One Step at a Time – part 10

Note: This is a continuation of One Step at a Time – part 9

Author: banana08

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Richard: Maya we have to talk.

Maya: Oo nga Richard mukang marami tayong pag-uusapan.

Richard: Listen Maya..

Maya: Hindi Richard, ikaw ang makinig. Hindi ako selosang tao at malaki ang tiwala ko sa’yo. Pero ang mga pictures sa facebook mo, hindi ko talaga kinakaya. Ngayon pa na malayo ako sa’yo. (she’s in the verge of crying. She’s trying all her might to hold her tears)

Richard: Maya…that’s the same reason why I called you.

Maya: Sige Richard, mag-explain ka.

Richard: No Maya, I won’t explain anything. I just want you to hear me out. (he paused for a moment) You know, from the very beginning I really don’t believe in a long distance relationship. But for you I tried.

Maya: Anong sinasabi mo? (tears are now escaping her eyes. She can’t hold it anymore)

Richard: Trust me, this is for the better.

Maya: Richard, ano ba! Sabihin mo na ang gusto mong sabihin!

Richard: Maya, hindi ko na kayang maging boyfriend mo…


One Step at a Time – part 10

Maya’s alarm is now madly ringing. She ignores it. There it goes again. She covers her face with her pillow. On the third ring, she gives in.

Maya: Uggghh, bakit ba kasi ako nag-file ng leave ngayon. Wala tuloy akong gagawin! Ayoko na mag-isip e at ayoko na maalala.

It’s been one week after that upsetting phone call from Richard. Since then, they haven’t talked to each other and this affected her so much.

Maya: Kung alam ko lang kasi na mangyayari yun, e di sana hindi na ko nag-leave at ng hindi na ako nagkakaganito. Eeee.. Maya, kalma lang! bawal ang bad vibes. O sige na, mag-ayos ka na lang at mamasyal ka na lang today. Tama! Mamamasyal na lang ako.

She rose from the bed and headed towards the bathroom. She was tripped into something that made her stop. It was the scrapbook Richard gave her weeks ago. She was reminded of him again today. She gets the scrapbook and stare the front cover and open it.

Maya: May pa “Age and Distance are just numbers” at “I’ll be waiting” pa na nalalaman wala din naman. (she is crying while saying these words.)

She’s been looking at this scrapbook for days now, and still cries when she read those lines. She cried again. No one can ever ease the pain of her first heartbreak.
When she was at the reception of her condo, she was called by the receptionist. The receptionist handed her a delivery. It’s a bouquet of sunflowers. She remembered him then immediately shook off the idea because she thought that it’s impossible. Then her phone rang.

Maya: Hello James..
James: Hello there beautiful! May susundo dyan sa’yo. Alam kong malungkot ka today kaya kailangan mo mag-relax.
Maya: Hindi na James. Nakakahiya naman. Okay na ako.
James: This day is supposed to be memorable for you. Why not we really make it a memorable one?
Maya: Pero James..
James: So see you later?
Maya: Ha? E may magagawa pa ba ako?
James: That’s my girl! See you later.

James has been her comfort and crying shoulder for the past days. If not for his jokes and presence, she may not have been able to go to work and just lock herself in her condo instead.
The car arrived and she was brought first in Cheonggyecheon. It is a stream in down town of Seoul that is restored and has become an ecological park.

Cheonggyecheon Stream

She was apprehensive at first but the sound of the running water somehow calmed her. And she smiled for the first time today. She was enjoying the scenery when a stranger came up to her and gave her a note. She then decided to just go back to the car and proceed to the next destination.

She was drive to Gyungbok Palace where the King and Queen live during the dynasty period. Maya was amazed at how the palace is maintained even after decades and centuries.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

She suddenly remembered the story of Mahal na Hari and Mahal na Prinsesa. She was saddened by this thought then a little boy came up to her and gave her another note. This further saddened her and decided to just go to Samcheong-dong to eat as she realized that it was lunchtime and she has not eaten even her breakfast


She decided to go to Homestead Coffee so that she can have coffee after her meal. She also thought that the ambience of a coffee shop will really fit her mood today. She ordered and after a few minutes her order arrived. Despite the fact that she was hungry and the food being enticing, her appetite was little near to none. She was half-done then she asked the waiter for the menu for the coffee. He came to her with the menu with another note inserted. She ordered Café Americano. She can’t quite comprehend what’s up with the notes. She opened her bag and brought the other two out from this morning. She just doesn’t get it. It can never be a coincidence that three identical papers will be given to her by strangers in 3 different places. She was again reminded of him for the fifth time today. She was in this trance when she heard someone spoke.

“Did you miss me?”

Maya: Ay! Oh James ikaw pala. Kumain ka na ba? Wala ka bang flight ngayon? Hindi ka ba busy? Anong ginagawa mo dito?
James: Maya, relax ka lang. Ang dami mo naman agad tanong. Ni hindi mo pa nga sinasagot ang tanong ko.
Maya: Ha? E ano bang tanong mo?
James: Ang sabi ko did you miss me?
Maya: Ha? E kahapon lang naman tayo nagkita ah.
James: Ouch! Porque kahapon lang tayo nagkita hindi mo na ko pwedeng mamiss?
Maya: Hay naku James. Kumain ka na nga lang! Baka gutom lang yan.

She was grateful for his presence. Somehow, at some point she forgets the thing that hurts.
They were in the middle of their conversation when her phone rang. It was Ms. Pacheco asking her if she can cover for her co-FA today and she said yes. She was more than glad that there is something she can do to past the time. She really wanted this day to end. They left the restaurant and she prepared for her flight.
She was assigned at the entrance together with another FA to greet passengers who are boarding the plane. She was all smiles as she greeted the first passenger. The passenger gave her a small blue paper plane. Despite how astounding the turn of events may seem, she decided to keep her cool and consider everything that’s happening as a coincidence. There goes the 2nd, 3rd, 4th up to the 10th passenger still handing her the blue paper plane. That’s when she thought that this is NOT a coincidence. She excused herself to her co-FA. She was looking for something or rather she was looking for someone. She saw him and she was right. He was with her on the same plane. The moment she saw him, tears slowly flowed then ran outside the plane.
She kept on running until she was outside the airport. She was aware that she was being followed. She stopped as her knees were starting to weaken.

Richard: Maya please let’s talk.
Maya: Wala na tayong dapat pag-usapan pa.
Richard: No. There are a lot of things needed to be discussed.
Maya: Wala akong sasabihin sayo kaya kung pwede umalis ka na!

He was losing his composure. He does not want their business to be the business of everyone so he grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her to his car.

Maya: Mr. Lim ano ba? Nasasaktan ako!

She called him Mr. Lim which really turned him into a tiger. He was trying all his might to control himself and completely ignored her until they reached his car.

Maya: Hindi ako sasakay dyan!
Richard: MAYA DELA ROSA!! Sasakay ka ba o gusto mong buhatin pa kita papasok sa loob?
Maya: Ayoko!
Richard: Isang ayaw mo pa, bubuhatin na talaga kita!

She saw the seriousness in his face and left her with no choice. She went inside the car but sat on the back seat instead. He just shook his head in disbelief. He never thought Maya can be this difficult. He heaved a long sigh.
Maya: Sya na nga itong nanakit, sya pa itong galit. (she thought and pouted her lips)
Richard: Maya, you just don’t how much you are testing my patience now. (he thought as he glanced at her through the rearview mirror)

She was about to say something when he spoke first to stop her.

Richard: Maya, kung sisigawan mo ko pwede bang mamaya na lang? Ayokong nagtatalo tayo while I’m driving. I can’t focus. Please, just wait until we get there. ( he said this as calm as possible)

They arrived at the place. He brought her to Han River. He thought that the serenity it brings, will help them talk about “them”, their relationship.

Han river.

When he stopped and parked the car along the side of the river, he got off of the car immediately not waiting for Maya. He needed to calm himself before they finally talk. He sat on the hood of the car and savored the beauty of the place. It’s been hell of a week without her, and now that she’s with him, it’s still a mess. After a few moments, Maya got off the car and stood couple of feet away from him. She was looking at the river when he finally spoke.

Richard: You know, you’re being unfair. (he said calmly)
Maya: Unfair? Ako pa ang naging unfair ngayon? (she looked at him bewildered with brows raised)
Richard: Yes. You’re being unfair.
Maya: Sige nga, bakit ako naging unfair Mr. Lim?

She called him Mr. Lim again.

Richard: You’re unfair kasi when I hanged up the phone because I was jealous sinuyo kita after 3 days kasi hindi kita matiis pero ikaw one week na pero hindi ka man lang nagparamdam. Tapos ngayong nandito ko, inaaway mo pa din ako.
Maya: So ngayon nanunumbat ka? Excuse me, hindi ako nagselos no! O diba, kaya ka naman tumawag nun kasi ayaw mo ng maging boyfriend ko?
Richard: Of course not! I said hindi ko na kayang maging boyfriend mo..
Maya: Ganun na din yun. Hindi mo lang alam kung gaano ko nasaktan nung sinabi mo yun, lalo na malayo ako at walang kasama dito.

He can’t help but laugh.

Maya: Natatawa ka pa kapag may nasasaktan ka? Wala na talaga akong masabi sayo Mr. Lim!

She called him Mr. Lim for the third time.

Richard: E kasi naman nakakatawa ka naman kasi talaga. Kung pinatapos mo lang sana ako at hindi binaba yung phone e di sana nalaman mo kung bakit! Inuuna mo kasi yung selos.
Maya: At bakit naman ako magseselos? Dun sa mga babaeng yun na dikit ng dikit sayo at kung makangiti parang walang bukas? Tapos ikaw mukhang enjoy na enjoy ka naman! Bakit ka nga naman hindi matutuwa e ang daming babaeng nagkakandarapa sayo.
Richard: What? Behave naman ako. Ni hindi ko sila hinawakan. I just posed for a picture, that’s all.
Maya: Pose for a picture daw, e ngiting ngiti ka din.
Richard: I’m just happy then because I closed a deal. Is there anything wrong about that?
Maya: Ah, basta hindi ko gusto yung mga babaeng yun!
Richard: Ah, hindi ka nga nagseselos. (he’s teasing her)
Maya: Sabi ng hindi ako nagseselos e! Ang kulit mo!
Richard: Fine, hindi na kung hindi. (he smiled)
Maya: Naku, naku tigilan mo ako ng pagpapacute mo at hindi cute!
Richard: Hindi ako cute? Sigurado ka ba jan?
Maya: OO! Ano ba kasing kailangan mo? Bakit ka ba andito?
Richard: Okay, eto na. Diba sabi ko hindi ko na kayang maging boyfriend mo?
Maya: Kailangan ba paulit-ulitin pa? Nasaktan na nga diba?
Richard: Maya STOP! Listen to me, what I meant was… hindi ko na kayang maging boyfriend mo ng malayo sayo. Kaya I decided to stay here in Korea for couple of weeks to be with you.
Maya: Ako ba niloloko mo?
Richard: Of course not! We should have had our first date dito sa Korea today kaso since this morning wala ka sa sarili mo at parang galit sa mundo.
Maya: Since this morning? So sayo galing ang mga notes at bulaklak?
Richard: Yes. I even asked James to help me out kasi for sure kapag nalaman mo that’s it’s me, you will not cooperate just like what you’re doing right now.
Maya: At sa tingin mo matutuwa ako? Sa tingin mo natuwa ako sa notes mo?
Richard: Affirmative!
Maya: Pwes, hindi ako natuwa sa notes mo.
Richard: Why?
Maya: Sinong matutuwa dito? “Just like the season, people change”
Richard: Yes. I changed a lot because of you. I’m happier now.
Maya: “It’s your road.. and yours alone, others may walk With you, but no one can walk it FOR you.”
Richard: I’m not gonna be the one to do it for you, like your dreams but I’m going to be with you all the way. For as long you want me with you.
Maya: Eto yung pinaka masakit e, “If you love someone, showing them is better than telling them. If you stop loving someone, telling them is better than showing them.”
Richard: Maya I did not say that I stopped loving you. I’m here right now because I want to show you how much I love you. I miss you so much kaya let’s stop this non-sense okay? (he moved closer and hold her hands in his)
Maya: Ang sama mo…. Hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako sa mga ka-cheesyhan mo e. Muntik na akong masiraan ng bait sa kakaiyak tapos ganito. Hindi mo man lang ako tinawagan?
Richard: Kung tinawagan ba kita, sasagutin mo?

She was silent.

Richard: See? Tama nga yung sabi ni Nanay na kahit ilang beses ako tumawag sayo e hindi mo sasagutin. So I decided to take the earliest flight possible. Kaso one week after nga lang.
Maya: Nakausap mo si Nanay? Kelan?
Richard: A month ago, 3 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago, last week and yesterday.
Maya: Ha? Bakit parang ang dalas nyo naman mag-usap? Ano pinag-uusapan nyo?
Richard: SECRET!!
Maya: Nagpunta ka ba ng Korea para lang inisin ako?
Richard: Ang sungit naman nito! Kinukumusta ko lang sila. Diba I promised to you that I will look after them? Don’t be mad anymore. There’s nothing to be mad about.
Maya: Talaga bang business partners mo lang yung mga babaeng yun?
Richard: I knew it! Nagselos ka nga!
Maya: EEEE naman eeee. Sagutin mo na lang yung tanong ko.
Richard: Yes. Business partners lang at hanggang dun na lang yun.
Maya: So hindi ka makikipag-break?
Richard: I wouldn’t be here explaining to you if that’s the case. With your attitude kanina? Huh, I’m sure sure kung makikipag-break ako hinding hindi na kita hinabol. Hinayaan na kitang nag-iiyak.
Maya: Ang mean ha!
Richard: E totoo naman e, kung hindi pa kita kakaladkarin at tataasan ng boses, sa airport pa tayo gagawa ng eksena. Haha

She was silent, her head down with her arms folded to her chest. He hugged her slowly, waiting for any resistance but there’s none. He missed doing this to her.

Maya: So ibig sabihin nag-iiyak ako ng ilang gabi at natulala ng wala lang?
Richard: Technically, YES! Haha
Maya: Ang sama mo talaga! (she slapped his arm)
Richard: I love you too Maya! Haha
Maya: I love you so much Mahal!
Richard: So hindi na ko si Mr. Lim? 3 times mo din ako tinawag nun ah!
Maya: Hindi na Mahal. Ikaw na ulit ang Mahal kong Sir Chief! (she unfolded her arms and hugged him tightly. She missed him so much. She can’t help but cry)
Richard: So okay na ulit tayo?
Maya: Okay na okay!

He moved back a bit and gave her a smack on the lips.

Richard: Happy Anniversary!

She was taken aback of his actions. She was not able to speak at once. But after a while, she wrapped his neck with her arms and kissed him on the lips passionately without hesitation. She is full of love for this man. He may not have expressed his intentions as it should be, still she love him with all of her.

Richard: Okay pala na mejo nagagalit ka e. Nagiging aggressive ka! (he said with very much pleasure because of what she did)
Maya: Sira ka talaga! Happy Anniversary Mahal! Sobrang lungkot ko kaya, halos ayoko ng bumangon kaninang umaga!
Richard: Oo nga e. Ang tagal mo bago bumaba! Akala ko mabubulok na yung sunflowers e!
Maya: Sorry ha, Mahal.
Richard: Kasi you assumed the worst sa akin?
Maya: Oo. At saka kasi nagselos ako.
Richard: Okay na tayo diba? I’m sorry too if hindi ko marelay ng maayos yung mga gusto ko sabihin siguro this is just not my forte. Sablay e.
Maya: Pansin ko nga e. Pero gusto ko bumawi sa’yo. Meet me tomorrow sa N Seoul Tower, okay?
Richard: Pwede bang sa ibang araw na lang natin gawin yan?
Maya: Ha? Bakit naman?
Richard: Bukas kasi tayo naka-schedule papuntang Jeju Island e.
Maya: Ha? Bukas na? Agad agad? Hindi pa ko nagpapaalam, pano ko mag-iimpake?
Richard: Relax ka lang. Naayos ko na lahat sa Time Airways. Diba I told you I asked James’ help. Saka tutulungan kita mag-impake. Ikaw kasi ang tagal mo kong inaway e. Kaya tara na!
Maya: Teka lang, okay na kayo ni James? Tutulungan mo ko mag-impake? Bakit di ka na lang magpahinga sa hotel mo tapos sunduin mo na lang ako bukas?
Richard: Ang dami pa ding tanong? Yes, okay na kami ni James. We talked several times before I went here. And to tell you honestly, I’m not booked in any hotel right now. I was so busy running after you. So I’m sleeping sa condo mo.
Maya: What? Ayoko!
Richard: Matitiis mo ba akong sa kalsada matulog ngayong gabi?
Maya: Ayoko pa din. Quits na tayo!
Richard: Maya naman, please?

She got in the car but now she seated herself in the passenger seat in front, leaving Richard still standing behind. She then lowered the window and called him.

Maya: Mahal! Ano bang ginagawa mo pa dyan? Halika na! Sige na pumapayag na ko! Alam ko naman na miss na miss mo na ko e! Saka pagod na ko, kailangan ko ng mag-iimpake ng gamit ko at mag-mamasahe ng legs ko! Sumakit kakatakbo e! (she said these with a big grin on her face)

He can only smile because of her silliness. This was indeed the most memorable Anniversary.


The next morning, they were up very early to go to Jeju Island. They’re going there by ferry boat. Maya was so excited because for her almost 8month stay in Korea, it will be her first time to go to Jeju Island plus a bonus on her side, her Sir Chief.

Jeju Island Boat Tour

Maya: Mahal, naisip ko lang, paano pala kung hindi tayo nagkaayos kagabi? E di sayang ang booking and reservations mo.
Richard: Huh? I was sure that we will be okay.
Maya: Ang laki talaga ng tiwala mo sa relationship natin.
Richard: Alam ko kasi na hindi mo ko matitiis e. In fact, sinadya ko talagang hindi magpabook ng hotel kay Lisa. And true enough, hindi mo talaga ako natiis! Haha
Maya: Ah ganun pala ha! (she said while poking his sides)

After long hours of travel, they finally arrived in Jeju Island.

Jeju Island (제주도)

After settling their things at the hotel they decided to have their island tour. They felt at ease and happy. Maybe because of the beauty of the island or just maybe because of the company of each other. They did hiking, biking, visit museums and theme parks, walking by the beach hand in hand, bought souvenirs and goodies. It’s indeed a wonderful two-day stay in the island. It’s their last day and decided to sit by the beach and watch the sunset.

Honeymoon Shot, Jeju Island, South Korea

Richard: Princess, can I ask you something?
Maya: Oo naman Mahal.
Richard: Hanggang kailan mo kaya ako kayang mahalin?
Maya: Hindi ko alam.
Richard: So ganun lang yun?
Maya: Oo, ganun lang yun.
Richard: Ah yun lang pala yun.
Maya: Mahal hindi mo ko naiintindihan. Hindi ko alam kung hanggang kailan kasi hindi ko naman nilalagyan ng deadline ang pagmamahal ko sayo e.
Richard: Sinasabi mo lang yan para hindi ako magtampo e.
Maya: Mahal, nagpapalambing ka ba?
Richard: Kailangan ko pa bang gawin yun?
Maya: Alam mo ikaw talaga! Pero sa totoo lang, gusto ko ikaw na at ikaw lang. Masaya ako sayo at sa pamilya mo.
Richard: No, it’s our family. Masaya din ako kasi mas malaki na ang pamilya natin. Ang dami ko ng nanay. Anjan si Mama, Manang Fe at si Nanay. I can’t imagine living a life without you.
Maya: Ang sweet naman ng Mahal ko! Hindi ko din ma-imagine ang buhay ko kung hindi kita nakilala. E di sana hindi ko naexperience ang mag-marathon sa loob ng airport! Haha
Richard: You know, you can really be stubborn and difficult sometimes. I almost gave up.
Maya: Thank you for not giving up..
Richard: Please make a promise. (he shifted her so that she’s facing him) It’s not gonna be easy but promise me that we’ll do our best for our relationship, for US to work out.
Maya: Yes. Promise ko sayo gagawin natin ang best natin para mag work ang relationship natin. (she said this looking into his eyes)

He hugged her tightly for who knows how long. Indeed, it’s not going to be a smooth journey of love but with two people working and fighting for it, it’s going to be worth it.

She called him.
Maya: Mahal asan ka na ba? Kanina pa kita hinihintay e.
Richard: Sorry princess, andito pa ko sa hotel. Tumawag kasi si Liza so I need to check my emails.
Maya: Okay sige, puntahan na lang kita dyan. Bakit ba kasi sa hotel ka pa nag-stay?
Richard: Hindi na, tapos na ko. I’ll leave the hotel na. Nasa N Seoul Tower ka na ba?
Maya: Yes.
Richard: Okay sige. I’ll be there in fifteen.
Maya: Sige. Bilisan mo ha. Ingat ka.
Richard: I will. Bye.

Richard: Hi princess! (he kissed her cheek)
Maya: Tagal mo. So halika na?
Richard: So may padlock ka na?
Maya: Wala pa. Meron naman dun sa taas.
Richard: Don’t worry I have here.
Maya: Wow ah, boyscout ka Mahal ah. Patingin nga?
Richard: Later na lang. So tara na?
Maya: Okay.
She was amazed with the place. She saw many padlocks with names on it in different forms and shapes but signifies one thing; two people’s promise of love. She was moved and her eyes were starting to get misty.

N Seoul Tower: Love Padlocks

Richard: Umiiyak ka ba? Bilib na talaga ako sa pagka best actress ng Prinsesa ko oh!
Maya: E kasi natutuwa lang ako.
Richard: Hay naku, ikaw talaga! By the way, you can call me Mr. Lim from now on.
Maya: Ha? Ano? Bakit out of the blue naman yan?
Richard: Because from now on, I will call you Mrs. Lim. (he handed her the padlock with the engagement ring locked with it. Then he turned his back to her)
Maya: Ha? Mahal anong sabi mo? Anong tawag mo sakin? Saka ano ba to? (pertaining to the padlock with the ring)
Richard: Sabi ko Mrs. Lim na ang itatawag ko sayo.
Maya: Ano??? Bakit??
Richard: Princess naman e, anong bakit?
Maya: Bakit yun ang tawag mo sakin?
Richard: Ngayon ko lang napatunayan na mas dense ka pa kesa sakin.
Maya: Nalillito ako sayo Mahal e. Ano ba kasi ang sinasabi mo?
Richard: (he heaved a sigh) Maya Dela Rosa Marry me.

She froze. She does not know if she’s dreaming or if she heard it right.

Richard: (he poked her) Maya you are not dreaming and yes, you heard it right. I want you to marry me.

She can’t believe it. He wants her to marry him.

Richard: Maya, matutulala ka na lang ba jan? Wala ka bang sasabihin?

Still no response from her.

Richard: Maya naman e. Earth to Maya. Hello?

Then she shrieked! She was jumping. She hugged him. She gave him kiss on both cheeks.

Maya: YES! Yes! I will marry you! I will marry you Mr. Lim!
Richard: Thank God. I’m not rejected!
Maya: Bakit naman kita irereject?
Richard: Maya sobrang tagal mo bago sumagot. I got nervous!
Maya: Ginulat mo kasi ako e. So pwede mo na ba isuot sakin ang singsing?
Richard: My pleasure Mrs. Lim. (he put on the ring to her finger) Alam mo kung hindi ka pa agad sumagot, I will call my backers na!
NT: Oo nga Nak, ang tagal mo naman sumagot!
Nikki: Oo nga Tita! It’s so hard kaya to make pigil our kilig!
Luke: Dad! Bilib na ko sayo, swabeng swabe ang pagkakasabi mo ah! Parang walang ng kawala si Tita sayo e.

Everyone suddenly emerged from nowhere! Girls were happy and giddy at the same time.

Abby: Tita, we’ve been following both of you po kanina pa.
Cho: Kaya po na late si Tito Richard kasi hinintay pa nya kami.
Kute: Ah Nikki, Luke excuse me lang ha, naapakan nyo kasi ang buhok ni bunso!

Everyone laugh at Kute’s quip.

Maya: Nay, kelan pa po kayo andito?
NT: Kasabay namin si Richard.
Mamang: Maya apo, aba e wag mo nang pakawalan yang si Richard. Maraming nag-aabang jan.
Richard: Mamang wag po kayo mag-alala kahit madaming nag-aabang isa lang naman po ang pipiliin ko. At si Maya yun.
All: Asus! ANG CHEESY!
Maya: At feel na feel mo naman na maraming nag-aabang sayo? Ikaw ha…
Doris and Sabel: So Maya I think congratulations are in order. (said in a prim and proper tone pero hindi nakapigil) Wahahaha CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Manang Fe: Ricardo, Maya. Masaya ako para sa inyo.
NT: Ay naku Nak, bumaba na tayo at naghihintay si Joma sa sasakyan.
Richard: Nay, una na po muna kayo. Susunod na lang kami.
NT: Okay sige Nak, O tayo na.

Maya: Mahal naman e. Pinapaiyak mo naman ako e.
Richard: It was never my intention. I just want you to be happy.
Maya: Yun na nga e. You made me the happiest girl in the world. Mahal na Mahal kita Richard Lim.
Richard: Mahal na mahal din kita Maya Dela Rosa Lim.
Maya: In fairness Mahal, masarap pakinggan! (she gave him a bear hug)
Richard: Ahhh.. Hindi ako makahinga Princess. Halika na ikabit na natin tong padlock kasi naghihintay na sila e.

So these 3 things remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.

So these 3 things remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.

I promise….
I will make mistakes…
I will say stupid things…
I will make some bad decisions…
I will get mad…
I will get on your nerves at times…
I will get jealous
But, I promise…
If you will love me through everything that may go wrong…
I will make it worth your while…

–Richard Lim

I promise…
I will be insecure at times…
I will be difficult most of the time…
I will be assuming sometimes…
I will be annoying….
I will get jealous…
I will not always look perfect…
But, I promise…
If you will love me through everything that may go wrong…
I will be with you all the way…

–Maya dela Rosa-Lim

“To infinity and beyond!”


Flashback sa Part1:

SC: (he breathes deeply) I have a proposal for you…
Maya: Anu pong proposal Sir Chief? (she suddenly become tensed)
SC: Maya…
SC: Maya…
SC: Malalaman mo din Maya, kapag handa na ko.
Maya: SIR CHIEF????
SC: Sa takdang panahon Maya.. (stands up heading to his bedroom)
Maya: Sir Chief naman e, anu nga po yun..
SC: (he answered while walking, his back facing Maya) Great things come to those who wait Maya. Sa takdang panahon. He’s smiling coz he can imagine the face of Maya, pouting!

The story started with a proposal and ended with a proposal! Kapit-bisig! 🙂

This will be the last chapter. Sabi ko hanggang 8 chapters lang ito e. Pero hindi kinaya. For all the readers and for all who took the time reading my stories, I’m very much grateful to all of you! Sa mga nagcocomments lalo na yung mga nagsasabing naiyak sila sa chapter, kahit hindi ko alam kung bakit, thank you so much! And of course, sa admin ng EB thank you for spending time and giving me the privilege to be a contributor! 🙂

If you want to read the whole story in one page (just make sure you have the time because it’s quite long), here’s the link:

One Step at a Time – Full

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17 thoughts on “One Step at a Time – part 10

  1. Love his style of proposing. Walang tanong, tanong, straight to the point na, “Marry me” na agad para walang kawala 😀 Gusto ko rin yung habulan nila sa Airport, nakakatuwa. Sayang! Sana nagmatigas pa si Maya para buhatin sya ni SC. Ang cute lang 🙂

    Really love this, so much! And ganda ng reconciliation nila, ang sweet. Bakit nga pala binibilang ni SC ang pagtawag ni Maya sa kanya ng “Mr. Lim”? Just curious.

    Anyway, thank you for this. Its so worth waiting for. This is just one of the many favorite stories of mine and will definitely read it again and again.

    • haha. actually if you notice parang nagpapahaging na sya sa mga tanong nya sa Jeju e. Nagsisigurado e sa mga sagot ni Maya alam na nya ang sagot! haha Mr. Confident din e! haha actually gusto ko din talaga yung pagtatalo nila. pero kasi we all know Maya diba? tiklop agad kay SC. Pero nagmatigas pa din naman, sa likod umupo at ginawang driver si SC.

      Thank you din! so much kasi naappreciate mo. isa ka sa masipag na nagcocomment sa series na ito. thank you! Binibilang nya kasi naiinis sya. Masyadong formal. at hindi kasi yun yung endearment ni Maya. And syempre nakadugtong yun dun sa naging proposal nya. hehe

      Thank you for the kind words at sa mahabang comment! na riCHARd-ge ako! hehe

  2. hay.. beh.. hay.. I don’t know where to start. Inhaaale, Exhaaale. Mixed emotions ako ngayo. super happy dahil sa ending, medyo sad kasi tapos na. :/ but I’ll be looking forward sa upcoming stories mo if ever meron man. 🙂 at dahil sa last part ng OSAAT, feel na feel ko napuntahan ko na ang Korea. apir tayo sa koreanovelas! haha. fan din ako nyan eh. lakas maka RomCom! beh, alam mo habang binabasa ko ung tampo2x part ni Maya, feeling ko ikaw c maya dun eh. as in kuhang-kuha ang mga hirit at strong sides. (malamang. ikaw ang author eh. haha) basta beh, kudos sayo! I love how u ended this series, kahit cheesy, ang perfect ng lahat. i love the quotes. :’) love is in the air. nasabayan mo ang proposal sa serye. ay naunahan mo pala. 😀 basta like ko lahat. the best beh! swear. kinikilig ako, grabe! ang kulit2x kc ni SC dito. di marunong mag-express ng nararamdaman, ayun! nag-away pa tuloy sila. lols. beh, so proud of you. good job. nobela nanaman comment ko. hahaha.

    • ang daminamang buntong hininga! haha mixed emotions talaga? haha wag ka mag-alala may next pa yan na kasunod! haha yun talaga ang purpose ng pictures para feel na feel ang Korea! Naku beh super fan ako ng mga koreanovela, isama mo pa ang mga J-dorama kaya siguro mahilig ako sa chinito! haha haha, parang ako ba? naku kung ako yun mas matigas pa ang ulo! haha. sabi din nung friend ko, minsan daw parang nakikita nya ako sa character ni Maya! siguro kasi kilala nyo ako e! kaya ganun! haha salamat beh sa mga super support mo! haha cheesy pero hindi masyadong fancy. walang rose petals, violin and stuff! haha, nakakatuwa nga yung mga stories halos puro proposals. hehe napapanahon talaga! kinilig ka ba? haha salamat! haha kasi feeling nya ang sweet na yun pala may ibang interpretation! pwede ko na gawin libro itong series na ito sa haba! beh sa comment mo akala ko eto yung PM natin sa FB! haha pahabaan! haha

    • kasi naman beh, nalilito talaga ako kung saan ko sisimulan ang comment ko. hahaha. may next pa ito na story? kaya nga eh. mas lalong nakakaganang bumasa kasi may pictures. haha. nakuu! apir! same tlaga tayo, hilig ko din sa Korean series/movies. oo eh. parang ikaw talaga nkikita ko kay Maya dito sa kwento mo. hahaha. see? pati friend mo nagsabi na. Maya lang ang peg. you’re always welcome beh. 🙂 super kilig na kilig talaga ako! kaya nga, diba sa bi ko sayo? kulang nalang i-publish at gawing libro ito! sinisipag lang talaga akong mag type beh. lols

    • nalito talaga? haha i mean may next pa ko na story pero iba naman. May Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy pa ako haha. at may isa pang story na hindi ko pa naisususlat! haha ang hirap kasi idescribe nung place kung hindi mo pa talaga napuntahan. kaya yun. naparesearch ng wala sa oras. super adik lalo na kapag gwapo yung bida! yun yun e! haha yun talaga ang major factor! haha so sinasabi mong matigas ang ulo ko? haha nagkataon lang siguro beh! syempre hindi na maaalis yun kasi ako ang author e. so ang gusto mong palabasin pag stubborn na Maya, parang ako! haha hayaan na muna natin sya, na-publish naman na sya sa blog ko e. hehe

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