It’s You From The Start – Part 2

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to martinthebest. This is a continuation to It’s You From The Start – Part 1.

Author: martinthebest






Maya get off the coaster, covering her ears. “Emman, what are you doing? Nakakahiya!”

Maya then grabbed Emman’s arm and lead him on one side.  Meanwhile, Emman is grinning widely.

Emman: Sorry Roomie, excited lang… why didn’t you tell me ba na you’re coming din pala.

Maya: Sandy decided to take her flight at the last minute, buti na lang nakaabot ko dun sa last coaster going here… Tara na nga sa loob..

They are so absorbed talking that they didn’t realize pairs of eyes looking at them.

Few feet away from them, Richard is looking amusedly at them when Liza speaks.

Liza: It seems mas madaming FAs ang nakasama ngayon…  Sir, let’s go inside, come on Abby.

Richard: Liza, you go ahead with Abby, Joma and I will just give these toys to Ms. Belmonte for the activity later.


The event started with few short speeches, and then they were ushered on the dining room for the buffet lunch that TA prepared for the orphanage and the guests.  At around 2pm, adult participants are partnered with one orphan to be the mom or dad for the day.  Richard chose, Marie, a girl of Abby’s age para may makalaro din si Abby, then they all took the prepared coasters to take them to a nearby park/playground.

Richard is watching Marie and Abby playing with dolls sitting in one of the benches in the park when his phone beeps.  He took one last look at the two kids, then walked few steps away to answer his phone.  The call only lasted for barely three minutes, but when he turned back, the two kids are gone.  He tried looking around, there are too many kids, but he can’t see Marie and Abby.

On the other hand, Maya is playing taguan with his ‘daughter’ for the day, Mika when she noticed two kids, giggling and running after each other, she tried to look around but she can’t see any adult supervising them.  She then quickly look for Mika and approached the two kids, who are now sitting near the pond, exhausted from running.

Maya: Hello kids! (She waved as she approached them.)

Marie: Hello po.

Maya then turned to another kid, who is just smiling at her.

Marie: Abby po name nya.

Maya just nod, looking at Abby, wondering why she is not talking. Then she introduced Mika to them.

After a while, she led the three girls to the other side of the park to rest and watched other kids play. Maya is telling a story to the three kids, when she heard a masculine voice.

Richard: Abby!

Maya stopped on her story and turned to where the voice came from, she saw a chinito guy with eyeglasses walking towards them.  In a split second, he’s in front of them.

Richard: Abby, Marie! Miss, bakit basta mo na lang sila sinama without telling me?

Maya: Excuse me Sir…

Richard: Abby, baby, are you okay?

Maya tried to call his attention to explain.

Richard: How about you Marie, are you okay?

Richard then turned to Maya: Miss, you should have not…

Richard was not able to continue… because Maya is obviously trying not to shout and instead wearing a forced smile…

Maya (tried to speak calmly): Mister, I did not force these kids to go with me, okay.  I saw them playing around without an adult with them… so I just busied myself taking them with me.

Richard just stared at her, not actually listening, he realized she is the girl from that morning in the parking area.

Maya realizing that the guy she’s talking to is not listening and just grinning at her, made her more annoyed.

Maya: Mister, it seems you cannot be responsible on today’s activity, but still you had the nerve to take two kids with you??

She then turned to the three kids. “Come on kids, let’s go continue my story over there!”  They were about to walk away from Richard when he spoke.

Richard: Wait Miss, I can manage, you may just leave Marie and Abby with me.

Marie: Pero kasi po, magkukwento pa po sya eh, pwede po ba sumama na lang ako sa kanya? (Marie said in a pleading look).

Richard just sigh and said: Okay, but you can’t take Abby with you.

Maya: And why is that Mister?

Richard is about to explain, when Abby clasped her hand as if begging to let her go with Maya, then smiled.

Richard (to Abby): Okay, baby. I will just be here.  (to Maya) Miss, just don’t go too far.

Maya just rolled her eyes on him and lead the 3 girls like a real mom.  Richard can just look at them happily, especially because Abby seemed to be enjoying.  Richard just stayed on the bench and watch them sitting under a big tree. The kids are giggling and laughing.

Richard (in his thoughts): It seemed she’s a good storyteller, kids love her.

After few minutes, a lady approached Richard, asking for some direction but obviously just flirting with him.  Maya, as if on cue looked on his direction, she saw the scene and she frowns.  She suddenly lost her cheerful mood but seeing the kids’ eager faces, she forced to go on with her story.  She is close to the end of the story when Richard approached them, trailing behind him is Liza.

Richard: Hey, it’s time to go back!

Liza: Ms. Maya??

Maya: Hi Ms. Liza! Andito ka rin pala. Maya na lang. It’s nice to see you again.

Richard is just looking on the two exchanging pleasantries.

Liza: Nice to see you again too.  Just call me Liza. Oh by the way, magkakilala na kayo ni Sir?

Richard: Liza, you two know each other?

Liza: Sir, remember the super nice FA I’m telling you who helped me with my missing package?

Richard just nod and looked at Maya, who seemed to be embarrassed.

Liza: Maya, this is my boss in LAS, Richard Lim.

Maya (in a very low voice): Nice to meet you Sir… I am sorry about earlier…

Maya almost punched herself, knowing what her attitude towards the LAS CEO earlier.  She knows that LAS has been working with TA already for a very long time and she’s afraid to have a problem especially now that she’s just starting with her career.

Richard just chuckled. “No problem, Miss…

Maya: Maya na lang Sir…

Richard: Maya, there’s no problem; I guess I should be thanking you. And please, just call me Richard.

Liza: So, let’s go? The coaster is waiting at the parking area.

Liza took the hand of Mika and Marie, while Abby hold on to Maya, while Richard tried to call his baby.

Maya: It’s okay Sir, mukhang mas gusto naman ako ni Abby to be her mom today kesa maging dad kayo.

Maya said trying to joke around and ease her nervousness; but she felt that things become worse when Liza who’s walking just few steps ahead of them, stopped, turned to them and laughed, while Richard also stopped and for the nth time that day is amused by her.

Liza: Maya, you’re so funny! Sir is not just Abby’s dad for the day… When Liza’s laughter subsided, she continued… she’s his daughter!


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