Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Jessie.

A/N: Hello, EB readers! I wrote this weeks back, intending to post it right after that episode where Maya kisses SC in the car as he’s being a bit tampo that Maya does not seem to wish to have more time with him. But of course – the dangers of growing old is that you completely forget what you intend to do when other things come up.


This is a one shot, and is lovingly dedicated to my classmates at the BCWMH YT Scholars Forum who have been, on and off, commenting on the issue of intimacy between our favorite lovebirds.


 Nereid, Chemecstry, Botchok, Jamie, Angelica – my sisters in this *noble* cause – this is for all of you.




Author: Jessie Santos


The smack resounded loudly in the car, ringing in my ears.

She pulled back, her eyes dancing with mischief. “O. Okay ka na?”

Damn that smile, those eyes. She could disarm me so easily with them, draw me in like a moth to a flame. She drives me insane, and she does not know.

At all.

It takes all of me not to lean over and kiss her senseless. I force a smile, feeling the fakeness of it, taking refuge in sounding petulant, hoping it would cover my real thoughts. “No.”

She looked at me from under her lashes, expression perplexed.

She really doesn’t know.

For a moment I debated with myself: no, she’s not ready yet, Richard.


And when will she be ready, if you don’t teach her?


She trusts me. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m taking advantage of her.


You’re not. You’re her boyfriend; wanting her comes with the territory. She ought to know that.


But does she know that?

Why don’t you find out?


I looked at her again, an amused smile playing on her lips.

I think it was that smile that was my undoing.

Throwing all caution to the wind, I swiftly undid my seat belt and leaned in to whisper into her ear, taking in her scent. “It’s not enough.”

For a moment her eyes met mine: awareness, like a current, passed between us.

Why don’t you find out?

I was not prepared for that little intake of breath that she would do when my lips finally met hers. It was a cross between a sigh and a moan, a small sound that stirred everything that I had been suppressing, everything that I was trying to hold back in an effort to take it slow with her.

It was like opening the floodgates.

Her lips were soft, as I had known them to be, having kissed them twice before. I’d always kept myself from kissing her too much, knowing, as I’d always known, that if I did, I might never want to stop.

Now I didn’t want to stop.

I nibbled on her lower lip, tasting her, our breaths mingling. When she opened her lips slightly, I couldn’t resist any longer: I just crashed my lips onto hers and began to explore her with my tongue.

It was like tasting heaven.

Much to my surprise, she met my exploration with equal fervor, if not savvy. She met my tongue, thrust for thrust, her hands clutching my shoulders, my neck, my hair, drawing me in even closer. Our breathing turned ragged, the heat in the car seemingly a hundred degrees higher than before.

My God.

I couldn’t get enough …

With almost Herculean effort, I wrenched my lips away from hers. Every molecule in my being screamed in protest – What? Hey! I wasn’t done there! – but I knew the dangers that lay ahead, and I owed it to her to stay in control, to stay sane.

I loved her too much not to stay sane.

But sometimes, when she looks at me like she’s looking at me right now – a shy smile playing on her lips, her cheeks flushed, her wide eyes dark with intense emotion – I almost wished I wasn’t so darn honorable.

I sighed.

She smiled.

I cleared my throat and smiled back. “Well. Goodnight, Maya.”

She blinked at me, her eyes dropping down to my lips, then back up again to meet my eyes. Stop doing that, Maya, I thought, or I might really forget myself.


Please …

Seemingly hearing my silent plea, she smiled again, nodding lightly. “Goodnight, Sir Chief,” she said softly.

And with that, she was gone, swiftly ascending the steps towards her building lobby.

I put my forehead on the steering wheel, glad for the coolness of the leather against my fevered brow, adjusting the air conditioning vents so that they pointed downwards.

Sadly, the combination did not work at all. As I had known all along, there was only one cure for this sort of problem.

I’m going to need a really cold shower tonight.



84 thoughts on “Enough

    • Yes!!! talamat!… kailangan ko palang hulihin sa forum si inspiration at itabi sa iyo para makiliti ka nya! Just the thought that someday, you’ll be inspired to write like this again, parang ako ang nakikiliti sa excitement! Have a great weekend sis!

  1. Hi, Jessie. Just reread your story for the nth time. I haven’t had the chance to comment on your yet another superb piece. I’m a fan. Can we see next time an even less honorable Richard? Just a thought. Hahaha. 🙂

    • Ha ha ha! Lemme think about it … and I’ll post when the idea comes! Thanks for reading … nth time talaga? Wow. Am touched. 🙂

  2. This piece is a genius! You shouldn’t stop with just one. I join the others in asking for more. Until you’re pushed to say, in a bold paraphrase of your work, “Sadly, ‘Enough’ is not enough. As I had known all along, there was only one cure for this sort of problem…. I should write some more.” HAHAHA!!!

    • LOL I love the paraphrase … and I am smiling myself silly at the word ‘genius’! 🙂 As for writing more … only time and my muse will tell. When they conspire, I promise I will make another appearance here! 🙂 Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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