I have heard a lot of lip-service given to the topic of compromising and meeting one another in the middle. I am in full agreement that there are times when we need, in our relationships, to both give a little and meet in the middle somewhere. Usually, to me, this seems to be in areas such as setting ground rules for the kids, how much money to allot for various things in the budget, how many times weekly/daily to be intimate, etc.

However, I do not feel that compromise is always the way to go. It seems to me that in any healthy and successful relationship there is a great deal of sacrifice. Usually more of this than compromise, actually.

In a relationship, it isn’t always about meeting in the middle. If you truly care about the other party, your first thoughts and actions should be about respecting them and loving them. Telling them to change who they are to suit you is not really loving them. It is putting yourself and your convenience first. Besides, if something isn’t really a big deal to you, and it is to them, there should be no problem in you giving up, or sacrificing, in some way for their sake, right?

I believe, when it comes to things that are inherently about who we are at our core, the word compromise should not be considered. I believe, that in addressing our differences, we need to think more in terms of sacrifice. We need to find it within ourselves to put what is best for the other person and what they need ahead of our own pride, our own wants, and our own convenience.

A Point to Ponder:

If you were with someone who always put you first; who’s primary concern was your well-being and happiness; who always ‘had your back’. . . how would you feel? If you saw them actively putting you first; if you saw them continually lovingly and selflessly giving to you. . . What would you do?

I am not talking about someone being a doormat or a wimp. I am talking about someone just truly and selflessly loving someone else.

Wouldn’t you feel naturally compelled, by these continuing acts of selfless love to reciprocate?

So, if you always put them first, and they always put you first, how many real problems do you think your relationship would actually have?

Obviously, this is an ideal; and as flawed individuals, we won’t reach any level of perfection in it, but what if we all ceaselessly tried to achieve, as closely as we can, this ideal? Unquote.

SACRIFICE. Big word, indeed. We all know that the word is an all too famliar word for both Richard and Maya.

Richard is not getting any younger. If the choice was only his to make, he would marry her now. But he is willing to wait no matter how long it takes for Maya to attain her dreams because he loves her. For Richard, it will always be her happiness first before his. Selfless love.

Maya learned about sacrifice from her family. And because she loves Richard unconditionally, she also loves and accepts everything about him- his kids, the pain of his past and everyhing about him! For Maya, it will always be his kids’ happiness first before hers. Selfless love…

That’s the kind of love Richard and Maya has for each other. Selfless. Extraordinary. Beautiful. True. Forever.


Looks like we’re in for another exciting episode today. Yay!

1. Richard is on tiger mode because Maya is not answering his texts.

2. Richard and Maya are out on a date, and they chance upon Anthony (Is he Manong Tony’s grandson?). Richard introduces Maya as his girlfriend. And Maya is in seventh heaven! Ha!

3. Richard tells the kids that the woman he’s dating is now his girlfriend. Whoa! Nikki asks, “WHO IS SHE?” Answer the question, Richard…


Allow me to give credit to BCWMH TV brilliant as the most of scenes and lines mentioned in this piece were taken from the TV series.

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