A Journey to Love and Forever: Parts 15 – 17

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This is a continuation of A JOURNEY TO LOVE AND FOREVER: Parts 13-14

author: iamgarie



By iamgarie

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by iamgarie 


If there’s something we can take with us from last week’s May 30 & 31 episodes, it’s this: True love entails respect, communication, compromise, and sacrifice… Selfless love!

This piece is not going to contain any commentaries from me. It’s merely going to be a compilation of what I feel were very powerful conversations / exchanges that Richard and Maya had in the past 2 episodes to secure their relationship.

But allow me to share my thoughts on just one! My favorite: Their exchange of EMAILS! It really made me smile! I found it to be utterly sweet and romantic! When the series started, Richard did not know anything about text messages (and the emoticons and symbols that came with it), nor did he have a Facebook account. All he knew was email. “I’m okay with email,” Richard tells Rafi as the latter insists that he open a Facebook account. As for cellphones, he only used it mostly for calls. He knew nothing about smileys and all the other symbols. When Maya once ended her text to him with a <3, he had to call Maya to ask, “What does the angle bracket and number 3 mean?” In time, when he and Maya became Facebook friends and textmates, he even became very generous with his smileys and the like… Now, Maya goes back to what Richard has been oh so familiar with all this time: email. (May this simply be the start of even more email exchanges between them in the future!) She sent him an email, and he responded with an email, too! Aww! It felt to me that their relationship has come full circle. The gesture seemed loud and clear for them both: No matter how different our thoughts and views are on things because of the difference in our ages and our social backgrounds, we will always find a way to bridge that gap and understand each other, no matter what… simply because our love will always be greater than anything else that will come our way.


Maya to Richard

Okay. Fine. Medyo nagtampo ako. Pero okay na ko. Kasi naisip ko na magkaiba talaga tayo, eh. Kanina nga nung kausap ko si Kute, sabi ko parang ang OA ko. Ayoko namang mahirapan ka sa expectations ko at lalo namang ayoko na pinagbibigyan mo lang ako. Okay na okay na ko. Alam ko na kung san ako lulugar. (Smiles…)

Richard to Maya

But you’re not happy. You said ayaw mong ma-burden ako dun sa details and concerns regarding our relationship. But I don’t want you to sacrifice how you feel just so you can accommodate me all thetime. I have to do my part, too. Now, can we set aside this issue and just celebrate? I want you to be happy. I want US to be happy.


At the Carinderia

Richard: Seriously, now that you mentioned it, I must say I feel awkward dun sa tawag mo sa kin na Chieko. Buti na lang hindi na natuloy yung Buko.

Maya: Kasi naman sana sinabi mo agad.

Richard: Eh masaya kang tinatawag akong ganun eh.

Maya: Gusto mo ibalik na lang natin ulit sa Ser Chief?

Richard: I’ll feel more comfortable with that. Pero can you drop the sir?

Maya: Ay, hindi na unique yun kasi lahat ng engineers mo tsaka technicians mo, diba Chief ang tawag sa yo?

Richard: Then, Sir Chief it is.

At the Condo

Richard: Why?

Maya: Wala lang. Ngayon mo lang kasi ako pinakilalang girlfriend mo.(Giggles…)

Richard: Kinikilig ka pa rin?

Maya: Kita mo na? Kung ako lang talaga ang masusunod, araw-araw tayong magse-celebrate.

At the Airport

Richard: I already told them.

Maya: Sinabi mo na? Na tayo?

Richard: I just told them that I already have a girlfriend.

Maya: Anong sabi nila?

Richard: Well, they were curious, of course. Ah, they wanted to know kung sino, especially si Nikki. But, no pressure, Maya. Hindi naman natin sasabihin na it’s you. Until you’re ready.

Maya: Salamat.

Richard: Is anything wrong? Kanina ka pa ganyan?

At the Condo

Maya: Pero, Ser Chief, hindi na ko sasama dun. Outing ng pamilya yun.

Richard: Precisely. It’s OUR family. Kaya kasama ka.

Maya: Hmm. (Smiles and covers her face…) Ser Chief naman, eh!

Richard: (Smiles…) O, what did I do this time?


Maya to Richard

Ser Chief… Alam mo bang hanggang ngayon naninibago pa rin ako pag naririnig ko sa yo yung “we”, “us”, “tayo”… nakakakilig. Pero hindi nga, Ser Chief. Kahit kailan hindi ko naman naramdaman na mag-isa lang ako sa buhay dahil nandyan naman sina Nanay, Kute, Mamang at Cho. Pero iba pa rin pala yung may katuwang ka sa buhay. Yung kahit hindi magkadugo, kaya pa rin magmalasakit para sa yo.

Richard to Maya

That’s how relationships are, Maya. It’s give and take. Or maybe, it’s not giving or taking. It’s just helping each other out without really asking anything in return. So stop bothering yourself thinking kung pano ka babawi.
PS. On second thought, kung gusto mo talagang bumawi, then you’ll have to promise that you’ll come with us sa outing.


The Moment of Truth

Richard: Ready ka na ba?

Maya: (Teary-eyed…) Ayoko nang magsinungaling. Nakakakonsensya.

Richard holds Maya’s clasped hands. (Aww, so sweet!)

Richard: Then we will tell them…

From afar, Nikki sees them,

Nikki: Daddy?!?

Just like all of you, I am very excited about this week’s episodes! I’m eager to find out how Luke, Nikki, and Abby will react when they learn that Maya is their Dad’s girlfriend! For sure, the BCWMH writers will take us through a journey of several twists and turns. We may all have various scenarios playing in our heads as to how we want the kids to find out the truth and how they should react. But let’s believe in the gods and goddesses of BCWMH. They have never let us down! Aww! Exciting week ahead!



Written: June 5, 2013

A Father’s Sacrifice

Jeff: Alam mo, Cris. Tama si Cho, eh. Hindi ka pwedeng mawala dito kaya ako na lang gagawa ng paraan… Ako na lang ang aalis.

Cho: Okay naman po sa Chibugan, eh. Bakit kailangan nyong umalis?

Jeff: Nak, alam mo pag naging tatay ka na rin, maiintindihan mo rin yun.

Cho: Matagal pa po yun, eh. Oo nga pero gusto ko ngayon pa lang diba malaman mo kahit di tayo tipikal na pamilya, pamilya pa rin tayo. Siyempre sa pamilya yung tatay ang magtatrabaho, eh… Mahal na mahal ka ni Tatay.

Cho: I love you, too, Papa Pards.

Although they may not fall under the norm of what a typical family ought to be, they are, in every sense of the word, a FAMILY! Jeff may not live in the same roof as Cris and Cho, but their love and concern for each other knows no bounds.

For the love of Cho and Cris, Jeff is making the ultimate sacrifice. He is leaving to secure his family’s future.

Life is difficult. In a few years, Cho will be fulfilling his dreams for the future. Like Cris, Jeff only wants the very best for his son. Jeff stops Cris from making the same sacrifice because he knows how difficult being apart from Cho might be for Cris. He is willing to forego the chance of seeing Cho grow up before his very eyes, so he can provide him with better opportunities for the future. Selfless love. That is how a father and a partner loves.

(Thank you, Tom Rodriguez. You will surely be missed… Thank you, writers, for leading us to this end for Jeff… For not belittling Jeff’s love for Cris and Cho… For not allowing another woman come between Jeff and Cris… For giving us hope that this family still has a future together…)


The Kind Angry Teenage Boy

Niccolo: Wag ka nang magpanggap. Nag-away na kami ni Aira. Ang sabi niya sa kin kung sino man ang nagsabi na gawin ko yung mga yun, malamang sobrang galit sa kin at gusto akong mapahiya. Kaya pleAse lang, wag na tayong mag-usap muna.

Nikki: You’re so OA. I’m sorry na nga, diba? Ok. Fine. Maybe what I did was too much, pero ayoko lang naman you’ll end up with Aira, eh.

Niccolo: Alam mo, hindi naman importante sa kin kung gusto mo siya or ayaw mo siya, eh… EH, ANO BA KITA?

Nikki: Fine! Let’s not talk na nga!

Summit Fiasco all over again? Oh no!

EH ANO BA KITA? Extremely hurtful words, Niccolo! Let me answer your question for you! Nikki matters to you… She is your bestfriends’s sister… Your partner in helping Luke woo Joey… And then your partner all over again in helping Luke overcome his break-up with Joey… Your barkada and ka-gimmick… Your computer buddy… Your FB friend and chatmate… Your constant textmate… The girl who bakes the cookies you love… The only girl you wanted to date for the prom… The girl you yourself admitted you wanted to date if she were not too young or off-limits… How dare you hurt her!

Process your thoughts and feelings, Niccolo, and then speak the truth. Are you mad at Nikki because:

1. you embarrassed yourself in front of your bestfriend Aira, the girl you supposedly want to date?


2. you realized that Nikki, the girl you really like, does not care about you at all and chose to embarrass you, after all the time you have spent together in the past year?

Nikki has been through so much even before this, Niccolo! She lost her mom when she was only 8 years old. For many years, she tried to fill the void her mom left and lived coping/ dealing with a Dad who shut himself out from the world, a brother who is angry at their dad, and a baby sister whose silence is deafening. At the moment, she also has issues with her Dad’s mystery girlfriend. And now this? She does not deserve this, Niccolo!

In obvious pain, Nikki has no one to turn to. We all feel her pain!


Superman Reads Her Mind

Richard: Are you okay?

Richard: O, Maya, bakit parang matamlay ka?

Maya: Ser Chief? Bakit gising ka pa?


Maya: Hmmm. (Covers her face…). Ser Chief naman, eh. Wag mo naman akong pakiligin.

Richard: I’m serious. Can you tell me kung bakit parang bothered ka kanina pa?

Maya: Tinanong kasi ako ni Nikki kung kilala ko daw ba kung sino yung girlfriend mo… Ser Chief, ayokong magsinungaling sa mga bata. Sa palagay ko kailangan na nating sabihin sa kanila.

Richard: Ready ka na ba?

Maya: (Shakes her head)… Hindi ko alam. Basta ang alam ko lang, kailangan. Ayoko na kasing maulit yung ginawa ko dati kina Nanay, eh. Mabigat sa loob yung may tinatago ka. Ayoko nang magsinungaling. Nakakakonsensya.

Richard: If that’s how you feel, then we will tell them…

Maya: Hmm… Hihimatayin yata ako sa nerbyos.

No more words were spoken. Richard holds her hand, and she, his.

Richard has just reassured Maya by holding her hand. The sweet gesture spoke volumes– “I am here for you. I will always be your hand to hold. We are in this together. No worries, Maya! Everything will be alright. We will make the kids understand and accept us as a couple. No matter what happens, I am not letting go. I love you!”

By holding Richard’s hand, we see Maya reassure him, as well. The same sweet gesture spoke volumes, too. “Thank you for holding my hand. I believe in you. I believe in our love. I now trust you with my life and our love. We will get through this. Yes, together we will make the kids understand and accept. I will always be here for you, too. I love you!”

Long before they fell in love and became a couple, we have always been in awe of how Richard and Maya always seemed to be so attuned to each other’s needs, worries and concerns. We witnessed that again in yesterday’s episode. Our favorite couple has just reassured us that though there will be problems to surmount in the future, they will handle them as a team, always.



Today’s episode takes us on a thrilling adventure. And I am excited to see how our favorite story unfolds. It’s the moment of truth!

Abby: What is she like? Your girlfriend?

Nikki: Is she like someone we know?

Luke: Daddy kasi. Dapat isinama niyo yung girlfriend niyo para may kasama kayong mag-kayak!

Nikki knows and she does not seem all too happy about it! Her issue with Niccolo is clearly clouding her judgment. She looks at her Dad and Maya with wary eyes. She needs someone to confide in, but who will she turn to?

Ultimately, I still think that what Nikki needs now is the guidance and wisdom of a mom-figure. And it will still be Maya who will be that person for her. Maya can help her sort her feelings for/issues about Niccolo. As for her Dad and Maya’s relationship, why do I feel that Maya will not easily give up in making Nikki understand why she and Richard kept their relationship a secret from them…

A good story always needs several twists and turns, so this.

I still have complete trust in the writers. They always deliver especially when it comes to serious and difficult issues such as these.

Independence Day and Fathers’ Day are both coming up soon. For sure, there will be surprises for us… Tiwala lang tayo, classmates.



Written: June 7, 2013

If Nikki’s Looks Could Kill

Nikki to herself: Si Ate Maya ang girlfriend ni Dad? No, that’s just impossible.

Nikki wakes up the next day, tiger mode on. She is not only upset by Niccolo’s rage towards her. She is also not at all happy about what she witnessed the night before. She throws dagger looks at Maya the moment she lays eyes on her. She hardly acknowledges her morning greetings. At breakfast, she rejects Maya’s offer to prepare coffee for her. Her Dad arrives, and Nikki discreetly watches him and her Ate Maya with prying eyes. She reads into every subtle move they make, their body language– how her Dad dismisses Maya’s offer to prepare coffee for him as he makes one for her instead, how they each smile and steal glances at each other when no one seems to be looking, how Richard offers his hand to hold when Maya gets off the kayak and then helps ease her out of her lifesaver, how Richard and Maya each share a knowing look after Luke tells their Dad that he should have brought his girlfriend with him so he has someone to go kayaking with…


Nikki: Dad?

Richard: Yes, Nikki?

Nikki: Is she like someone we know?

Richard: Let’s just save those questions until I introduce her to you. Okay?

Nikki finally knows, and she wants confirmation. At the dinner table, she is upset when her Dad does not make the big reveal, and instead tells her and her siblings that he has to be away for several days because of pressing problems at work. Unlike Luke, she does not show worry nor concern for her Dad’s problems regarding the launch of the new hangar in Clark. She only has a single thought in mind at this time. She wants to know if Maya is indeed her Dad’s girlfriend… NOW! The suspense is killing her!


Richard: Manang, sinabi ko kay Maya na sasabihin ko na sa mga bata pero this might not be the right time… Something’s up kay Nikki. Mukhang may problema siya. May alam ba kayo…? If Nikki has a problem now, baka maging iba epekto ng news sa kanya.

Yes, Richard! Something is definitely up with your daughter. You and Luke might think that her fight with Niccolo is her only problem. Well, that’s not it! She knows yours and Maya’s secret, and she is clearly upset! Why? You ask.

First, she thinks and feels she has been lied to BIG TIME by the two people who matter to her. Nikki loves you and she also has had a growing fondness for Maya for sometime now. Why would you keep something this big, a secret, from her and her siblings? She feels betrayed by the two of you.

Second, the idea that Maya is your girlfriend is an impossibility for her at this time for two obvious reasons: She does not see Maya as a mom-figure yet, but a big sister. Also, Maya was once part of your household help for a long time. To have you fall for the household help may also be a reality that would be hard for her to process at this time.

Third, Nikki’s fight with Niccolo isn’t helping her any. She has one problem on top of another. Unknown to you, your fear has become a reality, Richard! Nikki found out that Maya is your girlfriend after her fight with Niccolo. And we now see how this news has affected her.

How does a very impressionable, impulsive and opiniated 13 year old girl deal with this reality? She wants to rush to her Dad and ask away. She wants to call up her Ate Maya to confirm all her suspicions. Thank God for Luke.


The Best Kuya and the Best Son in the World

Luke has proven many times over how dependable, sweet and caring he is as a Kuya to Nikki and Abby. He is at it again in Subic. He patiently answers his little sister, Abby’s numerous questions as he lovingly tucks her in for the night. When Nikki enters the room, we see his forehead crease with concern and worry for Nikki who seems very unhappy. He lets her be for now knowing Nikki might not want to talk about what’s bothering her. He loves his little sisters. Clearly, he will always be the Kuya whom they can run to when the going gets tough.

After tucking Abby in, he leaves their room and looks for his sister Nikki.

Luke: Niks, ano pang ginagawa mo diyan sa labas? Gabi na. Bakit ka lumabas mag-isa? Delikado dun ah. Galit ka ba sa kin?

Nikki: Kuya…

Luke: Okay. Sorry na. Alam mo naman kasi minsan ayoko yung masyado kang yung parang alam mo na epal.

Nikki: Ha?

Luke: O, o teka bago ka magalit sakin makinig ka muna. Alam mo kasi Niks, sweet ka namang tao. Kadalasan gusto mo lang naman tumulong. Kaso kelangan nating irespeto ang buhay ng ibang tao. Hayaan mo sila dumsikarte by their own. Kung mali, eh di mali. Eh kasi mahirap yang makikialam ka masyado. Gusto mo bang sabihan ka ng mga taong epal?

Nikki: Eew!

Luke: Eh di yun naman pala, eh. Eh di huwag mo na silang pakialaman masyado. O, okay na ha. Nag-sorry na ko sa yo. Minsan lang yan, matulog ka na. Maaga pa tayo bukas. Tulog na.


Luke: Niks, relax. Wala namang sinabi si Dad na ngayon niya sasabihin diba?

Nikki: Pero he’ll be gone for several days. I can’t wait that long. I should just have asked him kanina. I know na. I’ll ask him na lang.

Luke: Hoy, Niks. Ano ba? Sinabihan na tayo ni Dad, ah.

Nikki: I just want to find out if I’m right.

Luke: Ha? If you’re right? Bakit?

Nikki: Because I think I know na who she is… It’s Ate Maya.

Luke: Sigurado ka ba?

Nikki: Let’s find out. Let’s ask Dad.

Luke is Nikki’s voice of reason. When Nikki tells him that their Ate Maya could be their Dad’s girlfriend, we also see shock in Luke’s eyes. Like Nikki, he wants to know, too! But unlike Nikki, he is not about to pry. He stops Nikki from invading their Dad’s privacy. His maturity and level-headedness are the perfect foil to Nikki’s impulsivity. He clearly respects his Dad’s privacy, so he protects him as best he could from Nikki’s intrusions.


Clearly, Richard and Luke’s relationship has levelled up. Thanks to Joey and Alex! Obviously, Luke ‘s first ever heartbreak brought about this closeness between him and his Dad! At the PUS grounds, Richard spoke then not just as a daddy, but a man who once fell in love with a woman– Luke’s mom, and then lost her. Forever transformed by that shared experience, Richard now sees Luke as a young man who has overcome the bittersweet feeling of first love, They are no longer just father and son. They have become each other’s friends and confidant, too. Before he leaves for Clark, Richard knocks at Luke’s bedroom door.

Luke: Dad, alis na po kayo?

Richard: Did I wake you?

Luke: Ahm, hindi po, Dad. Gising pa po ako.

Richard: You take care of your sisters while I’m away, okay? Wag kayong mag-away, especially kayong dalawa ni Nikki… Wait, magkaaway na naman kayo?

Luke: Si Nikki po kasi Dad, eh. Matigas yung ulo minsan.

Richard: Ano ba yun?

Once again we see Richard acknowledge that Luke is now the other man of the house whom he can depend on and trust to take care of Nikki and Abby.

ANO BA YUN? Luke, in his attempt not to add to any more of his father’s worries, might not just answer his Dad’s question. He might simply brush it off by saying that Nikki is just being Nikki, nangungulit lang kaya naiinis siya…

Aww! The best Dad deserves only the best son!

What are you thinking, Luke? What are your thoughts about the possibility that Maya could really be your Dad’s girlfriend? I hope you will not feel betrayed like Nikki does, nor will you develop ill feelings towards your Dad and your Ate Maya for keeping this a secret from you. Like you once told Nikki,

Niks, alam mo, pabayaan na muna natin si Dad. Kasi for sure he has a valid reason naman, diba? Kaya hindi pa niya pinapakilala. Besides, he has a right naman to live his own life, diba?

Once you find out the truth, I hope you open your heart and listen to your Dad and Ate Maya’s explanation before you judge them…

(Is it just me? Why do I somehow feel good that Nikki told Luke? I really do. I somehow feel that Luke will really be Nikki’s voice of reason, the person who will somehow help Nikki understand their Dad and their Ate Maya’s reasons for keeping their relationship a secret… Haay!)


Dad and Future Mom’s Kilig-O-Meter Rises as They Deal with Various Concerns

The moment of truth has arrived. Richard and Maya have finally agreed to tell the kids. Once they’re back in Manila, Richard will let the kids know about him and Maya. Maya is scared and nervous.

Richard sensing that Nikki is troubled, consults Luke.

Richard: I want to ask you something. It’s about Nikki.

Luke: Naku, Dad, emo lang yun. Nag-away kasi sila ni Niccolo, eh.

Richard: I didn’t know that they were that close.

Luke: Eh, naging tropa na sila Dad, eh.

Richard: Yun lang yung problema niya?

Luke: I guess.

Dense as always, Richard? Your daughter might be experiencing her first ever heartache… And dig deeper, Richard! Her fight with Niccolo is not Nikki’s only problem.


Another problem crops up!

Richard: Eh nagkaproblema sa hangar. Yes, I know. I’ll just tell them about us after I come back. Is that okay? Maya, hindi ka na nagsasalita.

Maya: Eh, Ser Chief, napainom ako ng tubig sa sinabi mo, eh.

Richard: Why? What did I say wrong?

Maya: Ah, wala. Nahimasmasan lang.

Richard: Then the problem in Clark is good news for you?

Maya: Hindi naman, Ser Chief, pero parang ganun na nga.

Richard: Ayoko ring mawala after I tell them. We don’t know what’s going to happen, eh. I just want to be here just in case magkaproblema…

Just like Maya, kinikilig din ako! Haha! Yes, there are problems, and most likely more problems to come their way.

Yet, Richard remains the ultimate romantic who leaves Maya always giddy with excitement.

Ayaw rin kitang maiwan after I tell them.

Maya, you’re a part of my life now. You’re a part of every decision I make. We’re in this together, remember…

Magpahinga ka na. I love you!

Maya reassures Richard, too. She makes him smile…

Balitaan mo ako ha. Kung kailangan, pupunta ako diyan. Kaya natin ‘to.

Thank you ha, kasi iniisip mo kami. Ang sweet kaya ‘nun! Alam mo ikaw na talaga ang best daddy and best boyfriend in the world…

Pinakikilig mo na naman ako, eh. Lagi naman, eh. Times 20 lang ngayon.

Mas mahal kita!

Aww! Why do I find this particular exchange reassuring in many levels? They will find a way to let the kids understand and accept what they have no matter how long it takes.


Dear writers, please do not make us worry too long!

I hope that both Luke and Nikki will find it in their hearts to accept Maya as the only woman their Dad will ever love. Luke and Nikki, your Dad has found the one… his last love… his forever! She is perfect not just for your dad but for you guys, as well. If only we can make you understand how much Maya loves you and cares about you, we will!


For purposes of continuity, you may read




Part 21: HE’S THE MAN




More to come!


This series shall remain a work in progress for as long as our favorite TV show continues to air on TV.  Happy reading!


Allow me to give credit to BCWMH TV brilliant as the most of scenes and lines mentioned in this piece were taken from the TV series.


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