Restless – Chapter 2

Admin Note: This is a continuation to Restless – Chapter 1.

Author: Ricci 


Chapter 2 – Seat No. 7

“Wilson, favor naman.  Pwede ba tayong mag switch ng cabin?”

“First class to Economy class? Why?”

“Seat no. 7.”

“Huh?  Anong meron sa seat no. 7?”  Wilson asked while peeking at the curtain separating the galley and the first class.

“Singkit na mama who I feel was checking me out.”

Wilson choked a laugh at her reasoning, and suddenly burst out laughing. He glanced at Maya, and saw her serious face, one eyebrow lifted, while her two hands were on her hips in a stance that is ready to kick him.

“Hahaha…Hindi ka na nasanay, eh kahit naman sa ibang flights naten, there’s always someone checking on you.”   

“This is different. Kakaiba kumg makatingin. He looks at me as if he wants to devour me.”

“I think you’re exaggerating.”

“I’m not!…. Sige na, Wilson, just this once.” Maya pressed further. “Promise, I’ll treat you to a good meal.”

“Hmmm, gusto ko yan. Sya!… But I’ll check first with our supervisor. Baka kase ma disrupt yong flow of order naten eh.”  Wilson grinned, and as if an afterthought asked, “Do you also want me to ask who’s seat no. 7?  Hehehe.  Mukhang big time eh.”

“Haaay! Pang-asar ka talaga.” Maya said as she delivered an elbow on Wilson’s right side which made him winced.


“I’ve no concern on the switch. I trust that the two of you are experience enough to know the procedures.”

“Thanks Ms. Yna.”  Wilson happily replied, and hesitatingly added the next question he has on his mind.  “Ah Ms. Yna, If you don’t mind me asking, who’s that man in seat no. 7?”

Yna slowly opened the curtain in the galley to look for seat no. 7.  “Oh, it’s Mr. Richard Lim, Owner of Lim Aviation. Why?” 

“Ah eh, wala naman.  I mean, we should at least know para may personal touch when we asked them for their food preference later.  Thank you again Ms. Yna.” Wilson replied as he hurriedly turned away, and busied himself in the galley to avoid further questions from her.


“O ayan ha… Ms. Yna already approved the switch. You owe me big time, and I’m not settling for a meal at the fastfood. I want a buffet dinner.”  Wilson happily informed her. “And by the way, seat no. 7 is indeed a big time. Mr. Richard Lim, Owner/President of Lim Aviation.” He volunteered with a grin on his face.

“Not interested.  We’ve already switched, and thank God, I won’t be seeing Mr. Big time again after this flight.”  Maya smiled at him sweetly as she walked happily to her assigned cabin.


Maya Dela Rosa.” He chanted her name.

Richard was not surprise when he did not see her again in first class. They’ll soon be landing in Manila, and not even a glimpse of her was seen even when he walked as far as the business class cabin go.

He was fairly disappointed. She must have been affected by his forwardness, and probably asked to be assigned to economy class at the tail end of the plane.

His first set down – the first woman who’s immune to his charms. He must be losing his touch.  He thought, amused at his seemingly eagerness to know her which resulted to scaring her. He did sound like one of those annoyingly brutish passengers who makes passes, and pinches flight attendants from behind.

He leaned back in his seat and sighed. At least he now knows the owner’s name of the pearl earring.  If only she stayed, then he could have returned it to her.  Perhaps someday, he will…, or maybe not at all, and let her and that piece of jewelry remain a memory, an encounter that he could keep for himself, untouched by the realities that crowded his life.

He dismissed her from his thoughts, but unable to rid of the gnawing feeling that somehow, someday, they would meet again.

For a little while there, he felt alive looking through her eyes.  He saw beauty touching his cynic soul, and calming his restless heart.

He, who was once the personification of what they call ‘ideal’, had become a cynic.

At 35 years old, he already reached the top, and accomplished much.  His company, Lim Aviation is thriving – they had already branched out to other business unit, and expanded in the last couple of years.  He has everything – power, money, reputation, properties, friends, family.

He doesn’t lack even in the woman’s department. For years, they threw themselves at him, that even he felt embarrassed at the extent of what they would do just to trade themselves for wealth and social connection. He was sought after not for who he is, but for what he has.

He should be happy with all the attention for he doesn’t’ have to put so much effort when he fancies someone.  They were all easy for the plucking, but he doesn’t want the hassle that comes with it – a mother’s complaints, a father’s arrangement, a cry for harassment, pregnancy, and whole lot of threats and blackmail.

With the growth of his wealth and popularity, so is their eagerness to pin him down to matrimony. As a result, he resolved to publicly flaunt his attachment to Hana as cushion to anyone eyeing him as potential husband material.

Hana Seville, a rich socialite, the daughter of his father’s business partner. They were introduced in one of his father’s party a year ago.  On and off, they meet on occasions.  He prefers her company for she’s straightforward, independent, educated, sophisticated, beautiful with a model like figure, and very accomplished in all areas including his bed. A trophy companion– their current setup is simply perfect and ideal for him that he couldn’t ask for anything more.

And yet, he was restless.



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  2. *Looking forward to Richard and Maya’s next meeting.. hmmm.. i’m wondering how it would be??… ‘gotta turn to next page now to know! 😀

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